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How do I go about becoming a hermit? I want to live in a forest far away from everyone. The lockdown in my country has taught me that I am the happiest when isolated. I am aware that survival in nature is no small thing but it beats the shit out of having to be a waggie and being around normies. Also what are some comfy places I can live in without having to worry about taxes, socializing, etc?


Good thread but I don't know what a bunch of internet addicts will have to say about this


Yeah, I suppose. Its just that anywhere else people say things like: muh society you HAVE TO contribute or it's illegal you CAN'T do it so I figured wizchan could probably help in some way


oy vey. you can't escape. you must produce, little cog, PRODOOS!


Last year I bought an acre of land deep in the forest for 6000 dollars. Earlier this year I bought a schoolbus for 5000 dollars, pulled the seats out and took them to a scrapyard, and renovated the bus into an RV (maybe 100 dollars of cost, because the seats made me a few hundred). Now I live on a bus in the forest and I'm turning the surrounding area into a little farm. At the moment I have 42 chickens, 3 dogs and 1 goat

On the weekends I use my car to go into town and wageslave. However Monday to Friday is entirely mine in the forest. I'm not quite a hermit, but I'm close. If I had neetbux I'd be completely set


That sounds comfy. Do you plan on going full hermit at one point?


Learn to handle the small things like keeping insects away, being very careful with food preparation so as to not only prevent food poisoning but any potential gastrointestinal condition.

take care of your teeth, keep your butthole & hands clean, and your feet dry. Doing these things will save you from a TON of problem.


File: 1632313358877.jpeg (123.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZF5594_large348476.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Cool. I bought 1.4 acres of land in an abandoned village in Eastern Europe for 5000euro. 400 acres with no people and the next village has like 3 inhabitants.

Do you have any advice on keeping goats/chickens? I've grown all kinds of vegetables , but haven't got round to getting animals yet.


If you start living like a hermit would you please make a hermit general or something and post monthly about life and all the struggles and wins from this lifestyle. a lot of us would be very interested in learning the story and it may even encourage us to live ted style ourselves


how do u acquire money for this?


Im from the UK, but bought land in EE because its cheaper, less people and less regulations.

Saved the money from living at home and working warehouse jobs. Now I have to wait for the Covid 19 situation to finish before I can move there.


what about the area's wildlife?


and language issues? patchiness of utilities and internet? it was easy for you to get a visa or w/e being from the UK? makes me wish I was not american, I think the closest opportunity would be in some violent south american shithole


Is a permission needed for that? Also is it better to hunt or breed animals?


File: 1632427754027.png (1.48 MB, 1429x1080, 1429:1080, twinlakescabin.png) ImgOps iqdb

Its strange, I were thinking about this just as I opened the site.
I have actually been thinking about it a lot. I spent at most 3 weeks alone in the woods fishing and occasionally going into stores to buy what I couldn't get (potatoes and such). My one peice of advice would be to not cut yourself off completely. Due to the economy of scale you can get a lot more resources with money than you can by making them. For example, I could dedicate hours to setting up a garden and days managing it and get food which I could have bought at the store for 20 dollars. At least while you are making the transition don't be afraid to spend some money getting canned food, potatoes, sugar and such. Hell, Dick Proennoke had a plane fly in and drop of seeds and canned goods a few times a year and no one batted an eye. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Y236etxQOUeX/
After you feel comfortable where you are you can start to get into farming, I have a few boxes from which I get cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes but I would need three times as many to have enough to live off.
At the end of the day some things are worth taking a trip once a month for. A big bag of sugar is basically free compared to the labour involved in getting it from tree sap or however else you would. So things like sugar, salt, wheat are really worth it. Make a stable dividend-fund portfolio with 15k dollars and you can spend 50 a month for the rest of your life. Eventually things are going to break that you can not repair, things like solar panels and batteries will wear out. So even if you don't need 50 dollars for food letting that money save up will give you a safety net and ensure your future.
and as >>184037 says get some experience first. I'm lucky to have had basic military training including survival and woodsmanship but it was a chock for me. Get that chock before you go into the woods.
I suppose that depends on local restrictions, I live in europe so hunting laws are pretty strict as are gun laws. In most of europe getting a hunting licence is relativly easy and you only need to go a course and take a test for a few hundred bucks. The real cost is getting the safe and gun as almost all european countries need you to have a proper gunsafe to buy a gun and those things are EXPENSIVE. In most of europe however black powder firearms are not regulated as long as they don't use metallic cartridges and as such don't need a safe.
I am incredibly lucky to have inherited land with a small wooden cabin on it my great grandfather bought and built by hand next to a stream. I have considered making a water wheel for power and moving in for a while but I'm still working a full time job and trying to keep my career rolling until I have enough money to retire to that life and still have the chance to opt out.



how inspiring


Found some books on survival in an obscure torrent. I'll be sharing them as soon as I can


Read "Walden" by Thoreau.


its a good read


Dude there are tons of places in the midwest and north you could hole up. Not to mention British Columbia.


Invest in a solar power system and some batteries. Dig a well. Plant 2 acres of crops and raise a ton of chickens/livestock.

I'd move into a so called "Fly over state" if you're in the US or somewhere extremely rural if you're in Europe.


how does this work after brexit? I'm looking to do similar and the US is out of the question (cant emigrate just to go live innawoods) I've been looking at some plots in bulgaria (not my first choice) but since we don't have freedom of movement anymore, emigrating just to be neet seems unlikely.


I own an online company and can open a trade representative office for my visa. The company has to be 2 years or older though.
Only other options are pensioner, student, employ 10 people full time or invest 350k.



You might want to check out this guy, seem pretty cool


A lifestyle similar to Joey Hess would be ideal. From: https://lwn.net/Articles/672352/

I seem to have inverted some typical choices regarding life and work…

Rather than live in a city and take vacations to some rustic place in the country, I live a rustic life and travel to the city only when I want stimulation. This gives me a pleasant working environment with low distractions, and is more economical.

Rather than work for some company on whatever and gain only a paycheck and a resume, I work because I want to make something; the resulting free software is my resume, and the money somehow comes when someone finds my work valuable and wants it to continue. (Dartmouth College at the moment.)

Right now I'm renting a nice house with enough woods surrounding it to feel totally apart, located in a hole in the map that none of the nearby states of Tennessee, Virginia, or Kentucky have much interest in, so it's super cheap. It's got grape arbors and fruit trees, excellent earth-sheltered insulation, ancient solar panels and a spring and phone line and not much else by way of utilities or resources. I haul water, chop firewood, and now in the waning days of the year, have to be very careful about how much electricity I use.

I love it. I'm forced to get out away from keyboard to tend to basic necessities, and I feel in tune with the seasons, with the light, with the water, with everything that comes in and goes out. Even the annoying parts, like a week of clouds that mean super low power budget, or having to hike in food after a blizzard, or not being able to load a bloated web page in under an hour, seem like opportunities to learn and grow and have more intense experiences.

I kind of fell into this, by degrees. Working on free software was a key part, and then keeping working on it until I'd done things that mattered. Also, being willing to try a different lifestyle and keep living it until it became natural. Being willing to take chances and follow through, basically.

I've done this on and off for over ten years, but it still seems it could fall apart any time. I'm enjoying the ride anyway, and I feel super lucky to have been able to experience this.


could you do shoot some photos of your place? it seems extremely comfy, congrats on getting out of this slavery


That is incredibly cheap. Are you living in the third world? I kind of doubt my first world country would have prices so low.

Also cheap but having to move to such a foreign country seems off putting, not to mention the laws to restrict foreign citizens would be a hassle to navigate.

Another thing that I worry about is personal security since I live in a nogunz country.


The only way to do this practically is to have a lot of money and paradoxically one would (probably) want to do this in the first place to avoid the trappings of the rat race to get a lot of money. Wizchan seems to be distinctively against working to get ahead in the world and many would rather live bellow the poverty line on neetbux than get a job.

Living in the wilderness disconnected from society would suck anyway. The reality is you would have to work far harder to survive than if you just got a regular job.


There are a lot of rural places in the U.S. that are that cheap.
Yeah yeah.


Forest Anon on youtube, he living comfy
But honestly, just prepare well enough and live close enough so you can walk into town for some days, work and then return. Bury food and try to set up shop near a food source. A river, or farm the land. If going for option B, you should own the land so you can have space and peace of mind. I did this in my early twenties for four years, had a blast. Bring a good tent and sleeping bag, then you can go on tramp-excursions around your area (or just own a van) - Also, don't do it north of Denmark / Colorado ig if you're an ameritard, the winters will suck 100% more.


I don't understand how you could have a residence permit, you are cutting some huge part of the story here


There was this guy in my town who killed his entire family and went hiding at the forest. He lived 4 years there, made a little hut out of wood; he only had some stolen knives and his own clothes. He also killed some cows from nearby farmers and ate them raw. He had no previous training on the survivalist artè. So, what you should do is kill someone and let the survival instinct do the rest.


Dude couldn’t make a fire to cook his meat? How did he survive with no source of heat?


I really would love to do something like forest anon. The first problem I see is how would you find a good place to do it, more-so, I think it's illegal everywhere to do wild camping so would you have to buy the land?


I honestly don't know. I remember reading he ate it raw. Since he lived in forest nearby farms and constantly robbed people I suspect he might have robbed matches or a lighter.


share share share


what food do you recommend making? I was thinking turkey/tuna/sardines wraps for on the go?


Those sound good, yeah. Anything calorie dense really. I hear those sort of instant pasta and rice packets are good for thru-hiking etc., so perhaps look into those. The most popular brand is called Gnorr I think? Can’t go wrong with a jar of peanut butter. Some people mix tuna with peanut butter since it’s very very nutrient dense, but fuck that, sounds gross. If you’re gonna be actually living outdoors long term, you’ll probably want to eat foods that are decently tasty. Maybe look into eating insects.


It's not safe to eat tuna often. Since it's poisoned with mercury.


Do you know how much tuna you would have to eat for it to have any measurable effect on a adult male?

You would literally have to eat it for every meal every day for years before it would do anything to you.
If you are a small child or pregnant maybe having tuna every day isn't the best for you, but you aren't ether of those things so you will be fine.
And that is having it for one meal every day.
If you had it only occasionally there is quite literally nothing at all to worry about.


The issue with mercury is that it slowly builds up into a serious issue with time.
It get stored in fatty tissue. The more you eat, the more is stored.

I tend to avoid predatory fishes as with each small fish they eat, their mercury load increases.


I am aware, it still would take years of eating it every single day, several meals a day, for it to build up to a level that it would have any measurable effect on a adult male.

If you don't believe me you can do the math yourself. The amount of tuna eating it would take is a bit absurd for most people. The exception is very small children and pregnant succubi because even micro doses have a negative effect on early development of babies and toddlers. Meaning it's recommended they only eat tuna a couple of times a week.
For adult male moderate amounts of tuna are totally harmless. It takes truly excessive amounts to have any effect.


My neighborhood was so comfy for the past several years. It was a relatively new subdivision. In other words new families with babies. In other words they are busy inside with the toddler all the time. Recently there has been a critical mass of all the kids hitting their middle school to teenage years. It's been annoying. No good rotten kids causing a ruckus all the time.

I thought I had found a sort of zen peace stage in life. But no. It was just an effect of the environment. The previous area I lived many years before this had crested over the empty-nester hill. That was nice too. Mostly elderly folks living out a quiet life.

We have a nice decent sized yard but now. The peace and quiet is gone. One fucking neighbor landscaped their backyard with a pool and all. For their teens. They elevated the whole damn thing as high as possible. You stand at the fence and normally you gaze at your neighbors eye to eye level. They fucking raised their yard so I'm standing at my fence staring at their feet level. Mother fucking god the absolute gall.

I know my dad is seething over this but he's the kind to bury it and pretend like everything is fine.

If this wasn't my parents place but all on my own. I'd be trying to find fucked up ways to fuck with them. I dunno sunbathe nude all day. Invite the weirdest old ass hippie swingers for some fun times or something.

Anyways. The reality is regular mortals which is most of us cannot buy ourselves into massive plot land with which to buffer zone distance far from the disgusting masses. Avoid areas with young families. Areas near schools.

Not only the kids but the parents, the adults, are god damn let me speak to the manager types. It figures. They are in life phase of peak white collar career where all that corporate politics is brought home with them. Immersed all up in that petty office culture nonsense. They cannot be anything else but the monsters required of that world. They're in too deep. They won't be able to become free of this trance until they retire many decades from now. When they are elderly. When they might be able to become human again.


Yeah you'd probably get sick of the taste before the mercury gets you.


Exactly, the tuna psyop is pushed by people that don't want the plebs eating all their tuna.


Why are you wage slaving if you can just live off your own land? right now I am renting to own a camper and I plan to do exactly what you are doing but be totally self sufficent.


File: 1653997287245.jpg (37.45 KB, 474x479, 474:479, 1652388690177.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why do you need to buy though? Really. In sure some plots of land are so remote that when if they are for sale they wouldn't be touch for years. Maybe even decades. I don't see why people think they need to "pay" for land.


If you want to live in a forest it’d have to be in the middle of a large one, deep enough that you aren't likely to be encountered by anyone. Then you'd need to build a hidden dwelling or it’ll eventually be found, if not by a person then by satellite. What I would do is build an underground earthen home so that it blends into the environment. It would take a lot of work and several months, depending on the size, to build and would require good logs and other materials for structural support.

Then you’d have to be near a river to fetch water, which would risk being seen. For heating it’d be best to build a rocket stove which won’t emit smoke and uses less firewood. In an unmanaged forest firewood can be easily scavenged from fallen logs and branches.

The hardest part by far would be getting food. Hunting is very risky and could get you charged with poaching. Fishing is less risky but you can still be seen and harassed for a fishing license. Crops wouldn’t grow well under the forest canopy, unless there's a clearing nearby. Foraging nuts and cattails would be the safest source of food. If you find a spot with lots of chestnuts that would be ideal. In America all the chestnut trees were sadly killed off by a blight from China, but I assume they’re still present in Europe and Asia.

Otherwise, you’d need to make occasional trips to the store to stock up on food and other supplies. Meaning there’s no way you can be a complete hermit. You'd also need to save up for a while or do odd jobs to pay for supplies. Overall it's a really hardcore thing to do, you should at least try camping in a tent for a few weeks before going all the way.


What country do you live in if you don't mind me asking? I wouldn't mind doing this but i live in Aus and come December i'd probably be burnt to death.



I wouldnt want to do such things in australia. At least i wouldnt enjoy living in those desolate, disgusting, dead rural places. You could perhaps find somewhere in NZ, not sure what the laws are like there.
The situation is completely different in usa and europe


i find that becoming a hermit as a neet is almost impossible due to a lack of wealth

all the people who actually achieve a lifestyle of living out in the woods are all normalfags with a substantial amount of money.

when you live in the woods you have to have a car to drive to get food(unless you are growing a garden or eating animals)


becoming a hermit in the woods is only achievable if you are a homeless person living in a tent and you occasionally leave to dumpster dive and get food from homeless outreach types


something like this


you don't need fertilizer. it takes decades of intensively growing potatoes for example to even begin creating a deficiency of potassium in the soil


perhaps you can grow potatoes without caring for the soil, but will they grow well?


Yes you need to inherit money or be lucky in some way to have starting capital


>I wouldnt want to do such things in australia. At least i wouldnt enjoy living in those desolate, disgusting, dead rural places. You could perhaps find somewhere in NZ, not sure what the laws are like there.
isn't the north of queensland tropical jungle?


soil isn't delicate. plants only use like 1-5% of elements as they grow. for example you have soil containing 100 units of potassium, they only use like 1 unit of it throughout the plant's entire life. and as the plant dies most of it returns to the soil. something like 95% of a plant's mass is obtained purely from air+water+sunlight, soil to plants is like a vitamin/mineral pill, not their actual food. you can also just mulch the ground with leaves, simply piling leaves in an area, and this will basically act as mulch and become a nice soil as it breaks down


raw meat isnt harmful when it comes from healthy animals grazing outside. slaves cook their meat because a lot of raw meat these days is toxic due to how it was raised with antibiotics and drugs and such


Hi dude what location and price range would you suggest fellow britfag wanting to hermit maxx on neet bucks


Ebtmaxxing/food benefit maxxing and living in a tent seems
Like the only way to do this


No idea. I have an online business, but if you're on neetbucks its impossible. No country will give you a visa unless you show you can support yourself.

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