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>It is far clear what we are, even if we are distinguished in our hearts from what we call "the crabs", they are with us engulfed in this status: the omega

>While reading a bit about them all ( https://40xlifebydesign.com/modern-man/socio-sexual-hierarchy-sigma-male/ ) I received an inspiration hard to classify. For that, I request your opinions on it:

As in wolves, there are animal hierarchies in the human being. That's why I'm going to use with you, omega human, wolf language metaphors:

The omega is the loser, everyone barks at him, everyone growls at him, if the herd howls he is forced to be the least audible and if he eats, he eats the last.

Maybe he is not willing to sacrifice himself to move up, maybe he can live without that: being barked at you, growling at you and even biting you if you do not put your head down or even more submissive: belly up … but be careful when even being belly up you get bitten, even slightly.

Because then you will begin to notice how the vice spreads and they will not let you eat even the last piece of crap even if everyone has already been satiated.

Know that there, you only have two options left: risk thyself into a quick death under the pack's maws, attacking fully and without any hope the one who bit you or the delta … or to stand a slow death after the slow, painful weakening starvation that you never know if it will not lead you to be cannibalized by the delta when it is the one that runs out of part: and without so much strength as yesterday you just got closer and closer to be eaten alive, practically, instead of killed and then eaten.

Henceforth, in these cases you should know your only hope is to recklessly attack and never in a climber plan but until death: do not be seduced if you suddenly discover that someone is putting their neck before you, do not be fooled by the illusion of control, because control is not sustenance even if it's providing it … and you are the omega: you are still the butt monkey and if today they put your neck on you it is to kill you tomorrow since time plays against you, that's why you should not and cannot be interested in the hierarchy: if you put your belly and they still bite you, you better die killing … if after such a sacrifice from you somebody miraculously puts his neck in surrender (as the betas do towards the alpha), make no mistake: that neck is to be broken without mercy.

Because the omega is weak and dysgenetic, it must not reproduce as it will give weak wolves against better possibilities, therefore the first having to die when things get ugly and so on until reaching the alpha. That being the case, giving everything in one last fight makes this task easier: if you take another with you, fewer members will remain and this will mean less fights and therefore less internal wear, in times of scarcity.

Because you are the omega and defeat and misery are with you until the end of your days. Wolves can climb and descend, go with the pack or stray away… but the human? The human is more complex. Too complex.


That's a lot of words to call yourself a loser


It depends on ambition. Being a loser can be comfortable and useful… until a certain point.

You didn't reach the depth of this explanation


this hierarchy is for social and sexual purposes. completely irrelevant for most wizards. why should i care what other people rank me as, they are ranked below me as normalfag cattle after all


That site unironically uses the term "sigma male" and claims they are above even the alphas because they are too cool to compete


File: 1640753015624.jpg (55.62 KB, 600x900, 2:3, suymt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1640753384131.png (621.29 KB, 480x720, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1640759359903.jpeg (211.15 KB, 1080x1256, 135:157, 36B2D959-E909-48BC-B729-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Well, sigma in math language means "sumatory"


really couldnt care about the etymology of some label another group is trying to apply to me. the group that i belong to, the proud wizard race of scientific geniuses, has no need for it


So this sigma thing is just crabs and potential wizards in denial basically?


It's for normalfags that can't get laid. The point of the meme is that all these men are supposed to be super wealthy and successful because they ignore succubi.


Gf: My parents aren't at home
Sigma bf: go & find them

— Sigma male mindset


It's a self deprecating meme for crabs. While some norms may take it seriously and believe it in the mgtow sense, or youtube self help sense, the crab community is mocking the idea that they could believe they are sigma males. It's not really mocking the dudes who believe it because crabs probably identify some of the same feels. It's more the extension of the gigachad memes taking beliefs to the extremes for amusement.
The idea of thinking you're a sigma male is funny to them so they push the roleplay to absurd; this is tied in to the ironic Patrick Bateman posting. Norms that hate the manosphere stuff also think the crabs believe it seriously so they like the trolling.


OP's site says sigma male is what we should aspire to be


sigmas stay outside of the group, and yet are actually the most powerful and influnetial member of the group more so than the alpha. this gives the sigma an air of mystery and inapprociability that the alpha lacks.


anyone that calls themself a [greek letter] male is a retarded child


anyone that calls themself a magic user is a retarded larping child


omicron male



File: 1640832232276.png (387.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

woah that's literally me


Your Twitter identity butchery of the Greek alphabet to neatly confine your limited, devolved mind into some non-existent "hierarchy" is probably one of the most disappointing phenomenons I've seen, even from normalcattle like you. You and every other automaton who defines himself (or anyone else) as a *Greek Alphabet* male is completely worthless mentally. Attributing any value to any of that shit is one of the best ways to relay that nothing you say will ever hold any value to it at all. You're a mindless drone with a weak will and an impulsive mind, making you easily dictated to by others and then subsequently sorted into stereotypical social bubbles where you never have to contend with being your own person again.


omega male cope


I agree with you but instead of disappointing I find it hilarious and like laughing at the people who take this crap seriously. In my head I imagine pasty 15 year old boys looking at chris hemsworth on google images and thinking "hes just like me" before going to 4chan to complain about sjws or whatever is the newest latest boogeyman for kids


I remember seeing a chart a few years ago, there was a similar thing but with gamma instead of sigma.


yeah i had been thinking of the exact same thing. time flies. it might have been 10 years since the gamma male thing started.

they are similar in both being guys outside alpha-beta who insist they are still cool. but while the sigma is more of a lone wolf, the gamma is more a hipster, artistic, intellectual, alternative crowd


So when God said to St John "I am Alpha and Omega", he was saying that God has traits of both the Alpha Male and Omega Male


God of OT: The Alpha Male
God of NT: The Omega Male
Makes sense now.


>intending pride is an omega tenet
> but an omega is safe while NEVER boasting!

>omegas do not usually understand sigma

>omega can cast critical actions but usually at a price, the result of it can turn them intodelta or sigma or get them pwnt

Why the long faces?

Gamma has a hard time accepting that his issues are needed while he is not.

Some sigma memes are funny, others are sad:


I feel like this thread breaks the rules but I cannot articulate why.


>Posts that are deemed to be low quality, antithetical to the spirit of the site or posted by someone deemed not to be a native of Wizardchan may be removed. Such posts or images include: /r9k/ tier threads: >tfw no gf, outsider memes or shitposts
Whole thread is an outsider meme r9k shitpost


I’m a ligma male


>confused, pissed betas whining cannot get sigma's game

>i don't know why these things made me laugh:

Rule 1: Always stay strapped
Rule 7: If your grind stops, kill your past self and replace it.
Rule 7,1: Don't answer questions
Rule 34: Make poors more poor: while grinding, armed robbery is not your issue.
Rule 45: Don't keep friends, only comrades
Rule 48: Suddenly slay the weak
Rule 73: Nullify whoever be stealing from you.
Rule 75: solve math problems with drunk people.
Rule 101: Statistics are offensive, racist, chauvinist
Rule 101: Buy the bank
Rule 117: Following authoritative commands is a waste of time
Rule 137: If you are not grinding just die.
Rule 162: Don't take shit from anyone
Rule 146: Wrestle alphas until they let you be
Rule 248: Always take other people's guns
Rule 298: Finish your enemies before they say last word
Rule 319: Do opposite of what the pack says
Rule 372: Beware of trusting betas to get anything done
Rule 466: Hurt everyone
Rule 532: Money works for you
Rule 608: The grind stops for no one.
Rule 821: Defend terrorists
Rule 1042: Never listen to betas
Rule 1054: Kill multiple family members, become most wanted criminal and end all relationships because of focus on your career
Rule 2000: If someone tries to become boss show them who really is (sounds alpha)
Rule 2865: Don't work according to gamma's plan.
Rule 6060: Become filthy rich
Rule 69420 : Money is nothing, grindset is everything
Rule 81035 : Kill animals looking at you the wrong way


I didnt read any of your shit, just read one sentence and knew it was r9k cringe trash


Apart from "no complaining about solitude" rules, Why is /wiz/ so different to /r9k/?



I haven't followed the twists and turns of r9k culture over the years, are they big on the sigma thing?


This was the origin of the term in 2010



ive never actually visited r9k for starters


All of this alpha beta sigma poo poo pee pee cringe pigeonholing garbage is just misandric bullshit, besides the fact it doesn't matter to outcasts, apart from pretending you're some epic machiavellian figure, anyone using it seriously (or even ironically) is basically an egomaniac or a self-loathing "actual" loser who thinks humans (or more aptly men, because nobody uses it to talk about succubi) are on the same level as tribal pack animals despite possessing adaptive elastic brains. The whole premise is completely defunct when you consider guys like elon musk or mark zuckerburg (who a layman would call a beta or "manchild" if he was just some guy on the street) hold more resources and influence than any alphas on the planet so the whole animalistic theory of alpha win territory win mates unga bunga is void and neither of them are outsider stoic diogenes cheesewizz sigma omega megatrons either.


Smegma males vs Smegmoid males


File: 1640985364823.jpg (30.07 KB, 366x464, 183:232, 1625432123134.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Incorrect. Most of /wiz/, /hob/, and /jp/ meets the above definition. The omega males are all on /dep/ and /meta/. All other boards are a mix of delta and gamma. The sheeplike alphas and betas have no place here. If you have any desire at all for 3D succubi, go back to 4chad. Any questions?


nah gamma males are the leaders of hipster subcultures, which most wizards aren't, although some are, but only online


4chan, most video games, and anime used to be wiz only territory by default just a little over a decade ago. Wizardry is more or less a subculture in and of itself


>most video games, and anime used to be wiz only territory
>wiz only
The nerds and geeks always wanted to score a succubus. videogames, anime, computers was always inccels, simps, and beta male territory.
>Wizardry is more or less a subculture in and of itself
wizardry is wisdom. Inncels who mature become wizards. Normalfag virgins who can get a girlfriend, have social circle, will never be wizards or understand the wizard life.


Wizchan current year


t. "wizardry only means virginity" normalfag


I was never a crab but I'm still a loser that doesnt go outside, I am kinda surprised how little amount of people there are that never cared about succubi, pretty much at 13 when people starting dating and whatnot I thought it was stupid and just wanted to play video games and work on my projects, I never felt any differently


All this is just made up psuedo-psychology, and psychology is already fake bullshit.


Alpha and Omega = beginning and end


Me was just mogging him LOL


Sure you have your own thoughts about how it should be.

Don't be shy


Omicron males: make your boss' bussiness to be prescindable for its clients until everything breaks down. If sharks are nagging you in a mass of water, drain it out while you run from them until they asphyxiate.


They were quite concise in their post.
There's nothing to elaborate on.

If you want any elaboration, I would suggest to… think for yourself.


Modern psychology is bad because they let it get overrun decades ago.


Anyone here has anything to add to such mess?

How could you, oh wizards? You all know well that most mental disease is beyond the power of words. http://www.holotropic.com


Take your contentless post and the normalcattle buzzwords like "cope" you slapped on it back to whatever shithole you crawled out of, you pre-teen faggot.



Why so roasted? It is the definitions are matching?


>intending pride is an omega tenet
>but an omega is safe while NEVER boasting!
i have no idea what you mean by this btw


"omega" = nothing
Your cancer is like discount star signs; except with less fantasy and more desperation to "fit in" with whatever manufactured social hierarchy submissive bullshit you had conditioned into you.
Learn to make a post consisting of more than three buzzwords stitched together and nothing else, you strike me as a 12-year-old who got lost on his way to 4chan.


I feel like a retard for asking, but there's some irony behind this, correct?
Tho I can imagine Poe Law making normos think this is an actual thing.


For every ironic retard, there's ten more genuine ones.


You feel like a retard for asking, yup.
You at least preserve some instinct unlike many others.
>Didn't read the omega thing, thus the saying of upside down arguments


I remember back in my backyard wrestling days one of the kids had a Greek letter gimic for all his moves, with his big finished being called the omega driver, which if I remember correctly was a modified swinging ddt or neckbreaker variation.

That is the only tangentially related thing I have to say on the topic.


>That is the only tangentially related thing I have to say on the topic.
Coincidentally, it is the only interesting post in this entire thread. Coincidence? Oh wait, I already said it was.


File: 1641772909531.jpg (143.5 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, kenny-768x1024.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does that kid happen to still wrestle?


I have no clue. Moved away and didn't keep in touch.


>words of roast, blah, blah, blah
Someone really seems to need to get back to crystal cafe before suffering some aneurisma.

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