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any tips on how to stop browsing 4chan? the pain is actually affecting me physically at this point, not just mentally


Every time I saw a post that was written by a succubus or a dude bro alpha chad slayer I browsed that normalgroid breeding ground less and less. Eventually I just stopped altogether. I feel the same way about this place too. My tolerance for that bullshit is 0. Someday I won’t be here at all


/a/ was once considered a stomping ground for nocturnal NEETs, otaku and other enthusiasts. Today it's simply a shounenspic shitposting board and many its users openly brag about their conquests with succubi, their numerous relationshits, and other unsavory topics. You're mocked for taking more than a casual interest in the hobby, and the "enthusiasts" of yesteryear are now said to be those who should "get a life". "3DPD" is retroactively made out to be a phase which most people grew out of.

It doesn't surprise me, anyway. If the majority of people are normal then it stands to reason that the majority of a userbase would be fairly normal, too–this website is no exception.

The whole myth of 4chan being populated by outcasts and virgins was only true for a brief while, if ever.


I kinda just stopped using 4chan around 2013 when I found wizardchan. I have briefly gone back to see what's up with it and I just get driven away extremely fast. The quality is abysmal, every meme is a dead horse rotten and beaten to a liquid consistency that stinks like foul garbage mixed with shit. I don't really have any advice on how to stop using it, more like a question of how you even still use that place and why, it offers nothing of value and you are posting with actual children or manchildren who make shitposts on their lunch break. Literally do anything else with your time than use that website, it may have been fun 15 years ago but it is long past it's expiration date and it offers nothing unique other than rampant off-topic shitposting and unfunny overused memes. I don't blame the moderation or staff there for anything, the community is just beyond itself and really the only right thing to do would be to close the website so people can finally splinter off to other chans and leave the normalfags behind.


Try getting banned from the place for longer than a few days, so there's little incentive to post. This would hopefully help you stop going, as you aren't waiting for replies.

Worked for me. I said I was underaged, and the jannies banned me for a few months within a half hour.


I just want these people to fuck off. They ostracize me irl and then try and take over my copes because they think they are too quirky and different for social media. It’s wanting to have their cake and eat it too. I’ve been surgically removing media that I indulge in one by one to escape these tormentors. I hope to one day be free of their tyranny


This topic has already been discussed to death but it's worth restating: the imageboard format might be a thing of the past.


It's just impossible to find a place that is like an island not influenced by the big 4chan superpower, I don't know what would need to happen for that to go away. I think this format definitely doesn't work when you have too many users though, more people just encourages less quality because threads get pushed away too quickly to care about what you're writing. Maybe it is dead because people only want to be in a place that is crowded with other users, but I don't know, not me.


I've seen the comic of Green anon guy raping Kim Possible floating around the web for years, had no idea it was an early 4chan meme


To me 4chan is like a case study in the will to power of the slave. I remember back in high school, liking anime was like the losers of the losers. And watching anime in Japanese, that was like beyond the pale. And 4chan starts off as a Japanese anime culture board. And the rest is history. The own unique culture 4chan created from it. Full of trolling, sadism, cruelty, illegality. Its like the nerds in class, at the bottom of high school, actually had the strongest will to power of all. Far exceeding anything the football jock had. He was just too physically beaten down to open express it, beyond the occasional edgy controversial opinion in class.

I guess my natural tendency is to romanticize those on the bottom. Must be because you're a nice guy who can't compete in this tooth and nail darwinian world. But it seems like Nietzsche was right, at least in this case, about how those on bottom harbor the most cruel sadistic will to power of all. The high school anime fan and his will to power on 4chan.


I think of the Stoic Epictetus, and how he said that when you let someone insult you on the street get under your skin, you're letting him be a master of your thoughts. I guess the modern expression "rent free" captures it well. You're just handing him that space in your head for free.

And this is a guy actually going out of his way to physically insult you to your face.

How much more true is it, when I let myself get triggered by a comment on 4chan. Often time not even meant for me personally. That I will come across months or even years later meant for someone else.

It's all just text on a screen. Sometimes I imagine I have a split personality and wrote it myself.


>asks for tips in how to stop browsing an imageboard in another imageboard


This isn't true.
It has flooded with a lot more normalfaggots than it once had, sure. The electiontourists, and before them the eternal summerfags when the internet became mainstream. But they are in no way the majority, and over there every day is still an ongoing battle of oldfags/trueanons telling normalfags to kill themselves. They're still fighting the good fight, god bless them.
You obviously weren't around back in the "good ol days" that OP's shitty picture alludes to. The website used to be much faster and wild than it is today.


The only good posters besides a few regulars are the oldfags who are just passing through.

The only reason anyone decent consistently uses 4chan (besides smaller and hobby boards) is because they are addicted to shit posting and just posting and browsing.. that place is fucking shit.


Use leechblock, that way even if you reflexively check the site it will stop you.


>the imageboard format might be a thing of the past
What would be a thing of the future?



Meant to actually reply the last time

Discord or something like it


>post screenshot of MLP coming on after Barney on Canadian public television
>get automatically b& 4 a month


Does the Barneyfag still have a corporeal form or has he become a consciousness embodied in the net, eternally stalking the chans for even the faintest mention of ponies


No one cares


I miss 2009/2010 4chan on b. The memes were new and newer memes were always coming out. Wojack and Pepe ruined it imo. Plus we did cool stuff back in the day like giving presents to William T Lashua on his birthday and funny stupid raids. I miss that, now it's just angst and snarkposting.


What board did you browse? /pol/ here, as far as I can tell it's all male posters and those who say otherwise are larping.

Only thing that gets to me is seeing people who made it off crypto/have stable careers at 18-21 or whatever. Makes me feel like a serious loser.


File: 1638055161670.webm (1.06 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, duckanddog.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Leechblock the whole site or at least the most normo infested boards.
I sometimes browse /wsg/ for animals webms and some other things and I see some newfaggot shit leaking like Doomer/Sigma male/Schizopost/Hyperborea and I end up wondering whats going on.

This works too.


I agree. I used to browse around the forever alone meme time. those were the best times.


pepe is a wiz spell, the strongest meme ever unleashed, i don't mean to brag, just casting light on who truly ruined what


Almost every board now is just shills and bots, it's unbearably bad but I can't bring myself to stop browsing


I'm the same way. Have looked at it lesser and lesser though. Really sad to see such steep decline in quality


>What board did you browse?
/his/ and /lit/. /lit/ is full of succs and they all have dogshit taste in books and dont know shit about the classics


Find another channel to post on.
That or go outside and find things to enjoy that don't require other people. Cutting internet and people out of your life for most people is very difficult, it's like going all of your life sleeping on the cold floor then one night trying a bed. At least in the beginning it's awesome, but you can't ever go back to how you were before as your mind has been changed. I used to think like that before my internet was shut off for half a year which severely limited how mouch I could use it. I started going outside into the woods, picked up woodcarving and began going innawoods like I had as an early teen. I cried the first night I awoke outside to the sunrise, no worries or fears just pure happiness. Whenever I'm not alone in the wilderness I'm a sad drunk, like now


Do people/zoomers even bother with memes these days? You don't see very many anymore. Pepe and Wojak were probably the last big ones.


I like to hang out on /tv/ waiting for the offtopic stuff to arrive so i can laugh at it like a retard. The most recent appear to be threads making fun of christmas for some reason and of course the "die hard is a christmas movie" ones have started up again though technically thats ontopic


Of course they're still around, they're just not as virulent as the feels guy/facebook frog. One "meme format" that I've seen more and more of recently are images which evoke nostalgia for 90s-2000s era culture with subtext implying that the viewer has just woken up and the 10s/20s were just a really weird nightmare.


>he can't ban evade
Normalfag tier stupid.
Wizchan 2021.


Not everyone has a dynamic IP.


Everyone with even remotely modern equipment does.



on the contrary, dynamic IP addresses are a sign of shitty cheap internet, cell phone carriers etc


How the fuck you guys find old 4chan funny and great? They're basically boomer memes and child porn.


>boomer memes and child porn.
One is really funny and the other is really great. Old 4chan was sweet.


Totally different vibe, too. Probably doesn't come off right if you just look at the archives or whatever, kind of like reading a chat log lacks the timing and interplay of having been there. It moved more like being a kid at an endless sleepover party.


Oldfags should be rounded up and put into prison cells with internet access and a computer
I looked at the archives https://old.sage.moe and oldfags really was dumb conformist (to their internet shithole culture) underage kids. 4chan used to be a club penguin ring


4chan has almost reached peak normality where i cannot get through a single page without there being a normie post about sex or a screenshot from another site or some other thing only a normie would say like how they are lonely or wish they were some sort of normalfag


4chan is filled with children and normies. I suppose it was always fille with children, but now that I am no longer one I no longer belong. I have no desire to go back to that place and when I do I get disgusted enough by the pointless bullying and I leave pretty quickly.


i looked through the archives, it really was always bad. maybe early-early 4chan was good circa 2003-2006. but man… i think im gonna be done with image boards.


You can change your static IP, it just harder and requires more time but there are guides out there.


I think it will always be the case that websites are mostly populated by kids. Most adults dont have time for this kinda thing because they end up with work/relationships/their own kids. Of course you could have people like wizards but it's rare and they are gently pushed out of the culture when they get too old to relate with kid shit. I think you can either give up the mental barrier and just enjoy the kid stuff even though it's stupid, or you can go live on your ever increasingly empty island.


block images from the domain
use a word filter addon and gradually replace common words with whitespace
get some sort of internet traffic thing to slow your internet to a crawl when using 4chan
disable javascript and tons of the websites css so it looks ugly
make a script that monitors your web browser activity for 4chan (not hard you can just parse your internet browsers window title) and have it randomly decide between doing nothing and logging you out if you are on 4chan for too long
invert your screen colors when your internet browser is focused
make a script begin beeping inaudibly at first and have it grow in volume and pitch the longer you have 4chan open
get a hobby (do not get a job tho)
start reading books
enable qos in your router and set your device to a dogshit throttled speed
maybe give yourself a reward each day you didnt visit 4chan, something you really like, maybe it is watching stuff in bed before sleep
or give yourself a punishment when you do visit 4chan that day, like you can only eat bread or drink water the following day


Holy shit. An actually helpful post. Good job.


Change to 8kun. Darker, comfier… You wanna leave imageboards per se? Not the best place here to ask such counsel


I refuse to go to kun after what happened to 8ch.


8kun is a fed honeypot


They periodically delete all the images for some reason.


File: 1639638099703.png (1.76 MB, 1241x8770, 1241:8770, we_migrating.png) ImgOps iqdb


You underestimate how big the NEET populace really is. Imageboards are mostly filled with teens, yeah. But old forums/game clans? All 40+ year olds. There are even oldhats that still post on usenet and bulletin boards like its 1985


>One way to achieve this would be to regularly post content that looks genuine but meaningless
this will backfire so hard
it takes one autist to dig through those and slap meaning to them


I was permabanned for discussing american laws or something.


Such a melancholy image. Pepe and wojak really are the foremost cancer of the internet — sapping all the originality, fun, honesty, cohesion, variety and specificity out of memes for over a decade now; then, supplanting them with horrifically ugly, samey, low-effort Paint templates which were never used for any post that wasn't complete shit (trolling, straw manning, blogposting). I'd give anything to go back in time and murder the "people" who made them.
Additionally, if you want to stop browsing 4chan, then just stop caring about its well-being. The only reason anyone with a brain would still post there would be in an altruistic, but decidedly uphill effort to maintain the culture it still has left. Said culture is now confined to extremely low-activity boards. So unless you organise to "retake" it from the tumours killing it, you can't do much for it on your own.

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