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Alright guys. I've worked at a homeless shelter for like the past year and I swear to fucking god I've seen nearly just about every crime against humanity and nature performed by these people. This is coming from someone who used to consider themselves someone pretty progressive in terms of homelessness but now. Eh. I've witnessed death, drugs, beastiality, shit, piss, cum, piss in the shit, shit in the cum, cum in the piss, cum and shit with the piss, etc ever since I started working here.
>Guys how do I regain my hopes and optimism in humanity because I swear I have none left after working here with these literal neanderthals.
>Also how would you fix homelessness if you could. Literally any response is free game.

I don't consider myself a political person at all but if you want more conservative people to exist, just make them work in homeless shelters. Also general AMA type deal up in here cause I have tons of disgusting stories I need to tell.


>how would you fix homelessness

Kill homeless people


Most homeless people are indeed scum. But imagine if you yourself ever became homeless, are you a scummy person who infringes on others? If not, then distance yourself from other homeless people, liable to steal from your or stab you at the first opportunity.

If I ever become homeless I plan to just walk the land until I die from a combination of exposure, starvation, dehydration and exhaustion. I have no interest in trying to deal with other homeless retards who hurt other people just to get ahead in life, nor do I want to "live" a life of scavenging rotten food from dumpsters and being surrounded by flies at all times. Better to commit passive suicide and hope a good afterlife awaits (and if there is none, then non-existence instead).


why is it a suprise that people who have been rejected by society even as a freak are mentally deranged? if you work to help them then you need to understand that that is the effect being a true outcast or loner does to you. it fucks with your head and makes you psychotic and impulsive like a pure human should be if not for corporate interferance.


>If I ever become homeless I plan to just walk the land until I die from a combination of exposure, starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.
Oh come on, you don’t actually believe you will do this do you? You’d be drinking from a public water fountain within a day, and digging in the trash behind walmart for stale bread.

Most homeless people are extremely mentally ill or unbearable to live with, so it makes sense that they are barbaric scum, of course there are probably plenty of sane or even wizardly homeless but I doubt you’d see them at a homeless shelter conflating with the masses of brainless retards. At least coming from a loner’s perspective I would do all I could to avoid those things.


This is just a troll thread because no one in the homeless thread puts up with your shitposting.

OP is a faggot and a attention whore.


File: 1627909876846.png (298.5 KB, 578x432, 289:216, 1524391202368.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Also how would you fix homelessness if you could. Literally any response is free game.
Obviously you give them free housing and crush all forms of property speculation and usurious landlords. This is basic stuff.



I wouldn't group all homeless people together.
Some are mentally ill or shitty, useless people some are just unlucky.
The later could find their way back to society. The sooner are either lost or cannot bother coming back.

Homelessness is a systematic issue I think.
There are people who are destined to become useless.
The others are either had shitty childhoods and abuse substances or the unlucky ones who lost their jobs.


(Follow up because I hit enter too soon)
Education and better access to mental health care would help greatly.
Save the kids so they end up becoming useful members of society.
Fix the adults so they're less likely to ruin their kids.

But it won't happen. Governments are corrupt to the core. They want us to bread like rabbits produce more cheap workers while the "defected ones" are calculated casualties.
And brainwashed normies would bully them into suicide.
Because even if you want to be better and find a job. Uuups, you have a gap in your resume? That's no good, you are a piece of crap leech and we won't employ you.
Individuals may have empathy but management are soulless cogs in the machine.


getting close to breaking rule 4 aren't we


first thing you have to do is make lots of new people before you can set about improving the systemic factors they'll face growing up

godspeed wizard


>optimism in humanity
Your typical normalfag is not much better than hobos


Because I live in shitmerica, I had to do all kinds of things to survive in the midwest when I had no money in my late teens to early 20s.

For example I lived in some mans restaurant backroom and in return I had to do dishes.
Occassionally another homeless person was there but they always skimped on the labor and made me do it. But they were pretty much just normal people who didn't shower much due to lack of fresh water.

Living as a homeless 19-21 you do come across lots of weirdos who try to get into your life to "help" you. I lived in an old stinky female (like really old, over 55) prostitutes trailer for a year. And in return I had to listen to her bullshit problems and stories for hours, but at least I got shelter from the rain and cold.
The most fucked up thing I had to endure was that she wanted to pet my hair and talked to me like succubi talk to dogs or little kids with that annoying lisp and also slap me. I did not enjoy it, but I would have gone homeless again so I endured 20-30 minutes of that some times per week while she grunted and groaned.

I pretty much hated humanity after I left that musty shittrailer, until I met some pretty decent homeless people in Cleveland. They were genuinely just men, fathers, a few succubi, workers down on their luck after being fired from mass factory layoffs.

There was this bridge called Hope Memorial where they slept, and they gave me a blanket and cooked me some soup with leftover food some local stores had given out for free.
So not all homeless folk are ill, crazy or disturbed though a lot are.

It's not a life situation I would ever want to face again, I'm in public housing now and can't lose my apartment unless I somehow snap and stop paying rent, which I'll never do.
Living in your own apartment is an absolute necessity as a wiz trying to survive in this world. Screw the people saying homelessness is some kind of a cool lifestyle or thing to "try out".


File: 1627933868926.png (2.07 MB, 2027x2744, 2027:2744, d6r0o4b-f7c71b70-4d31-4f65….png) ImgOps iqdb

What did you expect? I really dislike behavior like yours from people who work in the social/helping jobs. You don't have to work there if you hate it, there are plenty of jobs you could do. If you don't feel pity then why do you even work with unfortunate and miserable people?

>hopes and optimism

It will all pass. Those people will die someday and so will you. Take comfort in the fact that death will come to visit us all eventually.
>how would you fix homelessness if you could
There is no fixing it, some people are always fated to land on the bottom of the social hierarchy. Poverty and homelessness are non-issues, they aren't actual problems. Like Jesus said, poor people will always exist. This is the truth. We saw already how people would want to "fix" these things: national socialists/fascists sent them to concentration camps or prisons, same for communists. Very "helpful", indeed. As for the idealistic thinking that anarchists have, that these people should just get free housing and stuff, I ask from you people: who will pay for it or keep it in shape? Homeless people are exactly homeless because they can't manage to have any fixed thing in their lives. These people either don't want to live but are afraid of suicide, or they are some kind of addict or they have serious psychopathic tendencies or other mental problems. If they were capable of taking care of themselves and their household then they would.

Leave them be and give those who you think aren't idiots or assholes some help now and then. There is no fixing poverty and homelessness. Chandala classes always existed and always will be. They are the motivation for the average joe to keep on working, so he won't become one of them.


I wish I could be a wandering vagabond type. I'm just too afraid, stupid and unable to take care of myself.


Female abusers of young people are usually old and dirty.

Male abusers try to present themselves as normal members of society while preying on others.


>Oh come on, you don’t actually believe you will do this do you? You’d be drinking from a public water fountain within a day, and digging in the trash behind walmart for stale bread.
I know myself far better than you know me, keep your baseless denial for those who have already established a weak mindset,


Actual hobos that sleep in the cold and eat mentos for dinner are probably the hobos with the most "morals". But I can imagine there being a lot of shitbags in hobo shelters, since it's the best "do nothing" lifestyle an average American can afford. You get your breakfast, go outside during the day and fuck around if you want, come back for grub, then bunk with your smelly roommate. I've known some people on the net that have had issues with their family, for a number of reasons; having meltdowns that lead to destruction, calling their mom a whore, getting outed as a dogfucker/paedo, etc. But then they move to a hobo shelter and get free internet access and food, so they win in the end.


You sound like some 19~ year old monk larper, no one just walks into the sunset and dies like some epic anime MC. After not eating for a week, if you even make it that long (not even taking into account water here which you will find through any means) your mind changes and you become a voracious hunter, any cognitive processes you have disappear, anxiety, depression, everything, all in pursuit to find food. I highly doubt you've ever experienced real hunger, because you don't just go from teenage computer nerd to tempered buddhist monk in the span of a day or a spontaneous decision.


What is even the point of making up such a elaborate baseless story?


How did you witness bestiality in a homeless shelter? What sort of place allowed them to rape animals while they got given soup?


You sound like you purposefully exaggerated both the intent and the scale of the action here while assuming less (without any source) of the person opting for it in place of any coherent explanation as to why that isn't an option for an individual over living in squalor.
Your assertion fails for a few reasons, the first reason is that it relies on the assumption everyone is weak-willed enough to not be able to commit to extended passive suicide measures (which is baseless by default, but has also been disproven by other people doing this before) and the second reason it fails is that you assume it's a spontaneous decision and not something I've ruminated over as the best possible option. Here's a hint for you to be more wizardly and less of an impressing cynic, speak for yourself.


He's right. The posters who contemplate suicide by starvation are either ignorant fools, or poseurs. You're not some ancient tibetan monk or Bobby Sands. Some posters here have such a hardon for suffering for its own sake and showing off how much of wannabe masochists they are, it is embarassing to read.


Stop lying to yourself, you don't have the courage, i can see it from your post alone.


He isn't right at all. Your constant exaggerated comparisons to random professions or people from the past like I ever even mentioned them tells me that for one, your initial assertion that people "can't do that" is false as you've already listed off people who have indeed passively killed themselves; and it also tells me that you extrapolate your own envy (derived from your lack of willpower) on to others, born from your self-doubt. Again, speak for yourself. You haven't remotely engaged with anything I've posted on a basic level, you've pre-emptively made up your mind that no one here can commit passive suicide based on no evidence or foundation in particular, so the only embarrassing thing to read here is your own crab-in-a-bucket mentality.
You can see absolutely nothing, you're devoid of any sort of perception or observation, and *that* is something that can be seen from your posts. Go on, if you want to pretend you're a mind-reader with a greater understanding of the individual than themselves, then elaborate on exactly what comprehensively outs me as a liar. If you falter to do this in the slightest, then I'll take you as a living joke and a disgrace to this imageboard, which you already strike me as being.


File: 1627989413530.jpg (45.81 KB, 500x647, 500:647, 8b9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You remind me of that dumb meme. That a few outliers have done it in the past for reasons that have nothing to do with just wanting to end their existence is irrelevant. Sacrifice =/= selfish suicide. Suicidal people look for quick and radical (and painless) ways to kill themselves for a good reason, and they are not to be lumped in with people who give their lives away for a cause or for spiritual matters. You are no martyr or holy man.


nice projection!


I figured that'd be the extent of your "argument", a strawman accompanied by a false comparison to what is already a caricature of a narrative that contradicts you. You're someone who defers to others, right? The constant namedropping of professions and individuals leads me to think you hold them in higher regard for simply holding a certain job position, or being famous. Maybe you aren't a wizard at all, because deferring to social status and manufactured stereotypes in place of any regard for individuals (either yourself or others) is the sort of herd mentality drone thinking I've seen from normalcattle across the globe. That sort of hivemind thinking that wizards disengage from precisely because it's base and animalistic.
You've materialised assumptions and assertions out of nowhere, ranging from me supposedly trying to be "suicidal" (despite never mentioning it) to reducing the mind of every single person on the planet to being the same. There are no viable painless ways of suicide that don't involve risk of survival in even worse condition, or require perfect set-up (besides certain guns, which obviously aren't accessible to everyone).
Passive suicide *has* been done before, and you haven't once provided a semblance of a reason why only famous people and monks/priests are allowed to do it. You seem to just be in an uproar about someone in the same realm as you (namely this website) being capable of being more than a self-loathing, weak-willed sheep afraid to distinguish themselves in any notable fashion.


it's called being honest. If I wanted to end it all to avoid further suffering I would not do it in a way that is so slow and agonizing that it completely defeats that purpose. Have fun fantasizing over something you will never do, no harm in that, but spare us the self-fellating spiel over your superior willpower.


>You seem to just be in an uproar about someone in the same realm as you (namely this website) being capable of being more than a self-loathing, weak-willed sheep afraid to distinguish themselves in any notable fashion.
As long as he does not go through with it we are in the same boat, except I have the honesty to admit I would not have the capacity to do such a thing, I do not think.


He? I don't particularly care about what you do or think you can do, nor do I care to speak for you, do what you want. But I also have the thinking necessary to realise others can't speak for me. Even innocuous, unknown middle-aged workers have committed passive suicide by exposure before (even without inebriation). You realise that you could doubt the supposed will of anyone committing any sort of suicide, right? After all, there's a sense of dread that commonly kicks in when people are put in the sort of precarious position that would lead to death that can sometimes dissuade it, and it's much stronger when you have immediate access to a quick method.


>After all, there's a sense of dread that commonly kicks in when people are put in the sort of precarious position that would lead to death that can sometimes dissuade it, and it's much stronger when you have immediate access to a quick method.
Unless I’m misinterpreting what you wrote there, that is not remotely comparable, you will be sitting around for days starving and thirsty and uncomfortable, do you even know how long a day lasts without any stimulation? You’ll have all the time in the world to contemplate how stupid you are when you go out in the woods to starve and get eaten by mosquitos for weeks. To even imply that just passively starving to death in some urban forest could be the same/or easier than shooting yourself in the head is ridiculous.


I won't be sitting around doing anything, I've specifically mentioned I would be moving, mobile. I do have time to contemplate, I've had time to contemplate for years. I'd also have time to comtemplate "living" off decomposing food and insects for the rest of my life while surrounded by homeless bums liable to stab me to death for said food, as if that's a better option.
Once again, you're assuming that universally people will regret suicide, this is both baseless and untrue, thus not applicable to me unless I've already shown this to be the case, which you could never be able to confirm. It's very easy to die by a combination of natural variables, and it's much harder to come back from them once said variables snowball in intensity than it is to just pussy out of hanging yourself at the last moment.


>Like Jesus said, poor people will always exist. This is the truth. We saw already how people would want to "fix" these things: national socialists/fascists sent them to concentration camps or prisons, same for communists. Very "helpful", indeed.
Not at all. The national socialist people's welfare (NSV) was the second biggest organization after the national workers union (DAF), with 5 million and 25 million members respectively. Everyone had a home, and the people had the highest standard of living and best working conditions in Europe.

Both Mussolini and Hitler were homeless in their youth. Weimar had 40% unemployment. Neither would have come to power if they didn't take those problems seriously. If the state can't even supply food and shelter for the people then it's illegitimate.


Welfare isn't the same as bux or free housing. Welfare usually goes to those who work but are temporarily unable to find jobs. Homeless persons were among the first people Hitler and people like him got rid of, along with whores, wanderers, mentally unstable persons and cripples. Nice try but nazi Germany was anything but NEET-friendly.


I relate with this so much. There's such a misunderstanding of homeless people, especially in America. This country is hell on earth. Everything is super expensive and there aren't enough jobs to go around, so the only ones who are employed and have shelter are the neurotypical folk who can network with others. Having autism is a death sentence in most cases.


>Having autism is a death sentence in most cases.

how true this is is especially painful. job interviews are the most ass-backward outdated way of hiring a person. I swear the #1 cause of homelessness and NEETdom is the inefficiency of the hiring system
>your hiring depends on the quality of your lies
>you have speech issues despite only being there to stack boxes? lol nope into the trash you go
>9/10 you're only hired because of the how you get along with people, not the quality of your work
>you're never even given a chance to prove yourself with your work, only with how you look and sound over an interview
>god forbid if you look ugly


Whoever wrote rule 4. It's a bs rule. Not everyone can get neetbux from the govt. I don't want to put down mentally ill, depressed people. No buts.
However the system makes people mentally ill then they don't really give a shit about giving them a chance living a decent life.
Oh yes some neets can get some compensation but most can't.


Homeless people with any sense don't go to homeless shelters. It's like working at a hospital so you become extremely worried about cancer. Your frame of reference gives you bias.


The soviet union had a good system for dealing with homeless people. The government had a responsibility to give every citizen a list of a few jobs they could do. Homelessness was illegal as this was social parasitism. So the homeless were rounded up at gunpoint and forced to work, and given a home in a commieblock. Homeless don't make very good normal people, I'm sure these individuals had more psychological problems then the average soviet citizen but they weren't living filth like they are in the west. I've been to San Francisco.

Alternatively I believe homeless people could make good village peasants. If they cant live in an industrial society maybe they could live in an agricultural.


That's mostly because the kind of job you're referring to is unnecessary. Restaurants, offices, warehouses, that kind of job has no real value, and thus being able to get along with others (and thus not cause excessive drama) is more valuable than fulfilling the demands of your work. It is far rarer for that kind of nonsense to occur when dealing with, say, fissile materials or high-end military technology.

Even then though, humans will always be biased towards attractive specimens of their species. Even in jobs critical to the continued functioning of society, an attractive and capable specimen will more often than not be hired over a very capable but non-descript / unattractive specimen. The world of men is fundamentally unfair, and all one can do about it is choose not to participate. NEETdom is the only sane path besides suicide.


File: 1628261225965.jpg (54.8 KB, 524x499, 524:499, autism-jobs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's because nobody gives a shit about non-neurotypicals.

There is no "society" as in a tribal structure that is natural to human beings.

There's just a bunch of apes fighting over dollars these days. And way too many of them. Hundreds of millions of them packed into one single country.


>That's because nobody gives a shit about non-neurotypicals.
This is the only truth. I hate it when normalfags try to gaslight us into thinking it's all our fault. Long-term homeless people tend to be autistic or some other mentally ill male. Society has never cared about them in the first place. I bet 100% of businesses would put "autists need not apply" in their job postings if it were legal.


Nothing wrong with social parasitism, fanaticll


>literal slavery
>good system
Leftists are truly vile entities


Not him but people killing themselves by starvation/fasting in modern times is very well documented in psychiatry. Anorectics, extreme dieters, demented people, extremely depressed teens etc. You guys are retarded.


I'm not a leftist I'm apolitical. I do acknowledge I have certain biases that developed when I was more or less radicalized but I do not let these affect my judgement or take an undue amount of my time or interests
People evolved in hunter gatherer environments. Then depending on your people's history you may have a longer or a shorter tradition of agricultural life. This type of work is unified by being long repetitive work that people do with their hands, with periods of breaks. I think this is the key to contentment for most people. Repeatedly working to put food in your mouth.

I think that social ills come from the dissociation of simple work from the fulfillment of simple needs.

Id also say that I plain don't like neets. I wont elaborate as to not break rule 4.


>I wont elaborate as to not break rule 4.
here let me break that rule but i stated that i am not breaking it so its fine


It's not illegal to dislike neets, its illegal to disparage them.


>Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

the mods are retards who can't interpret the rules anyway, you can get away with pretty much anything if you word your posts only a little bit ambiguously


A pure human lives with their tribe, this is not a pure human, this is a human that has been rejected by the tribe, this is a tainted human.


It's probably more a matter of them hardly browsing the site and therefore not taking action against anything unless it appears in their "reports queue". Just a week ago I had my post removed in respect to Rule 4 for very simply suggesting some NEET (who said he was burnt-out on media consumption) go outside.


Why are you still there?
You better run before something surprises you after many signals.


>like tribes are the purest thing around

You are not considered to have basic notions of what purity is.

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