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File: 1641952937200.jpg (29.18 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Blue_3_Ply_Face_Mask_for_E….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Wizzies, I have intense social anxiety and going outside makes me highly uncomfortable. I feel exposed, like everyone is looking at me (sometimes people do look at me just part of their own curiosity.) But since the covid pandemic people have been wearing masks everywhere. Since then I have noticed something amazing:

when I wear a mask I feel literally ZERO anxiety being outside. Masks are fucking god-tier for wizards:

>tfw being comfy behind ur mask

>tfw being safe from prying normie eyes
>tfw soft fabric pressing against ur face
>tfw fogs up ur wiz glasses so works to shield u from other people too
>hides your expressions so you don't have to fake smiles

I am very thankful for the covid pandemic. Hell, I hope we NEVER have to stop wearing masks. This is the most like myself I've felt in years. FUCK normies! and remember to ALWAYS wear your wiz mask! this post brought to you by the wizard institute.




also wearing a mask makes you seem socially conscientious rather than some weird schizo. so you actually receive props for wearing them. this is like the perfect storm for wizards.


same, dont understand the "wizards" here that want to show their face off so bad, I'm glad masks are socially acceptable now like in japan


I for one shower much less now that everyone wears masks. I wear the same clothes for a week sometimes.


never had to wear one but i like this


Strong disagree from me. I keep feeling like I'm choking when I wear a mask. Like I have a small midget on my face. In general, I'm not good with people touching me or things touching my face.


Basically being a slave to normalfaggots is a bad thing. If you're so whipped that you feel ashamed to even show your face to normalfaggots that belies a deep slave mentality. I'm never going to submit to the normalfaggot slavers and I advise any wizards who value their independence not to bow the knee either, for once you let them fit you with muzzles and collars they're free to use you however they see fit.


I got to admit that I really hate wearing the mask on a personal level. Im a bit OCD about these kinds of things and feel irritated by anything that constrains me. I don't make any defiant stand over it. But I try to avoid places where I have to wear it, and stay as briefly as possible. I've rarely had to wear it over 10min. I'm selfish in putting my comfort over the safety of others and I admit it. I dislike the Karens who try to turn their selfishness into heroism however.

Social distancing I love though.

But what I have found these masks are absolutely wonderful as are as winter mask. I started wearing a scarf a few years back during the coldest days. I would wrap my face around it. And it would be a bit itchy and suffocating. But it would keep the warm air in and fog up my glasses.

The awesome thing about these masks is, that they accomplish the same thing as a wooly scarf, but breathe much more freely. They do fog up my glasses. But that just shows all the steam is keeping in, its like a personal heater on your face. The same thing that makes it suffocating indoors, is heavenly in subzero temp. Its funny, outdoors where I'm not required to wear it, is where I've learned to love wearing it.

The 1st time I tried it was in the high 30s. And I was like OK its nice now, but I doubt this flimsy little thing will protect me when we get into the real subzero. But today was in the 20s and it did.

These masks are wonderful winter scarves, that keep all the steam in, and are practically little miniheaters just for your face.




No one "has" to wear a mask. You can easily choose not to and no one can do a thing about it, no matter how much they try and peddle the narrative that their fake virus exists.
Whatever minor comforts and aesthetic value you see in the points you listed there are outweighed by the shame you should be feeling for willingly stripping away your agency and individuality to be another obedient drone. Not once have I ever seen anyone wearing them who I wouldn't deem the same person to eventually jump off a cliff head first if society gaslit them enough.


> You can easily choose not to and no one can do a thing about it
If you go on an airplane in the US it is literally federal law.


people who wear masks outside are morons
I don't go anywhere where they are mandatory


That's the most annoying thing about it. You need to wear the mask as tight as possible while putting the weight of the glasses on it so no CO2 can pass and fog the glasses.


Glasses fogging up show how useless masks are. Your glasses wouldn't fog up if the moisture from your breath didn't escape the mask. The entire ;scientific' reasoning behind wearing a mask is to prevent water droplets from your contaminated breath from getting suspended in the air, but the condensation on our glasses shows that these masks are ineffective at this task.


File: 1641983395373.png (2.27 MB, 2426x1382, 1213:691, 1641890269823.png) ImgOps iqdb

Masks are symbolic for slavery and submission.
Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab would love to see even small babies masked and jabbed for their pleasure. Sick fucks.


Unfortunately it makes me feel more like im hyperventilating

People can still tell if you're smiling etc from your eyes


But not for the private jets. I fucking hate how the elites have all these "rules for thee but not for me" bullshit.


you know if you weren't wearing the mask the air would also escape your mouth, right? Only it would do it shooting straight forward. With a mask some of the air still goes straight forward but that part is filtered through the mask, the rest goes out the sides. Shooting out the sides means your spittle is far less likely to go shooting towards other people. Masks work to reduce the spread of covid. We know this because we have studied it.


>you're so fucking coddled for not being pathetic cattle


I don't have severe anxiety anymore like I used to, but it still is preferable to hide my face from people. I wouldn't mind if the masks never go away.


Okay Q


christ mods here are fags. Calling someone coddled is apparently too much of an insult for them.


fair point on the face thing but no on the slippery slope meme
masks are cool, simple as, i like them on my game characters, i like them in real life, it should become a default fashion accessory


I don’t understand why /pol/ gets so upset over wearing a mask, I was insecure about wearing a mask too at first but I like it now, I would prefer not to be seen, invisible would be best, but masks do enough, not going to pretend to be proud of showing my ugly mug to strangers and don’t want to see theirs either


I don’t get why anyone is upset about it. Like yeah it’s mildly annoying sometimes, but at the end of the day it’s a piece of paper on your face. So what if corona is a hoax? Then you’ll be wearing a mask for nothing. Okay, what harm would that do? With the alternative being corona is real then I’d rather not catch it. And masks will help prevent regular diseases like colds anyway. And yeah I don’t buy into the woowoo symbology bullshit that it’s some demonic possession ritual or is a dog whistle that you’ve cucked to the state or whatever. Asians wear them all the time to prevent disease just when they catch the flu and no one went berserk over that.


One thing leads to another. Cultural engineers are playing chess with psychological operations and carefully consider every move.
>And yeah I don’t buy into the woowoo symbology bullshit that it’s some demonic possession ritual or is a dog whistle that you’ve cucked to the state or whatever.
It's not conspiracy theory, it is fact. Watch the documentary Century of the Self, it


>Century of the Self
>It focuses on the work of psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud
Ah, so it's bullshit then


Unfortunately I have troubles with my glasses through winter and masks make it ten times worse.


>Asians wear them all the time to prevent disease just when they catch the flu and no one went berserk over that

The elites want us to be bugpeople and fritter our lives away advancing their freemason agenda


>I don’t get why anyone is upset about it. Like yeah it’s mildly annoying sometimes, but at the end of the day it’s an hour on a sunday. So what if god isn't real? Then you’ll be going to church for nothing. Okay, what harm would that do? With the alternative being god is real then I’d rather not go to hell.


There's a lot more evidence that diseases exist than god, but do go on.


>I know that covid is real and dangerous because Fauci told me so
>I know that God is real and dangerous because the Pope told me so


I didn't even say covid, just diseases. I've been sick before, so it's not unreasonable to say there are other diseases. I've never had a divine experience so it's not reasonable to say the divine exists.

Whatever, I'm done here.


>I know that the mask protects me from disease because the news man told me so
>I know that the bone talisman protects me from demons because the shaman told me so


It's normies (mostly failed normies with poor social awareness) signalling what a good right winger they are. It's a symbolic issue, not a practical one.
Being anti-mask is part of the (at least American) right-wing identity now, so people who want very badly to fit in with the online right go way overboard and start comparing them to yellow badges and shit in their attempt to hyper-conform.


This makes a lot of sense, couldn't have but it better


I don't see any businesses kicking out people because they're wearing a face mask. The opposite is true actually. In some countries people can actually get arrested for not wearing a mask.


What reason could there possibly fucking be for a business to kick someone out for wearing a face mask? Has all logic and reason just fucking left us?


File: 1642120359866.webm (725.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1619738652269.webm) ImgOps iqdb

You're right, kicking people out of businesses based on whether or not they choose to wear magical paper talismans is stupid.


white "people" chimp out over the strangest things


You are not wrong, but you could say the same thing of the conformists on the opposite side who want to "save lives!!!"
At least the anti-mask crowd does not want to compel me by law to go along with their neurosis.

I was fined for not wearing a mask outside. Such is life in the EU


That’s an empty statement. Yes the zealots on both sides are compelled to act according to dogma rather than rational thought. In the same way I refuse to get seven additional boosters I won’t fall for the mask hysteria and simply wear one when required. There is a rational way to handle this but no one seems interested in it.


I don't understand why this is the hill motherfuckers want to die on. I'm so sick of this conversation and the obvious projection engaged in by people who wear masks. Wear a mask if you want. Just accept the fact that most people don't and you can't make them want to.

Also, going on and on about how great and right wearing a mask is and trying to convince people of this is pure normalfag behavior. It clearly shows you're insecure, and you're trying to cover up that insecurity by dragging people into your bullshit.


>Just accept the fact that most people don't
you aren't "most people", speak for yourself


>I don't understand why this is the hill motherfuckers want to die on.
The feeling is mutual. It's a fucking paper mask for god sakes. It's not gonna kill you.


do whatever you want but why do you crazies want to dictate what everyone else does? you don't care about people's health, that much is evident


You've got to understand that there's a pretty huge difference between choosing not to do something and forcing others to do something.


These anti-mask zealots may be the reason why even the local governments in blue states (I assume you are living in the US) may not go as far as the most stupid countries and enforce mandatory mask wearing outside, and other similarily retarded measures such as 'hard' lockdowns.


One group acting like retards doesn't excuse the other group doing the same. Yes, I'm glad I don't live in australia and have the police breathing down my neck cause. Do I still think it's fucking stupid that there are millions in america who act like wearing a mask will melt their face off? yes. I already said it, but there's a reasonable response to this and nobody is interested in it. Why? Who knows. Why can't people realize that COVID isn't bubonic plague 2 nor will wearing a cause satan to brainwash your children. At this point I really do wish covid was some super virulent world ending disease cause clearly we're all too stupid to deserve living.


This is really the only value of all the extreme retardation on both sides is it keeps government officials somewhat wary of the consequences of what they do incase people flip out. I wish people physically shut down government bullshit initiatives more. Instead of just whining a ton and then obeying anyways. Stupid people need consequences otherwise they reek havoc unchecked.


Yeah these appeals to pathos are some of the worst. They don't care that much about grandma or the kids. They just use them as cudgels.


At the start of this whole thing I was convinced all the lock downs and mandates were because all the politicians are old fucks, and so they were desperately trying to save their own skin from corona. though clearly at this point that is not the case.


lockdowns are good for wizards, screw going outside, I want the government to tell me that I don't and shouldn't go outside


you can stay inside without the government telling you, baiting retard.


>Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.
>reclusive lifestyles
Masks aid reclusive lifestyles. Therefore showing contempt for masks, and especially people wearing masks and especially wizards wearing masks is a violation of rule 4 and should be an instant ban. Removing this type of pest will only improve the site.

Go cry about it on /pol/ if you can't appreciate the clown world for once coming up with a good policy here. For the first time the public norms shift in the direction of more autism, and these troglodytes are unhappy.


I also love knowing that outgoing and extroverted normalfags are also suffering from mandates, however.


Leftism dies without censorship.


Unite people against ZOG by…not wearing a paper mask when asked. You’re really sticking it to them champ. You’re days away from the revolution.


File: 1642633840184.jpg (53.39 KB, 976x549, 16:9, p0b05z4m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you can't shit on masks cause it's rule 4 and you're from /pol/
Amazing the mods don't delete retarded posts. Masks are uncomfortable, and serve no purpose.
>mask aids reclusive lifestyle
Meanwhile in the real world normalfags everywhere are socializing with or without the masks.


>seeking solitude : retiring from society
>marked by seclusion or retirement
Neither one are applicable to mask wearing. If you like wearing masks while out in public you're in luck for the next few years but I and many others here would rather not have to stress over or succumb to yet another idiotic societal ritual.

Wearing a mask is no different to when a dog hides its face from the gaze of his master to show submission. Not all reclusives and wizards are cowards who enjoy delving into obsequiousness.


>dog and slave metaphor again
You are projecting your own imaginary power struggles onto what that wiz was saying. Obsequiousness, sure, if you were to be asked to do a silly dance to confirm you were not carrying superAIDs–that much is agreeable. Wearing a mask, however, gives a feeling of privacy in that others cannot glean your facial expressions so easily. In this it aids the reclusive's lifestyle, adding a layer of anonymity and detachment previously afforded only to old asian bagladies and celebrities running from the paparazzi. It's about as passive a social ritual you can engage in. It's personally given me much relief in anxiety, since I hate having to put on a stone mask when in the presence of others. No need to freeze up knowing people can see my face, just slide in do my business slide out.


File: 1642659241882.png (485.12 KB, 1096x330, 548:165, smile.png) ImgOps iqdb

>if you were to be asked to do a silly dance
Well my miming hand washing routine is over now thanks to insurance companies not requiring stores around here to have someone watch over the hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance.

I understand that some aren't able to control their facial expressions in public or find keeping a straight face an arduous task. Again you're fortunate current trends have made your life a little easier and I hope you'll get to wear the mask when out in public for as long as you wish.

Just because it helps some types here doesn't mean it's a good development for everyone. I prefer to see faces as I'd rather have as much visual information as possible when dealing with people. I can't recall how many times I've been saved from disaster as someone was unable to suppress an unconscious facial expression when trying to exploit or take advantage of me. A smile isn't always a good sign.


I don't have social anxiety.
What I do have is glasses and a beard. Both of which cause problems when forced to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask fogs up my glasses and the moisture collects in my beard. So for practical and comfort reasons I don't like wearing a mask and only do it when I am payed to do so.

To pretend that mask are especially wizardly is retarded and probably just bait.

If I did have social anxiety I would know that a mask really wouldn't do much since mask cause someone to stand out and it draws stronger eye contact since normies will focus on the upper face to read cues.
I don't like increased eye contact so it is yet another reason to dislike mask. I don't even have social anxiety but I also don't like the increased attention the mask draws.

It just seems counterproductive for what OP is claiming.

Ultimately do what you want, but to act like mask wearing is true wizardry or not is stupid.


> just bait.
This. Someone copied the OP and made it an anti-car thread and a bunch of people copypasta'd the same arguments. I'm pretty sure this is a forced meme.


just so you know, no matter how bad you hate epeople, wishing suffering on otehrs is not healthy thinking and leads to self depression


100% agree with this buddy. i fucking hate these normie fucks who dont like them


>I fucking hate normie fucks who dont like them
Normalfags are okay with the masks, especially succubi.


Most of them are okay with it. The ones that hate it are REALLY obnoxious about it.


If you like a mask, you'll love a beard. If you can, get that thing growing. It is nature's mask.

Should have expected this thread to attract schizos and retards. A few reminders for the cognitively-impaired among us:

(1) For longer than you have been alive, surgeons have worn medical masks. This was not a mere fashion statement. Do you think they somehow enjoy masks? Ridiculous! They wore masks for the obvious reason of preventing the spread of disease. Masks have consistently been shown to be effective at preventing the spread of diseases, hence the common use of masks in medicine. How can anyone ignore something this obvious?

(2) Many stores require masks as a condition for entry. Since stores are private businesses on private property, the customer does not get to decide the rules. The property owner gets to decide the rules, just like if you own property, you can decide your own rules. Thus if the Walton family decides that every Walmart requires masks, then that is their call as the owners of Walmart. When you shop at Walmart, you are on private property and the owners have the right to decide the rules. Unfortunately, here in the United States, some violent fuckers have so terrorized businesses that they have instructed their employees not to confront people for not wearing masks. Can you imagine someone trespassing on your private property and engaging in harmful behaviours against your wishes? Can you imagine the trespassers threatening violence to the point where you can't do anything about them? This is the situation that business owners in the U.S. found themselves over the last two years. Dumbasses claiming the "freedom" not to wear masks on someone else's land are erasing the freedom of land owners to regulate their own property, similar to communists under Stalin and Mao.

(3) Even on public land, there has always been a dress code. This is the reason you can't show up naked to school or to your public library. Of course, this dress code is completely arbitrary and does not make any sense. Nudity does not corrupt the mind. If you have even the least understanding of psychology, you know that making taboos sexualizes things. Thus the sexualization of nudity is the result of the the taboo against nudity. Nude cultures never got as weird about nudity as modern Westerners do. Thus perversion about nudity is the result of taboos against nudity. I am of course not against public nudity for the simple fact that nudity does not cause any harm. Masklessness during a pandemic, however, stands to cause considerable harm. Thus, it makes sense to require masks in public spaces. Normally, I would be in favor of people wearing whatever they want in public spaces, but anti-maskers never cared about dress codes. In fact most of them were in favor of dress codes to avoid "corrupting the children," which is an absolute non-problem. Unless you are willing to whole-heartedly accept my harmless desire to parade down main street in my birthday suit, your dangerous demands not to wear masks in schools and courthouses is completely and utterly hypocritical.

(4) Concerns about masks causing dangerous respiratory restriction are mostly bogus. What is your mask made of? Fucking latex? Come on. Again, medical masks are an old technology that is very well understood. Why do you hate science so much? Did a scientist kill your family or something?

Abandon your obvious knee-jerk tribalism. Obviously, if you hate libs and the medical establishment, you want to rally against them as much as possible. But, when something as obviously rational as masks exists, then even the dumbest of your enemies will adopt it. Refusing to listen to sense merely to be contrarian makes you dumber than your dumbest enemies.


Wizards have beards, that's the dress code around here; did you not get the memo? A more pertinent wardrobe suggestion would be to shave our heads and get nice horn-rimmed glasses to go with the beards. I hear that's a fashionable look these days.


i call bullshit on that. I knoy many normies who fucking hate it.


You jest but that sounds rather comfortable.




Hi, just arrived here from Twitter/Discord/Instagram/Tiktok?


>For longer than you have been alive, surgeons have worn medical masks
I don't trust surgeons. 195,000 people die in hospitals each year due to preventable mistakes, and 23% of malpractice allegations are related to surgery. This leads to 44,850 deaths caused by surgeons every year (a bit less than the seasonal flu AKA covid). My grandmother had heart surgery once and they left a fucking towel inside. It got infected and she managed to live through a second surgery. Lucky for the surgeon my grandparents didn't believe in lawsuits. If most surgeons believe wearing a mass-produced, less than paper-thin mask has any noticeable effect on disease prevention, then I don't trust most surgeons. In all likelihood, they only wear the mask because they're drooling retards who are likely to spit and slobber while bragging about their golf game to the nurses.

>Since stores are private businesses on private property, the customer does not get to decide the rules

What private businesses are allowed to do hasn't really been up to them in many decades. After the Civil Rights Act
businesses are told they can't discriminate based on certain characteristics. This, and probably some more laws I'm not aware of, have set the precedent for the US federal government telling not just states and local governments, but private individuals, that they cannot freely associate for X or Y reason. The legal basis for this allows the government to arbitrarily dictate what businesses are allowed to do on their private property. I tend to disagree with all of this on a Constitutional basis, but the fact is, in some regions, a black would have no where to buy food or tools or get a car or go to school, etc. It was rare becauses black businesses were obviously located in black neighborhoods and were perfectly acceptable. My point is, blacks on occasion were prevented from accessing basic services and necessities; what if that reason wasn't just race or gender, but simply wearing your hat backwards? "Oh all the punks do it!" So? That's ridiculous. What about preventing everyone who's a registered Republican or Democrat from entering?
>How would you know their political affiliation?
Require a verbal statement at the door, require mandatory tattoos or insignias, get vaxxed and chipped and scan your barcode, etc. There are many ways. And just because you don't like niggers or cunts or rednecks or libtards or whatever doesn't mean you can systematically exclude them from the basic facilities of living, and in large swathes of the US, Walmart is the only way some people are able to survive. It's fucked and wrong but it's the truth. Wearing a mask is jumping through a stupid monkey hoop for no obvious benefit.

>Concerns about masks causing dangerous respiratory restriction are mostly bogus

I haven't read much about that, so I personally cannot claim otherwise, but I am inclined to believe having a cloth mask would decrease oxygen intake if worn for an extended period of time (like how schools mandated children wear them inside and out all day long, or wagies slaving over a stove and cash register). It's also not respiratory restriction I'd be worried about but infection. You could actually get sick with a real bug, like bacterial pneumonia, from breathing in your own fumes.

>Why do you hate science so much?

Really, anon? Questioning government-sponsored narratives doesn't mean you "hate science". The least scientific thing is to say anything is settled science. Then it becomes dogma. You seem to write like a paid shill and have a lot of strange talking points. Knowing how much of this whole situation is a massive hoax perpetrated by trillionaires and their CIA lapdogs, I don't know why I'm responding to you.


If you get one made from muslin or cheesecloth you can find online, it's a lot better. I wore a surgical one out the other day while washing my others and thought I was suffocating and started hyperventilating in the store, and drew a bunch of attention to myself and almost got paramedics called.


>195000 people die in hospitals every year due to preventable mistakes.
Such as failure to practice appropriate sanitation. And your solution is what? To prevent fewer mistakes?

>Surgeons make mistakes all the time, and therefore must be wrong about everything.

Their job is literally to cut a living person open and fuck around with their innards. Of course surgical mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. But are you really going to throw out the all medical knowledge just because surgeons frequently make mistakes?

>Masks would only stop surgeons that drool and spit.

That is to say all surgeons, yes. Small particles of saliva carried by the breath are the main vector for Covid transmission. That is exactly why we wear masks.

>Civil rights, etc.

Yes, that is a major reason that the Civil Rights Act was controversial in the first place. You'll notice that many businesses have a "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." All businesses have that same right. The only exception to that is refusing service based on categories protected by the Civil Rights Act. You are allowed to kick people out for any other reason, even at random.

>What if, hypothetically, some businesses had an arbitrary dress code?

Actually, that's an extremely common thing. I'm shocked that you have never heard of this before. Businesses have always been allowed to decide the dress code, something that they frequently have done to exclude certain groups of people. The origin of the "No shirt, no shoes, no service" policy at restaurants is from the 1960s specifically so that they could keep hippies out. You'll hear people sometimes claim that no shirt, no shoes is needed to comply with health codes, but there is actually no such health code. Obviously, shirtlessness doesn't spread disease. Yet, I don't recall the hippies organizing protests to fight the dress codes, or forcing entry into establishments, or threatening violence. Though dress codes have been ubiquitous in our society for about sixty years, nobody made a big deal about them until 2020. And even now that anti-maskers are drawing a hard line about masks, they still don't give a shit about other types of dress code. You seem to be making the case that anti-maskers are somehow unable to obtain groceries and basic supplies, but this is obviously false. Many of these stores will literally provide you a mask if you didn't bring one. They make it as easy as possible for everyone to comply. And this is what you call a "ridiculous monkey hoop." I have to put on pants when I go to Walmart and you have to put on a mask. Simple as.

>What if businesses barred entry based on political affiliation?

That is legal, yes. Political affiliation is not a protected class under the Civil Rights Act. I don't know any cases where this has happened, but there are numerous cases of businesses firing employees due to political affiliation. Some states have instituted protections for political groups, but most have not.

>You could get sick with bacterial pneumonia from breathing your own fumes.

No, the bacteria would still have to come from somewhere, and for a pathogen, that is most likely someone else's fumes.

>You seem to bring up a lot of strange talking points.

You mean like using medical malpractice statistics to discredit medical masks? You mean your bit about "what if" businesses started enforcing a dress code? These talking points get stranger and stranger.


You are going out of your way to defend the cuck muzzle. I know you're eager to show off your loyalty to your masters but some wizards here actually have self-respect.


You should be banned for this kind of low effort trolling. This isn't /b/.


People seem nice to me when I’m wearing a mask. Why I don’t know, but I don’t mind them.


I read a study that people rated attractiveness of those wearing masks more evenly than not and hence treated them better. Attractive people get better treatment. Quite fascinating tbh.


yes, I love them. they give me the same feeling of removal from the world as being in a car does. also, I don't need to shave as regularly as I used to, since my embarrassing low-test scruff is covered


My nostrils are asymmetrical and the narrow one has reduced air intake. The nose is also snottier than average especially in cold weather, mask gets soggy if my nose starts running which is unpleasant af. Since i don't care about people eyeing my mug and focus on utilitarian side mask = bad


I go maskless to protect the rights of retards who want to put me in a camp


OP again.

I recently went on a huge trip to another country and I've repeatedly found myself amazed at how good the mask is for social anxiety. I feel like I am honestly like a wiz ghost just floating through crowds of people. While I don't like going outside if I can avoid it, I really do feel safe wearing my mask.

I remember while I was at the airport I just sat at cafes coding on my laptop while masses of people moved around me and I didn't feel anxious at all. Whereas before I would feel so… exposed… and constantly worried about myself. The wiz mask lets me turn into a ghost a blend in. It's so nice.


Masks are fucking amazing. Don't forget, nobody can smell you either, so really no need to shave or shower. You can also cut the first two layers of most masks so you can breathe. Don't hesitate to replace the festering shit after a few days of salivation, these things are germ factories and wild animals we call humans have forgotten these are one time use only.


They will never take me alive. I have set my boundaries and I don't fear death. I wouldn't blink.


Who is "they"? You sound REALLY cool, anyway, wiz. Keep fighting the good fight. :^)


[glow]ATF spotted[/glow]


> perfectly fine thread
this thread is retarded. enjoy wearing your mask during hot summer


Normies are already cracking down on people who still wear masks.


Normies still wear masks.


i don't like the foggy glasses but it seems like a worthy trade for hiding my expression


File: 1654477201274.png (40.77 KB, 190x146, 95:73, DF73C3CA-AB35-4B40-BE51-B5….png) ImgOps iqdb

This is the best thread. You truly understand the pandemic was amazing for wizards. I’m glad u faggots identify yourself


Not everyone loves in Africa or the Philippines, brownie


lol what an egregious typo.


Ever since the pandemic started I was wondering why people were so nice to me all of the sudden. Normies were actually aproaching me, even the succubi. I couldn't believe it, such a wild change all of the sudden. I didn't know what was happening, but I felt like a human being for the first time ever. And then it hit me… it was the mask, the mask was covering my ugly face so people didn't know how I actually look like. It was a hard pill to swallow.


I dont trust anyone that needs to hide Their face. Your face is how you communicate everything.


Have you tried to dress yourself like an actual wizard?
>hood covering face
>blue or purple bandana, covering your face or only your neck
>belt with herbs pouch
>maybe a hidden weapon or a staff


That is exactly why it should be hidden from normies


Ready for lockdown number two? BA.5 seems to be scaring normgroids and algorithms are pushing "scary" stuff so people will lock themselves up again and are being told their shitty jabs didn't do shit.
So I guess norms will freak out about not getting sun again lmao.


had to google what ba.5 was just now
huh cool i guess


>hides your expressions so you don't have to fake smile

This was the best part especially during my job interview. I thought I was gonna be nauseous and that I would have face ticks during the interview. The mask helped with that alot with the ticks. Also not having to smile the whole fucking time like a sperg helped alot aswell during the process. It was my first job interview since I was neeting before so I was very much nervous before the interview.


We should do this more often…


Especially for Autistic wizards like myself. Helps with the fact of feeling like you dont look abnormal to other people.


It feels like a catch 22 to me. With a mask I don’t have to emote, but my voice is kinda deadpan so I sound irritated even when I’m not so I can’t even flash a half assed smile to try and appear friendly. It was nice not having to look at people faces though.


True, it is so much easier to pass as a well adjusted member of society. Mask + hat has ended up with people just coming up/turning to me in public and socializing. They think you are part of the club and treat you with respect and care. It just confirms that anyone with physical or social or emotional ugliness are living in hell. The leper with a bell never went away it just became more obfuscated. Then they become furious when the designated bad karma dumpheap ruins the visual appeal of their cohesive happy social fantasy. It's almost as if they would rather ignore reality than just give outcasts some outside place in society, whether that's monasteries or farming or something, the issue does not go away if you ignore it.


It doesnt have to go away, but to be ignored. This is not r9k

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