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File: 1630312335669.jpg (1.83 MB, 3047x3715, 3047:3715, DP143207.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If you consider yourself among the few, then I would hope you to pay attention to what you eat.

Residual energy from an argument, a funeral - you feel it when you enter the room.
What is this?
And when you look at painting composition, colors leave traces of energy too.
Music should explain itself.
Energy is everywhere if you pay attention.

With this metaphysical plane in mind, transpose it upon what you eat.
Does it have good energy?

Verily, verily, I say unto you: seek the land of milk and honey.


Very insightful, nobody has ever thought of this before. Very cool pseudo cryptic writing style, it sounds like a nonsensical stream of consciousness so you know it's a top quality post.


File: 1630320947766.pdf (1.57 MB, Feed Your Genes Right Eat ….pdf)

I really hope that is not a dietetic advice, muh warp waning have rolling down here since long ago to say such things and they exclude milk.



how can warp waning effect my diet?


File: 1630362180118.jpg (164.22 KB, 564x1465, 564:1465, foods-that-cause-mucus-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Diet is only a part of warp wanings.

>Mucusless diet (the book must be read with attention to avoid risks)

>Colon cleansing through enema (several times)
>Training your body into fasting (so you may develop ability to do it harder and longer)
>Holotropic breathwork (when the brain fog has gone after many efforts)
>A lot of patience

>Authors with downloadable books: Arnold Ehret, Yoshinori Nagumo, Horace Fletcher, James Nicolantonio, Dan Reid, David Perlmutter, Stan Grof.

Given the low-energy status of many, this could be the only /sig/ they may be able to afford. An unhealthy old age can be even worse if sumed to the regular agony of the common wiz.


File: 1630362401409.jpg (262.45 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Diet and mouth types.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If fearing lack of protein, know that white fish is the less interferent food amongst meats.

But non-starchy vegetables and fruits are always predominant in such diets…


I've been obsessed with researching proper nutrition for the past year or so. So I cut out all wheat, due to the harmful effects gluten has on the small intestinal wall. And recently I stopped eating animal products, it turns out that saturating our bodies with protein isn't conducive to good health. Dr. Morse recommends us to eat fruit as a staple, which I'm slowly transitioning to. I still find myself longing for savory food, so I incorporate veggies and starches into my diet.

Video related is Dr. Morse setting the record straight about the vital role of sugar.



For the past year I've only been eating one meal a day, usually consisting of just fish and vegetables. Occasionally I eat fruit or meat as a treat. It's helped me lose a lot of weight and feel more healthy and energetic.


All the phosphorus acid from over consuming protein might not be good for you. When you pee into a container how quickly does it turn cloudy and is that normal is the question I'd ask myself.

Then again there's still 'research' being done. I figure a human, due to seasons and blights, was meant to flip flop. Be fatter, then thinner; eat meat and not eat meat. Eat fruit all day then go without sugar for months. Don't vary your diet and you end up feeling awful, everyone knows that, but it's because we are so long legged and are meant to travel to find food and the ecosystems would thus vary as would the potential of being able to successfully hunt. Winter means hunting in some areas and spring means veggies.

If you see.

Also, sitting around is the new smoking for a reason. You're meant to wander around sweating, drinking a bunch of water due tot low sodium (so near rivers) and eating random things and learning what poisons you vs what does not. That's what it means to be human and it's why our livers can take alcohol abuse and our kidneys can adapt a bit, though don't heal like the liver.

What's scary about the renal system is that it's meant to burn out all on it's own starting at age 40+ by a factor of 1% per year. This makes me personally obsess.


>going through all these hoops and wasting time perusing contradicting research, fud and overt commercial propaganda while billions of people throughout history have been doing just fine not pointlessly overthinking and optimizing every single aspect of their daily life

I don't get it. It's not unlike the moronic advices dumped by improvebrahs that would make normalfags shake their head because being what they are and doing what they do comes naturally to them.


You're making the assumption that proteins (acidic) are 'good' for you, the contrary is true. Humans thrive on carbohydrates (alkaline). Limit your protein intake and your reaction won't be a concern.


I thought everyone knew this. That's why I drink 18 glasses of grape and carrot juice daily. Exclusively.


when i eat 'healthy' (fruits, vegetables, salads, beets, carrots, broccoli, just water) i have liquid shit and it's like my body doesn't even process any of it, it comes out all intact for the most part and i feel fucking awful

but when i eat junk food like potato chips i actually have firm shit. absolute bullshit. i believe it's a combination of this gastro problem i have called dumping syndrome plus fruits. so i need to eat food that 'sticks' in my stomach and i cant really have foods that have much water, cant drink with meals… gay. i fucking love making salads and eating beets and experimenting with my own dressings and stuff. fruit is so good, like a natural candy, delicious. but my body wants none of this


You need Fiber. Have a bowl of oats for breakfast each day or something


Your gut bacteria are used to shit food, so they can easily process it. They aren’t used to good food so they fuck it up. Continue eating good food and it will normalize.


diarrhea is very common when you change your diet, it will go away within a month


Man, juice is not good for you if you're not a child.

If it's from store then it contains a lot of sugar.
If it's self-made fresh then it's way too concentrated which is bad for stomach.
When you eat fruits you consume juice with pulp and fibers.


Humans are carnivores so none of the stuff you listed is actually healthy which explains why you get problems from it.


File: 1630947038250.jpg (1.1 MB, 2401x1982, 2401:1982, Eugène_Delacroix_-_Shipwr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Seek the land of milk and honey.
As of now you walk the savage path


eating crisps and had KFC earlier.
what does that make me?


Imagine an executive. His feet planted on his desk, hands behind his head and crying, making some noise. His secretary comes in and asks what's the matter. And so he says, "Nothing! I'm laughing to tears - I can't believe all of these dumbfucks let me poison them for their hard earned cash!"

Your reaction is your answer


KFC tastes good and crisps are nice when watching anime. KFC is not unhealthy.


Then may I introduce you to some opium? You'd make a great customer!


borderline black


KFC is legit disgusting


going to go with the other wiz on this, kfc is the nastiest fast food you can get, if my parents make me eat that I smell like fried chicken for days and it’s gross, at that point you are as close as possible to you are what you eat


File: 1631488769191.pdf (5.34 MB, The Cheese Trap by Neal D ….pdf)


Some metabolisms need protein for good. Eggs and fish are usually the softest.
The important thing about warp wanings are the core tenets:
>Fasting, training the body to fast
>Colon cleansing
>When eating regularly, do it within a narrow schedule and not thru the day long
>Mucusless diet is dangerous if suddenly applied,beware
>Colon cleansing is necessary after an entire life of miscarriage.
>Some bodies have different symptoms to express they are harmed by wheat,corn,rice and/or industrial sugars.
>Best fats are HDL. Worst ones are LDL. Carbs and starch raise this last one quite a lot.
>Best proteíns are from eggs and white fish,easiest fats.
>Best sport is always short and intense , never marathonian.
>Avoid breakfast until some hours pass since you get up.
>Investigate the books of warp wanings. Read Ehret, Dan Reid, Nagumo, Perlmutter, Horace Fletcher, James Nicolantonio… Not every body works the same way, test and discover your options.
> Warp wanings may take slowly upgrading your usage of them and quite a lot of time, AGEs are harder to remove from the body (specially brains) than starch.
>This is the hardest part of them: the physical one.


might as well starve yourself at this point


it's preferable to being fat


At least fat people can enjoy food.


They also get to "enjoy" the inevitable effects of gravity and their body painfully and slowly falling apart as they pack on the pounds.


you dont have to jump through hoops like the busybodies in this thread to be healthy


It doesnt really matter what you eat if you keep your BMI in 18,5-19,5 range you will be healthier than 90 percent of people. You can literally live off pizza and candy as long as you maintain that weight you will be healthier than the masses of fat retards.
what makes you think skinny people can't enjoy junk food you stupid faggot?


Anybody got good wizzie food recs? I mostly eat Mac and cheese and a million servings of Oreos


when you reach a certain level of obesity you don't really enjoy food much, it's mostly an addiction you can't kick


Just keep things balanced and try to get a bit of fruit and veg in your diet if you don't got any.
If you are trying to build muscle then add a lot of high protein foods to your diet.


lentil stew


Quick cooking/instant oats.


File: 1631918681389.jpg (168.29 KB, 1280x711, 1280:711, jelly.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thought I'd chime in that all I aspire to eat are veggies, fruits, seeds

Everyday feels closer to a blessing when I shake off the greed

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