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Have any /wiz/ards spent time and effort and gotten fit? Has it changed your mental outlook at all?


I went from about 30% to 15% bodyfat but it took immense willpower.

I was supposed to build muscle after that but I was too depressed, it was a gigantic effort to even get out of bed let alone lift heavy weights.

I guess it can be done, but if you have depression you need almost superhuman mental capabilities to get through the drudgery, the diet, everything.

Yes, it absolutely did change my wellbeing and mental outlook. I felt happier, more balanced when I was at a normal weight instead of overweight. My mental clarity increased.
Normies also for the first time in my life treated me normally instead of with contempt.
And customer service, restaurant folk etc. called me sir instead of ignoring and gawking at me.

How you look and how much you weigh has a huge impact on life, but I've ballooned back up to about 25% body fat because I don't really have anything to live for.
With nothing to live for, the calorie restriction is no longer worth it and it's too easy to binge again for easy dopamine.


File: 1627434316588.jpeg (384.44 KB, 840x900, 14:15, f416fe26aa85dfa5fc8cda594….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes. I was obese going in to my 20s and after a mixed bag of depression and poverty I was forced to lose weight, but in time I came to recognize that being a healthy size felt so much better. I was breathing better, sleeping better, and overall just felt good physically. Things have cheered up since then and I've been on a few health binges to keep my energy up, and have gone on quite a few exhausting walking holidays that I wouldn't be able to do with any more bodyfat than what I have now. A few weeks back I completely cut fried foods, salty snacks, and sugars out of my diet. I'm still a very hungry person though so I can eat a pound of cheese or a whole pack of steaks in one sitting if my wallet permits it.

I'd like to build up a great amount of muscle to feel even better, so I've been doing light lifting and other assorted exercises to get some blood back in my appendages, but I'll need to learn from other bodybuilders before going in seriously so I don't screw it up somehow.




File: 1627442072459.jpg (77.73 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, scooby shaggy dream of fit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I actually got pretty fit back in 2011/2012, even managed to do 1/2/3/4
It was really great the whole having a goal in mind and to follow it thoroughly from a skeletal guy to becoming buffer than most people around. Taught me a lot about self discipline and how rare the thing is.
Emotionally I was pretty sound, then again I was on SSRIs as well.

Sadly that didn't change much about my life, despite being buff I was still a sperg that couldn't deal with people, with no friends/gf, still living with parents and eventually lost interest on the whole thing.
I still believe exercise is really important to keep a mental well being though doesn't have to be weightlifting as most male oriented imageboards/forums make you believe.


getting fit doesn’t matter I’ve found, it’s enough to just eat clean healthy meals and get some mild exercise like walking around your house a bit or doing some chores, muscles are pointless in modern day and most people who build them just end up getting fat once they stop exercising. So control yourself, eat healthy, get up to walk from time to time, that’s the secret to better mental health

Honestly I think muscle building is some typical macho male meme right next to “nofap” and extreme beard grooming garbage, it’s stupid


Nofap is legit, porn fries your brain, absolutely no benefits to using porn.


>having muscles is pointless
>most people who build them just end up getting fat once they stop exercising

ignorant people are quick to talk about things they know nothing about. in reality:
muscle tissue is metabolically more active and burns more calories than fat tissue. The more muscles you have, the bigger your resting energy expenditure, which means that your body burns more calories “while doing nothing”.

>walking around your house a bit or doing some chores is enough

Sure, if you have muscles which you say to be pointless lol


>porn fries your brain
I think this is only the case if you're a very young child. If porn controls how you act past twelve years old, your brain was already fried to begin with.


File: 1627448603466.jpg (13.96 KB, 320x320, 1:1, fat spurdo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have lost 100 pounds twice in my life, but this was when i was younger and more energetic. I would lose the weight and end up gaining it all back.


thats why i dont bother losing weight tbh, sure you could grit your teeth for a few months, but years? decades? what for? especially when food can be such a joy to eat>>182492


I lost almost 100 pounds from quitting drinking, while running and cycling. I was still me of course, but I felt much better and had a clearer mind. I actually started reading books again too.


I did once, and that’s when I found out that my personality was also irredeemable and people didn’t just dislike me for being fat.
After that became clear I got even fatter than before and have been ever since.
Getting fit made me give up on humans and life, really.


don’t have muscles and I’m not fat, having a higher rate of burning calories is bad because then you need to spend more money on food, just eat less and don’t waste you time/money on having pointless muscles


yes. didnt do shit mentally. made me more neurotic actually.


>dont have muscles and im not fat
being thin doesn't mean you're healthy, and you think walking in your room and doing house chores is enough to be fit or healthy, that lifestyle will cause you more health problems
> having a higher rate of burning calories is bad because then you need to spend more money on food
No, maybe if you're a bodybuilder or one of those meatheads. You don't have to obsess over your caloric intake.
>just eat less and don’t waste you time/money on having pointless muscles
Building muscles and strength training is about your health. How is it pointless having something that improves your health and reduces the risk of diseases?


what matters to one's health is physical activity in a very broad sense, not strength training or sports or any other tryhard shit that's constantly and counter productively shilled to the public.
we've never been this obsessed with sport yet have never had so many people ill from a lack of activity, yet the answer from the meathead is… more pointless sport. running to go nowhere, moving stuff around that doesnt have to be moved and so on.
humans have probably never run so much as today, yet we don't walk as much as we used to. in a normal environment we should not have to over compensate by burning energy pointlessly.


>what matters to one's health is physical activity in a very broad sense, not strength training or sports
source: pure ignorance
>this is all pointless, pointless sport, pointless exercise
It's so pointless that gives you health benefits like strengthening your bones, helping your blood pressure, reduces risk of hypertension, heart disease, increase your energy levels and improve your mood, etc.

Aylmao keep on being delusional, kid.


yes all human beings were unhealthy before the invention of the air conditioned gym and sneakers.

>It's so pointless that gives you health benefits like strengthening your bones, helping your blood pressure, reduces risk of hypertension, heart disease, increase your energy levels and improve your mood, etc.

yes none of these things are achievable lest you lift repeatedly a piece of metal or run on a treadmill like a fucking rodent in a cage


>yes all human beings were unhealthy before the invention of the air conditioned gym and sneakers.
You should improve your reading comprehension if that's what you get from my post, and maybe do some exercise it also improves your cognitive abilities.


i might have worded that sentence poorly:
what matters to one's health is physical activity in a very broad sense, not just strength training or sports


you should also correct yourself when you say that muscles are pointless


i said that where?
however muscle building for the sake of muscle building is pointless.


>muscle building for the sake of muscle building
literally nobody does that aylmao


I keep myself in decent shape, that is to say lean and however much muscle I can get by doing basic calisthenics and some moderate cardio. I'm generally very lethargic and the thought of having to lift heavy weights or doing really exhausting exercise is enough of a deterrent to not bother. I can do ring dips, currently working towards one arm pullups and pistol squats, which is probably still fitter than a lot of the population.


I've been doing OMAD and losing weight but never really exercised in my life, I am too anxious about going to the gym


i believe it is important. strength will change your life, its hard to explain if you havent done it, but there is a noticeable psychological change almost immediately after. i lift heavy


File: 1628085504784.gif (4.83 MB, 422x237, 422:237, 75c.gif) ImgOps iqdb

it was easy to crush normies skulls in the palm of my hands once i started lifting


How did you manage to do it? Twice?!
Fuck man, I struggled with my weight all my life. Lost 22 kilos in my early 20s and then failed out of college and gained it all back and even more. Then I had a few tries throughout my 20s, losing 10kgs, gaining 10 kgs…
Now I lost 23 kgs during the pandemic but it's such a pain. Fortunately now I'm good at keeping my progress but shedding the weight is such a pain…
I don't want to eat junk, I just want to be at normal weight. Losing another 25 kgs but it's slow as fuck


Possibly not exactly fit, but wondering if anyone else here just does passive diet restriction? When I was a kid I would just eat everything my parents gave me and not really think about it, I wasn't extremely fat but I was chubby and people thought I was a young girl lol.

But basically now I'm the lowest weight/healthiest I've ever been, and all I do is just not eat so much food and make sure what I do eat is healthy and nutritious. I have 3 meals a day, breakfast and lunch I make a bit small because my mom always makes large portions for dinner and I got now way out of that, occasionally I will have a snack(peanut butter, prunes, nuts), and I swapped out soda and milk for water and tea. It's sorta amazing that just a little thought put into your diet can make such a big difference.

I was about 189 pounds(six feet tall) at my highest and now I sit at 165. I could probably do with losing 5 more pounds but I think I'm alright where I am. I am a lot more confident when I go outside because I don't worry about the muffin top I get or the kinda neck fat that hides my jawline. But don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to attract a mate or anything, it's just a sorta self-respect thing. Eat good, look good, feel good. And despite weighing less my healthier diet gives me a lot more energy.


self-respect is an unconcious desire to find a mate though , succubi put on makeup before going out for the same reasons


>self-respect is an unconcious desire to find a mate though
🤡 *honk honk*


Self-preservation* Makeup isn't the same as self-care.


lol wtf


>Wearing makeup to get railed by a bunch of guys in a club bathroom is the same as respecting yourself.


I got pretty fit from doing national service a few years back and I think due to my DNA I just never put on weight. People said that would change but it still has not, I've compared images and I'm not terribly different except slightly less muscle and smoother skin.


>self-respect is an unconcious desire to find a mate though

I would agree with this statement.
Being physically healthy/attractive is in-and-of-itself satisfying only because the instinct that drives us to be sexually/socially selected is so strong as to be self-rewarding.

While there is an argument for being healthy simply to feel energized, stable and healthy - which you'll probably raise - that only goes so far. People wouldn't care about looking good or being strong (or w/e else) if it didn't provide them either with the reality or imaginable reality of sexual/social prowess - that's where the bulk of the satisfaction comes from. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.


Yes I was fit for a few years until other life events removed the focus from fitness. If you're a wagecuck, it's a lot more work on top of that. You need to eat a fuckton of food and if you want to do it cheaply, you have to cook it yourself. In addition to the 1 hour or so of gym time that you must fit in with your office commute and wagecuck unpaid overtimes.

If you can devote the time and effort to it, I recommend it. People, especially succubi, treat you way better. They won't jump on your dick or anything, you need way more than just fitness for that, but at least not all of them are rude or dismissive in regular everyday interaction. Also, it's an ok hobby and can be enjoyable and you feel like you have more energy for things.


>People wouldn't care about looking good or being strong (or w/e else) if it didn't provide them either with the reality or imaginable reality of sexual/social prowess
No, I just don’t want to stand out by being a fat smelly guy that needs a haircut. Best to just keep up appearances and fit in the crowd, hiding in plain sight.


so just get a haircut and keep at a healthy bmi

If you want to look good you are looking for a partner and need to leave, or you're a vain retard and should also leave


>just get a haircut and keep at a healthy bmi
>If you want to look good you are looking for a partner
What is this cognitive dissonance? Getting a haircut and staying slim is trying to look good. You just said the same thing twice with two different opinions you massive gorilla retard.


>Getting a haircut and staying slim is trying to look good.
No they're just basic things any reasonable human does for the sake of their health and hygiene. Trying to make yourself look attractive is different and you're being disingenuous (or stupid) by implying otherwise.


staying slim and getting a proper haircut is synonymous with looking good, I have no idea what insane logic you are operating on


I suppose they are saying that it is reasonable to do the bare minimum of haircut + bmi.

Different than going to the gym, spending time on styling your hair, caring carefully for your skin, buying new stylish clothes, taking care of facial hair carefully, showering everyday


No one in this reply chain even mentioned going to the gym or any of those things you listed, you claimed that (basically) not looking like a fat raggy homeless man means you are trying to be sexually attractive, then you tried to backtrack and say a haircut and staying slim is fine because doing that is somehow no an attempt to look better, now you're trying to add in all these things no one even brought up, like going to the gym, styling your hair, wearing fashionable clothes, trimming your beard, etc.. You cognitive dissonance is unreal, you're just coming up with random shit to support your flawed argument that if you have self respect you are trying to have sex.


only normalfags care about respect


only normalfags care about respect


>People wouldn't care about looking good or being strong (or w/e else) if it didn't provide them either with the reality or imaginable reality of sexual/social prowess - that's where the bulk of the satisfaction comes from.

I would argue that only with the mindset of a wizard can allow one to sculpt their own body to their own desire. Those that pursue a Adonis like body for vain pleasures often fail because of such petty goals . And those that do succeed tend to lose their body after becoming complacent after mating/marriage. To the average person, finding a mate is the desired result. To the muscle wizard, at least, finding a mate is just a byproduct of that self-respect.


File: 1628803728641.webm (2.99 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1628797654542.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>i lift to get stronger


how much are you able to lift? post equipment pics


Yeah. Mental outlook? Not really.
I lift 2/3/4/5 and while I'm not shredded I still have abdominal definition and visible bicep vascularity.
I guess at first it makes you feel good to feel and see progress in yourself but after a while working out just becomes something you do because you "have" to. It stopped being a hobby for me and just became something expected like eating.

Men will frequently comment on my body and joke around about how big I am. succubi don't bother me about it because as some guys in the gym have put it, I look like a supervillain and am basically terrifying to them. I can tell you that once you reach a certain point normalfags will NEVER fuck with you again. When I was a 155lb 21 year old I would get treated like shit routinely but now I only receive respect or in some cases envy.


If you forget to breath and the weights are lifted, you just burned all your oxygen, as soon as you feel your head getting lighter you have 4 seconds to get flat on the ground before passing out.


that last guy's legs bending backward at the end


In the past I have never cared about it.
Now I'm 30 and if I don't get in shape I can probably start getting a bunch of problems and pain in my body pretty soon.
I've been trying since spring now and I'm making alright progress.


>I can tell you that once you reach a certain point normalfags will NEVER fuck with you again.
That's nice. I don't have muscle yet but I noticed a bit of the same thing when I went from a tiny, skinny kid to being much taller than average and not skinny anymore.


>I can tell you that once you reach a certain point normalfags will NEVER fuck with you again.
for me, this isnt really the case, hell its even the opposite, once they see youre doing better than them, they will test you even harder, they will try to sabotage your mind, out of jealousy? people will never stop to pick on you, ESPECIALLY when you are successful. so i dont really would trust his advice imo.


i want to add: you just get stronger, but it doesnt get easier anon.


Well are you actually bigger/stronger? I have 19" arms


Being the human version of a broiler chicken isn't healthy, anon.


i just put on like 5Kg in last 3 months but its not about pure mass right, remember, heavy weight training is a massive attack to your immune system too, i did not realize this in my young years. nowadays i do exclusively kettlebell swings and feel dominant because it really helps you with core stability and my lat got nice too. i got stronger, but stronger at my mind too.


don't wanna get manboobs from lifting these things never go away


That is why you aren't getting the same experience I am out of it, you are still small.


I'm 5'7 with a small frame + shitty fat deposition genetics when i bloat and gain fat mainly in my thigs.
I've just accepted I'll be weak even if i gain a few pounds.Never bothered with lifting after trying for a few months and making minimal gains


i have to do lots of manual labor for my relatives, and recently my job. i have muscle abd im not obese but i would not consider myself fit since i eat like shit and dont actually exercise or workout


As a wizard who was fit in his teens and 20s, it does help. Normies will assume you're like them and generally treat you positively. Succubi will also be more pleasant initially and generally but it isn't going to get them to jump on your dick unless you're naturally really attractive. If you're a wizard at heart, it's not going to help much in that regard.

I would say in general it is a net positive. I found that getting a job was much easier even without education and that people were more pleasant. If you have the discipline for it, it's a good thing.


and you are the better person by measuring your biceps? fuck off sissy, keep searching for things that differents you from others, avoid trust and closeness your whole life, thats fine for me, but this way, you are just another satanic minion for the evil elites. but, whatever helps you sleep at night bud.


do you really think a person like you should call others "small"? why do you think that he could be your enemy?


This. People do treat you better. Especially normies/more mainstream people, as it seems to have been a big part of popular culture, for a long time now.


File: 1629201918453.jpg (53.38 KB, 640x753, 640:753, E89wja5WEAEcv7o.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been basically perma obese my entire life. I lost 45 kg and maintained a healthy BMI for close to a year. I felt much better, it's such a night and day difference. A few of my health ailments disappeared and I had much better sleep quality.You can move so much better. Made the most difference wageslaving because I could keep up with the workload and coworkers let me be because I was getting everything done on time. I was on high dose ssris when I lost all the weight. I tapered off and then put most of the weight back on the last two years. I guess the pills made me numb/stable enough that I didn't need to binge eat to deal with negative emotion anymore.

I didn't see much cognitive improvement when I wasn't fat. Probably because I was so heavily medicated at the time.


not really fit. Just stopped eating for a while and got really skinny.


Hey dude, I just wanted to say don't worry about it. Yeah gaining back the weight you had to suffer to lose sucks I experienced it too.
I think it was 7 years ago when I had my last successful weight loss. I dropped 22kgs (was still obese). Then I failed out of college and depression did it's work and I slowly gained it all back + 4kg.
Now during the pandemic I managed to lose 23-24 kilograms. I'm almost at that weight, I was at 22.
Hopefully I won't fail this time.
My advice is to just do it anyways.
There is no good time to start a new diet. If you start all motivated then eventually the motivation is going to run out and you may fail again.
But if you start when it sucks and you push through the sucky times you'll have a better fighting chance during the bad times.
Just build discipline.
I liked your story, it makes me hopeful that I can get rid most of my sickness and be able to live a relatively normal life because I don't know how it feels like being slim, I was a fatty since I was 10.



they treat you better until you fuck up and they sniff the wizard in you. That's my experience. And succubi seem to have built in weirdo/wizard/aspie detectors.


I can't translate schizo babble
Well he just suggested to others that I was wrong based on his personal experience and then after questioning him he revealed that he hasn't really put much work into his body at all yet


Before I started getting fit I was in a real bad spot mentally and physically. I was starting to experience all these random health problems so I decided I had to do something. I started with just walking for a mile at night. It was a relaxing way to spend the night so I quite enjoyed it. I then knew I needed to control my weight so I started eating once a day. Then I started using the exercise bike and that's when it really changed for me. I experienced that "runner's high" and even when I was in a bad mood I felt amazing. Then it really just took over my life for me. Now I do more lifting and some hard cardio 4x a week.

Physically I look better. Physically I feel better. And I suspect that endorphin rush I get from exercising is no accident. I believe we are biological machines and exercise/diet are tools we can use to maintain our bodies.


nice, your post seems to be more near to reality, more down to earth because how does getting muscles makes your life better? seems like a western, narcissistic trap because muscles dont really teach you how to treat normalfags the right way you know. seems many people here overestimate sports or even try to advertise it


I did intense cardio at night outside for liken2 months and didn’t feel a thing, only thing I noticed was I could walk up more stairs, I ended up just getting bored and stopping, there was never any high, just constant anxiety and paranoia from being outside


Your health would get better but you'd be the same social retard. "Redpillers" are delusional.


What are you talking about?
99% of people into redpill stuff will tell you the importance of having a strong healthy body to go along with a strong healthy mind. That you have to put im the work for such things but that they are worth it. Because being weak and unhealthy fucking sucks.


sounds like you turned into an npc rather than the "healthy individual" fitness shills try to portray


True man. See, i dont even give "Pillers" attention in general becuze its just another western PUA cult on the search for new prey. i have met skinny guys with own companies, making their own money, and guess what, no muscles involved. THIS, is reality you know.


Fitness of mind is the most important aspiration as it shapes your whole experience through your perception. Fitness of body may help fitness of mind but there are many meatheads obsessed with carnality who are simple fools that lack basic discernmet. If your purpose is not based on mind physical fitness is completely unwizardly. Any wisdom seeker who are disciplined enough to care for their body and mind are top tier and should be applauded by his fellows.


I go for long walks. I can't see myself doing anyting pass that.


Stephen Hawking can approve this post.


Body and mind are inseparable though, you can literally get depression from eating processed crap for years on end.

Your brain isn't separate from the rest of your body.


>you can literally get depression
what does that word even mean in this century anymore? everyones "depressed" seems, atleast on the internet


why even is that? my pua coach said ego-lifting is the way to go? he would never lie to my! you are probably just small lol kettlebell swings what a loser you are not even hurting your back loool stay small fag im so much smarter as you


Mental illness is ill defined.


/fit/ enough to be called slim by normies with dadbods.
Doing 5x5 Stronglifts, I know I could be doing much more, I have terrible discipline so if I workout 2 times a week and don't drop below 8000 steps a day I feel like I'm succesful. I don't eat a lot, courtesy of anhedonia.
It doesn't really change my outlook on life, it's another chore. I'd upload myself into a android body or take some miracle drug like in anime if it was possible.


Long live Jesus Christ. I love to lift weights to this.


>I'd upload myself into a android body or take some miracle drug like in anime if it was possible.
I know how that feels super hard.
Doubt will see such tech in my lifetime though.


>Mental illness is ill defined.
bad defined? yea probably, but maybe also because there is no such thing, maybe its just a made up term to sell pills to bored people, who knows:)


Definitely, psychiatry is a scam.


I was a wrestler in High School, and made it to semifinals for state.
To the extent that it could impact my mood or disposition, it was entirely negative.
If you do not learn to despise people in fitness, then you probably were not immersed in it enough, and definitely not in a sport that borderline-requires <5% bodyfat levels for serious participation. Maybe you played something like baseball where lardballs make it on the professional stage.
Only the mentally damaged believe that athleticism carries moral value.


he is a cuck now


>Only the mentally damaged believe that athleticism carries moral value.
Very true. Could have something to do with the protestant work ethic tripe, sport as we know it is mostly of anglo-saxon origin after all.
The moralism around it has always made me sick, all the tired cliches on hard work, team work, camaraderie, fair play, that kind of saccharine nonsense spewed out machinally in the media, especially when there's a big event like the olympics to sell, and you know it is getting harder nowadays.

>If you do not learn to despise people in fitness, then you probably were not immersed in it enough

lol. More generally I would think it is true of most activities with an obsessive focus on performance and showing off that you are dedicated to an extreme degree. It is very visible with fit freaks because they tend to wear their tryhardism on their sleeve, so to speak… and sometimes literally, when they tape smartphones to their arms or use these spying devices that track their heart rate or what have you.


I moved back in with my dad after C19 made my job go remote. Quit drinking alcohol and started workin out in backyard with a rusty old 20lb barbel I found in his garage and cleaned up with a wire drill brush. Have lost about 40lbsand and have a lot more mental clarity and energy and don’t have the feeling of impending doom anymore and can enjoy stuff like reading books and playing RuneScape again. People are much nicer in public when you look more fit I have noticed. Overall I’d recommend it.


>People are much nicer in public when you look more fit
look, another victim of western narcissism brainwashing. whatever helps people sleep at night i guess so more power to them. some twitch streamer even think supporting blm does something good to the world, welcome to earth, such a great place.
just dont tell him guys:)


I prefer to at least be thin because it makes me look about 20 years younger. I don't dig looking middle aged when it isn't necessary.


File: 1630344782840.jpg (149.13 KB, 1166x839, 1166:839, maninthemirror.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>perma obese all my life
I know many people like that. If you were obese as a child, you are almost certainly stuck that way for life.

Going from being thin all your life to overweight very suddenly is a form of body horror. Is it the same going from obese as your default weight to thin? Not recognizing yourself in the mirror is depressing. It becomes unavoidable as you age but I'm trying to delay any appearance change as long as possible.


but its hard to be thin becuze many of us are emotional eater you know, we dont have much other pleasures than food in life. im thin too but i just hate it man…


>>leave carbs, all of them
rice is good man, and "only eat this, dont eat that" is never good. from what cult are you guys coming from?


Lifting is my main way of coping with reality. I have spent many years studying lifting and nutrition and have a massive folder of programs that I study to learn about better programming.

Despite all this I'm still not that big and pretty weak just because my genetics are trash. At least I'm not obese anymore though.


oh look it's that kooky fucktard spamming the same tired dietary shit no one cares about


>Lifting is my main way of coping with reality
have fun in your 50`s or even 40`s bud, reality check will hit you hard if you dont find another cope soon


what happens in your 40s


You lose muscle mass.


are you sure? my dad is 50 and he is way stronger than me


it's called hopping on TRT.


You can still lift at those ages though. Unless you have bad arthritis or some shit.


Your testosterone levels go down but its still plenty possible to be fit at that age naturally. Keep in mind that things like weight lifting and a proper diet raise testosterone on their own or like the other guy said just hop on TRT and become a total beast in your older years.


File: 1630802051194.jpg (147.4 KB, 800x1148, 200:287, d0cc103473c5d257564f4474af….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I do a relatively mild workout plan focused on mobility, maintaining health, and preventing injury. Mostly using exercises I found from "kneesovertoesguy" on YouTube, who is a basketball player that had several knee injuries and successfully rehabilitated them through exercises. Mostly I do this because I don't want to experience physical pain or impairment as I age, especially since I will be living alone without other people to help me if I am disabled. I also tried training martial arts for a while, which was a fun hobby and good exercise but the gym shutdown for pandemic lockdowns.

As far as OP's original question about mental outlook, the answer is yes and no. I never lost or gained a ridiculous amount of weight from working out, because I was always pretty skinny, so I don't know about a huge change like that. However, I would say that after a decently hard workout I get a feeling of a kind of mental reset, where my mind becomes more clear. The mind is like a pipe that gets clogged up with different thoughts, and then forcing the body into exerting itself clears up the thoughts somehow. After a decently hard workout I get a temporary increase in mental clarity, focus, and mood because of this effect, but it doesn't last for more than a day at most.


>from "kneesovertoesguy" on YouTube, who is a basketball player that had several knee injuries and successfully rehabilitated them through exercises.
Do people always need heroes in their life, i mean cmon, who cares about background stories, is this drama queen central or what bud? NO, we wont look up your favorite youtube celebrity?!
>tried training martial arts for a while, which was a fun hobby and good exercise but the gym shutdown for pandemic lockdowns.
look guys, i cant eat no more becuze wendy`s closed and i have no idea how to make a burger myself?! cant do sports becuze gym closed NOOO halp me.
>I would say that after a decently hard workout I get a feeling of a kind of mental reset, where my mind becomes more clear.
YOU dropped martial arts becuze your gyms closed, HOW are you the person to give advice, can you pls explain this to me Anon?


It's not like all muscle disappears and it becomes impossible to lift.
Even when you're older, you'll have more muscle if you lift than if you're old and don't lift.


That looks fucking retarded. Have fun breaking your neck doing a headstand 500 times


>Even when you're older, you'll have more muscle if you lift than if you're old and don't lift.
completely right bud.
see thing is, your body is more than muscles, you have a vulnerable
foundation made of tendons, ligaments, nerves, joints and all the other good stuff even if burgermedia doesnt tell you. there is more to health than drinking your protein and doing biceps curls, atleast this is what they told me at the fitness trainer license meeting. but in the end, people have to make up their own mind, they dont need me to help them out you know.


>fitness trainer license meeting
wizchan 2021


I don't know about fit. I do a bit of exercise on most days, just bodyweight stuff usually. Bought a kettlebell recently so I'll start using that as well. I don't really care about getting super big or strong, I just want to stay lean and healthy. I generally don't enjoy exercising so I only do the bare minimum. Sometimes I go bouldering though, that's kind of fun and judging from how people look at me when I climb the pegboard, I seem to be moderately fit compared to normgroids there.


im too afraid to TRY to get fit because my spine is waving bye bye, despite not being old, my protrusions are scaring me
dont even know how this thing came into being, i have spent most of my life in front of my computer


succubi do seem to be quite attracted to me often, but i'm way too avoidant … This strange life


File: 1631747642706.png (1.13 MB, 1005x920, 201:184, 1603128840329.png) ImgOps iqdb

i have a bone problem that fucks up my feet and ankles so its impossible to do cardio without pain. so im a fat fuck. i tried lifting but i have a shit frame so i put all the muscle on my lower half and none on my upper body. i quickly stopped so i didnt lift myself into trex mode.

fitness is totally dependent on genetics. two things ive noticed is that you are coping if you think everybody can look like zyzz, and that most normalniggers cant tell if you lift or not unless you take your shirt off


you dont need to exercise at all to lose weight. you need to quit eating so much food and quit blaming being fat on genetics


>you dont need to exercise at all to lose weight. you need to quit eating so much food and quit blaming being fat on genetics
im not blaming being fat on genetics. im saying what you get out of lifting is totally dependent on genetics. even if you do drugs, you either end up as a roid monster or a slayer. if your not a slayer, nobody gives a shit.


why does what you get out of something depend on how others around you will react? pathetic


I had the same impulse upon reading his post, but when you think about it, getting fit in order to improve one's social standing is a pretty valid reason and probably the biggest one. Yes, you are healthier which has intrinsic benefits. You won't get illnesses related to being out of shape, you will live longer, you may have better mood, but ultimately are these reasons good enough to motivate most people to exercise? The answer is no. The things that do motivate people to exercise are precisely what he posted, ie what people will think. People work out to be attractive and to be respected and even admired. Why are you so salty about basic human nature bro?


>Why are you so salty about basic human nature bro?
because this is wizchan and I do not expect people to be normalfags here who live to appeal to others but then again most people here are just crabs and not wizards anyway so forgive me for expecting this place not to be filled with normalfaggots


>because this is wizchan and I do not expect people to be normalfags here who live to appeal to others but then again most people here are just crabs and not wizards anyway so forgive me for expecting this place not to be filled with normalfaggots
this whole thread's existence just proves my point though. if you dont lift for validation, then why make this thread and post in it. and just look at all the replies of people saying they get noticed by succubi. you are coping hard if you dont think that every one here that lifts is a sex having normalnigger


I have been taking aromatase inhibitors (I'm not a succubus, I took them for body-building) for the past 2 years now and I want to stop taking them, the problem is I dont know how.
So far I have reduced the dose from 2 times a day to only 1 time and so far nothing really happened, however I tested not taking it for one day and taking it on the other and I'm afraid I am sort of experiencing balding so I just resumed taking it once a day, do I just exercise and eat natural inhibitors like broccoli, oranges, nettles and such?


I never really got "fit" in the muscular way, but I do exercise a lot. I cycle around 300-400km (180-240mi) a week which keeps me burning any excess fuel. My legs are pretty buff and my abdomen is very lean as a result.

The biggest difference is mental, though. I'm actually pretty sure it more or less cured my depression. Cycling down empty country roads super fast through beautiful countryside on a summer day, with my favorite music playing in my ears, just really helped break my habit of wasting every day being bored in front of the PC. It helps me destress, clears my head, gets all of my aggression out, and after I come home exhausted, I enjoy lazing around 5 times as much as I otherwise would


im taking steroids and gaining muscle while shitposting


Are you training for a event/race or something?


no, I just enjoy cycling. I have done some training before, pushing myself to be able to do 130km in a day and stuff, but nah, not right now


Not to be rude but how do you keep your ass from hurting riding those distances regularly?

Eventually my buns need a break after so many days and so many miles of riding.


padded shorts. still gets uncomfortable if I ride for more than 3h or so, but some cheap padded shorts REALLY help. Also, choosing a good saddle is a plus. Either way though, the more regularly you ride, the less pain you get


Even cycling is no good?
There has to be some form of cardio you can do.


you dont need feet or ankles to masturbate. greatest form of exercise a wizard can do.


i was overweight throught my entire teens and early 20s. I wanted to get /fit/ around 23 yo and i succeeded
i was fit for over 2 years and literally nothing changed. no improvement in life except maybe two or three comments I received that "i look much better now". still - no female attention. no sex. didnt gain respect of peers. but i had to keep exercising or i would return to dad bod.
and so did I. thank you, lockdowns. no one looks at me now, so why do i need to be good looking?
nevertheless, you cannot win with autism, being short and having unattractive face. going fit will not help you, there is literally no cure for having inferior genes. for likes of me, us, gathered here, life ends when it truly starts for them, regular people, NORMIES. once you start being miserable in Middle School/High School, you will remain miserable forever. and someone else will fuck the succubus you desired.


>for likes of me, us, gathered here, life ends when it truly starts for them, regular people, NORMIES. once you start being miserable in Middle School/High School, you will remain miserable forever. and someone else will fuck the succubus you desired
preach wizzie. this concept is so hard for normalfaggots to understand, since all their lives they have been loved and cared for and have had a positive feedback loop going since childhood. when the social hierarchy for your generation forms and you are at the bottom, there is no coming back. you will forever be on the outside looking in


>normalfaggots all their lives they have been loved and cared for and have had a positive feedback loop going since childhood
normalfags don't have perfect lives, and there's hardly anyone who will validate living a life filled with love and care, stop pitying yourself like some succubus.


we are social animals nigga. of course female validation and social acceptance are crucial to our mental well being.


That only helps my point that normalfags don't live perfect lives.


Holy hell, always gotta spell shit out and go down a checklist for you autists here. Of course, they don't have perfect lives, but they were typically able to get their basic needs met. That is why they are normalfags. If they were unable to get their basic psychological needs met for a significant amount of time then they wouldn't;t be a normalfag.


>life ends when it truly starts for them, regular people, NORMIES. once you start being miserable in Middle School/High School, you will remain miserable forever. and someone else will fuck the succubus you desired.
> and someone else will fuck the succubus you desired.
>normalfags were typically able to get their basic needs met
Plenty of normalfags get rejected and struggle to fuck or find a partner, the difference is they don't make it the end of the world.



Well, no shit. That is because they are normalfags who have their psychological needs met.


resenting normalfags because you wish you could be one while looking for every defeatist excuse on the book to do nothing about your case is pathetic. Even a succubus has more self-respect than you.


No normalfag spends a significant part of their life feeling rejected and alone, otherwise they wouldn't be normalfags.


>Holy hell, always gotta spell shit out and go down a checklist for you autists here.
Why are you surprised by this? I've never heard somebody working with Downies say, "HOLY SHIT, I ALWAYS HAVE TO BREAK THINGS DOWN FOR YOU RETARDS." OF COURSE you have to break things down for us. Autists are socially retarded. Literally. That's what an autist is: a social retard.


Jesus. Most disgusting crab i've seen. The OP didnt even say anything about succubi.

It's obvious these are underage posters - once you hit 30 and beyond, you feel the real physical suffering that comes with being unfit. It is simply about feeling physically well rather than experiencing pain. It feels great to be able to go on walks etc without being out of breath.

Of course for someone deeply crablike, who is deranged enough to think getting fit will magically lead to satisfying succubus interactions, it's not going to help in that way, but I just wish you people wouldn't shitpost on wizchan


>No normalfag spends a significant part of their life feeling rejected and alone
they actually do. More now than ever with the lockdowns. I don't get this concept of normalfags living better lives than wizards, normalfags are wagies and the poor. Normalfags aren't free from bad things happening to them like mental illness, sickness, or unemployment. They're not spared of having shitty lives simply because they go to work or had a girlfriend and sex. Life isn't solved because you had sex or a girlfriend.


Need a screen for that projection?


you're the idiot crying for not having sex or a girlfriend because of your inferior genes. Why choose to live like that?


I'm not


Yes you are


not everyone on wizchan is the same person


they are better off than someone in whom all else is equal except doesnt command the respect and affection of their peers, simply because we are social animals.


The difference is that those things are the exception to the norm. There isn't a single normalfag who's gone more than six months without companionship, because at that point, you aren't a normalfag. If you're even able to fall through the cracks of society to that much of a degree, you're one of the outsiders.


>they are better off than someone in whom all else is equal except doesnt command the respect and affection of their peers
Who are, the miserable npc vaxxed normalfag wagies who can't make ends meet? Is that what you want for your life, to be a brain dead normalfag who makes his job, friends, sex, sports, a religion and sees with contempt anyone who doesn't have a life like them? You do realize that's what being a normalfag is, right?
>There isn't a single normalfag who's gone more than six months without companionship, because at that point, you aren't a normalfag
More false and unreasonable metrics to judge who is normalfag and play oppression olympics.
You're confirming that you're a failed normalfag with every one of your posts. You desire a social life, a gf, sex, peer approval, etc. Your only reason to hate normalfags is because you failed to be one.


What the fuck is a normalfag to you, if not someone who has successfully managed to maintain social connections?


normalfags are nonwizard cattle.


I am 114.4 lb, 5'5 yet have a huge belly, aka I am skinny-fat.
I have a treadmill and dumbbells that can become a weight to use for deadlifting + benchpress but it only goes as high as 66lb.
I don't eat above my BMR and run for 30-60 minutes on the treadmill every 2 or so days.
I read online that to reduce belly fat/not be skinny fat you have to do resistance training, I want to ask if doing pullups and pushups would help make me lose fat in combination with the 66lb bar and 30-60 treadmill session


how the fuck are we supposed to know? go see a doctor or something if you're that desperate


Why the fuck would I see a doctor?
I have a fat stomach not cancer.


yeah better ask people who don't know you over the internet


Because some people here might have problems being fat and might tell me
"oh yes push ups and pull ups are great in addition with running to burn belly fat" or "No they don't work"
This is a thread for fitness questions and this is a fitness question, this is the perfect place to ask


it is commonly accepted that there is no such thing as burning fat in one area specifically
if your body deposits fat a certain way you'll just have to deal with it


your belly is not huge, you just have low muscle tone


But I don't have fat in any area but my belly, so if I try and burn fat surely the belly would get slimmer as that's the only place it can burn fat from
I heard that many times and people that say this also say you should do resistance training to do body re-composition/gain muscle. I only have a barbell that looks like https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTM3M1gxMzY4/z/d~wAAOSwj~RgV34E/$_57.PNG?set_id=8800005007 and can only go up to 66lb, I want to know if push-ups, pullups and situps also help give me a muscular tone and counts towards resistance training


just do an insane amount of pushups and situps and eat three massive meals every day. someone weighing 114lbs shouldnt even be considering lifting weights, you have no muscle. calisthenics are safest for you


I'm 114lb not weak, I can deadlift 66lb just fine. The problem is I have a huge belly while everything else is fine, it's most noticeable whilst sitting and I just want to get rid of that only, I don't want to become muscular or anything


I am already doing push-ups and pull-ups, I am just wondering if they're useful at body recomposition or not


how can u even have a huge belly at 114 are you kinda short


Completely stopped working out for months due to my work and can't bring myself to start from scratch at home. Can't bring myself to make more than 3000 steps a day either. I feel myself getting weaker and softer but I don't really care anymore.


super relatable i moved from a hilly urban area to a flat suburban area and my daily walks were apparently very life sustaining and i dont like doing them now


Yep, got fit and made my appearance more orderly over 5 years. It's helped, but I am a grim person by nature. Instead of seething and daydreaming about suicide I am just grim/angry within acceptable boundaries now.

Also this will probably get me shat on, but harsh reality is that your mood is altered by how other people (family/normies) look at you, even if you only exchange glances and dont do anything else. I am pretty resistant to opinion of others, but since I work a job, I exchange glances with probably dozen/two dozen normies a day. If the normies dont like what they see, they have a way of subtly revealing their disapproval with their facial expression. It's fucked up and unfair but this can have an effect on your brain (at least it did for me). Improving my fitness and looking better removed this disapproval and improved my mood from that.

Beyond that it's surreal, large parts of me are the same as before the change but I get treated like a completely different person sometimes, based mostly on looks. You see this especially with succubi. It completely confirms the theories that people, especially succubi, judge you based on your outside apperance, in the same way humans judge fruit or a slab of meat at a grocery store. It makes it impossible to believe that anyone in society gives a shit about "who you are on the inside" or whatever sappy crap the TV pushes on you. Not that that is news to any wizard of wisdom here.


Yes I am short, I'm 5'5


File: 1641548972938.gif (4.51 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 48.gif) ImgOps iqdb


they judge you on the appearance first. its an ultimate test. then the other aspects of you may become relevant


You won't be starting from scratch. Muscle fibres create new nuclei when they grow, and the nuclei aren't lost if the muscles shrink, making it much easier to regain previously attained strength than to develop it beyond that.


Well, I guess I can only try to workout again despite absolutely no drive to do anything with my life anymore.


>I'm 114lb not weak, I can deadlift 66lb just fine
hahahah, holy shit. not weak. first step to improvement would be acknoledging your weakness. this is absolutely terrible. this better be a troll.


I like these threads, everyone here is so delusional, everyone thinks they're like The Rock or something, yet if all the shit ITT was actually true this site wouldn't even exist.


If this gif >>186974 isn't literally you then you need to leave this site ASAP. Wizards are ripped and ready to tear your ass apart.


I stretch, I do bodyweight exercises at home and go for walks. Hardly "fit" but I'm lean and working my way up to one armed pushups/pullups and stuff like that. I hate gyms and I don't want to have a ton of equipment. I don't do more than 2 different exercises a day for 2-3 sets each but that simplicity is what enables me to stay somewhat consistent with it. Stretching definitely helped me a lot because when your body isn't as tight and achy, you're able to relax mentally a lot more as well. Not hating my body when I look in the mirror helps as well.


I lift in my shed, I have a treadmill in my room i have turned into a hamster with he's own wheel.


I was doing pretty well but then i fucked my wrist and i don;t realistically see how i can ever seriously take weights up again. I settled for cardio and then covid happened and i turned 30 during lockdown. Haven't been able to get back on the horse and i don;t know if i ever will now, it just feels pointless. I still go for nightwalks.


I am 175 cm and weight like 68 kg.
I have so much fat on my belly and chest, I tried to diet but the skinny fat curse is next to impossible to lift.

Any wizfit went from a skinny blobfish to a Rock level ?


I'm skinny fat with gyno and got down from 92kg to 68 and could never shake the skinny fat curse. I think it's something you have to get on while you're young or you have to get surgery unfortunately.


you need good genetics for it otherwise you'll just be framecel, if you have gyno you'll just get balloon tits and no vtaper will just make you look fat in clothes


Well … that's not encouraging.
Tbh i have been a skinny blobfish from puberty to now (nearly 30).
I wish i could see some abs instead of the AC electrical signal fat.


I did that lmao


I went from skinny to fit to blob.
I didn't know how quickly muscle mass can turn to shit with out keeping up the exercise regimen.
Probably the peak was some where mid way from skinny to fit because the muscle tone was visible. Since then I'm struggling to keep the flab at bay. Getting fit also seemed changed my metabolism. Shit. Some times I wish I stayed a lanky 120-130lbs.


>yes all human beings were unhealthy before the invention of the air conditioned gym and sneakers.
For hundreds of thousands of years humans have been running prey down, walking great distances and doing physical labour in order to survive, gyms are just an attempt at emulating a part of our ancient lifestyle.
And by the way, you only have one body, you can't switch it out for another one. So if it fails then you are fucked.


that was my point. physical activity is not something that should be done for the sake of it. it should be more organically integrated into one's daily life.
we have never walked so little, yet gyms are popping up everywhere and running has never been so popular (among a specific demographic but that's beside the point here).
this is all so strange when you think about it


Have you tried fasting? I know it sounds esoteric but just try only drinking water for 24h and after that only eating twice a day, no snacks.
High meal frequency keeps your insulin high, which promotes fat storage. If you eat less frequently, your body will be more likely to put those calories to good use.


it took much effort but its worth it. in the past i would lay in bed saying i couldnt do anything. i wouldnt do anything with my life. but having the discipline to force myself out of my room and literally build myself has changed a lot. if theres anything i learned is this is something you do for yourself. most people especially people like us will think it will make them normal or succubi to like them or something but its just delusion. your body represents your mind. a weak unfit body wont do you any good in life. if youv ever noticed. its always the weak pasty freaks that spread doom and gloom and stupidity just because its the only thing that makes them feel good about their pathetic lives


pushups till failure 5 sets of 20 is the goal every day for a month, then take a week or two off and repeat. recovery is important. being skinny but also weak wont make your body look good. ultimately being strong is what will give you an athletic figure. this is just a little beginner program but heavy lifting especilly in the late intermediate and advanced stage will put signifucant changes to your physicality. you will need to gain weight eventually too mostly for recovery reasons just dont be stupid about it. im a little bit shorter as you but weigh 75kg. a lad i knew in football my height too weighed 95+kg and had better physique than me


holy fuck you better be like 4' 9" that is completely unacceptable. 66lbs deadlift is just succubi-tier strength. at your weight i deadlifted 135 untrained.. you need to be serious about this, m8 your belly wont get tight because you have no muscle to give it shape


I actually used to be fit but got fat when I became a neet lol


Lost almost 100lbs from cycling + some body weight exercises in a year. Definitely changed my mental outlook, improved mental clarity and overall well being which also made me all too aware of the various facets of myself and the general direction of my life that I was unhappy with. On the plus side I was able to make changes and become more proactive in general. Nothing to do with failed groid shit but more in the vein of pursuing hobbies, knowledge, and skillsets I'd neglected. Its always nice to get into reading again.

Also, not bragging but it is kinda cool to look into the mirror and see muscles, and not being encased in all that fatty mass.


Exercise won't help you lose weight. You will simply eat more to compensate for the calories lost. Look into Carnivore Diet if you want to lose weight.
Also lol@ all these Gym"wizards" laughing at this guy for being a beginner.


This. I didn't do shit except cut calories to get a normal physique, starting from overweight.

Exercise is meaningless compared to diet. It's way easier to not stuff a 500kcal chocolate bar down your throat than run for two hours straight like a madman and burn 500kcal.


just doing pullups and pushups is better than anything your treadmill can do for you. if you like the treadmill then thats on you but prioritize resistance training first . you could even purchase resistance bands and do rows which is what i do instead of machine


Hi. I'm >>186948 and it's been 4ish months since I made that post. I havent made any real progress until recently in my opinion.
I exercise 3-4 times a week aka every other day and it consists of:
Workout A -
Floor bench-press
Straight-legged deadlift

Workout B -
Seated shoulder press
Standing two-dumbbell bent over row
I use 2 dumbbells which weigh 8 kilos each, previously I used 5 kilo dumbbells but eventually I didnt feel much resistance, I feel a lot of resistance using the 8 kilos right now so I am sticking to that until it doesn't feel heavy. I also do pushups, pull ups, squats and Russian twists occasionally (I do them all 15 reps, 3 sets if I can) and I am eating around maintenance or a bit more (People recommend skinny-fat guys like me do something called "bulking", I dont do 500kcal bulks or anything, probably 150kcal bulks max when I do eat over my maintenance BMR/TDEE)
I eat healthily in my opinion (I eat very little processed foods and most of the time dont eat any at all except for brown bread I guess) and I drink whey optimum golden standard protein powder twice (I mix it with milk) so my protein intake is above 60g


Also forgot to mention, for workout a and b I do 12-15 reps, 3 sets. For planks I hold for 30-40 seconds


Also whenever I do pull ups I do 3 sets x 5 reps


Nah, do some good cardio along with dieting and you'll drop weight quickly. Have some protein rich food too to help stave excess hunger and build muscle, cholesterol is good for recovery too. Water intake also helps with hunger.

Obviously you wont drop shit if you're just doing bicep curls and squats. After you drop the fat then you can focus on that more.


Wrong, I have gyno. Getting fit, working my pecs has pretty much eliminated my gyno visually. Also I have real gyno with glandular tissue. You can destroy the problem by getting muscly.


what is your main goal in training? your workouts seem all over the place it would help sort of 'diagnose' a training regiment too


I'm skinny fat. I'm 105 kilos and 5'5. I want to lose the fat belly and thighs I have and I dont really know how.
People online say bulk and build muscle to lose the fat as someone who is underweight. I am building muscle and trying to eat a caloric surplus of good food to gain muscle and remove the fat belly and thighs


*I am 105 pounds


are you able to do rows? although you can get rid of a belly i doubt you can get rid of your thighs. ive got a big muscly lower body (ass,thigh,calves, ect) but it was mostly on accident and by genetics. instead of worrying about it i balanced my physique by training upper body more intensively instead of cutting weight to lose my ass and whatnot. so even if ive got big thighs, ive also got a bigger upper body if you catch my drift


It can be way more severe than that. I’m 5’10” 185, lift regularly and have DDs. I would need surgery, but can’t afford it.


I can sort of do rows using a towel, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sqj1YHpHZ8 but if you mean able to use actual equipment for rows then no. I catch your drift but my lower body isnt really muscular, it's more fattish, my calves are fine too, it's just the ass and thighs that contain a lot of fat.
Also do you think this workout >>190787 is good for me or not?
If you isnt what routine would you suggest


File: 1652451083464.jpg (70.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

for rows you dont necessarily need a machine. just a sturdy pole and an assortment of fitness bands (picrel). the thing about your program is there just isnt enough stress to produce any results. you might even see better gains just from martial arts or focusing solely on one exercise like doing 5 sets of 20 pushups a day for example. if you cant do heavy strength training then focus on hypertrophy which is easy to do with rows. Again, i doubt you can get rid of your ass. when i started i had a similar situation as you but as you add stress on it, it will go from fat and flabby to more muscular


> focusing solely on one exercise like doing 5 sets of 20 pushups a day for example
I dont just do those dumbbell stuff, I do 3 x 15 pushups throughout the day as well as 3x6 pull ups, 3x30+ russian twists and 3x15s active pike compression, I do these more than 2 times a day. I am going to incorporate more rows into my workout, thanks


I do pushups, pull-ups and the like 2-5 times a day so in total I do around 6x3 to 15x15 pushups in total, 6x6 to 15x6 pullups in total, etc


seems i looked over that on accident. i suppose it will do for now. good luck out there wiz


My wrist hurts after like 10 minutes of trying crow stands and failing. Gymnastics tricks is fucking stupid. I am just going to do higher reps while I look for an actual gym with weights.



i have been fasting to get rid of a pot belly


Wont work. You have to eat protein (0.8-1g per pound of bodyweight) and follow a resistance-training program. I hate Reddit but r/fitness and r/bodyweightfitness are good places to learn which programs are good to build muscle.
Eat either 200kcal more than your TDEE or eat around your maintenance


i would do it with a pole instead. having to stabilize the rope so it doesnt slap you or move out of place is real distracting. by the way, make sure to squeeze your back muscles at the top of the movement and hold for a second and dont lose control of the band on the way back to the starting position


What the Hell are you on about? That guy wants to lose fat and just said he's going to eat less to do so and you're over here giving some limpwristed muscle building advice.


He said he wants to get of his pot-belly, he didnt mention anything else. He could be skinny-fat and in which case him fasting will make it EVEN worse because he will lose muscle + fat making him still have a fat belly.
If one wants to lose the pot-belly they need to increase/maintain their muscle mass and lose their fat which can be done by eating at a caloric deficit BUT eating a lot of protein and doing resistance-exericses like weights


If he doesn't lose the fat from burning more calories than he's taking in then he simply needs to either ingest fewer or burn more.


You're so fucking stupid, should I talk in simple terms?
Man eat nothing. Man eat no protein. man do no exercise. Man lose muscle and fat. Man lose weight but retains fat appearance. Man still has pot-belly.
I literally ate less and did a fuck ton of cardio, lost 12 kilos but still retained all the fat that I have, I am still a fat fuck despite listening to the advice coming from your dumb fucking mouth. The reason I am a fat shit despite becoming underweight in BMI and losing 12 kilos is because I did ZERO strength training and ate so little protein my muscle withered away making me lose weight BUT NOT THE FAT.

Dont listen to this fucking retard (>>190996). Eat 200kcal less than your TDEE, eat 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight and either follow the 5/3/2 program or dumbbell stopgap program or any calisthetic workouts, you're going to lose the fat that way


200 lb of protein daily sounds expensive, a pound here is 10 bucks


i lost 80lbs and was outside all day at a manual labor job.
zero changes. it's just a cope that requires have a pathological disorder to convince yourself it's going to solve any of your problems.
i felt worse if anything. feel better now that im unemployed again.


>I am a fat shit despite becoming underweight in BMI
sounds like someone has body dysmorphia


Chicken, fish and shrimp have a lot of protein, you can also use optimum golden standard whey protein powder as well. Make sure you do strength-training too
No, others can also see the body-fat I have. I just lost weight the wrong way, aka your way.


oh noes i am fat even though i am at a healthy bmi

you sound like a succubus right now


can't afford 200$ a day for fish and chicken, idk how you gym bros do it


whey powder is an industrial waste product. consume whole food always. more often than not with supplements, your body isnt even able to digest it which is what farts are a sign of. you need enzymes in food to consume protein. having a healthy gut helps heaps too so quit taking drugs if not absolutely necessary


where you get $200 from? you can easily live on ~$17 a day with a decent diet of eggs, meat, and dairy. especially if youve got local sources to choose from. you could go for 1lb of a nice fatty cut of meat, add in another helping of organ meat which id generally dirt cheap, and eggs/dairy to fill in the gaps. its a very nutritious diet. not having organs ruins the point though


Who the fuck spends $500 a month on food?


Does the dollar-tree store sell prawn/shimp?
The equivalent to dollar-tree in my country sells it and they sell it pretty cheap. Prawn is a very good source of protein, 180g of it has 27g of protein and only 115.2 kcal, if you want you can buy 7 bags of them and receive almost 200g of protein and only 830ish kcal which is way below your maintenance (There's a lot of TDEE calculators online, use them and look at the numbers for sedentary, ignore the other stuff)


File: 1653084263552.gif (27.42 KB, 210x90, 7:3, obi-wan-well-of-course-i-k….gif) ImgOps iqdb

i have no other significant expenses other than my house. good quality food is artificially expensive around here


the average person?


i just thought about this now. the average person probably consumes way more than $500 on food. the normals that i know go out to eat at the least every other day. they buy uber eats or whatever food delivery all the time. they are addicted (like most people) to sugar so they have to eat extra trash every day. a snowball here, a hersheys kiss there.. you get the picture. ive also done uber eats delivery near a highschool. you wouldnt believe the amounts of food these brats order. very often too. what i spend is modest in comparison


Nah, every time I come across someone like you it turns out they didn't even count their calories.
99% chance I'm stronger/leaner than you and I'm telling the other guy you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.


I bought my own weight lifting kit. Down with gyms, they are just a waste


> I cycle around 300-400km (180-240mi)
I went from your life style to reminding my self to drink my milk and eating bowls of beef, as well as 6 weeks into starting strength. I feel like I'm subtly stronger in my day to day, and I feel great.
I still bike like a couple dozen miles a week but not as much. I've gained like 10 lbs and someone said I look 'stockier'.

I can't wait until I'm like this anon and I can mog everyone.

How much was it and what workout routine? It's like 1.5k for a squat rack and weights and barbell and supine press bench if bought new and I don't make much to have so much disposable income.


I rep 3pl8 deadlift, been lifting for 9 months.
You're supposed to growl in vibration, they're all holding their breath and have yet to even grasp proper breathwork.
I've nearly passed out in the gym and had bloody noses, you learn to control your energy with the tiniest bit of consistency.


You bought adjustable dumbbells, a real gym would cost $5,000 at least. I would need to invest $500-$700/mo to obtain a home gym at a reasonable rate, and I'm already putting that much into savings just for a fucking car (to pay $1000 in gas for the distance planned).
It's doable, but it's not realistic for most people's budgetary constraints early in their career.


I was coerced by healthcare professionals, my family and even my boss to start hit the gym so I don't try kill myself again.
My boss, threatened fire me from my job if I don't hit the gym, so, I have no choice.
I'm 1,75m and 78kg, not good, not bad, but I hate the idea of begin next of young and successful folks full of energy while I'm some 35yo salesman loser.
I feel that all the idiots trying "help" me don't realize that a gym is just high flammable suicide fuel. At least, I've found an absurdly comfy way stealthily kill myself inside my room.


You don't need a gym to get fit, you can get fit at home with enough discipline. Get a mat, a pull up bar and push up handles for a start, then look up exercises to train each part of your muscles and do them in a disciplined way along with cardio. If you add healthy nutrition habits to this your body will improve drastically and you will feel better overall.


>paying to move


>calesthenics and cardio
>don't compartmentalize
Compartmentalization is the only real way to control yourself, the greatest Saints don't live in brothels. Similarly, having a designated room for exercise and a proper routine is the only way you're going to acquire muscle mass. Cardio and pullups do not increase muscle mass indefinitely, I have a job and am capable of paying $50 a month to become the world's strongest man in 8-10 years.
Do you have a picture of this plastic yoga mat and pullup bar setup you have, or is even your dream of being a fit little girlyboy from the pipe you keep up your ass?
Without testosterone in extremes, it is impossible to accomplish the same as Brenton Tarrant and Adolf Hitler in overcoming the fear of death. I'm not serving 8 years in the military, those of us who are in the know don't have time for taking the mark of the beast of killing Palestinian children for Israel.


>I don't like the reality that I'm a loser and don't want to work towards being energetic, so I tell myself "I'm old" and "they're young"
Lol just fucking kill yourself in the kys machines europoor, your life in this frame of view is only going to get worse and worse jej. You literally work as a man who is paid to get better at social skills, even though people treat it like some one-liner gig. You probably make much more than I do because you aren't as racist or unhinged, and yet you have mild physical and serious psychological issues stemming from the results of "self love" and all it's wonderful side effects. Just stop eating and drink plenty of water, it's that fucking easy fatty.


Wtf are you even talking about, also you can build a shitload of muscles with calisthenics if you do it right unless you have a serious testosterone inefficiency or something like that. Do shaolin monks lift weights in a fancy gym faggot? Are guys like non-heavyweight boxers girly men because they are not as buff as rich piana faggot?

I can tell that you don't know shit about anything and you just live in some weird fantasy in which testosterone will suddenly cure your faggotry, go suck a bodybuilders cock if you worship that shit so much.


Not exactly /fit/ yet, but I've lost about 23 kgs since April with Intermittent Fasting + Keto following Dr. Fung's advice (video related). Went from size XXL to Medium/Small. It did wonders for my self-esteem and I've noticed improvements in other areas of my life because it made me understand that I can do something and reach a goal if I really put my mind to it and focus on the big picture and the long-term instead of fretting about the apparent lack of improvement in the short and medium term. Now I understand that to reach any goal that requires consistent effort I just have to embrace the inevitable period of pain and mediocrity that precedes success. I am also a bit more comfortable going out, less self-conscious about people staring at my fat ass and making fun of me.

I need to lose an extra ~10 Kg to reach my ideal weight and then I'll probably try to gain some muscle mass. But for now I'm just focused on shedding the fat.


>a real gym would cost $5,000 at least.
False, all you need is a Squat Rack/Power Cage or Barbell Rack, a bench, a couple of barbells and weights. Forget all the machines etc. You can have a fully functional home gym for $600, more or less. That's what I did so I can speak from experience.
A Squat Rack/Power Cage will cost you about $200/300 new, $150 used. A Barbell Rack is a smaller version without the safety bars and will cost you $100/150 new. You can also build one yourself with wood and spend like $50.
A barbell will cost you $40.
Weight plates can be made with concrete and a full set will cost you about $100/150. They will not be as pretty as the metal ones but who cares?
That's it, now you have a gym.


I'm working hard every day on my fitness. Starting to see results when I look in the mirror. Now tonight I am putting a trash bag over my mirror and going up on my bench. Also practicing long walks practicing for homelessness if it comes, God willing it WON'T

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