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Do you regret the time when you enjoyed being left alone and just consuming media all day or are you in one right now?
How do you deal with out of honeymoon phase?


no but I probably will at some point


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I regret being a NEET for over 6 years. From March 2010 - December 2016. I graduated with a degree in cultural anthropology from UC Santa Barbara. I finally was able to get a stable minimum wage job at a movie theater in December 2016. I was laid off in March 2020 due to COVID.

I mostly just regret not meeting enough people or making memories during that time. I don't regret missing out on money so much.

I'm really just planning on moving, leaving my city and getting a low wage job somewhere else. I can't stand living with my mother any more.


That was probably the best time of my life. I was so comfortable, just watching anime all day, it felt like home. Now I'm sad and fucked.


why would we regret this? we miss this but dont regret it.
I used to be able to wake up and just watch things all day and be entertained but now I am reduced to forcing myself through things and feeling like I may have well chosen to sleep instead.


>have enjoyable phase
>get sick of it
>delude myself into thinking I can function in society
>get a job and/or social circle
>fail spectacularly for anywhere from a month to 3 years
>accept that I am too…??? Schizo/autistic/ugly/evil/????? to be tolerated by decent society and all is in vain
>enjoy media again and happily cocoon again with renewed joy
Rinse&repeat until death


I never had the luxury, I've been wagecucking staight out of college.


I enjoyed it first. I had free time to do thing I like for the first time in my life.
But of course these things get old fast and after that I never enjoyed the years of being shut in


That's the thing.
I didn't just stay along in my room consuming media all day when I was a neet.
I went on low budget adventures, had creative hobbies, got out regularly, helped out family members when they needed it because I had the time, and overall still tried to live my best life despite being broke all the time.

Now I work full time. In some ways it feels good knowing I am building a better future for myself, but on the other my life is super boring and routine compared to my NEET days where I could just do whatever I felt like most of the time as long as it didn't involve money.

I wish I could make money while still having that spontaneity and adventure, but I can't figure out how in a way that works for me quite yet. So I keep on working, wondering about the next time I will get out and adventure.


I envy your free heart nature, and only hope to have it someday


go slugs lol


No, I never tire of it. But I'm old now and if it's not neet shut in it's working some crap job to pay the rent until I die i.e. never retire. Particularly annoying because I worked normie office job from ages 23-34.
I have only been neet for ~2.5 years though.


oh i forgot to mention that time's almost up for various reasons. I'm also in big debt from some years ago so if I work it just goes to them and bankruptcy means wage garnishing.
i have life insurance tho so if i decide to check out, my parents will have something back


No, I can't enjoy consuming media all day anymore unfortunatelly because of my OCD. But I can study all day which is the only thing I'm good at. I tried going back to college at one point but dropped out because I'm only capable of studying and not everything else college requires. I've learn my lesson and can happily cocoon everyday for the rest of my life like this guy >>184390

Hopefully I can study everyday for the rest of my life. I wonder how much knowledge I will have built up and whether I can keep it in my future life after death


Used to be hikki NEET for years, now I'm going to school full time and working part time
honestly still feels the same, I just have more stuff to do. Evenings are exactly the same


'22 will be either my 10th or 11th year NEET. I don't regret anything, regret is foolish


At points, mostly i regret being neet when i was very young (18-25) but im 30 now and im okay with it. I never fit in and was always an outcast when i worked (24-29) so i don't have many 'what if' questions about 'what could have been' anymore.


Some people were meant to be NEETs and others wagies. That's how I look at it.


i would still be a wageslave even if i could neet
neeting should be left for people who can enjoy it, those who have royal blood of kings and philosophers
my family are chinese peasants from a rice farm so im low I, aphantasia, can't entertain myself
i am destined to be a slave forever and i enjoy it


that's right, back to sweating Chang


As soon as I got a job I wanted to be a NEET again. Being around normies all day is hell.

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