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after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.
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no reply to this >>187715 lol


I think schizoids are just people with attachment issues who are depressed and dead inside because of isolation but they're in denial about having a problem. Emotional deadening is a symptom of severe long-term depression. It's not okay just because you don't feel actively bad. You also don't feel actively good or interested in anything.


thanks for the deep insight, facebook man



some of us are dead from upbringing/traumatic experiences or current living situation


I highly disagree when I was in high school I rejected 3 succubi who were interested in me and I avoided everyone so just to not talk to them.I always liked solitude and silence and find people annoying nuisance.I do have schizoid fantesies like living in anothet planet alone or in antarctica as sole living in high tech bunker.You don’t know anything about schizoids


people simply are who they are. whether aspects of them is a problem or not is dependent on their environment and society's view, it has nothing to do with judgment on the person themself


meh, I still think you're just coping with denial. Basically I just think schizoids are more narcissistic versions of avoidants and unlike avoidants are unable to admit any weakness or fault with themselves. Being afraid of intimacy would be a sign of weakness therefore you say you never wanted intimacy to begin with. It's just sour grapes. Notice how you have to brag about how many succubi you rejected. That is because my post ruffled your feathers and made you search for narcissistic supply. "They're not rejecting me, I'm rejecting them!" It's basically just a response to your internal insecurity.


I can relate, but I think you are overreacting over self-diagnose.
> I can barely think clearly, remember anything, learn, speak. I look and act like a freak, I can't work socialize or go out in public. I can't remember 99% of my life.
Me too, but I think it's because lack of proper sleep, sleeping at day and being awake at night, lack of speaking, lack of socializing, brainfog, etc.
>My pupils are constantly dilated, I can't coordinate my movements well, I bump into walls because my depth perception and motor skills are so bad. I have even experienced mild hallucinations, mostly visual and tactile, only had full auditory hallucinations once when smoking weed. Its literally a living purgatory. I have to kill myself soon before I lose the willpower, the impoverishment of my will and thinking has become nearly complete.
Hold down, stop with the weed. I relate to that as well, but it's because lack of exercise, not going outside and mine hallucinations are listening people invading my house and maggots inside my skin, so aside the weed, I think you are fine.
>I've read its essentially an attention deficit, those who are schizotypal can't keep up in social situations because they have an extreme attention span deficit.
It's hard to say that is attention span deficit when you are in internet 24/7 and full time consuming information. Try get out internet, I did and realized that.
>Anyhow, I am already dead, the person I am is gone, I'm a zombie. Count yourself lucky if you are non psychotic, your problems aren't so bad I promise.
You are overreacting, calm down. I feel like a zombied and I want to die too, but I know there's a way and a solution, but it's hard.


Nofap helped me.


Maybe some them, but I feel like this since childhood.



>describe the hell i have been living in

um from a schizoid point of view it is not a hell. they prefer to be away from other people. the fact that you describe it as a hell means you are not a schizoid


You butthurt failed normal think everyone is like you and can’t comprehend that some people just do not want relationships.I never wanted friends even when I was small kid I prefered playing with my toys alone and my mother forced me to play with my brother and other boys which I hated.I despise emotional and physical intimate relationships and failed normals like you could never understand that


just respond to them like i did >>190962 . such a retarded person isn't worth words.
"you have a problem you dont know you have" is like the definition of feminine psychiatry , it's just so retarded and embarrassing theres nothing more to say. schizoid is a complicated enough disease already on its own, too complicated. but some facebook faggot is going to come and try and add more layers of feminine abstract complexity to it as if he knows anything about anything. and you give him attention for some reason lol


Seeing what a celeb gossip columnist he has turned into, makes me ashamed that I used him to self-diagnose myself with schizoid


Welp, it finally happened. Every site I visit has the face of one or two of those idiots linked somewhere. Can we move this case to some jurisdiction where both parties are accused of a capital crime and then get shot immediately? There must be an African country somewhere in there we can make this work.


There could be a case where someone is born with no social desires.
There could be another case where they learn to remove their desires in response to social trauma in their childhood.
Both cases lead to the same situation, a person with no social desire, so it makes no real difference. Sour grapes - if so, who gives a shit, why does it matter?


i am probably a schizoid because i don't see my lack of a social life as a problem i need to fix

if i am depressed it's because i have no money to live independently. it has nothing to do with the lack of a social life


Schizoid personality disorder is interesting because its not often seen as a downside by the people who have it. Psychiatric illness is defined by how an illness effects your ability to engage in work and relationships. But schizoids want to be alone and don't view it as a pathology. I've heard for this reason that the disorder might be under represented since if no one is coming forwards for 'treatment' its hard to say what the prevalence might be.

If no one is seeking treatment, few are being diagnosed, and 'impairment' doesn't exist for the client to be considered as having a disorder. So what's more likely is a psychiatrist might note that you have 'schizoid tendencies' rather than diagnosing you with a personality disorder. Even if you probably met the criteria for it. I think personality disorders are a speciality, too, so you would also have to find psychiatrists who were familiar with them. Actual schizoids would be very rare.


Spot on, anon. I was diagnosed with SPD about half a year ago and you've reminded me of a previous psychiatrist who noted "schizoid tendencies" years beforehand.

I didn't look into it much then, and even with the diagnosis itself I'm not too bothered. When you speak to these people especially in a clinical setting, it's as if they're rapid-firing memorized questions and responses; they don't seem to care about looking deeper so much as diagnosing ASAP and prescribing or adjusting meds. At least that was my experience; it made me question what exactly drives the psychiatric field and if one should fixate on their diagnosis too much.

As for meds they've been largely ineffective or detrimental (I'd suggest anyone interested to look into the chemistry behind these). Antipsychotics zombify and usually come with "secondary" meds which are given to suppress side-effects such as akathisia. SSRIs feel like placebo in my case. Benzos have possibly got me hooked for life, and even though I was overusing/abusing, the addictive properties of this stuff are severely under-reported.

I'd advise people not to trust anyone blindly, and if you meet with a therapist don't hesitate to voice your concerns. One way or another they're paid to provide you a service — you are their client.


How TF do I get on xanax? I always keep getting prescribed ssri


Not being able to enjoy anything and being disabled by apathy is a downside.


Look up whatever it’s used to treat and parrot a subjective description of the symptoms of that to a doctor. They’ll feel smart for identifying the name for it and think it’s their idea. If you straight up say “I have anxiety and want Xanax” it’s a coin toss on whether they are secure enough to take you at your word or decide it threatens them and deny you.



You're not too old.

The trick is that you aren't competing against anyone, you are only competing against who you were yesterday.

Focus only on your personal quest. If anyone is saying something that is holding you back (e.g. someone saying "you're too old"), ignore them completely.

Also the progress will be slow at first. Thus, learning to appreciate small steps forward is a key skill for the early stages.


Yeah that attention deficit issues are a drain for people with schizotypal like me. I'm diagnosed schizotypal.


I have psychotic symptoms or extreme narcasssism and my psychologist said schizotypals can be psychotic. I was/am psychotic.



Schizotypal here I'm hoping to get a work from home job.


Corrupted by YouTube fame.


I only managed to succeed with nofap because my anhedonia got even worse.


File: 1656111437813.jpg (576.9 KB, 1400x927, 1400:927, 52578102_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone know a chan exclusively for 30+ schizoids?


Schizoids can be normalfags with friends, a job, education and romantic partners. Or so I've read when I search around for schizoid. Really, they shouldn't, because I can't imagine myself having any of those things.

So maybe it's like how normalfags co-opted Depression to mean feeling kinda sad sometimes. Everyone is calling themselves schizoid .


Those are just Americans diagnosed with whatever the fuck they want.
>So maybe it's like how normalfags co-opted Depression to mean feeling kinda sad sometimes. Everyone is calling themselves schizoid .


So that's a no good divider then, kusottare.


There is no way a schizoid could live a life like that, its just straight impossible.


Oh I think it's possible, just in the same way it would be possible for someone allergic to fur to run a kennel, it would be wearysome but a lot of things can be forced.


Good image


i think a lot of people glossed over this, but looking into further literature on the topic, being "exquisitely sensitive" seems to be touted as one of the main characteristics of a schizoid. in the wikipedia page this is mentioned like twice so its easy to miss, but consistently you will see researchers starting off their descriptions of SPD by trying to emphasize how sensitive schizoids are. i feel like i can fully identify with SPD like many others here but i dont at all see myself being overly sensitive. i wonder do any of you guys feel that youre really sensitive? or maybe the doctors are just wrong in their descriptions of SPD?


I’m really sensitive in sense bad experiences from the past makes me still feel bad even after long time.


Same. Even minor gaffs or awkwardness eats me up inside for at least a full week, and thinking about it long after it's faded from conscious memory is still painful. It's probably experienced as a unique form of sensitivity from what normalfags would typically think of.


Yes. As a kid the bullies figured out how fragile I was. Shoot me a look and it completely ruins me. I don't know if it makes sense but there this sniveling rat fuck look that bullies get on their face. I conditioned to suppress showing any positive emotion because they were always waiting to pounce at the slightest crack of a smile to knock me down. I think they relish in how easy I was.

One memory in particular hit me hard. As a teen I was at a theme park. On a ride I got caught in the moment outwardly expressing my enjoyment. Some douche mockingly mirrored the way I was in the moment. I can still remember to this day my face immediately just dropped blank, shoulders sunk, and I sat silently until the ride was over. I put my head down and shuffled away quickly. Whole day ruined. Whole life since then it still nags me.

Am I exquisitely sensitive? I'd say so. I'm still like this to this day. Minor stumbles which don't seem to faze the average person can bother me for years.


i dont think im more sensitive than anyone else, maybe being somewhat autistic dampens it


Probably most of us. You do know these disorders are political diagnoses? If you have no one and nothing, and you've been shunned by society as most of us have, you're going to withdraw and become listless because there really isn't much point to life. We're always political animals and we can only deny it for so long. Humanity is just taking the mask off and showing what they always were. The idea that we were ever going to have a world where we could get along was always a myth, barely believed. If you've been paying attention, the real plan has been clear for a long time, and in the 1990s they were already coming out with grand plans to eliminate people who no longer served any function in society. There was no longer a need for soldiers or labor in the way they were needed during the 20th century, and the leaders of the world never wanted us in their society from the start. We were only pretending we had a place for a time, because it was possible then.


>Probably most of us

No, I have to disagree. Receding from society does not make you schizoid. The principle schizoid trait is the lack of desire for personal relationships. I rarely, if ever, see this type of behavior.

It's always "I tried to find friends/a girlfriend/a place in society but I was shunned so I gave up" When in my case I never desired it at all.


Normal people don't actually desire personal relationships in the way we're supposed to believe is "normal". In modern society we are fed very maladaptive ideas of what friendship and marriage entailed. Historically, marriage had nothing to do with love or the psychological games people play, and had everything to do with money, business, social standing. That's really how it remains even now, but there is a whole elaborate ritual where we are not allowed to speak openly about how relationships of that sort are actually arranged (hint, it's underground orgies for the "liberated" types). As for friendships, the social forms of the past century are designed specifically to prohibit friendships and all the ways people used to share a common cause. The totalitarian societies of the 20th century were all premised on the State and its institutions intervening in the most minute affairs, and putting a stopper in any organic structure the people might have made for themselves, democratic or otherwise. That's why you have cops and lawyers and social workers and psychologists and a whole system of experts telling you literally everything you can do. It's why you have ridiculous levels of lawfare and institutions that are all designed to kill you. In that environment, people who are worn out, cast out of society, or just useless to the society, become "schizoid", or "bipolar", or various other categories which basically amount to "worthless human being". Ask any psychologist what they actually think, and they will tell you they think the mental defectives really are just worthless people and need to be removed from society. They have multiple strategies on how to remove those people. It used to be they just said "retarded" or "insane", and everything was tied into some conception of intelligence that was given outsized importance. Without an actual theory of psychology at the basic level, it was always going to be politicized.

The symptoms of being "schizoid" have a lot to do with someone who is listless, who likely is treated like shit from an early age, who is typically male, who is often put through remedial education in some way or another and told from birth they are worthless, who is told by the whole society that they should have been aborted. If that is the world they live in, it is likely that they would become fatigued and their brains would literally rot from being starved out of meaningful belonging. Add to that a society which poisons people and seeks to drive people insane with increasingly absurd rules for the most basic social participation and outrageous double-standards, and then consider that the people in favored positions announce they want to depopulate the world and get rid of people who are no longer useful for them. It's designed to destroy people, and the people have been destroyed over the past several decades. I didn't even get into the experiment with mass drugging, the social experiments in the schools, or the shit they've done with our food and water to drive down quality. Then people are subjected to "healthcare" which is entirely driven by eugenicist goals and openly throws away the unwanted parts of the populace. It's like night and day how differently I am treated at the hospital than a normal. I've seen it enough. They won't do a damn thing for me unless I'm ready to lawyer and basically diagnose myself.


If everyone encountered this many stone walls of rejection anywhere they go when they speak to the world, they would become listless. How can anyone tear themselves apart trying to work against a world that clearly doesn't want them? What started as a speech impediment or some minor social dysfunction is turned into total social death. This is not entirely new - stutterers used to be just killed on sight - but it has become a science and now it is a social obligation to uphold eugenics.


you have a very strong opinion on this. i was never treated like shit


Have you ever perhaps tried to accept some sliver of personal responsibility for the way you turned out, instead of going on ridiculous persecutory rants? Whatever the reason (and it's often irrelevant especially as you get older), some people just do not give a shit about forming relationships. That's all it is.


Please go back to wherever you came from.


How can personal responsibility exist when there is no free will and we are entirely shaped by a combination of random factors (our genetics and upbringing)? You are missing the most basic logic, tied down by broken cultural concepts


You're trying to co-opt the schizoid label as a method of societal criticism. As if people who secluded themselves from society never existed in the past (e.g christian monks).

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