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after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.


supposedly I have schizotypal personality according to my doctor


according to doctors I am schizoid and another personality disorder that people would claim cannot coexist with schizoid. Being schizoid is more than 'maladaptive daydreaming'. "how do you deal with it", if you are schizoid you already are dealing with it. I have had therapy for other disorders and on request of professionals I have even engaged socially with people to test if it would change my disposition and it never has.

Schizoid summed up in my experience is the inability to bond. Family are strangers. Everyone is a stranger. I wish I was not this way but at least I am not one of those typical loner males who thirst for female company and suffer greatly. The hell is having hardly any wordly desires at all and being incredibly bored with life because it has nothing you desire. I deal with reality by withdrawing from others and doing things by myself.


My initial reaction to Schizoid Personality Disorder was:
1 - This sounds like a VERY complete personality description of myself.
2 - Why the fuck do I feel like the psychological establishment is attacking me for it?


if it helps they don't have any way to treat it.


Why is it associated with schizophrenia? Is full blown voices like the extreme spectrum of daydreaming too much?


I have schizoid tendencies and suspect I would barely miss the threshold on the psychological battery to detect the disorder.


You can become psychotic and hallucinate as a schizoid but not to the same degree. There is a genetic link confirmed also.


File: 1638450288955.jpg (49.83 KB, 750x744, 125:124, itsyourfaultfornottryinglo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoid_personality_disorder
>lack of interest in social relationships
>a tendency toward a solitary or sheltered lifestyle
>emotional coldness
>unable to form intimate attachments to others
>possess a rich and elaborate but exclusively internal fantasy world
>stilted speech
>a lack of deriving enjoyment from most activities
>feeling as though one is an "observer" rather than a participant in life
>an inability to tolerate emotional expectations of others
>apparent indifference when praised or criticized
>a degree of asexuality
>idiosyncratic moral or political beliefs
To me, this reads like a normie psychologist fucking hates loner wizzies and wants to throw 5150s at them. What really worries the fuck out of me is that last bullet point:
>idiosyncratic moral or political beliefs
With that in the mix, now it's reminding me of the Soviet diagnosis of "sluggish schizophrenia" or the diagnosis of "female hysteria" (that the Kennedy family used to prescribe a fucking lobotomy for Rosemary Kennedy, iirc).


If it weren't for the anhedonia I'd have no issue being schizoid. Other people don't interest me, but so what? People over-complicate life and lead to stress.


Yes I thought I might have this for awhile. And some autism.
Are personality disorders even a real thing though? So much of psychology just seems like such bullshit.


Schizo- means split, detached or separated. Schizoids are named such because of being detached from the outside world, being all of the physical reality or at least society.
The term Schizophrenia, on the other hand, comes from "splitting of the mind".
Schizoids have the negative symptoms of schizophrenia (negative not meaning bad here, but lacking something most people have) but normally not the positive ones (positive meaning having weird symptoms that most people don't have, and definitely NOT something good).
The negative symptoms of schizophrenia are things like asociality, apathy, anhedonia, all things schizoids generally have. The positive ones like hearing voices, hallucinations and disordered thinking are not commonly seen on schizoids. If they happen they might be related to some stress induced psychotic episode, it's not something that will normally happen unless it's caused by some comorbid issue.

They way I think of it is that dealing with people is work. It's very carefully managing what you say and how you act, carefully interpreting how the other person is reacting just to prevent some negative reaction from the interlocutor, like getting angry and aggressive, or highly inquisitive, or just talking for hours.
All of this is a lot of work for very little if any reward, most of the time when talking with people the main thing I'm trying to do is to get them to stop talking and go away as soon as possible. I think that SPD develops as a reaction to a generally hostile social environment (specially family during childhood), it just gets ingrained on the schizoid that interacting with other people is an unpleasant and potentially dangerous activity, one that must be avoided as much as possible.

A lot of psychology is complete bullshit, but at least some personality disorders are very much real.


I’m also diagnosed schizoid when I was 18(now 28) only thing I hate being schizoid is inability to find a job.I’m cursed to be a NEET forever even though I like being NEET.But being poor due to not having job crushes my soul.


I'm also officially diagnosed but it's more a matter of convenience for the shrink than anything meaningful. I don't think these labels have any intrinsic meaning, they are way too generic and broad.


I take it you don't buy into Myers-Briggs Big Five categorizations, either.


well I think psychiatry is pretty open that is definitions are functional, pragmatic, instrumentalist, with the normie life with a job and relationships as the norm, and any deviations from it by definition as disorders

Sometimes it might differentiate voluntary or involuntary isolation, but I dont think it really recognises the healthy voluntary hermit. By defintion a hermit is probably always going to qualify for some DSM


Nope. It's pure bollocks.


Does any wiz know of a jurisdiction where it is possible to get "schizoidbux", similar to how autismbux and neetbux are a thing in some places?
Apparently it leads to difficulties with finding work, so it is definitely not one of those mental illnesses that do not have any substantial effect on your ability to make money.


Autismbux is a generic term, it does not mean everyone who gets it is necessarily autistic. Officially what matters is not so much the diagnosis or infirmity itself but the consequences on your life, or so they say. I guess it depends on your psychiatrist's ability to make a case for your inability to function normally.


whats sucks too is people from different countries talking about their country's respective bux and the requiresments are all different


Which is why you have to look shit up yourself if you want the most applicable answers. Especially since doxing yourself here is against the rules and probably wouldn't help much since the odds aren't in your favor of someone knowing your place's polices off the top of their head anyway.

Hell, might even be better off physically going to a gibs office and asking a social worker in person.


I recently found out about Pathological Demand Avoidance, which makes a lot of sense to me. Of course, I will self diagnose with anything, given half a chance.


Good post. Your description of what interaction is like as a schizoid is perfect.
>Does any wiz know of a jurisdiction where it is possible to get "schizoidbux",
I seriously doubt that just a schizoid PD would qualify anyone for bux as it is just an aversion to doing things others put up with better and not an inability to function. Like others said it is pretty much worthless asking people online what will qualify you without stating your country but generally you need to have complex mental health issues that do reduce your ability to function at all.


I was clinically diagnosed as having schizoid personality disorder by a psychiatrist -it's how I get my NEETbuxx
That said I think it's a complete meme diagnosis (like most mental illnesses tbh). It's just the psycho-pathologization of perfectly rational behaviour as a reaction to my life. There's nothing wrong with my brain, or anything like that. I'm just your regular maladaptive image board autist through a combination of upbringing, life events, etc.
It depends heavily on the country of course, but where I'm from there's a heavy social/welfare state, so all I had to prove was that I can't make minimum wage on my own which gives me a special status, and then just apply for welfare.


File: 1639613751453.jpg (59.9 KB, 600x465, 40:31, inspiration.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hey anon, I was like you 10 years ago. I can give you a short summary of how it could be solved. Note that this is only based on how I solved parts of it and I am not guaranteeing it will work for you. I am also not insisting you fix yourself and not judging people who want to remain schizoid - as you will read in this post, I think this process is very personal, including the decision to change (or not).

For background, I had pretty typical schizoid symptoms 10 years ago. Only particular novelty was that I think I got on the schizoid spectrum due to weird genetics (family line contains lots of introverts/low sex drive people) and not due to child abuse, as happens to most schzoids.

In my case the key to the solution was to figure out a way to get out of the anhedonia/apathy spectrum of schizoid symptoms - after all if you do not have the motivation to do anything, you do not have enough drive to do something massive like solve an insidious and nigh uncurable mental disorder.

So to do this, I spent some time (~3 years) doing some intense daydreaming, determining what I was actually missing out on/could acquire if I broke out of my schizoid condition. In my case I eventually realized I did want to get out or at least modify my disorder to be less restricting, without necessarily "denouncing" the disorder as completely undesirable (it has some good traits, like autonomy/independence).

I took those realizations and spent another year forging it together into a strong obsession/drive. Then using this obsession, I spent another 1-2 years gathering up weird ideas from every strange source, including religions/occult/political ideologies to forge together a kind of "personal ideology", which would give form to my obsession/drive, making it more articulate and workable in practical situations.

Then after this, I entered the current phase (4 years and ongoing) where I use my "personal ideology" to reforge my life, hammering out every part of it that I dislike (involving mainly anhedonia/general weakness/helplesness). This takes the forms of weekly, daily and monthly battles of will against my unrefined instincts. I still have control over the process and am not lost to the obsession - there's part of the schizoid form I retain (such as keeping social aspect of life to as low a level as I can) because I do not find it particularly objectionable.

Overall I did make massive changes and fixed several of the traits, especially with regard to anhedonia. I don't think I can be classified as schizoid any more. While the process was long, it was worthwhile - it has felt like a more interesting and prolonged version of the daydreams I used to have - kind of like an extended daydream but parts of it actually happen, which obviously makes it better. It's the kind of process where going through the process is worthwhile whether or not you reach the perfect end state, at least for me.

Now if you want to do this the key is to look deep inside yourself and find together all the reasons you would want to break out of your condition. In other words, the key is to build a dream future/path that would justify the hassle of struggling against your own nature for multiple years (it will be a pretty surreal mindfuck adventure, most likely). What it might be is completely personal, is completely unlikely to seem "grand" enough when you first find it (in fact these desires are likely very weak) and will likely also be very autistic and niche - nothing a normie or even most wizards would understand. But that's the point - getting out of the schizoid position has to be personal and meaningful for you. The little embers of dreams you find have to have the potential to be strong fuel for you after you kindle them for a few years.


File: 1639615150617.jpg (262.01 KB, 1280x601, 1280:601, battleship.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Although I have spent a long time struggling against my schizoid limitations, I basically agree. The weird thing about normie psychiatrists is that they seem to genuinely have no understanding why anyone would choose to be schizoid. Whereas to me, it was completely obvious back when I was schizoid. Even now, that I have fought against the more debilitating symptoms of schizoidy, I still retain understanding as to why it is attractive - normie society is kind of like a stinky, sticky maelstrom and avoiding involvement in it makes 100% intuitive sense to someone with my introverted and unpersonable nature.

Personal contact with normies has not really changed my mind about it all that much. Based on observation, almost all intimate relationships are pretty obviously self-defeating and non-beneficial, including to the normies who insist you absolutely have to do it or else you are not "normal" or can't really "love life" or whatever.

If schizoidy does have a weakness though, it's the anhedonia. That's the only part of the schizoid personality type (or disorder, if you wanna call it that) that really is debilitating/disease-like.


Same lol, if I squint I can diagnose myself sincerely with anything in the DSM. At this point I won’t say I’m anything but the only thing I’ve been formally diagnosed with as an adult, which is social phobia and is definitely the primary root problem that any others stem from.


File: 1639686202056.jpg (690.12 KB, 1620x1831, 1620:1831, u3h7a8i735071.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1639686232643.jpg (460.77 KB, 1620x1220, 81:61, lb88e7age9971.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not sure why I'm only allowed to single image post.



Someone give me a solid argument that schizoid tendencies aren't manifestations of long-terms sustained social defeat over long periods of time starting in adolescence. We are on wizchan here after all, I can't imagine many people here have been socially successful in their lives if they aren't able to convince a succubus to have sex with them. There's countless examples of other animals having "schizoid" tendencies as the kikes would say after being socially defeated constantly.



Dunno, makes no sense to me. Your theory seems just another put-down disguised as a theory, sort of the same like how the normie psychologists call every person that's substantially different "disordered", whether they're legit dangerous (like psychos and BPD) or just harmless eccentrics (schizoid).

IMO, it has much more to do with just viewing the social world as a toxic and malign entity that is boring, filled with obnoxious and tiresome stereotypically idiotic normie behaviors - tribal posturing, group-think, middle school social politics etc. It is unrewarding even if you do win, so in general, schizoids avoid it.

From what Ive read it is variable what makes people settle into the schizoid state, where they start to view the social world as being irredeemable shit to be avoided. For some severe child abuse or neglect seems to reveal the bad side of society to them early, and they never give it a chance again when theyre older.

For others, they are just born solitary and contemptuous of the social unit due to genetics. The emotional payoff for winning at social interactions is never there, whereas all the drawbacks/annoyances that it causes still are. Little surprise, that also leads to schizoidy because dealing with society for such people is like constantly stepping on a nail for no reward at all. Eventually you just avoid the nail.


I fucking hate that now no one can say they are dissatisfied with life or have been socially maltreated without CRAB CRAB CRAB


In animals and humans social defeat has been shown to cause schizoid tendencies, animals withdraw from socializing because they believe there's no reward. They've been conditioned consistently to believe this way until it becomes second nature. You said it makes no sense but then go on to discuss why people become schizoid in virtually the same way. Your two main reasons why people become schizoid are that they're abused/neglected (socially defeated consistently in other words by their peers and loved ones) OR they're born different due to genetics which seems more like a cop out. There's a genetic component I'm sure but humans are molded by experiences and are never static, people say genetics as the biggest cop out for anything. "Oh sorry, I'm depressed, it's my genes. I'm anxious, it's my genes. I'm fat, it's my genes. I just can't help it, it's my genes." if we are such deterministic beings and it's all set in stone, why blame society at all? It's not society or others, it's your genes after all, isn't it?

Plenty of people are dissatisfied with life and how they've been mistreated and talk about it all the time, it's hard to go anywhere on the internet without someone whining incessantly about how awful their life is. I'm sure someone in the past has shown you genuine empathy for your problems, did it fix your problems? Of course not. Life isn't going to get catered to you and it isn't fair, it never was. It's a pain reading comments like this on an imageboard that's supposed to be full of 30+ year old men, I believe any wizanon old enough has went through the cycle enough times to realize the futility, though I do suspect there's plenty of teenagers and early 20s here now. Try to change whatever is making your life shit or stop pretending to care wizzy is my advice, you're sending empty words into the void here.


People here have no one to talk to. It’s nice to shout into the void, and I’m sick of the holier than thou attitude. Does it fix problems? No, but it lowers stress and that on its own is a worthy benefit.

Fuck you.



Dunno, why are you so invested in shitting on schizoids? Your theory is pretty obviously based on wanting to demean schizoids as being "losers" and then gaslight everyone into agreeing with you. Seems like pretty greasy creep behavior to me, I doubt you're discussing this with any good intention and are probably here to shit on people you hold in contempt for kicks (while pretending to be a "fellow wizzie").

And no pal, your theory is dumb. Literally your first sentence is stupid - animals have schizoid personality disorder? Where do you come up with this shit? If you are going to try to sound scientific at least acquaint yourself with the basics of psychology. If you did, you would also for instance know that genetics literally affects everything. I know your little contempt-filled hate theory kind of falls on thin legs if you admit basic facts like genetics, but hey that's too bad - I doubt you're a wizzie anyway, so what do I care about your distress.


I must be free because I don't let arbitrary Jewish terms define me


im self-diagnosed truSchizoid


thanks for the advice anon. it helps to know that there are people who suffer from this and manage to find a way out.


You guys do know psychology is sudo science, don't you?


People will believe anything if it tells them what they want to hear.


Because he is normgroid.
You have to understand that normgroids are driven by instincts and relfexes, rather than logic and reason.


Jungian psychiatry and psychology actually had potential to be relevant and life-changing until the wrong ones got their hands on them


That is schizophrenia.

Thread is about schizoids.


>If schizoidy does have a weakness though, it's the anhedonia. That's the only part of the schizoid personality type (or disorder, if you wanna call it that) that really is debilitating/disease-like.
That I can understand, why isn't that recognized more?

Is it Buddhists? Is it because normie Buddhists can't comprehend that anhedonia would actually be bad?


Dunno "wizzie" let me ask you a question:

Who is more fit to post on wizchan?

1.) A jewish truewiz
2.) A 100% aryan "red-pilled" crab

IMO if you pick 2 you are showing that your allegiance isnt really to wizchan, but a normie club known as "nationalists".


File: 1639826945739.jpg (109.04 KB, 467x550, 467:550, Bird.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Most normies don't know anything or care about outcasts. Most normie psychologists also. That leaves just the small minority of psychologists who are schizoid personality experts, who only really know what schizoidy looks like, they don't have the insider experience (how it really feels like). Because of that they don't know which of the symptoms really hurt schizoids and which are just personality quirks.

It's kind of unfair, but in practice society leaves it up to us in the end to understand this and solve these problems.

It is even moreso the case with schizoidy, because from what I've read, therapists seem to only be able to "cure" problems for softer/receptive personality types (i.e. depressives, avoidants, sedated borderlines) who can form intimate bonds with the psychologist, but not more guarded "armored" personality types, including schizoids. Not going to speak for anyone else here, but back when I was full-blown schizoid, the chances of forming a bond with some therapist for me was likely around 0%, even if I could have found one that had any clue what he was doing. No other help was possible, so I had to help myself.

As for buddhists, IMO it is possible that some experts have that idea. However, most normies are just ignorant and don't care - they dont know anything about buddhism or anhedonia.


I am basically dying of catatonic schizophrenia, I can barely think clearly, remember anything, learn, speak. I look and act like a freak, I can't work socialize or go out in public. I can't remember 99% of my life.

My pupils are constantly dilated, I can't coordinate my movements well, I bump into walls because my depth perception and motor skills are so bad. I have even experienced mild hallucinations, mostly visual and tactile, only had full auditory hallucinations once when smoking weed. Its literally a living purgatory. I have to kill myself soon before I lose the willpower, the impoverishment of my will and thinking has become nearly complete.

If you are non psychotic, consider yourself lucky. If you do have schizoid personality, from what I've read you wouldn't care much one way or the other about it since a characteristic of the disorder is indifference towards the opinions of others and life in general. What is described by anons ITT sounds more like AVPD, Asperger's, possibly schizotypal if your social anxiety is that extreme and coupled with learning issues, odd beliefs (conspiracies, paranormal, aliens, government nonsense etc.), odd appearance. I've read its essentially an attention deficit, those who are schizotypal can't keep up in social situations because they have an extreme attention span deficit.

Anyhow, I am already dead, the person I am is gone, I'm a zombie. Count yourself lucky if you are non psychotic, your problems aren't so bad I promise.


File: 1642520495697.png (455.99 KB, 400x853, 400:853, 1641511690712.png) ImgOps iqdb

I know exactly how you feel, since developing schizophrenia I feel mentally retarded at best, which is when I'm not hallucinating and disorganized to the point that I cannot speak straight. Medication makes me feel like a walking corpse but I cannot function without it.


Went to a psychiatrist once because I thought I had been depressed for years and while I distrust pills I figured it couldn't get any worse. He concluded that I wasn't depressed but instead exhibited elements of schizoid personality disorder and recommended I see a shrink which I refused. Still don't know for sure to this age but it would explain my complete lack of ambition, drive but also lack of genuine suicidal ideation. I feel like a robot with fake emotions, the only genuine thing I feel is anxiety and even that's relatively rare nowadays.


I feel you anon, life is horrific with this disease and we are treated as subhuman. I used to have a far more normal life. If I knew what was coming… I would have done things so much differently.


Re-read what he wrote:
>they hated him because he spoke the truth.



Nope, it's still dumb. Learn to make arguments


i was diagnosed with schizoid when i was 23.
i dont know what you want to know about it. suffer how. i dont know what suffering you mean.


>personality disorder
You those incredibly vague descriptions that normals try to force on you if don't want to work or reproduce?


File: 1643393480579.jpeg (63.9 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 7F1787C9-FD72-40F9-8EE7-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Schizoaffective-disorder dude reporting in. The symptoms came when I was 23, got diagnosed when I was 24 & I’m now 27 ; I don’t have a job right now but I used to work small retail jobs years ago before my condition got worse. Now all I do is stay in the house because I have a delusion that somebody would be watching me leave the house only to pick me off with a sniper rifle or just random people out wanting to kill me for whatever reason so I just skate on my skateboard alone in a parking lot not bothering anyone until I get tired and go home since I don’t like to bother people & I don’t want people to bother me. I’ve done a lot of dumb shit since I’ve got this diagnosis but I’m grateful I’m still breathing with the fam that I have left or people who still care that are in my life. I realize that I am going to die alone but this is all spiritual so I’m not really tripping… I just sit back and observe humanity at this point meditating, skating, drawing art, and practicing Magick to keep me busy. One day I’ll be forced to work & I don’t know what type of job that’ll be but I’m shooting to work from home for the rest of my life. Like that one dude said ITT, consider yourself lucky if you don’t have psychosis.. It’s a shitshow.


I don't know if I'm schizoid, since I didn't get diagnosed by psychologists since personally I don't believe them. (I recognize that there may be good psychologists, like those who write books on this subject, but they are not the ones available)

From what I see of your experiences that you write on web pages, I see that there are many people with the same problem. You have good opinions and in those opinions there are truths.
You have to organize and better articulate what you want to say and express your real reasons why you are like this.

the schizo of today has in their hands truths about relationships today, how empty and meaningless modern western society is, the only thing that sustains this society besides frivolous consumerism, are the romantic and superficial relationships that they have the people of this society, the schizo being immune to this has the ability to see behind the veil.

For one to be someone in this society one has to live in a fantasy, in the fantasy that my happiness is outside of oneself, and it has to be achieved through an economic transaction or through a relationship with another person.
the difference between SJWs (for example) and you is that in addition to being financed, they are organized and have some clear main ideas.
The schizos, being outside the emotional hypnotism that society and advertising impose on them, have great power in their hands. don't feel guilty about why you are like that, schizos can see society and human relationships as they are, without distortion, and they are right, they are not worth it.
Why do schizos get along with animals and not humans? there is love within the schizo, what happens is that in this type of society they realized that it is not worth it. when there is love but there is no society, people to love, schizo is created.

the true social change is achieved by the schizo if they organize themselves, no social group today has the realistic vision of things from a disinterested point of view like the schizo.

Schizoids of the world, unite!>>185955


dont confuse schizoid "with Schizophrenia, Schizotypal personality disorder, Schizoaffective disorder, or Antisocial personality disorder." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoid_personality_disorder


so basically schizof is the new ADHD/anxiety? Like all of you saying you have it sound like normal people to me. Hate that you're all getting scammed like this. Haven't any of you noticed the MK801 molecule looks JUST LIKE a haliperidol molecule? There is no schizophrenia


They're not getting scammed. They're just part of a generation where having mental issues is seen as quirky and special. It's stupid


nigger how is that not a scam


I don't think it can be a scam because it's just what they are to begin with. They didn't have the choice. If it's all they've ever known then it just is.


>its a scam because it gets suckers
?????? im still lost dude. I am praying for all of you. I am """"bipolar"""" but i only take medicine i grow. (COLORATA GOOGLE IT BUY IT NOW) the discourse ITT reminds me of my old friends that used to be addicted to oxycontin etc. They're just selling you pills- pills of shit that god can give you from the earth for free WAKE UP


>bbbbut i want pot and opium and im scawed!!!
lets say you had a little tomato plant right now….. unless its in your front yard under a spotlight who HAS to know you have a single secret plant hidden in your spare rooms closet??? There is no wall penetrating radar thata movie shit + illegal evidence(voyeur) jeez this is my first time on this site im not even a real wizard and i have more power than most of you. What fuck


>There is no wall-penetrating radar

It's called infrared and the feds use it. You'd know that of sure being a fed yourself


>i didnt even read what you said
>le space
go back, nigger


Nigger you don’t even know how infrared works do you.


>There is no schizophrenia
>They're just selling you pills
stop talking about schizphrenia jesus >>188327


You're accusing me of being a faggot ledditor off of 2 sentences get a grip

The tech that these "people" (demons) have would send you into a never-ending psychosis if you knew


File: 1644972266431.gif (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 75C3EA59-F97B-440C-A683-2F….gif) ImgOps iqdb

> get a grip
> The tech that these "people" (demons) have would send you into a never-ending psychosis if you knew


Yeah whatever stick your head in the sand dude I dont' care I'm just a big stupid redditor. Fuck all of you


Yeahwiz, the lizard people are using x-ray goggles to make sure you aren't hiding pot in your closet.


The worst part is knowing that I'll probably never be able to get rid of the constant anhedonia.


I almost hit the marks on SPD than anything else, but is it worth it to get a proper diagnosis of it? I think my mind is too fucked up for SPD to be the only thing within it, sadly. Though


No. There’s no real attempt to treat to cure any of the withdrawing type disorders that don’t have negative impacts on others (cluster A and AvPD). All diagnoses of anything do is maybe qualify your for disability and maybe disqualify you from owning a gun or adopting.


Would a "jewish truewiz" allegiance be towards other jews or towards wizards? What was their allegiance in every nation they've been from their diaspora to this day?


I hear voices when I'm left alone in my apartment, but it disappears when my parents come home. I dunno if that's considered schizophrenia or something else.


antisemitism is just a holdover from christianity because they killed their god. without that there is no reason to single them out over any other mideast tribe like the armenians. maybe a bit annoying and clannish, but nothing to inspire this satanic hate. pagans had nothing against em


Why didn't you answer any of the questions?


Whites dropping like flies. Jews disproportionately represented in various elite positions in key sectors. Posts like yours as the only "answers" people get over a sustained period of time asking honest questions about the world around them. Your "messiah" is the Antichrist and you occupy Palestine and defile it chasing the blasphemy of your people. The hate is very warranted


>strawmans christians as only hating jews because "they killed their god"
>having a healthy sense of skepticism about the tribe is now "satanic hate"
Not that wiz, but pick one bro.


"Wizard" isn't Jewish


i have most of the features but i cant STANd criticism.

and schizoids are immune to criticism

it just washes off them


File: 1649844970025.jpg (194.03 KB, 720x376, 90:47, 20220413_111102.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe you are avoidant. It's similar to schizoid except for the criticism part and the low self esteem. Don't take this psychiatry Pokédex too seriously yourself anyway, but it's useful for NEETbux reasons.


yeah i have almost all those traits. id say im more defined by aspergers, and even when i attempted to be extroverted, my shitty personality pushes people away. i learned to overcome my shyness back when i was a kid, but it didnt help.

the reason i relate to schizoid, is that i had delusions of grandeur, and lived in a fantasy world daydreaming, and thats more schizoid than autist or avoidant.


>the reason i relate to schizoid, is that i had delusions of grandeur, and lived in a fantasy world daydreaming, and thats more schizoid than autist or avoidant.

Stop giving a fuck about these meme illnesses. They are written just like horoscopes, to suit everyone on some level. It's a big lie. Unless you believe you are Jesus reincarnated and talk with god casually then you don't have any serious problems.


well yeah I can check the boxes of almost every DSM symptom except those involving sex addiction and social manipulation


your soul is not yet dead


schizoids aren't immune to criticism, they just appear immune


how do i amplify this and make it look worse to the neetbux doctor? do i need to pretend and change my magic spec to something else


be yourself. worked for me.


I'm interested in this too. I think I'm autistic enough to give "weirdo vibes" (also I'm a +30 years old hikkiNEET, only leave my house to go to the library twice a month) but not enough to get proper NEETbux for life, not even here in Europe. I bet >>189943 has a point, I wonder what would happen if I was totally honest with a psychiatrist / psychologist like just talk about my sincere promortalist, anti-life, antiwork and extreme pessimistic worldview, maybe I could get a more serious diagnosis from their meme psychiatric handbook.


To me it seems it paradoxically requires communication skills, lack of anxiety and charisma to be able to interact well enough with doctors to get neetbux and treatment


The system once again proves that it is set up to eradicate those who under-perform. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" and all that


Always has been


i am not really sure what i have

schizophrenia(i was diagnosed with a learning disability but it could be disorganized thinking, and asociality is a symptom of schizophrenia. my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. it runs in the family)
schizo personality disorder
aphasia or learning disability( i have memory issues or cognitive issues. i was diagnosed with a learning disability in high school)

it could be either one of these. cognitive issues is one of the main reasons i am asocial, and i can't find work
i am such a cheapskate that i don't want to pay for doctor or psychiatrist to have myself checked out. i don't want to pay for medication and be dependent on medication for the rest of my life.


i refuse to see a doctor. same with therapist or whatever you need for bux. i dont want to interact with those kind of people. but this is what modern society has settled on, if you need soemthing you get it through these people. i wish we had robot doctors and therapists that could scan my brain and just give me bux for being retarded


yes, althought i would not descirbe it as hell
schizoid is surprisingly accurate in describing wizardly person's traits and disposition


you don't need any of this to see a shrink. as i said i have always been myself and been honest about my situation and it was all it took.


Its even worse, when robots that scan the brain start being popular, the corporations will start opening jobs that are perfect for your particular brain, did you know that you gravitate towards certain professions depending on the areas of the brain you use?


It will never happen. Normalfaggots actually have a tremendous complex about their intelligence, cerebral narcissism is widespread. Because of this, they can only touch on intelligence in roundabout ways like requiring a university degree, giving people a way to cope about "being a different kind of learner" or ADHD if they don't make it. IQ tests, which are pretty good at filtering out actual dummies, aren't widespread for that very reason.


32 year old schizoid here. Is it to late to start anew???


File: 1652875818898.png (3.27 MB, 2292x1621, 2292:1621, schizoidmasterrace.png) ImgOps iqdb

This. Is schizoid bad? Or is it the mainstream trying to enforce personality conformity?


that picture is garbage


I have an intense hatred towards coomers. It seems like there's more of them than ever and they ruin everything they infest.


>jerking off is bad
ok so how do you suggest a wizard gets dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins?
jerking off is basically the only way you can do all that by yourself, if you aren't burned out on videogames, and aren't autistic enough to derive pleasure from learning and programming or art


I agree, but did you know you don't have to agree with something 100%?


no reply to this >>187715 lol


I think schizoids are just people with attachment issues who are depressed and dead inside because of isolation but they're in denial about having a problem. Emotional deadening is a symptom of severe long-term depression. It's not okay just because you don't feel actively bad. You also don't feel actively good or interested in anything.


thanks for the deep insight, facebook man



some of us are dead from upbringing/traumatic experiences or current living situation


I highly disagree when I was in high school I rejected 3 succubi who were interested in me and I avoided everyone so just to not talk to them.I always liked solitude and silence and find people annoying nuisance.I do have schizoid fantesies like living in anothet planet alone or in antarctica as sole living in high tech bunker.You don’t know anything about schizoids


people simply are who they are. whether aspects of them is a problem or not is dependent on their environment and society's view, it has nothing to do with judgment on the person themself


meh, I still think you're just coping with denial. Basically I just think schizoids are more narcissistic versions of avoidants and unlike avoidants are unable to admit any weakness or fault with themselves. Being afraid of intimacy would be a sign of weakness therefore you say you never wanted intimacy to begin with. It's just sour grapes. Notice how you have to brag about how many succubi you rejected. That is because my post ruffled your feathers and made you search for narcissistic supply. "They're not rejecting me, I'm rejecting them!" It's basically just a response to your internal insecurity.


I can relate, but I think you are overreacting over self-diagnose.
> I can barely think clearly, remember anything, learn, speak. I look and act like a freak, I can't work socialize or go out in public. I can't remember 99% of my life.
Me too, but I think it's because lack of proper sleep, sleeping at day and being awake at night, lack of speaking, lack of socializing, brainfog, etc.
>My pupils are constantly dilated, I can't coordinate my movements well, I bump into walls because my depth perception and motor skills are so bad. I have even experienced mild hallucinations, mostly visual and tactile, only had full auditory hallucinations once when smoking weed. Its literally a living purgatory. I have to kill myself soon before I lose the willpower, the impoverishment of my will and thinking has become nearly complete.
Hold down, stop with the weed. I relate to that as well, but it's because lack of exercise, not going outside and mine hallucinations are listening people invading my house and maggots inside my skin, so aside the weed, I think you are fine.
>I've read its essentially an attention deficit, those who are schizotypal can't keep up in social situations because they have an extreme attention span deficit.
It's hard to say that is attention span deficit when you are in internet 24/7 and full time consuming information. Try get out internet, I did and realized that.
>Anyhow, I am already dead, the person I am is gone, I'm a zombie. Count yourself lucky if you are non psychotic, your problems aren't so bad I promise.
You are overreacting, calm down. I feel like a zombied and I want to die too, but I know there's a way and a solution, but it's hard.


Nofap helped me.


Maybe some them, but I feel like this since childhood.



>describe the hell i have been living in

um from a schizoid point of view it is not a hell. they prefer to be away from other people. the fact that you describe it as a hell means you are not a schizoid


You butthurt failed normal think everyone is like you and can’t comprehend that some people just do not want relationships.I never wanted friends even when I was small kid I prefered playing with my toys alone and my mother forced me to play with my brother and other boys which I hated.I despise emotional and physical intimate relationships and failed normals like you could never understand that


just respond to them like i did >>190962 . such a retarded person isn't worth words.
"you have a problem you dont know you have" is like the definition of feminine psychiatry , it's just so retarded and embarrassing theres nothing more to say. schizoid is a complicated enough disease already on its own, too complicated. but some facebook faggot is going to come and try and add more layers of feminine abstract complexity to it as if he knows anything about anything. and you give him attention for some reason lol


Seeing what a celeb gossip columnist he has turned into, makes me ashamed that I used him to self-diagnose myself with schizoid


Welp, it finally happened. Every site I visit has the face of one or two of those idiots linked somewhere. Can we move this case to some jurisdiction where both parties are accused of a capital crime and then get shot immediately? There must be an African country somewhere in there we can make this work.


There could be a case where someone is born with no social desires.
There could be another case where they learn to remove their desires in response to social trauma in their childhood.
Both cases lead to the same situation, a person with no social desire, so it makes no real difference. Sour grapes - if so, who gives a shit, why does it matter?


i am probably a schizoid because i don't see my lack of a social life as a problem i need to fix

if i am depressed it's because i have no money to live independently. it has nothing to do with the lack of a social life


Schizoid personality disorder is interesting because its not often seen as a downside by the people who have it. Psychiatric illness is defined by how an illness effects your ability to engage in work and relationships. But schizoids want to be alone and don't view it as a pathology. I've heard for this reason that the disorder might be under represented since if no one is coming forwards for 'treatment' its hard to say what the prevalence might be.

If no one is seeking treatment, few are being diagnosed, and 'impairment' doesn't exist for the client to be considered as having a disorder. So what's more likely is a psychiatrist might note that you have 'schizoid tendencies' rather than diagnosing you with a personality disorder. Even if you probably met the criteria for it. I think personality disorders are a speciality, too, so you would also have to find psychiatrists who were familiar with them. Actual schizoids would be very rare.


Spot on, anon. I was diagnosed with SPD about half a year ago and you've reminded me of a previous psychiatrist who noted "schizoid tendencies" years beforehand.

I didn't look into it much then, and even with the diagnosis itself I'm not too bothered. When you speak to these people especially in a clinical setting, it's as if they're rapid-firing memorized questions and responses; they don't seem to care about looking deeper so much as diagnosing ASAP and prescribing or adjusting meds. At least that was my experience; it made me question what exactly drives the psychiatric field and if one should fixate on their diagnosis too much.

As for meds they've been largely ineffective or detrimental (I'd suggest anyone interested to look into the chemistry behind these). Antipsychotics zombify and usually come with "secondary" meds which are given to suppress side-effects such as akathisia. SSRIs feel like placebo in my case. Benzos have possibly got me hooked for life, and even though I was overusing/abusing, the addictive properties of this stuff are severely under-reported.

I'd advise people not to trust anyone blindly, and if you meet with a therapist don't hesitate to voice your concerns. One way or another they're paid to provide you a service — you are their client.


How TF do I get on xanax? I always keep getting prescribed ssri


Not being able to enjoy anything and being disabled by apathy is a downside.


Look up whatever it’s used to treat and parrot a subjective description of the symptoms of that to a doctor. They’ll feel smart for identifying the name for it and think it’s their idea. If you straight up say “I have anxiety and want Xanax” it’s a coin toss on whether they are secure enough to take you at your word or decide it threatens them and deny you.

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