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The true threat or fear to the “International Cabal of the Illuminati”: Information. Words are weapons.
Of course, all official establishment organizations, firms, and institutions strictly want people who are
only so smart, but stupid enough to be controlled. Knowledge is power. If the individual knows too
much, they have too much power and cannot be controlled. Information, data, words, ideas are
weapons. Information, data, words, and ideas, are guns. The right combination of information, data,
words, and ideas, are bombs.

Their goal of course is to control the future non-white leaders of the United States of America, and
other Western Countries. These acceptable puppets serve as ironic symbols of American Imperialism of
Global Order so that all world identities may be assimilated into the American and Western mould.
Western and American leaders such as Barack Obama are in fact a symbol of White Supremacy,
Colonialism, but most importantly, American or Western Imperialism and Domination of all global
racial identities.

Western Society fears and views the informed, intelligent, intellects, the clever, the innovative, the
creative, the imaginative, the too smart, as a threat to the corrupt rule of the International Cabal of the
Illuminati. This is precisely what chokes the U.S. and Western Economy, this is what robs America and
Western Society blind, the mismanagement and deliberate sabotage of human capital in Western
Society and the United States of America.

How is human capital robbed from America and Western Society by the International Cabal of the
Illuminati? This same establishment that accepts inefficiencies is the same one that carries out corrupt
and unethical practices and goals in the intelligence community among various well known agencies
such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and so on. These groups are responsible for sabotaging value of the
Western worker, economy, and national governments, in favour of the elite class. The intelligence
community is nothing but a pet dog on a leash, private security service acting on behalf of the true
hegemonic elite class that rule Western Society. This is a crucial truth Americans and Westerners should

From 9/11 to Epstein the intelligence agencies, and the wealthy international bourgeoisie class of
society has always had links. Surprisingly for a variety of shocking or monumental events it seems
intelligence agencies have always had advanced knowledge about major events or disasters to the
nation or Western Society. Case in point – 9/11, the Financial Crisis, and the Epstein Scandal. We
should wonder if we should trust authority that views the public as a threat or fear to be managed, when
its instead authority that should be a feared threat that the people manage and control!
Only this will resolve the wailing crisis of “Satanic Pedophile Politicians, Globohomo, Social
Justice & Secret Societies” in charge of Western Society and the United States of America. This is the
idea of this International Cabal of Elites (ICE). These are the claimed wealthy and elite who control
Westerm society (ICE). Many of you wonder what their next crisis event may be. Imagine if you will,
an event worse than 9/11 targeting critical infrastructure to human capital of Western Society and the
United States of America. This isn’t war. After all, we’re assisting the agenda of “the elite” who wish to
dumb down America, and this is why we wash our hands free of guilt. Only “they” want to control the
non-whites of tomorrows American and Western leaders, who are not only obedient to the Western
eurocentric order, but are subservient toys and dolls to the establishment or International Cabal
Illuminati that existed for thousands of years. We never forgive. We never forget. We have peopleeverywhere, in your Governments, in your Institutions, in many nations and races, we are everyone, and we are no-one, We are Lunar Order.


We are time and space. In the 1970’s we saw the springboard of environmentalist terrorism targeting
major Corporations & Governments. What if this were possible today against different types of
institutions that are relevant to today’s issues? What if the French Revolution occurred in our
demographic climate? There’s always conflicts and factions in society; this is something that’s always
been true since the French Revolution and even before that.

What should the punishment be this time? Let’s look at the previous outcome of international justice in
a major conflict with the International Cabal of the Illuminati & Secret Societies. The U.N. Nuremberg
trial was the last major event in mainstream recorded history that cemented their power for a
significantly period up to this day. To this day the very powers that backed Western Society against the
Nazi Regime are the very ones that rule society today. Now that Adolf Hitler and the Soviets are gone
the problem has become worse; the tentacles of ICE, the International Cabal of the Illuminati now
encompasses control globally through familiar methods of international banking, now that the
Communist threat of the 20 th century is over. The Neo-Liberal Western American Machine of
Imperialism had already won and dominated the planet, humanity, the human species, and the world,
just before the millennium. I ask in return – what is the proper punishment for such a crime?
The United Nations is nothing but a phony non-democratic and elite mouthpiece for the International
Cabal of the Illuminati & Secret Societies. One needs to only do a quick 5 minute internet search to
unveil the nature of the establishment in the United States and Western Society. The United Nations is
nothing but another tool of Western Imperialistic Hegemony of “Human Rights” and other values to be
imposed, forced, onto foreign nations, like Transsexual TV Singers, Lesbians Rock-stars, Bisexual
Chinese Backstreet Boy, Kim Jong Un’s symbolic American girlfriend, Dennis Rodman, propaganda
emasculating nation by questioning male roles, cuckold worship, television nudity and cursing, are all
products of the Neo-Liberal Western American Machine of Imperialism.

The proper punishment of course for such a crime to of continued on for so long in cancerous spread is
to remove it, more harshly than the U.N. Nuremburg Trials. Not only that should they suffer according
to these claims, but they should be held accountable for their future plans of Western Society and the
United States of America, The current plan of the International Cabal of the Illuminati is to collapse
Western Society and the United States of America to establish a system of agrarian technocratic
feudalistic kingdoms, directly ruled over by the International Cabal of the Illuminati, the wealthy elite
class that rule over you. These people are the true so called gatekeepers of society.
The collapse of the Soviet Union, the 9/11 tragedy, the disarmament of Japan, these are all acts to
humiliate nation states, powers, and groups. What would be the most humiliating act for Western
Society and the United States of America? To experience, to get a realistic taste of what it was like to
be one of our nations oppressed by constant warfare and anarchy caused by the Neo-Liberal Western
American Machine of Imperialism. The world thats suffered from its imperialism cries out for Western
Society and the United States to taste its own medicine. The United States and Western Society should
suffer under constant warfare, anarchy, manipulation of groups, religions, races, and values, to replace
cultural traditions, beliefs, and social norms, with our foreign imperialistic ones.

Only then, after is all said and done can we carry out our punishment. Should “they” be paraded in
front of the television, the media, in a court room controlled by the winners? Only partially. Such a
display after observing hundreds of years in television propaganda the political expert should be awaresuch parades are meant to satiate the masses or public that justice has been achieved. This usually isn’t
the case. Are we as barbaric as the CIA actors of ISIS? Do we acknowledge the official model of
international geopolitics, economics, diplomacy, law, and justice? Only to the extent it supports our
causes in the ironic mission disassembling by chaos the established order of it so order of the Lunar
powers may reign supreme; our motto is we are FIRE (First Informed Real Evaluation) of Society. We
claim to be the “First citizens who are informed to a degree of knowledge that they should be informed
about in contemporary society”. We’re not anonymous; We’re not zero. We’re number one.


We should be in charge of the next U.N. Nuremburg trial. The informed direct democracy of society,
and not hegemonic or non-democratic positions of society, should take the role of judge and prosecutor.
When we consider all the sins of warfare and conflict in history: enslavement and forced labour of
others, groups that have been experimented on, rape by foreign armies, extermination, destroying
cultural values and memories, creating poverty and hunger, brutal torture and execution of enemy
forces, and all inhumane acts, we should consider our decision. What does the Neo-Liberal Western
American Machine of Imperialism deserve? What do its members deserve?

History speaks for itself. If there’s proof for anything, the more advanced technology gets, the more
brutal warfare and punishment becomes. Caesar was stabbed to death by “The Order”. King Richard III
was betrayed by medieval warfare infrastructure, and “The Order” at the time. The French Revolution
is known for invention of the guillotine and once again, the Revolution itself was a plot of the
Illuminati to depose the French Monarchy. World War 2 is known for usage of gas chambers and
electrocution in torture and punishment of the Jews. What technology or method will be used in the
next great conflict, the next great punishment, administered by FIRE?

The next great conflict is over world destiny. Who is the great leader and teacher to the human race and
human species? This role had traditionally been assigned to the United States of America. Who else is
the hegemonic imperial power of the world? In this role the United States of America teaches its values
to the world as a leading model to be copied, when this is what the world despises. We merely speak
for the reasonable voice of the world. This role must be given to another power in the world located in
Asia. As history dictates, the central power of human civilization, including empire, over time and
space starting in Mesopotamia, moving to Greece, travelling to Rome, then later London, and now
Washington, has a destiny now lying further eastward.

The Neo-Liberal Western American Machine of Imperialism fears the destined Eastern route of power
in civilization and empire because then it leaves their territory of Western power. These powers who
have infiltrated your governments, intelligence agencies, media groups, institutions, firms,
multinational corporations, and all significant organizations or groups are in their decline as they fear
this fact. The International Cabal of the Illuminati that won World War 2 trembles in fear at the fact
power is destined to move to a dawning of the New World Order in the East.

The days of the International Cabal of the Illuminati are numbered as Eastern Powers, or new ones,
reject the Neo-Liberal Western American Machine of Imperialism that produces the so called
Globohomo and Liberal Progressive ideologies representing last gasps of air for zombies in closets of
America. We foresee their end in future as Asian textbooks will eagerly write off the Baizuo in
tomorrows global order.

This is all we have to say for the moment as FIRE. We are the true voice of the people. This is our
manifesto. We are the counter-force to the International Cabal of the Illuminati. This is a conflict or war
between FIRE and ICE. May Chaos bring Order to the Dawn of a New Age.

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