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>All the forums/chans I go to have incredibly small userbases and have maybe 20 unique posters, but they still end up getting shut down (50/50 it's because of legal issues or the site owner took it down) or taken over every few months, forcing me to move to a new one.
>The search engines I use are either for incredibly obscure content (wiby/curlie), forcing me to spend an hour more searching than usual, or I end up using a variety of filters (millionshort), so I can get out of all the standard bullshit MSM sites.
>My news comes from one-off blogs that end up dying off after a month, forcing me to shuffle through the same dying webrings to see if I can find a new one that's still running (mostly Neocities sites).
>Over the past year, I've noticed more and more of my traffic is ending up on onion-only sites.
>Half the sites I visit are completely delisted from modern search engines. Some you just have to know the fucking IP address because they can't even get a DNS registrar for their website anymore.
I want to read 'edgy' blogs. I want to play vidyagames that I can physically own. I want to watch anime that doesn't have an SJW agenda to it or isn't the same cliche bullshit. I want to go on chans where people are politically incorrect assholes. I want to hear music I've never heard anywhere else before. I know there are other threads talking about "the death of culture," but to me…this isn't just a cultural thing. This is way, way more heavy handed. This feels like it's a large government psyop. I feel like I'm smuggling narcotics to find my goddam memes.


I used to want the same things, but then I gave up.
The psyops run deeper than you could ever imagine.


Make your peace with your deity of choice. Get fit. Take direct action.

Or just wait to be culled the choice is yours


My point here isn't that you can't find it, nor that it doesn't exist. In fact, I've found that when you look for this stuff, there's more than ever. Rather, it seems like what's happening is its just being suppressed more efficiently.

Take new music for example. There's a fucking ton of it. More beautiful and so much more of it than ever before. But no regular search engines are going to show you it. You'll never find it through a search on Youtube. It's just being suppressed more and more with each passing day.


You sound like a contrarian teenager from /pol/ that is trying too hard to be different, except you're just copying every other dumbfuck child from 4chan. Here's some tips, these 'politically incorrect'/'edgy' people are scam artists/grifters, no one gives a shit about you other than to show you an ad and make a 5 cents(that's how much you're worth), if you think anime is cliche then you don't like anime, websites shutdown because they're godawful and/or boring. The only thing that might be relevant to complain about is finding new music, but there is plenty of it around, new music is spread by word of mouth, not on a search engine. Get a hobby and stop being obsessed with social media.


Even if you don't completly agree with OP this is a very disingenuous post.


this is the main reason i browse wizard chan, used to surf in onion sites but i can't find anything interesting besides psychopaths, schizos and dudeweeds, all paranoid about normgroids ruining tech, some blames the kikes, others blames normgroids
i have decided to drop almost everything by association to these schizos, considering they are always an unhappy bunch, meaning that there is something seriously wrong about consooooooooming such medias and durgs


There's plenty of good anime, both old and new, and I think is going to get better.
While for physical games, most good games today are indies, and most indies don't have the resources to always be physical. If you want that you will have to conform with the pre-fabricated crap.

Why we don't make a webring ourselves? With all the threads lately complaining about the quality of the web, it makes sense if we start making one now. Everyone can post sites that they think are good and we start to reuniting it all in one thread.
Of course this will require at least a bit of participation and not just complaining. And most people are only in the mood of the later.


In what way? I don't agree with anything he posted, it just comes off as some teenager trying to sound like they are some cool webhacker or something when in reality it's just worn out schizo larp shit that you'd find on 4chan /pol/.


I'm sure the problem is yours because the things he says here are things many other people say in other threads.


I totally didn't expect a teenager to try and use peer pressure on me.


What teenager do you know who uses Neocities, which makes references to Geocities (which was in its heydays nearly 20 years ago, which already outdates being a teenager), and uses Tor on a regular basis? I could see you complaining about someone trying to be too "non-mainstream," but I get the impression that you didn't want to say that because it would be YOU who would be outed to be the social media obsessed tard.
>Anyone saying anything I don't like is a teenager.
You sound like an out-of-touch baby boomer.


>What teenager do you know who uses Neocities, which makes references to Geocities (which was in its heydays nearly 20 years ago, which already outdates being a teenager), and uses Tor on a regular basis?
Teenagers love to pretend that they are some cool old-time internet dweller. I've interacted with, multiple, 18-21 year olds that claim they wish the internet would go back to cool epic neocities web 1.0 style, when they were not even cognizant before their mom bought them an iphone. I've overheard actual children, like 15 years old at the most on voice chat in video games that claim they browsed 4chan when they were 5 years old in 2010, and no it wasn't one time, I've overheard various versions of this larp more times than I can remember. Never underestimate the bullshit kids with fling out their ass to look cool, even when there are zero stakes or incentive for them to do so.


plenty of 'em. take any underaged/college-aged user of 4chan's /g/, for instance. i don't know much about neocities but i hear tons of kids make websites with aesthetics that intentionally ape that of y2k-era geocities. also, everybody's heard of "the dark web" by now.


>association to these schizos
Wizchan 2021.
Did you know that wizchan is "schizo" website?
Go to be normalfag somewhere else.


>wizchan is "schizo" website
uh, no, sorry, maybe you were thinking of /pol/ and mistyped


the actual schizos in this website browses the hidden boards, /games/ and /dep/, boards that i mostly avoid, sometimes i go to /games/ whenever i want a laugh but i never post there


same broh, sometimes i go to /dep/ whenever i want a laugh but i never post there


what's so funny about /games/? you come across as a special kind of kiwifarm tier normalshit by posting this. Are the users here not normal enough for you?


>you come across as a special kind of kiwifarm tier normalshit
Now that you mention it, yeah, he definitely does seem kind of off.


I find that all very admirable. I have spent a ludicrous portion of my life simply browsing the web and I've never really scratched much deeper than the surface. Even though I've witnessed multiple interesting communities bubble out of the miasma of whatever website I happened to be frequenting, I never participated or engaged. Now I often regret my past inaction.


i thought kiwifarmers would prefer /dep/, but yeah i like to watch vidya autists duke it out against each other, i used to find weebs funnier in that regard but they stopped doing that, which is a loss


Kiwifarms should sell their users ips so they could be permabanned from all other websites


Why? nearly all of the users just like to watch the trolling and follow the drama from the shadows it i a hobby and they are not that much more normal than an average wiz.


as if trolling wasn't bad enough, in the moment you are doing something with the intent to piss someone else off, you are already evil, and that dictactes the majority of actions of kiwifarmers
of course it is the antithesis of imageboard culture, but i fail to disagree with wiz for the reasons above



Trolling has always been a part of imageboard culture. It's part of the core identity for most users and has been as long as they have been around. It's not evil to fuck with faggots, it's doing God's work.

What the fuck happened to wizchan in the last few months? We're flooded with unironic commies crying over cyberbullying and posting complete garbage as if every thread has to be a debate? Did the fags finally bring the rest of their discord bros in?

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