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My libido is completely gone. It all started 5 days ago. For the first 3 days I just couldn't cum, then on the 4th day I started being disgusted by the thought of sex and if I tried to force an erection by playing with my penis it was hard to maintain. Today I didn't even try to masturbate for the first time in a while. I ran into porn images and ads while browsing the internet and I found them to be disgusting. I looked up what might be causing this and it could be a multitude of physical and psychological problems. At first I was concerned, but now I'm starting to see it as a blessing in disguise. Has this ever happened to anyone else here?


Happens all the time, then I'm back to polishing my wand all day within a month. Is anything in particular stressing you out more than usual perhaps?


>Is anything in particular stressing you out more than usual perhaps?
Not really, though I've been feeling kind of down lately for no particular reason. I've been very depressed before though, but this is the first time my libido has disappeared.


happens to lots of men. common causes are insufficient diet, exercise and sleep. Old age doesn't help, chemical imbalances, too much stress, depression.

Do you have some unshakable burden weighing you down? An impossible dream occupying your mind? Perhaps the king has been dethroned and now ushers in a new reign and the unyielding have resigned and checked out of society.


cute pic wizzie, good taste!

I wish my libido would die, I joked to my friend just yesterday that I'd prefer to be a eunuch. I hate that being horny can interrupt me and can make me take decisions that I otherwise wouldn't, and I hate that it means I can't quit porn. I would be much happier if I didn't get the urge.


Disturbingly it sounds like being a eunuch doesnt even solve the problem, it just reduces it a little


>Do you have some unshakable burden weighing you down?
I know people on this website will attack me for this, but I really wish I had some friends to hang out with. This has been making me very depressed lately.


That is because people on this website have online friends/real friends and aren't so keen to listen to the problems of friendless losers

I wish I was making this up


File: 1645082576397.webm (612.28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, here I go.webm) ImgOps iqdb

nigger i wish


sorry about the loneliness, that sucks.


I'm not completely alone. I have a really good online friend that knows everything about me and that I can vent about anything with and then a more laid back friend I just play games with. I can't help but want something more though, something in person. I feel like I should be grateful for the people I have in my life and stop being so whiny, but I can't shake off this feeling. Online friendships just aren't the same thing. After so many years of isolation and rejection I feel like it is impossible for me. The feeling this makes me feel isn't really sadness. It's more of a deep melancholy and bitterness, a deep sense of injustice. I know no one owes me anything and people have the right to not want anything to do with me, but it still stings.


I have one friend online that I made from this website years ago, I doubt most people here are doing any better than that


Maybe this is temporary. Are the causes biological or psychological? Only you can tell. I don't recall this happening to me because I have a different relationship with sex and libido, for I was sexually abused by my teacher when I was 5yo. So I feel the disgust you feel for pornography but find comforting and pleasurable when the female figure have somewhat less humanity. That's why I like furry succubi, night elves and stuff like that.
I'm currently at No Fap and No Porn because I want to get rid or control of the bad parts of my personality. I can't feel the "reward" after cooming, so that habit is naturally fading away for me. I only gave that fading away a shove.


I've been kind of stressed lately, but I honestly have no clue. I hope it's psychological and not physical.


OP here, and my libido is back. Idk why it disappeared for a week. That was weird, it had never happened to me before.


This happened to me before. My sex drive just plummeted. I think it's a natural self regulation thing. Once you lose interest you naturally abstain, and the abstinence allows hormones and mana to build back up until you feel the desire to engage in it again.

Do you do any drugs by the way? This happened to me while I was smoking a lot of weed.


I'm guessing you just have clinical depression. Losing your libido is usually not a good sign.


Doesn't depression tank the testosterone level ?


From the very little that I have read it's the other way around. Low T tanks someones mood and usually causes depression.
Not a expert though so I could be wrong.


>Do you do any drugs by the way?
Not really, though I was very stressed and depressed when it happened.
It can go both ways I think.


I am low T and definitely not depressed, any correlation is most likely psychosomatic induced by mra/mgtow shilling for super male vitality pills or something similar


I'm a couple of days into nofap, I don't know exactly when I started. It is natural/unconscious this time, I'm not doing it on purpose. I simply had no time to jerk off one day last week and after that I didn't feel any desire or compulsion to masturbate. Let's see how long it will go.


i am on my 8th day of nofap and I didn't feel any urges until my 6th day. Longest I lasted was 45 days but I haven't been able to do that again in almost a year..


P sure eunuchs still feel a desire for affection like cuddling and kissing. Did that go away too OP? That's my biggest prob


File: 1646883428886.jpeg (435.89 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 170833D7-9C1F-4BC7-A268-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’m a eunuch as of seven months ago. At present I have zero desire for sex or affection, but that didn’t seem to happen until unrelated health issues came up. Mostly it’s a moderate reduction from baseline, but my testosterone was lowered for years prior so I don’t have a good control to reference. I don’t especially recommend the eunuch life if your only objective is removing sex drive, but if you’ve got other reasons then I’d say it’s pretty minor to deal with and worth the trouble/money.


Wow a fellow eunuch here of 5 years, glad I’m not alone, I think eunuch life is the best, hormones suck. If you are a real wizard I’d say there is nothing but positives to it.


how has this happened to you


how has this happened to you


it was self done, I posted about it here while I was doing it in 2018


File: 1647217135873.jpeg (48.13 KB, 350x449, 350:449, 4801F054-4E9E-428C-8F8B-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Paid a doctor in the United States 3500 cash and he did it no questions asked. I walked in on a Saturday morning, he cut them out while singing along to the radio on his phone, and I walked out with a script for painkillers and antibiotics. I’m confident you could find him with a little googling as he’s the only American I’ve found that operates like this. He might be retired now, but you could get a similar deal in Mexico or get into a tranny clinic in America with a few letters.


Are you the one who cut his balls in his room and posted a thread about it in 8ch/r9k/ ?


No, look up calcium chloride castration, it's something any wizard could do with $20 or so, no cutting or surgery required. And I don't recommend cutting yourself as it can causes permanent chronic pain. Get a doctor like >>188911 or go with an injection in your bedroom.



I have seen other posts on this website about this very phenomenon… Something about some guy who kept getting erections and the thoughts of sex was, in their opinion, ruining their life

I just… This reminds of the story of a rapper named Andre Johnson AKA Christ Bearer, who whilst on PCP thought that it was a wise idea to cut his own dick off… In those moments of being high on PCP, in performing personal reflection/self-inquiry, the rapper thought about all of his major problems in life stemming from interacting/engagements with succubi, so, the sensible idea in the throes of PCP intoxication, with dissolved boundaries, the decision was made, that if the guy cut his own dick off, all his problems with succubi would be over, seeing as being without a penis, he would not desire to chase succubi… Well, this guy did it, cut off his own dick, got it reattached, and has gotten engaged to a succubus

I just view this all as very striking and shockingly… Gonzo, so to say…

I mean, if what you say is true, and the deed is really done… Does your life really feel any much different?



Samefagging, but if anyone else remembers the story that I am talking about, it was about a guy who lived in a city and bought a new car to attempt to impress succubi, but to no avail


My life is 100x better for it, I did not do it for sex reasons and have no problems with females. People that make decisions like that spontaneously are all around retarded, it doesn't really matter what they did, they don't represent anyone that seriously considers these things.

The reaction most people seem to have towards castration seems extremely weird to me. I really don't understand what the big deal is, especially if you are a hikki type. It's not unbelievable or anything, castration has been done for thousands of years and is completely normal as far as I'm concerned.


Weak willed wizzies who read this thread. Please don't cut off your balls !

Biologically speaking you need testosterone to battle against insulin resistance. (insulin is a hormone that signals to your cells to use nutriments like glucose & proteins).

Testosterone is needed to make cells insulin sensitive.

To those who cut off their balls, I guess you can take berberine (same potency as the classical diabetical drug "metformin") with milk thistle (this one increases the intestinal absorption of berberine). Or maybe shoot yourself with some T.


to the ones who earnestly consider going through with such a silly idea, the physiological side effects are probably the least of their problems. i hope it's a big larp and none of the castrates in this thread are for real, as you'd have to be so severely mentally unbalanced that i doubt you could be this articulate about such an ordeal, but i dont know what to believe anymore.


Then why are females fine? They have as much testosterone as a eunuch.


In my post, I focused on males as it's the target audience here.
If you want the female side of things, here's a quick rundown :

Sexual hormones (whether T or E) are needed to sensitize the cells on insulin's effect.
Females produce estrogen which is also highly effective against the onset on insulin resistance.

In case of males, T increases muscle cells insulin sensitivity (thus why males are stronger). Males also produce E but to a lesser degree to maintain healthy bones, store some fat reserves for harsher times, etc.

In case of females, it's the reverse. The E increases insulin sensitivity on the females traits (enlarged breast, smooth skin due to increased collagen production by skin fibroblast, very strong bones to bear a child, etc). Females also produce T but to a lesser extent in order to maintain a minimal muscle mass.

So both of them are highly effective against insulin resistance, but they have different ways of doing it


Your adrenal glands produce testosterone which is enough to feel fine once you get over the initial change. Like I said, eunuchs have existed for thousands of years, historically notable eunuchs have even lived to 90+ years old because it's a perfectly fine procedure. I don't want to encourage people who don't want to do it to do it, but if you have no problems with it and you've wanted to do it out of no reason other than your own free will then I am just saying it is easy and most likely you will not suffer many side effects other than expected things like muscle mass or body hair loss


> eunuchs have existed for thousands of years
So has child sacrifice.


The amount of T that adrenals produce is ridiculous compared to the amount produced in the testes.
Insulin resistance will kick in sooner and you better eat moderately if you don't want to be on diabetes meds and bloated with fat.


>iologically speaking you need testosterone to battle against insulin resistance
>iologically speaking you need testosterone to battle against insulin resistance
Or you can just eat a low fat diet


Yes, it happened to me lately too. It looks like, the more age I get the less horny I m. But thats a good thing. Its much better to be asexual than monkey who desires sexual intercourse all the time.
It looks like I've changed.


>Actually buys low-fat bullcrap
Look at how much higher obesity is despite low-fat being popular


I've masturbated one time this year so far. To see if it still worked. Ejaculated has happened a couple of times whilst sleeping (annoying). When you go long enough without fapping you honestly forget about it. I haven't always been this way, back in the day I jacked off constantly at some point I just stopped. Not saying this is better or worse than alternatives. I'm sure it probably is a health problem, I have pretty bad anhedonia that hasn't ceased in years now. For the same reason I can't get around to ""fixing" anything.


Didn't mean this to sound /dep/-like, I'm not depressed by it. When I did fap this year around March, it felt good, but not good enough to want to repeat and definitely not enough to invest time on with porn and such. Of course that's the paradox. When you fap all the time, you at least must have some drive to find pleasure, which seems positive overall in theory. Not sure. The main downside of not fapping for me is insomnia - there must be a connection, we all know the feeling of natural pleasant sleepiness post orgasm. It's something I underestimated really, now I don't have it it's all the more obvious how important it must be in this way. Excuse me for the pseudoscience but it seems true in my experience and relevant to the topic.


you mean sugar? thats the real enemy


This is the true masterful spell that a wizard finally learns.

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