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File: 1639924752020.jpg (977.62 KB, 1400x907, 1400:907, 1422081525794.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I'm from a small brazilian town and I'm still a NEET at 32yo, I wonder how uncommon my situation is since most people in poor countries have to work ASAP and can't afford being a NEET.
I'm very lucky that my town has a very low cost of living yet my father is an accountant for a big farmer around so we're quit comfortable. Also I never ask for anything, only thing they spend money on me is food really. I still have a PC from 2008 for example.
Curious to hear more cases like me.
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Brazillian wiz here, tho i'm not a NEET since i work remotely as a web dev.If you have generational wealth and/or receive government pensions (or your parents do) you can just move to the countryside and live a pretty comfy and safe life here at low cost. The first world has a pretty distorted vision of what some third world countries look like, life can be pretty chill here if you pick your cards right, and we don't suffer a whole lot of digital government oppression because the government is just too damn incompetent to pull it off lmao


File: 1645834352661.jpg (517.6 KB, 995x1225, 199:245, shy_why_boy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i went to a very good uni, spent more than a year doing nothing more than sleeping, fapping and eating. then i went to a 1 year of practice. then came back to do the exact same thing, 3 years now doing it, i have no clue of what my future is. también soy mexicano, saludos.


That image is obviously a pathetic attempt to represent the lonely men of our times. It is clearly from someone that doesn't know anything about what they are drawing.
The proof of that is that there are absolutely no cum stains on the pillow.


Looks like it was drawn by a 3D female. I can tell from some of the pixels and having ripped on many females in the past. Those… things enjoy drawing boys and men in despair over not having a 3D female of their own. In their eyes, guys are only sad because they don't get p**sy, and so these females fetishize it.

At least when men design lonely succubus characters with baggy eyes and black hair and hugging a pillow, they present her as having a personality, justifications for their attitude, and self-awareness. Like Tomoko. When men draw boys of the same stock, they're gay.


I thought it was L.


ive seen older neets on brazilian imageboards tbh


Argentina here. Everythings crumbling.


Isn't Argentina one of the better south American countries? What's going on?



Argentina, chile and uruguay are the places where you want to be if you are in latam. These dont have the barbaric violence of mexico, brazil, colombia, etc. But that doesnt mean that everything is stable. The economy is in constant crisis, inflation and informal jobs make the prices of anything not make sense, its not like in the US where the prices are similar, here everyone prices whatever they want. Usually brain drains happen and thats when the country begins to decay
Right now like %60 of the population are poor, ane as more and more profesionals leave, eventually it will become like any other latam country. The only thing im afraid of in the future is violence, i dont mean "europe muslim attack violence" i mean mexican decapitation after torture kind of violence. At that point im leaving to better horizonts.


File: 1649618774993.gif (4.18 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1629291271901-0.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hue wiz here, but not a NEET, I'm too poor to afford NEETdom, and having something to do in the morning keeps me sane. The good thing about this shithole is that housing, food and entertainment are very cheap if you're smart, with R$1000 you can survive in my city, and a bit more you can actually live comfortably. Also, if you want to gamble with crypto/stocks, you only need 1/5 of the minimum you need to make it in first world countries, $150.000 and you're set for life with a passive income, and crypto can hold off the inflation. That's my plan for now, FI/RE as soon as possible, I can do it in 10 years as long as I'm frugal.



You are 17, aren't you?


File: 1649706276155.png (210.48 KB, 619x960, 619:960, HoursWorked.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm from Costa Rica. Shit sucks, I don't wanna wageslave to an early grave.


This explains why the mexicans here always work so much damn overtime. I guess they're used to working that much.


and yet lazy mexican is a stereotype



Because it's true. If he was sleeping during work hours it wouldn't be reduced from statistics. Working long hours is not the same as working hard.


No, I'm 31, I work as a webdev.


Not true at all. Mexicans do like twice the amount of work in half the time. I swear they're like some sort of manual labor geniuses.


I would've never guessed Germany was that low on the list


its a bit unfair that the people who do the most backbreaking drudgery work are often stereotyped as lazy, the people who make those criticisms would never even try their hands at manual labor. terrible work gives anyone the qualities of avoidance


México here.
Then being NEET for the time being is the right choice I guess, work here is a massive scam with long hours and horrible pay (even most "skilled" jobs are like that)

How people can participate in this shit and not rebel is something that I can't understand, these conditions in another country like the US or France would cause a revolution, I guess this country is just full of cucks that keep sucking corporate cock even worse than Japan.


What is the general public perception of NEETs in Mexico?


Bad. NEETs used to be blamed by the government for the drug wars and other shit, not so much anymore.

You have to understand that for the public here NEETs were more like the nigger that does nothing but go and do illegal things on the street than the passive wizard-like guy that stays all day on his room playing vidya, a lot of people that would be considered NEET were actually drug dealers, but not all of them, a lot were just young people that had no means to get a job.


File: 1649877126883.jpeg (457.63 KB, 2048x1979, 2048:1979, 8d506f3f750c7b501f07c9407….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Well, that part could never be in doubt.

I ask because I'm a Mexican NEET and I'm interested in the experiences of another Mexican NEET with the way Mexican society sees the issue of NEETdom. Since some years ago I've completely cut off all contact with latam media, Internet sites, TV content, etc., as a form of defense against the psychological warfare of mainstream latam normalfag culture (I know this makes me sound like a schizo lmao). I don't really find out what's going outside except on the rare cases when I have to leave the house. (Some months ago I was very surprised to find that my city had been overrun by black people. I'd only gotten to see black people a couple of times in my life when I'd visited the US, but now they were everywhere.)

>NEETs used to be blamed by the government for the drug wars and other shit, not so much anymore.

Yeah, I do remember at some point hearing the topic being presented that way back when I was in middle school and the drug war was at its worst. Then the drug war fizzled and I don't recall having heard the topic of NEETs ever being mentioned again until these last few years now that I'm mostly isolated.


Where do you live? Black (actually african tier people, not brown people) are pretty rare in Mexico.
The last time I saw a black dude was like 4 years ago.


Monterrey. They're Haitians. Their skin tone is very black, not like the blacks that American culture allows to become famous actors and artist that have a lighter dark brown skin tone. I imagine many of them were only passing to the US and Canada, 'cause I don't know why they'd wanna settle in Mexico, even Monterrey, which would be like switching rooms in the Titanic (well, let's admit it, that'd also include the US).

You can now find many working in convenience stores and other such small businesses, but most are in groups in many streets and intersection as beggars, so tells me my mom who actually leaves the house on a daily basis. But I was just very shocked at seeing such large groups of black people all throughout the city when I'd only gotten to see a handful with lighter skin a couple of times when I'd visited the US.

Now, I don't really care. I have nothing against black people or immigrants, though they probably will make finding jobs harder for other Regios since they'll be willing to work for much less.


File: 1650977852960.jpg (40.51 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1588653464593.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am a NEET from MENA. And I can relate a lot to what you have said about blacks flooding your city en mass. before I become a NEET 5/6 years ago. the only blacks I would ever see here would be some beggars or low-wage workers. But now it is getting harder to go out for 5 minutes without seeing at least one of them.
I also think they* re just mostly here in order to have a chance to immigrate to Spain. and NEET off gibs.


Though. I don't mean to offend any black Wizards who might be reading this.


Hardly the most offensive thing a black wiz might read on here, don't worry about it.


Yep, very similar scenario. Their purpose was getting to the US, but they were turned back at the border and decided to settle in my city.

Yeah, me neither, and I do regret the way I expressed some of my sentences. I just wanted to express how surreal it felt.


why do some mexicans look down on other spics? (myself a spic but not mexican) never noticed this from the more indigenous looking spics though, they were cool.

that is why I am just a geographical error spic, refuse to claim any race or identify with any group. I love the start of games like elder scrolls or arx fatalis and every dungeon crawler where you are yet another reject unwanted excess birth low life prisoner. to them I am just roach


File: 1650998406884.png (248.58 KB, 987x720, 329:240, 3908098E-70E0-40CB-8F76-DC….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1651031041542.jpg (82.02 KB, 850x688, 425:344, 6b1af48b1137dbf5ef2de24c9e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So to begin with, I'm not very familiar with the concept of "spic" beyond having been taught in middle school by a teacher from America that it was an ethnic slur directed at latamfags. Outside of that I might've heard it once or twice. It seems to be more of a thing only in certain areas of US.

>why do some mexicans look down on other spics?

I've heard of the stereotype of Argentinians looking down on other latamfag countries due to their country having a mostly white population, but I can't speak for that since I've never met and held a conversation with Argentinian.

I can't think of examples of Mexicans looking down on other latamfags. They may, for example, demonize Cuba and Venezuela, but I've never seen Cubans and Venezuelans treated any differently for their nationality. What I see more is inner-infighting like people from Northern Mexico dissing people from Mexico City, everyone dissing people from Northern Mexico, etc.

>never noticed this from the more indigenous looking spics though, they were cool.

Okay, that does start to ring some bells. English-educated, white Mexicans from highly-developed cities like San Pedro Garza García and its neighboring cities do tend to have an inner sense of superiority over other Mexicans and latamfags, as well as a certain shame for being a latamfag, usually trying to look and speak as if they were American and hide many things that might give them away as latamfags (which is completely incomprehensible to me since why would anyone want to seem like they're from a third world shithole like the US?).

When I was in college I overheard multiple times succubi humble bragging about how when they were visiting some other country people acted surprised they were surprised at finding out that they were Mexican, treating it as if it were one of the greatest compliments they could receive. That's really, really interesting, as well as rather silly. This isn't to say that they have shame in being Mexican. On the contrary, they are extremely proud of being Mexican, but of being the uncommon, "good" Mexican who speaks English with no traces of a Mexican accent and is well in tune with whatever is trendy in the US.

And it's not even that much about the color of the skin, but about class and education. In middle school I had an extremely dark-skinned Venezuelan classmate with very wealthy parents who had moved to Mexico, and he was 1000x worse than any of the rich so called "Whitexicans" from San Pedro that I have ever met.

But again, this really depends on the area and it's mostly in the Northern, more developed cities. And it's precisely for this false sense of superiority and elitism that is common in Northern Mexico that they tend to be looked down on by those in other parts of the country. Part of this disdain against them, however, is also a perceived sense of their own dear and precious "Mexicanity" (an actual word in Spanish used by Mexicans with pride) being attacked, which might just be even dumber to me.

(Also, 9 times out of 10 their English actually sucks and they don't know shit about IPA.)

>that is why I am just a geographical error spic, refuse to claim any race or identify with any group

Yeah, I agree. I look down on patriotism and racism as silly and made-up delusions at worst, and arbitrary self-fulfilling prophecies at best. Any feelings of national pride or shame are alien to me. Wizards are always foreigners to their own countrymen, culture, and ethnic group, so I don't see the point in trying to identify with the traits and characteristics of those normalfags.


Where do you get all these pics? they're awesome, like the perfect balance between mexican culture and anime.


My bet is twitter.


I look up the tag "mexico" on sites like danbooru and gelbooru.


What kind of food do you like and dislike for example?


>generational wealth
>third world countries have cheap costs of living
>in latin countries, living with your parents has not the same stigma like in developed countries


>civil war
isn't whole Paraguay like a small town? Even in a case of global world, Paraguay is likely the last place the world super powers will touch, except for moving in after the war ends of course.



>because "nemnem" also means "baby".
it's ´nene´ in Spanish.


How do you make it to neet? I am also from a 3rd world country and my parents are forcing me to study and work ASAP despite of the fact that even reading is a struggle for me; when they can evidently sustain me because we aren't really poor, I don't ask for much other than shelter and food.


Even in Europe, NEETbux only exist in nordic countries and to an extent, north-western europe (UK, Germany, France)


File: 1654976873485.png (61.37 KB, 677x595, 677:595, 20220611_14h43m49s_grim.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just tried going to hispachan to check how they name their national boards and found out it's dead. RIP and good riddance. No idea when it happened.


>No idea when it happened
about a week ago, the new admin was a discord tranny so he killed the chan and made a discord recreating the boards but it wasn't the same. Some of the users migrated to krautchan(dot)rip


>made a discord recreating the boards but it wasn't the same
>but it wasn't the same
the fact that you would even consider this a possible alternative shows how infested imageboards are with discord teenbros


A Hispano-German union? We haven't seen that since the Visigoths


File: 1655017626591.jpg (7.89 KB, 203x125, 203:125, 1601602065252.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Arab ex-NEET here

I have a perma-NEET uncle in his 40s I'm immensely jealous of too and just wanted to talk about him. He lives with his unmarried sisters both of whom work and just does whatever the fuck he wants all day.
He inherited a lot of property from my great-grandfather, who was buying shit before the country was formed, and now he just lives off of that income.
They live in a pretty simple home, but he owns a god damn Ferrari and still has excess upon excess spending money.

My own hopes for NEETing in the future aren't so bright unfortunately.
The country has no social security or welfare, and the banks are absolutely genuine, unadultered evil.
The home I was raised in for the first 15 years of my life was taken from us.

I might be able to build a house then rent it out if I save for a number of years so there's hope there… But the projected income from that is a pretty paltry sum in the big picture.


How do you avoid the nagging?


Hyperinflation, wages losing value against hard currencies (dollar, euro, ect), damn you even cant buy foreign currency legally, you have to go to the black market, food & services are kind of cheap still, but if you need a part for your computer, a new cellphone, new clothes its very hard to buy any of these things, i.e: a pair of basic brand sneakers represents like 30/40% of average MONTHLY salary, there's some kind of neetbux for students under 25 but its like 15 dollars a month


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