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I want to share some of my thoughts about sitcoms. Ultimately, I want to get to the ones I find good, and what I find oddly disturbing about the evolution of sitcoms; but I know of course I have to start by talking about Big Bang.

I hate Big Bang. That should be no surprise. I imagine most here do as well. What surprises me is how well is shows and exemplifies the late stage of development of the craft of making a sitcom. How you can have a show so devoid of plot, comedy, emotional impact, any uplifting structure, and hold up its edifice SOLELY with laugh tracks, basic acting, and the common development tricks and cliches of a sitcom. It really shows just how much you can polish a turd and sell it as a product. Just as the "pet rock" is to marketing, is Big Bang to making a sitcom. At its core, there's nothing there.

Of course, that's true of most, if not all sitcoms; but there's something else that's always disturbed me about Big Bang, and that's how compared to other sitcoms, it's so depressing. In Big Bang, you have some people who are on paper incredibly intelligent. Nobel-prize-tier winning physicists, a fucking astronaut, etc.. They all have to room together in the same apartment. They aren't exactly able to afford anything nice. I don't know whether they can own a car, really. They eat in a common cafeteria. From outward appearances, their lives are not glamorous at all. It's a really, really depressing show.

Compare this to The Andy Griffith show. There, the biggest issue was the neighborhood kid accidentally painting the wrong fence. The biggest 'drug crime' was ONE alcoholic who locked himself up at night. Everyone had a life and standard of living that was leagues above Big Bang, doing jobs that were more "meager." I like it just because it's so utopian, so peaceful, so idyllic. I almost think it was Cold War propaganda. Like we'd hope the Soviets would see it and think that's how American life was like. Another comparison in this theme was The Jeffersons. It was actually positive and uplifiting. It was a story about people who had made it.

Why do I have to go back to the 50s to find stories that aren't so fucking depressing?


They can afford nice things but that just ruins how the sitcom is produced. Leonard is probably the one with the least money and most debt so he probably does need to room with someone else, but everyone else (except Stuart, the comic book shop owner) are just fine. Bernadette makes shit loads manufacturing drugs. Penny makes shit loads selling them. Raj comes from a very rich family. They don't all room together, they do own cars, they order expensive take-out literally every night.

It's just cheaper for the production crew to just make a few sets and recycle them rather than show them having a glamorous existence.


What about the spinoff Young Sheldon? It shows the trials of growing up a genius with aspergers. It is very relatable. And he is very asexual unlike his teen peers.


seinfeld is a pretty great sitcom. They have all the seasons on netflix


I like Everybody Loves Raymond tbh


All I remember from that show is that the wife was a huge bitch.


Sometimes I like to imagine I live in a sitcom world that plays by sitcom rules.
It's a pleasant fantasy.


So I assume you are a big fan of the Truman Show movie?


Those types of metropolitian techies do live like that though. IRL versions of Leonard and Sheldon rent mediocre apartments and outwardly appear broke, but are sitting on six figures of saved/invested income. In the show it shows that they have no problems splurging on whatever product they want to consoom.

I like Malcolm in the middle because it's a genuine "slice of life". I don't think any show captured the feeling of living in a lower class white trash family. Simpsons tried the same thing but it was too satirical.


Neither Malcolm or Simpsons were really white trash, they were mediocre families but there wasn't enough drugs, abuse or absent fathers to push into that white trash area


Honestly the show seemed terrible when I first heard of it but I watched alot of it with my dad and it is alright. Certainly not worse than the big bang theory. Which I didn't mind either but that's because I watched it in my late teens in the earlier seasons. Seinfeld is the peak of sitcoms though, except maybe the IT Crowd.


You forgot Peep show and Arrested development.

Seinfield is best sitcom I agree.


Not particularly.
By sitcom rules I mean the universe is structured around narrative causality where the tropes and conventions of a television sitcom takes precedence over the basic laws of reality.
Like how in a comic book superpowers are just a thing that works, and cops never think to just shoot guys like the Joker.

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