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Does anyone here have studies or books about…well.. us, research about our personalities and psychology in general, like what psychology phenotype lead a person to become a NEET or a wizard? Why and how? It's a fascinating topic to dissect.


harm avoidance


There is a lot of variety among neets. Criminals, rich, mental illness, hikkikomori, crabs, guys who live off of their girlfriends. I think the one thing most have in common is to just not want to exert effort


im mentally ill and it just gets worse by the year


learned helplessness


>Does anyone here have studies or books about…well.. us, research about our personalities and psychology in general
No. Wizards are a diverse demographic with many divergent and largely unrelated factors that could lead one to be one. As such there isn't to my knowledge any study or research about wizards in particular.


Embracing life without outside influence. Not wanting to conform to arbitrary standards defined by total strangers. Throw in some schizoid traits as well.


I'm extremely low in industriousness, pretty avoidant and, of course, introverted. Becoming a wizard shut in was just a more or less logical conclusion of that I guess.


I’m extremely lazy, schizoid and also low intelligent with no talent so naturally I ended as a neet.


There are some theories which have criticism. If you look at attachment theory it’s primarily used for minor issues in peoples relationships, but it also encompasses how people see others and the social environment. It’s focused around early age experiences with a primary caregiver and social experience with other people:

If you look at “Dismissive-Avoidant” and fearful avoidant, you’ll see things like reluctance to make close friends or trouble bonding with people. People can fall between them. Combined with theories like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hostile_attribution_bias you will see early age negative
Social interaction leading to an accurate, or inaccurate, view of social environmental hostility and ability to see others as a source of benefit/comfort or threat.

Like all concepts it’s watered down and used heavily for Norman experiences, but it’s probably one place to start for people who are on the extreme side of socially averse.


I should add that the meme of blaming parents for everything probably stems from that, interpreting it as the primary caregivers “fault” why they exhibit certain behaviours. It’s just people dumbing it down - any number of causes environmental, situational, externally negative social pressure, stress, can cause the disruption. Common theme for any of this kind of research is having to go deep enough to ignore how it’s used in mainstream society.


>Does anyone here have studies or books about…well.. us, research about our personalities and psychology in general, like what psychology phenotype lead a person to become a NEET or a wizard?
No. It's perplexing how, for thousands of years, not one philosopher or scientist has thought to even ponder our condition.


I can't tell if you are ironic or serious…There are many philosophers and thinkers who wrote about solutide and related things - writings that has to do with Taoism or Nietzsche for example. Not exactly wizardly, but certainly NEET friendly.


nonconformism, social maladjustment, antinomianism, misanthropy, too much self-consciousness seem to be common traits among nearly all wizards.

Social maladjustment is the lynchpin


Lot of people are just throwing out random labels and terms without even a additional thought or justification.
It's really lazy and dumb.


Up until the last century most neets probably ended up dead or driven away if they weren't well off already


people have existed without working since forever. it's just hard and you're a burden on others around you, so you some kind of support system, be it land, family, wealth, nobility

the support systems are easier to obtain in modern times is all


I mostly don't care
That's all really
I don't care to do anything, I don't particularly care about anyone and I don't really care about improving myself or my situation
Any and all attempts at "betterment" have been forced on me. I wouldn't have done it otherwise.


There used to be plenty of easy, well-paying, solitary jobs for the people who become neets now. Not to mention religious possibilities. It is a modern problem to be stuck ina highly social society, raised by game consoles and internet such that you cant talk to people. if you grew up on a farm with no games or internet then you would be out there milking the cows right now


You could have been like Diogenes and lived off the goodwill of others. Or become a thief and steal from others. Or go out and find unclaimed land to start a homestead. Remember that people had way more freedom centuries ago. You had plenty of options to survive back then besides waging for jews.


File: 1644456739307.jpg (160.45 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Describe wizzards as social isolated would be misleading. Wizzards are best described as "worldy isolated". That's why wizzards have fantasies like the one on the thread "being the last human alive".

I don't think that science cannot picture us as a whole because they tend to focus on very specific atributes. Art has a wider picture but low in resolution when you try to zoom in with a normal mind. But a wizzard should zoom in with little amount of problem.

I would recommend Dostoievsky's "Notes from the Underground."
In games I recommend the game Omori.

We are some very fantasy/intuition powerful persons. That I can say for sure.


lol anon all these are still possible
>others goodwill
become a homeless beggar
easy as shit, especially in big shitty city
also still doable, but far harder.


As a general rule, I would say

Very low conscientiousness
Very high neuroticism
Often have genetic weakness - physically weak, ugly looks etc
Childhood trauma

Its a very unfortunate mental configuration. The fact we are living in a hyperactive clown world only compounds the issue. Self-awareness is a real curse in this world. There really is no way out other than perhaps extreme copes like becoming a literal monk. But then very few could ever cope with the discipline required for that lifestyle and the fact you will never be able to delude yourself into following religion due to your self-awareness telling you that its all bullshit.


>Does anyone here have studies or books
Edward Dutton we're not gonna make your next vid for you f off anglo scum


Bumpy for more insight and info


File: 1647489291969.png (1.6 MB, 1073x2357, 1073:2357, r9k.png) ImgOps iqdb

try these books, yes I know it says /r9k/ but most of them are also wizardly


thomas mann's magic mountain


Oblomov is a great book because just like Oblomov has a stack of half read books just gathering dust this book will too just gather dust after you read the first 100 pages or so.
Notes from the underground is fantastic though.


It really isn't.
Notes from the underground is just whining.
There is nothing positive I have to say about that book.


File: 1647509410166.pdf (1.49 MB, Pentti Linkola - Can Life ….pdf)

Just posting to strongly recommend Book of Disquiet + Confederacy of Dunces. All of Georges Perec's books were alright. I've read 9 of the books on the pic. Catcher in the Rye was relatable but it's basically teenage angst the book. Sorrows of Young Werther I did not care for. On the Heights of Despair is excellent. Read this book attached as well, Pentti Linkola writes things I think some here would enjoy.


Against the Grain by Joris-Karl Huysmans is an amazing book. Des Esseintes is a world-weary aesthete disillusioned with bourgeois society. He has a profound appreciation for art and secludes himself in the country and arrays his house in elaborate decoration fitted to his various moods. He has art by Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon. One chapter is devoted to a description of all the books contained in his library among which are the Satyricon of Petronius and the poem Mosella by Ausonius. Huysmans diction is highly descriptive/flowery and verges on purple prose. Huysmans began writing Naturalist novels but with A Rebours his style evolved and he became known as a major figure in the movement termed Decadence/Symbolism. Another novel by Huysmans, La Bas, centers on Durtal who is engaged in writing a history of the sadistic and satanic serial killer Gilles de Rais. Huysmans works contain many beautiful ekphrastic expositions of works of his favorite works of art. Later Huysmans converted to Catholicism and became a monk. His novels En Route and The Cathedral (which contains descriptions of the symbolism of Chartres Cathedral) deal with his internal struggle with his faith.


>Another novel by Huysmans, La Bas
this is the one with a lengthy description of a black mass isn't it


Is it me or are all the classics of literature massively overrated? Seriously, who considered most of these as classics? Not talking about Oblomov, haven't read that one but the classic works in general disappointed me very much.


you have to mentally time travel decades back and imagine you want to read a book to entertain yourself because there isn't much else to do. just with this mindset alone, certain books stand out. i'm not sure how it gets regarded as a classic though, you can look at old book reviews when things first get published like moby dick and everyone shit on it. i'm guessing the books get added to reading lists for universities and enough people get familiar with them and study them , and that is how it becomes a classic


Most classics that I have read were good.
But I mainly stuck to the kinds of generas and themes I already liked.


Classical literature is a pretty broad term and includes thousands of books, you probably read things that weren't to your taste.


For myself it was not a conscious choice i did everything by the book society told me to do. Do good in school go to college find a trade work kept falling through my undiagnosed sperg brain at the time could not handle the failure. I really tried after that i was done.




The classics pre 1850 are typically top tier, but after that you had people doing the equivalent of online shilling their mixtape and it becomes a muddled bag. Many of the greats from that time did shit like publish false reviews to get their books to gain traction. A lot of the "classics" from the late 19th century are just really popular genre fiction, Sherlock Homes and Charles Dickens books for example, aren't much better than the contemporary literature you find on the bookshelf. It was from a time when literacy rates were high but there wasn't much other entertainment.

You also had the celebrity author that came accompanied with the bohemian lifestyle, like Lord Byron and Casanova were the harbinger of this shit. And it reached its apotheosis with the Frenchie fucks like Camus, who spent more time cultivating their turtleneck, chain smoking appearance than they did actually writing anything profound. Go on /lit/ today and you can see it all play out, they spend more time worrying about achieving the literary lifestyle than they do actually learning how to write.

Literature follows the same degeneration as the visual arts. As soon as impressionism/romanticism hits you start experiencing a degeneration like a rot.

>i'm guessing the books get added to reading lists for universities and enough people get familiar with them and study them , and that is how it becomes a classic

This, and also with high school. Take the Great Gatsby for example, a completely mediocre book that's shilled to high schoolers because the symbolism is on the nose. "LOOK AT THE GREEN LIGHT, THE GREEN LIGHT". And 1984 which is on the high school list because of 1950s McCarthyism and never lost its place.


So many kids I went to HS with have Great Gatsby listed as their fav book, because they havent read a book on their own since HS


Some high school books are actually good reads though. I liked Fahrenheit 451.


File: 1655206047986.png (3.27 MB, 2292x1621, 2292:1621, schizoidmasterrace.png) ImgOps iqdb

Shizoid Personality Disorder.




this is more like a depiction of the histrionic pd
succubi + pop psychology = pure cancer
please don't post this kind of content



I know this is an imageboard so there will always be a level of irreverence but Jesus Fucking Christ, Gen Z has no ability to be serious everything has to be behind at least one layer of irony.


Schizoid pd is about the furthest thing from histrionic pd, retard.


my point was that the person who made and self inserted into this is histrionic, retard.


You get used to it. Or, maybe I'm too far-gone.


>Learned helplessness
What kind of bullshit slander is this? "Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps, bucko! It's your fault if you don't" I expect this nonsense from 4chan, but not Wizchan.


I was a cheery out going kid. I wanted to make all the friends as a toddler. Insert the typical loser experiences. Fast forward to adulthood. I just have no inclination towards people. Neither self assertive nor natural instincts for it. I was so easily exploitable for laughs. So it was that was my adolescence. I struggled resolve why making friends hurt so much. I was nothing but a bait dog for others to puff themselves up. Never knew any other mode. Those at the bottom of the social ladder used me. The sped kids too. Fuck I struggled to figure out if bullying from the normie kids was serious or not but when the fucking potato kids were in on it too. That infuriated me. By adulthood I was completely exhausted with the whole ordeal. Over it.
I think my brain got behaviorally conditioned to reject by default. As the first reply said, it's my brain protecting itself. Adults aren't so brazenly pieces of shit at least not immediately. I can never get past that stage anyways. My brain is cocooned up into auto-self defense mode.
If I try to conciusly assert effort to operate otherwise, then my brain gears into full schizo mode. Overthinking over analysing, becoming paranoid, botching it at the end anyways.


The most normalfag idea to ever be created. It's so condescending and smug it's amazing.


my diary desu


and do you want to be like that, man? and let everyone think they were right about you?


Ah, thank you very much. God bless thee

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