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Why do normalfaggot simps put so much damn effort on finding a succubus to have sex with, wasting a bulk of their lives (and in most cases, even their money) on dipping their dicks inside of some wet hole? It's astronomically sad how Western society has pedestalized casual, non-propagative sex to the point of people thinking it's a completely harmless activity, when it's the very thing that has been degrading Western culture for arguably the past century now.


Extension of the domain of struggle


based Houellebecq-bro


Until you realize that Houellebecq, like Schopenhauer, doesn't really live a life similar to that of his novels and even he has multiple kids and was married a few times


Because that's how evolution works.


As a traditionalist that supports Western culture I suppose you are married with a Christian wife and 2 kids?


DNA doesn't care about our happiness.


Most people are actually animals. Animals care about sex more than anything.


Maybe if we can solve why male animals tend to be highly motivated to mate, we can solve the special case of human sexual obsession. What do you think, boss?


>Iron Age

In Kali Yuga men follow their lowest desires, which are misguided and make them suffer.


>Most people are actually animals
All people are "actually" animals. Yourself included.

I will not entertain conspiracy theories involving robots disguised as humans or other such nonsense. Nor will I accept ravings about some transcendent spiritual magic beings who wouldn't count as flesh and blood humans and thus not animals.


File: 1631531124248.png (1.66 MB, 1280x7779, 1280:7779, zombie philosophy.png) ImgOps iqdb

you should be


Your brain is so huge and girthy. Where did you get a brain like that? Huh? Rick and Morty? George Carlin? Ricky Gervais? Dang, my brain is just too little for that upper echelon scientific philosophy.


Go away dogfucker




is this what they call 'Kafkasque'?


It isn't.


Anyone else tired of 2D/Anime because it has gotten too sexual? I mean popular trash like Redo of Healer or Monster succubus Reviewers is just softcore hentai.
Gacha trash is just a pitiful excuse to masturbate, a mockery to the "waifu" ideology.
And icing on the shit-cake is vtubers which basically make 2D>3D turn into 2D=3D. Next logical step for normos will be 2D<3D when vtubers start doing face reveals and gachas will do crossovers with actresses or something.


I used to not mind it because of the 2D>3D mentality, but seeing v-tubers and idols become more and more popular and just the rampant 3D bullshit like cosplaying it just destroys my soul. I don’t have any problem with ecchi shows, but when it feels manipulative to the point that they might as well hang a sign going “this is your FOTM waifu, buy figures please” I gag and can’t watch it.


well said, the hobby has been compromised and is beyond redemption. Just like cinema or video games when you hear news whats breaking sales records.


the comedy elements from classic ecchis like green green, b gata h kei & strawberry eggs have all become politically incorrect, selling waifu figs has filled the space that was left missing when all of the classic ecchi gags were banned because of feminism or something gay like like that.


There are fuck tons of anime that aren't super sexual if it bothers you.

A few ecch anime that come out every season for that particular audience who are into such things doesn't the whole medium make.

> Gacha trash

What the flying fuck do gacha have to do with anime?
Gacha is a niche game problem that mostly appears in cellphone games and Asian MMOs, not a anime problem.
And the way you are using the term leads me to believe you don't even know what the word even means.


You know there’s a ton of influence between anime and gacha games. Gacha have seasonal events to advertise anime, often times they are made because of an anime (as in to milk a franchise, there’s so many. Dragonball, Jojo, one piece, etc.) or an anime is made to advertise the game (kantai collection, kemono friends). Furthermore this shit is not niche, it’s the highest grossing genre of mobile game, maybe even of video games as a whole. It’s stupid lucrative.

Though I will say I don’t see much of the influence, there’s not really a way to monetize anime in the same insidious fashion as gacha.


so does mcdonalds but I dont see you complaining about fast food and making it an anime problem


So does McDonald’s what? They are not remotely similar. McDonald’s airs some anime themed commercials in Japan and that’s it. Nothing about these two situations are the same.


Can you tell if a character is from an anime, gacha or a vtuber if you don't know it?


I still get the feeling you don't actually know what you are talking about and thus feel this is a pointless conversation to continue.


And why do you think this?


Vtubers kinda have a particular style due the way the puppets work and usually have to face forward.
Usually you can tell a vtuber puppet just from a glance because of this.
The only place similar style characters are seen is some visual novels due to using similar animation techniques.
Ether way it's super obvious when they are in motion to tell a vtuber and anime apart.

Gacha doesn't fit in the list.
You are comparing apples to tractors here. While there is some tangential relation they categorically aren't comparable.
Gacha is a way of selling something using random draws. It isn't a character design, animation style, or really anything comparable to the other two things.
While you can have a gacha where the thing being sold is anime or vtuber merch, gacha it's self isn't a kind of characterization. It is a sells gimmick.

Because of the way you are using the word gacha and how you talk about the subject implies you don't actually know what gacha is or means.
You sound like you heard the word somewhere and just made a bunch of assumptions based on conversations you heard/read but never bothered to look up anything related to the topic or even look up what the words mean.


Gacha is short for gachapon, being those little plastic balls they put toys in that you can pay a quarter for and get a random ball. Gacha in the way im using it is video games where you roll for characters like a virtual gachapon.

Do you disagree?


>Gacha in the way im using it is video games where you roll for characters like a virtual gachapon.

That isn't quite right.
Gachapon in the virtual space aren't only rolls for characters.
It is just the Asian name for loot box.
All kinds of digital items from outfits, to weapons, to power ups, to collectables, to other in game swag put in a gacha. Again, it's just a sells gimmick, not a particular form of characterization.

Also in the physical world those little plastic ball things are a kind of gachapon but they are not exclusive to the definition. At least not for decades.
For example stores have bags they sell called gachapon where you buy it not knowing exactly what is in it but being told that the shelf value of the merch inside is higher then the price of the bag, with their usually being themes to the bags. Because while it has it's roots in capsule toys the use of the word has expanded to things similar to blind boxes and the like as well.

The funny thing is that in the gaming space korren MMOs were always and still are the main offenders when it comes to over reliance on the use of gacha. It is even where I first heard the term some 15 or so years ago.


I'm mostly discussing this stuff on imageboards and people usually post fanart. Like when /k/ threads get invaded with
>Spas is fat!!!
Type of posts I would have no idea if they're talking about an anime/vtuber/gacha game (I know its succubi Frontline). Collectively weebs started acting like bronies


So nerdy fans acting like nerdy fans in the spaces where they discus their fandom.
You are complaining about something that has been a thing for as long as internet fandoms have existed.
Fandoms have always been like what you are describing. At least on the internet.


What excuses /pol/ invaders or making everything about politics then? Off topic is off topic.


the fuck are you talking about now?
What kind of non-sequitur nonsense are you on about. Just total 180 to something out of nowhere.


I find it odd that people actually feel good or aren't ashamed about losing their virginity in their teens.

I'm a 28 year old virgin trying to make some moves so I don't have to work in my 30's onward, and here there are a bunch of fucking troglodytes living with their parents or with roommates
worrying about who's going out with who, who's fucking who, who's ex is with this ex, and so on and so forth. The mere idea that 13-18 year olds, people who more than likely haven't earned
a dollar and bought their own clothing, food, or even toiletries yet have the audacity to not only have sex, but feel as though not being allowed to have sex is abuse is absurd.

The lack of common sense, self respect, and priorities in any given time is more than telling. I'm surprised we're not living in bombed out buildings in a war torn world. This planet is being
held together by very few non-monkey-brained people and all we do is keep fucking and filling this shithole with retards. How you can make memes about catching an anxiety attack making a god
damn doctor's appointment yet still feel like enough of an adult to have sex? I suppose you can't expect anything less from a society that lets a gender that throws tantrums and stamps its
feet even at the ages of well over 30+ drive, vote, work, etc.


it is odd how mixed strange people are, it really is, I was on reddit today and there was a post by a 25yo succubus asking "i'm a 25yoF married to a 33yo man is he a predator?" She is 25 years old and has been married since she was 18 to this man that is 8 years older and they have a family together. The succubus informs reddit she is asking because her mother says the husband is a predator and is not allowed to see their daughter because she tells her also and the husband does not want that.
What reaction did you think reddit had? is the 33yo man married to the 25yo succubus for 8 years with a family a predator? Reddit says he was because she was only 18 when they met. She was also downvoted for saying she likes being a stay at home mother.

How do you explain the idiosyncrasy in the reason which allows two oppositional views to have equal footing by supporting teens to change their gender and also supporting just turned 18yo succubus to get gangbanged by BBC and DP'd while doing grotesque hardcore sex acts which are depriving and online forever but turn around and say that at 18 your brain is still developing and you were groomed by your now husband and father of your child who you have been married to for 8 years.

Normals have broken away from logic and it is partly due to being over socialized and socialized with people online instead of their local community and family. The tribalism quite literally a cancer and it dictates the correct way to think.


Just don't like people shoving offtopic in every thread.


It's really easy for me to understand when I imagine other people as animals. Rats are also very concerned about fucking.

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