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Do any if you guys know of any other more obscure channels to visit? I feel my well has run dry.


Don't go to 2channel, they don't want you there.


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As far as westtards are concerned, yes.




It seems somebody was permabanned from that place for writing:
>wonder how long it will be until a proper holo vn now that cover is branching into game development

Why would the moderators take such harsh measures for a seemingly innocuous comment?




Glad to seee no one has posted my board here.


Guess they don't like vtubers


fucking shame it's closed, was ultra comfy. Basically what wizchan once was


The concept is stupid, if you can't trust your users to not understand that they need to report and ignore rule breaking posts to the extent that you have to preapprove every single post for them then there is no point in pandering to those people.


it is only a matter of time until your secret club is revealed by someone from within


it was ultra dead and only a matter of time before it disappeared.


I miss Hikkichan…


Vtubers are essentially just female worship


Would be great if 4chon would come back. It's how I discovered Wizardchan.


Lainchan maybe. Neet.moe but it's slow


Had this argument before but it really isn't especially in context.


Oh do go on. What is it then if not female worship? You gonna claim they all watch it for the gameplay and humor?


>You gonna claim they all watch it for the gameplay and humor?
Not that poster but that will be a valid claim.


That is the thread for you to read or whatever if you want to rehash all that.
I ain't getting banned for talking about meta stuff in a unrelated thread and it would be be a derail anyway.

Beside, like I said, there really isn't anything new to say on it that hasn't already been covered.
Now fuck off.


Well if that was supposed to convince me of anything it didn’t. But enjoy being deluded.


Fuck off before you get banned for being off topic or /meta/ outside of /meta/.


calm the fuck down backseat mod, sage exists for a reason.


File: 1638813327441.png (503.78 KB, 650x363, 650:363, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>sage exist for a reason


But people don’t report enough and that’s the issue


Yeah, but there's no way you can fix that. If wizards as a community don't like to report things then that's just what you have to accept, and if you have a problem with it you can be mindful and report things that you see and realize that it might take a little time for any mods to see it. Any crowd that thinks moderators of any website should have foresight or be constantly checking new posts every 30 seconds is just extremely ignorant, why would you want to cater to people like that?


cause reporting is a fool's errand. Either they get banned and just dodge and come back, or the mod decides the post did not break a rule and it stays. There is no winning.


proxies have ruined the internet


Why? Most of them are dead as fuck.


The only way IB's can become more popular is with an influx of users from other platforms and this spells disaster. The losers of today are in some ways more isolated than they were even 5+ years ago when we at least had some spaces not totally ruined by normalfaggots.

As others have stated in the end of the wizard thread; the zoomer wiz are likely to just drop out of internet communities the same way we did from the real life community as the internet now emulates real life in all of the woest ways.




don’t you need a vpn to bypass the location ban from there? i remember there used to raids of foreigners shitposting on their boards that’s why they ban foreigners or something like that


not replying to shitty posts or troll post might help


They have international boards where foreigners can post. For a while, 2ch was banning all foreign IPs, but only for a limited time. I remember that well because I was in the hospital when it happened, and it's strangely the only thing I can remember from my week long stay. Nowadays the only boards that foreigners can't see without a VPN are the fetish boards, for good reason. But you can see them if you have a southeast asian IP address. No posting allowed though, only JP IPs can post.


if only there was a site that had the speed of 4chan but the community of wizchan. i tolerate the retarded idiots on /r9k/ only because wizchan doesn't update as quickly


tvch moe


2channel is Japan's reddit.


Futaba channel, then.


Futaba channel is semi dead, I think even this place gets more PPH.


Then there must be an international conspiracy to turn fringe outcast spaces into ghost towns.


I2p has plenty of imageboards. Kelvinchan, Kislitsa (Russian mostly), etc.


i don't. if wizchan ever dies i'll probably end up on some retro gaming forum, im not sure of anywhere else that has this community's style

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