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Sometimes when I'm walking I like to fantasize that its in a post-apocalyptic world where I'm the only human left alive. When the cars pass, I imagine that the self-driving thing actually happened. And so the ghosts of self-driving cars are my only company in an empty world.

Its my fantasy, so mostly I don't think of the practicalities of it, but sometimes I do.

Like finding the most fertile farmland, and having a self-sustaining farm with livestock and fruits.

Or going on a grand expedition to Alaska cross the Bering strait, Siberia and the Steppes to cross from America to Europe.

Or more scifi, before the collapse, a robot civilization was prepared to take care of the survivors, and now I'm the only one left.

Do you ever imagine being the only human left alive? Its so peaceful and relaxing for me. Its my happy place.


There aren’t many real humans alive. They have all been turned into mindless wageslave drones conforming to the hivemind and providing for mlady and for their bosses


Yes but I was using "real" in a more literal physical sense. Fake humans are even more annoying to have to encounter in ones path. Since social distancing started, I feel an intense hatred and rage at any human who crosses my path. And I like that hatred. Its a more pure and real hatred than to hate over abstractions and isms. Here what I hate is immediate and material. An obstacle in my path.

Its so peaceful to walk for miles without a single human.


I had similar schizoid fantasies like that and it did made me happy also.


Same, I guess every introvert dreams of something like that. Waking up in an empty world, and having the freedom to roam it until death.


I don't quite dream that I'm the last human, but I do fantasize about being the inventor of true VR tech and building a megacity in the Sahara desert that anyone can go to and get permanently hooked up to live their life in VR. Your experience in VR lasts 4 times as long as real time, so if you live 50 years in real life, it will seem like 200 years in VR if you want. Robots look after your body of course.

I would be one of the first to hook up, and I would transport myself to a sparely-populated isekai world and live my life in relative peace and quiet in some small mountain elf village with a busty wife and a dozen kids.

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