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How do I completely rid myself of any attatchments to the normalfag world. I've already accepted love doesnt exist, that the world was created to generate suffering to feed the demiurge, Im losing attracting to 3dpd as well, but still how do I become truly deattatched to the normalfag world.


Unplug from the MSM


File: 1640894460763.jpg (286.06 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, Macabre-Church-Art-Skeleto….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Stop consuming things that are ultra-normal, like hentai or romantic stuff or things that portray friendship or some idealized vision about the power of bonds between humans. You won't be able to avoid all kinds of normalfag bullshit, because they are shoved into almost every aspect of culture and entertainment but you can try filtering the stuff you watch or read. You are what you consume, this is true mentally as well. Obviously don't read Twilight or The 50 shades of Gray or whatever it is called that was the trend a couple of years ago and similar things, for example. Don't watch harem anime and etc. Don't watch anything that you suspect is just fantasy for failed normals, like things where the main character starts out as a "nerdy loser" but ends up becoming ultra-chad.

Maybe the most wizardly genre is horror or thriller but I'm not sure as there are plenty of normal stuff in those too. But really, my advice is don't watch/read anything that is way too optimistic and sugary and sunshine-y. The edgier/darker something is chances are it is more wizardly too. Normals are defined by their excessive optimism and self-delusion. Try to avoid things with too much sexuality/romance in them and you will be fine.

You could also try to go the nofap path. Delete all your porn and sexy pictures. Spend your time on other things.
Don't mind too much how you look like or how much you smell. Shower only once or twice a week, you are a wiz after all, you shouldn't care too much about the opinions of others. Obviously don't interact with normals unless necessary or they are your family members. Be very critical and cautious with everything that is praised by the majority, be it about a book, movie, song or anything else.

That is it from the top of my head. Good luck.


So basically be a contrarian hipster?
Also, why must wizards be pessimistic? Your reply is a prime example of actual “crabs in a bucket” phenomenon. I don’t understand why you act as if any media that isn’t bleak/dark/“edgy” must also contain romance/sexuality.
You know you’re allowed to be happy AND celibate, right wizzie?


>contrarian hipster
If you don't want to be "contrarian" then you are free to go and become a normalfag, just like it is expected of you. The core of wizardry is rebellion against normal values, customs and traditions, when will people realize it? We ARE different from the majority, otherwise we wouldn't be here, duh. So it makes sense our taste is different and wired for other things.
>Also, why must wizards be pessimistic?
Optimism is the credo of normalfags, wiz. You don't even know this much? Are you new by any chance? Wizards should be honest persons who face the horrible reality in the eye and don't delude themselves like normals. It is a fact we wizards experience and realize the true nature of the world, while normals live in their own disney/hollywood fantasies.
Happiness is a lie, it doesn't exist. It is a normalfag meme and you are a retard if you think optimism and this whole positive thinking gay bullshit hold any actual merit.


Buddhists studied how to do this for hundreds of years like a science, you're best looking that way


Everything you listed has to do with "love" and succubi. Do you want to de-attach yourself from society or just get rid of your sexual urges? For the latter you just need to wait to get older and just sit at home and consoom media to ignore reality and kill your libido. To get rid of every bit of civilization around you you would need to move to at least a very different country or straight into the jungle.


No, I’m not new. Are you a wizkid? I’m with you on the “face the horrible reality in the eye” part - I’m not a fan of self-delusion - but as you get older, you’ll find that the appeal of being an edgelord wears off. It sounds like you’ve got the first step down (accepting the true nature of life), but you’re missing the crucial second step: You can still enjoy it, no delusion required.

As for the “contrarian” argument:
1.) Who said “the core of wizardry is rebellion”? Last I checked, the “core of wizardry” is voluntary celibacy.
2.) It’s not either-or. You don’t have to dislike EVERYTHING that NORPs like just so you can feel like your life has some semblance of purpose. You can pick and choose. It’s not black and white.

God I love these gatekeeping wizkids taking the meme so seriously. I wonder what will happen when he finds out we don’t actually gain powers at 30.


Contrarian or a normie, choices choices. I would bring up the old russian joke about the two chairs but the outsider memes are frowned upon.
>Happiness is a lie, it doesn't exist
It does to me, temporary which is enough when you're high on stoic pills in the form of sugar and sleep, call them copes, whatever


>You can still enjoy it
When did I write that you can't enjoy life sometimes or find pleasures in it? Being a pessimist has nothing to do with this. You can be a pessimist and still enjoy certain things in life. It is about whether you want to be a delusional optimist (failed) normal or someone who lives in reality.
>being an edgelord wears off
Norms call everything edgy, though. Everything that somehow stands outside the scope of socially accepted values. Or everything that isn't about the "unlimited happiness" we are supposed to experience, at least in their minds. "Oh you chose a path in a video game that is slightly darker, fuck off you edgelord!lol" usually this is how it goes. Everything is edgy that normals don't like.

> Last I checked, the “core of wizardry” is voluntary celibacy.

Yes and isn't it a total rejection of everything normalfags cherish and love? Sexuality and romance are the central pillars of their lives, along with the so-called friends they have. Please don't pretend that we are completely the same as normalfags. We aren't, we are completely different. You know it and everyone else here knows it too.
>It’s not either-or. You don’t have to dislike EVERYTHING that NORPs like just so you can feel like your life has some semblance of purpose. You can pick and choose. It’s not black and white.
No. You have to have some kind of "ethics" when it comes to these kinds of things. We have to be consistent, otherwise we will fall apart. Either something is approved by wizard-standards or it isn't. For example, I just deleted the cartoon Johnny Bravo from my laptop, watched one hour of it and it is just normalfag humor, nothing else, all about presenting mating rituals in a "funny way". I also can't take wizards seriously who watch harem anime or other media where the loser mc ends up as a succesful normalfag in the end. Draw lines, with clear yes and no. Reject the normalfag brainwashing and seek out other kinds of entertainment.

It's not about wizardry to be honest with me. I know it is just my subjective opinion at the end of the day, but it is important to me. I mean, if you mindlessly watch and read everything normals watch or read then how are you different from them? That would make you a failed normal in my eyes.

Again, it isn't exactly about being a "contrarian". It is about having taste and actively choosing what you consume, not just letting society to shove down your throat every form of bullshit.


I think exactly like you man.
Then the only logical conclusion is suicide. This bec


This seems the ultimate rebellion against the order of the Demiurge - to overcome life. Only best of the best can do it.


Hey, I’m the wiz you replied to. Sorry if I came off as antagonistic; I’ve been feeling a little irritable lately due to a shitty medication, though I realise that’s no excuse.

I do understand what you’re saying. However, both what you said and what I said are too extreme in either direction. When I mentioned “not having to reject everything normals do”, I was thinking of something like action movies that normals like but I enjoy (Face/Off, John Wick, Nobody). They’re not wizardly movies by any measure, but I find them entertaining and non-wizardly values (ie. sex) isn’t central to the plot. And by “edgelord”, I was referring to the typical crab bitterness where everything is hatred and violence and spite. I agree with you that normals call things edgy to an extreme. I hope this cleared things up a bit.


No problems at all.
I know we can't live outside the normalfag world, unless we go the full hermit or monk mode, but that would be pretty boring. There is nothing wrong with enjoying stuff like you mentioned, Face/Off is a very cool movie to be sure. I'm just saying choose what you watch or read, I think everyone here would be better off not watching shit like the 40 y.o. virgin or whatever that crap is called and such things. As long as sex or muh wife and children or friends aren't the central point of what you consume, I think it is all right.


I only believe in pleasure & pain, not happiness certainly. I don't trust anything related to mental health or finding your inner peace and things like that.


Think of everything in terms of maths


I would reccomend that you don't focus on movements that are derivitave of philosophy and instead focus on the source. In other words stop taking gnosticism so seriously and instead read Plato. True wisdom can only be found if you ignore vulgar religious movements and pop culture.


How about neither? Plato is the most overrated crap I ever read, literal world-plays and trolling being sold as "wisdom".


No different from many posts on this website!




Regardless of how difficult and contradictory it may seem this is the way to purge the normalfag from the mind.


How you want to purge the inner normalfag, though? By chasing teenage boys around like the chad Socrates did? Or by having friends, as is advocated by Plato and his master?

Regardless of how shit it is though, I find Plato amusing. He is all about virtue this and that yet he is ready to fool people with lies and fairy tales if it is for the "greater good". His Republic is pretty much about how to brainwash people, it could have been written by Stalin or Hitler, it certainly reads like it.


> He is all about virtue this and that yet he is ready to fool people with lies and fairy tales if it is for the "greater good"
That’s not contradictory in the slightest.


Yes, it is. Falsehood, error, lies are seen as something bad, unless they use it for their own purposes. Hypocrisy. Socrates was truly the king of sophists.


If the ends justify the means, it’s virtuous to lie if the results are a virtuous society.


Not if your philosophy is built around the search for knowledge, wisdom and truth like Plato and Socrates claim. But this is just my opinion.


I don't think it's possible without removing yourself from the flow of civilization. This means you will get getting rid of internet along with any other media you are consuming.

I'm not really sure what you'll be doing with your time instead. Perhaps creating your own works. Would probably be easier to pull this off in the wilderness.


You can be a 30 yo NEET who never leaves his room and still be unable to escape the normalfag world. Your life belongs to them. Accept it and deal with this realization like I do, by not thinking about it too much.


you remove cancer it will hurt for a while but take some drugs or cope while the pain is new


Indeed. To be honest we can be HikiNEETs in peace because we got some support, even if a passive or shitty one from family and society (laws, order, NEETbux). Maybe it sounds cool larping online as an "strong & independent hikineet monk" but if we are not rich we pretty much depend on normalfags for our lifestyle and comfy stuff.


Finding your inner world enriched and cleaner from subtle normie influences that you still do not perceive.

I miss so much those times when playing my toys all day as a child. I can't just find an equal for such a bliss now that I grew up, even if I stick to vidya.


Stop consuming normal media and cut all ties with any sort of normalfag online friends you may have


What is considered "normal media"? It's really hard to watch or read ANYTHING without relationshit crap being forced down my throat or the power of friendship saving the world… I wish there were more wiz-friendly media or art out there.


>I wish there were more wiz-friendly media or art out there.
how about make it yourself


The word "media" is the same as the word "medium" or in yiddish a "yenta" or a match-maker. Just go outside for a while and you'll figure it out. I fucking hate crickets and whatever else makes all that noise in my ears, but once in a while you also get to hear two fire houses sound the alarm in the middle of the night and all hell breaks loose with cop cars and fire engines for an hour.

Then maybe tomorrow when you wake up you look at the papers or something to find out what the hell that was all about while you were trying to catch some wink-eye.


Fuck other people man. Yust work, always say more, look for job on daily basis. Somebody want to pay mor go his way. what you cant loose?


IMO there isn't anything that properly captures the wiz experience at large. maybe that's a good thing though. all kinds of history has been repacked into ironic, shallow meme knowledge. becoming some normies ironic joke wouldnt be fun.


Thats true vast majority of new entertainment contaims normalcy and females.


> vast majority of new entertainment
All entertainment is like that because it is the human experience for 90% of the population.


If I had the energy or proper talent then I would have done so already, believe me.

It is interesting because it is so uncommon. We have trash like the 40 years old virgin made and such to mock people like us but normals don't really understand us at all at the end of the day.


wizdom art with no talent is fine and expected. wizards are retard with a superiority complex


File: 1665097391438.jpg (781.63 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1644100473343.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here. I found the solution, I read Schopenhauer and now I find comfort in art (abstraction in general).

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