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>18 years old
>have 12k in bank account
>4k in portfolio
>about to work for 8 months only to make 20k-33k
>going to a 55k dollar school that my family will pay (an actual specific degree and licenses)
>will graduate at 19 or 20
> obsess with money
>career with that degree is between 45k and 300k
> guaranteed to have a lot of money when Im old because of wills and shit (around 25-40 years old (around 5million))
>anxious that I wasted 4 months doing nothing except going to a worthless college (different one )
>zero friends
>no social life
> has a car and driver license
> pissed off because my mom wont take out a loan of 20k for me to invest in the stock market
> unsure if I start working next week or the week after because I am sitting here doing absolutely nothing except reading or watching movies about Jesus.
I feel fucking poor and Im serious. What to do?!




Just buy monero or something and call it good. They've been using it for the shady markets which highly drives up demand, making them more-than-worthless.

Also, stop rushing things. Boot a game of league or WoW or RS or whatever and take it easy. You can probably afford to fail that class as long as it doesn't count as credit toward you new major. Whatever you do, don't get the genius idea to drop out like most of us here do.


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