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I don't understand this mindset, I've never looked at anyone and thought "I want to have sex with that person", neither have I thought that I want to be around some person just because they look attractive. I've always seen "crab" types talking about how they want some certain GF and I am just perplexed as to why? Like they will fawn over some person that they don't even know.

For me I hardly even acknowledge people unless for some reason I had to interact with them and we happened to share interests, obviously they've all been male and I don't have any problem with that. It's clear to me that a female wouldn't be interested in my hobbies so by extension they wouldn't be stimulating to spend any time with.

I also just look at my parents relationship, they have nothing in common, and I wonder why they even got together and had kids. In my head I just think of it like this, if that female they are so interested in was a male they probably would not care a single bit, but for some reason most normals value a pretty female over a friend that actually shares their views and hobbies and they have to choose one or the other. For some reason this made me think back to my old classes in grade school where we learned about ancient greece where women were just for having children and stayed in their social circle of other women and the real relationships and emotional bonding for men were between other men. I feel like that is the right mindset and how things should work, the constructs we see today of men getting along with the opposite sex are just media lies.

Did anyone else have this thought before? I'd like to learn exactly why normals think the way they do, it just seems completely illogical.


Who knows why people do anything? I mean, some people want to change their gender and crossdress. Most of what people do is pure instinct, rationalized afterwards.


>some people want to change their gender and crossdress
The thing is, I see that as more rational than interacting with a person that you have nothing in common with solely because they are physically attractive. To me, chaining yourself to a person you don't like in a philosophical sense sounds hellish, it's a no wonder to me that divorce rates are so high, it's only sad that the children of this sort of mindset have to suffer.


File: 1634408129832.jpg (84.49 KB, 790x398, 395:199, voobshe ohuet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well for one sex is really a no brainer, almost literally. If you're a man, boobs and vagina will be attractive to you unless you are some small 2% of the population who is gay or afflicted with some other mental illness.

Relationships i agree on though. I see some in anime or movies and I can kinda start to understand, but real people just disgust and bore me. Further more, the thought of being naked around another human being, even for the purposes of fucking, is too uncomfortable for me to ever even consider having sex in real life.


OP you are trying to rationalize humans for one and that does not always work well as we are irrational even wizards.
You also look from the outside in at your parents and wonder why they got together when they could have been in love and that is not something you can even observe as a quality that makes their bond worth maintaining.

You mention hobbies and stuff to point out typically men and succubus like different things but a relationship can be so much more than just sharing some hobbies you talk about it is souls returning to each other to become whole.

Normalfags derive a lot of value by working towards their normalfag ideals and that is all there is to it. Friendships are another thing and they can help make life worth living for even if your only experience of one was online.


What is love? To me it is only something that can be shared from parents to their children, I dont think you can truly love a stranger no matter how much you know them. Couples will say they love each other but then get divorced a few years later, to me it's not love unless it is unconditional.




File: 1634412950670.gif (476.13 KB, 475x262, 475:262, 1633913069478.gif) ImgOps iqdb

When I see nice pussy and tits, I get a boner and my mouth starts watering.

I then have to relieve this insatiable urge by touching myself, salivating and blowing my load into a sock.


I doubt nearly anyone who says they love someone feels more than a lust or see someone as a way to feed their own ego and get what they want from them.
Love is indescribable it is what makes life worth living it is just finding joy in someone else on a level that blows everything else out of proportion.

Love is irrational you cannot understand it even with some dawinistic deduction bullshit it is still beyond comprehension and something that you have to experience. Maybe you will make a friend on OSRS you end up feeling the worlds most powerful bond with and then you will know and it will only end badly. Love is too much for humans to handle.
Don't hurt me


It's a biological instinct hardwired into all animals to reproduce. Well most animals as it seems humans are getting weirder and weirder.

They all have features that they see as attractive, usually as a result of evolutionary and environmental pressures. such as boobies and hips showing a succubus reaching sexual maturity, a guy being rich, tall, dark and handsome is desirable for offspring, future stability, etc.

Humans are also a tribal/herd animal, they normally want to form bonds with people similar to them, for socialising, security, mental health, etc. Just take this website as an example, even absolute losers cast out of society want somewhere where they can get together and talk to others similar to them. A sexual relationship is merely a more advanced version of that.


Animal instincts, the same reason why a male praying mantis looks for a mate knowing that the female mantis is going to bite its head off during sex. You are programmed to spread your seed.


Can any gays that have been abused tell us if you "changed" and you notice things changed after the abuse


well for one they became gay


The more you about reality and the nature of being, the more ridiculous it gets.


You'll drive yourself crazy trying to understand why normalfags do what they do. It's not worth even thinking about.


It's normal, sorry you're a big homo fag, like 99% of wizchan.


I've been browsing and posting here for two whole years and I can't belong it took me THIS long to realize all you crab hating "wizards" are just faggots in denial, JFC, I feel really dumb it took me this long to realize that.


how does not wanting to have sex make you a homosexual? This is just the argument crabs always use because they can’t comprehend that a male doesn’t want to have sex


I (used to) agree wholeheartedly.
The issue I ran into (and lead me to give up) is that most men you meet are paranoid of coming off as gay, so one compensates by being homophobic over things that would show some fondness or warmth. Fondness and warmth from men may be a psyop, I don't know, I certainly don't want it today. If anything I relish in my autism.

I think the widespread acceptance of homos in our society have effectively cut off any sort of benign bond due to paranoia of being perceived as gay or making friends feel uncomfortable. Since common things like touch and rough-housing is now seen as gay.

I'm not exempt from it either.
Today I could not imagine having any sort of bond. It is purely transactional.
Transactional relationships are what suit me, I find.

People usually give the "we're animals" reason despite the fact that we can always rise above being an animal. If you let animalistic tendencies rule you, then you are what you believe to be, an animal.
That seems like an empty life.

There is no benefit to having a succubus other than to have children and someone to look after a house.


If OP truly doesn't understand why straight people want to have sex then that's a very gay attitude, just being realistic, being gay is way more common than any asexual condition, not to mention he specifically mentioned relations between people off opposite sex.


30 yo khhv checking in. i know what you mean, op. i have never been in a relationship in my life and really don’t get it. my parents had zero in common as well. My literally one friend from childhood (who wont leave me alone and was a wiz until like 25) found some fat succubus that he just paid a new iphone for. from my brief observations of them, my parents, and i guess media, it seems like NT guys want a succubus who they can baby like their child. i honestly find it bizarre, like wouldn’t you rather live with a competent adult that doesn’t work and just soends all your money like a leech? At this point, im honestly just waiting for her to leave his dumb ass. god they bith annoy the fuck out of me…


i got the same feeling but maybe he misspoke and meant relationship? idk. obviously lust happens but maybe op has something major wrong with him and is literally asexual?
Or, everyone on wizchan is a faggot. guess thats totally plausible too


we really should just be fagchan at this point.


I meant that a relationships with a female is retarded and I'd rather share my hobbies with male peers that I can relate with


Females are only valuable for their biological functions and literally nothing else. If we wanted to we could replace them with technology and be done with it.


Unfortunately if you browse /meta/, it seems that is basically what this website now is.


Being critical of relationships doesn't make you gay, what is this logic.


It's just the same typical highschool bully logic "if you dont want anything to do with girls youre gay!!"


File: 1635337042091.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1536, 45:64, acebetrayal.png) ImgOps iqdb

OP, I know people are going to call me a fag tranny SJW whatever for this, but take your post–maybe say "others" instead of "crabs" and "normals" with "allos"–and post it on the AVEN forum. You'll probably get much more helpful replies than here.


>If we wanted to we could replace them with technology and be done with it.

That's what sex bots promised to deliver, but in the end they were just another cope.


What is AVEN?


I have zero interest in tits or vagina.However I get extremely aroused looking at penises and nice male asses it's a bigger plus if they have a dad bod.


I dont know if you are trolling but I have the same problem and it makes me hate myself


Why hate it embrace it.


never knowing if you're a real wizard or just a reclusive fag


Forum for asexuals. If you Google "AVEN forum" it should come up.


they are usually filled with females


It's a biological urge. It's akin to hunger or thirst. "Thirsty" is literally slang word based on its approximation to an irresistible urge.
If you don't have the urge, you are legitimately genetically defective in the truest nonjudgemental sense of the term.
If you can't understand this, you are retarded.


Look up evolution and natural selection on wikipedia


basically all of whom were fucked


Yeah, the usual story from them is "I am asexual and dont like sex but I have it with my husband to make him happy :)"


File: 1635561060119.gif (1.58 MB, 261x210, 87:70, makeup without.gif) ImgOps iqdb

If makeup got banned for a year, most men would find most succubi absolutely hideous


I've never heard the term 'genetic deficiency' given such a positive spin before.


You get opium released in your brain for reproducing.
That is it, and that is the only reason to ever do anything other than read books and jack off.


That would be an understaement.
In animal world it's the males who are more beautiful.
Same thing with humans. It's just we're thinking as humans and we're thinking with our dicks, ofc we say succubi are more attractive from a subjective standpoint but it's not the case when we inspect it objectively.
Men are taller, stronger, smarter and have better skin than succubi.
A succubus's looks start fading roughly after 30, a well kept man can maintain his youthful looks till 40.
The only downside is balding but you know, put on a wig on an older guy and they'll look young again.


Doubt. Hear me out. The relative market place value of females in relationships is significantly higher than males. Strictly speaking, succubi can demand more and men are forced to demand less. Where do you think sexual fetishes come from? Have you ever noticed that females literally have no special fetishes besides vanilla powerplay shit like BSDM? Meanwhile, males have developed an enormous repertoire of fetishes which cover every kind of defective or subpar female. This is an adaptive coping mechanism for males to increase the bang for their buck on the relationship market by forcing themselves to be attracted to any kind of female that's available. If makeup was banned for a year and succubi were forbidden to beautify themselves by any means, I would strongly bet that this would not effect the desires of normies.


You think too much about it. It just feels good and that is why people do it. Simple. Both the physical part and the emotional part give you huge amounts of pleasure. You are a wizard because you prefer peace to pleasure or you simply focus on other kinds of pleasures.


Reasons man


Sex is a deeply embedded instinctual urge, where our body tells us to reproduce and pass on our genetic code. Unfortunately this is being abused by media outlets as a way of destabilising society, hence we find a steadily increasing amount of single mothers who are financially dependent on the goverment, high divorce rates due to cheating and the spread of stds. Most promiscious people tend to look hollow and souless, it's in their eyes.


I don't see the difference


Say I was gay in denial. How would I actually know? Because I wonder.
I like succubi visually, well enough, but what I really like is masculine succubi. I have to ask if I'm not repressing something, sometimes.


ideally the succubus who has the same worldview as this one specific man is the ideal partner, so it fosters this specific kind of friendship that would only be found amongst males, but IMO that never happens, i don't know why
normgroids just want to stick it in and then move on, that gives them a garbage succubus they have to deal with for the rest of their lives, or until someone decides to move out, because honestly, that situation is unbearable


sounds reasonable…

i am very much into sex as i deflected a death curse into me, once.
this is why i am obsessed in part.
i got rid of most, already. but not all, yet. such as the sex part. which drains a lot of energy.


you are gay in denial.
all are gay in denial.
i mean.. this is sth most try to tell you.
but point is…
i tried.
and thus i know.
and also i met a succubus who took hormones and now looks like a man.
i can tell for sure:
i am attracted to succubi.
but see…
just a tiny bit of a possibility…
is always given…
so we all are gay in denial.

in addition to that i had charged a sigil a few years ago, making sure, i was heterosexual and so forth.
pretty much confirmed heterosexual here.


Sounds like you're asexual, anon. Which is completely okay and more common than it might seem.
I'll try to explain it from the perspective of someone that does have sexual desires. The personality of a person and/or their looks makes me want them in a similar way that most people might want a sweet treat or to play a really fun video game. it's not something that I need to do with them to feel satisfied in life, but it seems like it'd be a really nice bonus thing to do that. Like, a luxury of sorts.
I hope that helps.


>it's a bigger plus if they have a dad bod.
ew, why chubby guys?


There's a lot of contributing factors, but I think it's primarily a socialization thing. Unfortunately, you can't discuss this anywhere without the word gay being thrown around, which always completely derails the conversation.


well sex is always portrayed as amazing in movies and stuff. im guessing it just feels good

relationships are just because normalfags get lonely


It's just an impulse to normies. There is no why.
We're the same, in a way, just with a different impulse. No one starts in a neutral state and then performs a logical analysis to conclude that the best course of action is avoiding relationships. We just feel better (or at least less bad) alone, and so it's how we instinctively behave. You might come up with rationalizations after the fact, but you didn't need them to make the choice you did.

Humans run almost entirely off vague impulses. There aren't really "reasons" people do most stuff that you can sum up in a coherent paragraph.


>there is no why
That's just a copout people use to avoid having to ask difficult questions.


ive noticed a majority of the normalfags i talk to about succubi have insane delusions RE: female hobbies and interests.
they think they can get a hole that really loves anime, really loves the same video games, can relax and have a drink with the boys, etc.

of course later on you meet this succubus and it's all fanfiction. she's got the mental processing capability of a rodent and hasn't really consumed any media of any kind in like 10 years+.

normalfags basically have hallucinations wherein succubi make intelligent remarks and enjoy manly activities. it's why they love succubi so much, it's psychosis. heterosexuality should be treated like a mental illness if you ask me.


It's not psychosis, it's just their dick doing the thinking for them.
>heterosexuality should be treated like a mental illness if you ask me.
I'm not even sure how to respond to this.


it's a hallucinated fictitious event where succubi are outwitting them in conversations and beating them at fighting games. the dick being the source (lol) of the hallucination is irrelevant.


>the fact that we can always rise above being an animal
This fact is only reserved autists, wizards, monks and such.


i think it is a combination of:
- inability to quench the feeling of loneliness through entertainment media
- 0 mental trauma related to socializing or being close with someone else

in other words, a wiz is a wiz because they don't usually feel lonely and they would rather be by themselves either way


Well it's all related to hormones and physiology, or like that other wiz said it's not being gay or having some asexual tier disorder.

Relationships I can definitely understand what you mean. I haven't the slightest idea how most men can relate to femaloids on such a level, and most guys I've pressed on the subject online eventually admit they only tolerate their bullshit for pussy so perhaps they consciously know as well. It makes sense when you consider there's practically no common ground between the sexes other than sex and the vast majority of relationships were either arranged, harems, or simply done out of opportunity i.e they lived nearby so "why not?". This is why it always pains me when I happen across a young man (and its almost always young men with these romantic delusions despite mainstream stereotypes of young males being horndogs and females being more "romantic"), the succubus with the emotional depth and compatibility they seek does not exist, and this path will only lead them to misery.

In a way this why I'm somewhat glad talks of celibacy are becoming more common amongst the populace. They may not immediately find the answer, but the discussion is like a rope that'll lead them to the truth.


Lol well said

It's insane the level of delusional headcanon some men have about the nature and psyche of succubi. The hobbies and interests thing is an excellent example.


Maybe you should get help



Tradcucks on /pol BTFO


Social engineering hijacking the sex drive.


More and more men really aren't wanting sex. They're been directed to seek stimulus without the actual act, because it has become unattainable and too dangerous to contemplate. Men - and really everyone - are getting too psychologically destroyed, and they're not in an environment where they could actually do anything. With how much the State is advancing into private life, and how betrayal is everywhere, I don't know how people can ever be comfortable, and from what I can tell a lot of people are afraid of anything that will probably destroy them for no benefit.

Virtually all men are going to desire successful completion of the sexual act. It doesn't happen, and for some men it's over from a very early age and there's nothing they can do to stop it. There is something deeply ingrained in men that seeks out the completion of its life function, and usually deviations are clearly deformities of the basic instinct to seek out a mate. Some men are not physically able to, but their bodies still desire in some way. Pathological homosexuals are very clearly failed men. Absent a really compelling reason, I think a man that regards himself at all will believe his seed is good enough and should propagate, however it happens. To be impotent and rejected says much about his social position, and really his long-term security and anything else he is going to accomplish. It's not everything, but in our society, it was made into something intensely political - that's what eugenics is, making sex and the family a political matter that would be directed by the state and a particular group of people who were going to make the decisions for you, usually against your own interests. The dominance of eugenics made sexual rejection that much more harrowing, because now not only was it biological discontinuation but total social rejection that would be imposed by law, and that leads to discrimination in every sector of society someone would want to participate in. If you're in the lowest class, it's state policy not to treat you if you're sick, make sure you never get a job, send the police to harass you, rule against you in every court decision no matter what… it goes on. To be sexually rejected for eugenic reasons is a reinforcement of what is essentially a slave status, and increasingly the actions against the rejected are exactly the behaviors that were used to uphold slaveries.


Normals are driven by their libido. I am driven by not wanting to be alone when my parents inevitably die before me. I can't deal with life on my own.


File: 1656879840790.jpg (71.04 KB, 600x392, 75:49, 330aaac67e081cc81bfff655d8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't understand why accusations of being gay is seen as the got'chu response to this kind of question, we have literal gay and bisexual wizards here who feel the exact same way about homosexuality and men. If it turned out that a lot of guys here were just gay all along I doubt they would suddenly jump up and start blowing cock, more than likely they would just disregard gay relationships just like they did hetero.


An online bond feels superficial.



Agree. A wizard disregards sex and sexuality in general. Otherwise we would just be crabs.


I had a super chad normie that worked with me for 4 years tell me one time:

"If it wasn't for sex, men would never talk to succubi."

He was talking about the succubus she was living with and it made me sad, both for him and the succubus, because he basically told me he could not stand her and was with her only to get regular sex. I don't get that same impression from some of my normie friends from school days. They seem to share something with their partners. For example, one of them bonded with her over Harry Potter books. That is kind of ideal, you share a hobby and build a relationship on top of it.


Sex is a very powerful force. I know a guy who always seemed reasonable and level headed, yet he always ends up in terrible abusive relationships. I can never understand what compels him to endure so much chaos and drama, but its obviously the power of sex. Sex is how we continue the species, its a very important act when you look at it that way, therefore the lengths we will go to obtain and maintain sex must be similar to ones will to live.

But why don't we have this same programming and drive? I think we have become so self aware that we can see that more often than not sex and relationships simply are not worth it, and because we have not tasted its addictive pleasures we are able to go without with relative ease. We're like the clean drug free people observing the heroin addicts, but we would probably be just like them if we indulged.


No I never will be like normals. succubi are too much evil, annoying and bothersome. I could never tolerate that shit.


That’s really sad. I’ve honestly never really perceived the huge, insurmountable brain/behavior differences between men and succubi that people harp on about. Maybe I’m too much of a sperg to notice. I can’t imagine willingly spending all day around someone I thought was that totally different/alien/defective just for sex.


normans rank sex as the most enjoyable life experience/activity. we cant imagine it because we havent experienced it ourselves.


And yet, there is logic.



> I get extremely aroused looking at penises and nice male asses it's a bigger plus if they have a dad bod.

Do you feel this way about men IRL? Or just online?


You get so unbelievably in limerence for the female and love her divine beauty if you will be straight, as a natural result of puberty. You begin to think they are perfect and your mind becomes accustomed to the thought of your union with her, and that she is your wish and though we are not allowed to talk about it here…. many feel partial to the touch of the soft and sweet succubus as a prize. They cannot resist the cute and arousing form of the succubus. From their showering they develop loin lust. Many crave it, none of us know it.


Having kids is a way of inmortalizing yourself, as they share your DNA and if you raise them properly, your ideals and values.


Nothing is immortal in this universe


This honestly seems like coping to me. Are you guys seriously telling me that you've never wanted to have sex with a succubus at any point in your life?

I wanted to have sex the moment I hit puberty, I just can't do it.


Not everyone is the same Mr.Crab.


What kind of supreme faggot fantasizes about being inferior to a succubus or anyone else at anything?


A crab isn't someone who wanted to have sex you retard, it's someone who has a crab in a barrel mentality. A wizard is any non sex haver that is 30+.


Not everyone is wild animal or has to be.
Not that you ever understand that, you are normalfag after all.


>a male praying mantis looks for a mate knowing that the female mantis is going to bite its head off
Does the male praying mantis knows that the female one is going to bite its head off? How?

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