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NEET above 30, even above 40, do they exist? How is your life? What are some main concerns that you have?


The vast majority of older NEETs don't even know what "NEET" stands for and aren't a part of the crab/loser online culture.

If you search online you can find may cases of the family members of 35+ year old NEETs asking for advice.


Yeah, well i'd assume that by that age they probably wouldn't have the patience to deal with all the nonsense you see online anyway. Most internet users act like children.


I've seen plenty of "adults" acting like petty toddlers both online and in real life, so I'm sure it wouldn't matter


ever hear of 40yr olds who live in their parent's basement? There have been plenty of NEETs before the term was coined


I'm a 30 year old NEET, turned a wizard last year. Been a NEET on benefits ever since I dropped out of university about 10 years ago. It's okay.


I'm a 32 year old NEET because I was fired from my job last year. My life kind of sucks, my main concern is life sucking.

I know lots of 30+ year old lifelong NEETs though. None of them seem to really be enjoying themselves to the fullest but they aren't absolutely miserable either.


I'am a wizard going 40. Had some some major psychotic episodes, in fact i am in a psych warden right now. I guess life could be worse. Neeting has alot of downsides too.


Curious. What kind of psychotic episode ?


Losing my place because of some sheep and his jelousy basically or being to honest. All i can say.


>aren't absolutely miserable either
Possibly there's survivorship bias, with the really miserable neets offing themselves before they reach that age.


me too. ive been a neet since i dropped out of cc, in 2010. on government assistance all the time. before that i was homeless living in shelters

im almost 100% sure that if my bux dies, im going straight back to living homeless. i was homeless a whole bunch in my teens, but it was all shelter life. this time around ill try living outside of a shelter, the general consensus is that if you can, try to sleep outside, as shelters are dangerous and violent and stressful


I've been a hikikomori since 2013. It's comfy enough but there I'll probably end up homeless once my parents are gone, I just can't function in society.


start working on being able to hold a job now then. i'm in the same boat. but i've been working on being able to work a job when theyre gone. i think i can do it but i've been working on this for years.


File: 1647815128641.gif (548.24 KB, 255x184, 255:184, giphy (3).gif) ImgOps iqdb

im 31 and a hikki neet, i get free money from the govermrnt because i had a psychotic break down and was diagnosed as a schizo. Im mostly worried how things will go when my parents die. although i can leech off my older brother


i am a 36 year old neet

main concern is that i'll develop dementia (due to social isolation, lack of vitamin d and exercise)

i have always been socially inept. this is why i can't independently.
i have money invested in crypto and plan to move out eventually when my crypto moves upwards(if it ever does)



why i can't live*


not only am i socially inept i am suffering from cognitive and memory problems

i plan to fix this once i get away from my mother. while living with her i don't feel like doing it


when my crypto goes up and i make like 100k
i would live frugally on that. i i would only spend a certain amount every year
like 2 thousand a year or something like that


cognitive/memory problems have made my inability to get a job even worse

before i only had social ineptness to worry about


>2 thousand a year
thats less 2 months worth of rent for me, how can you live off that?


I'm 31 and living comfortably because I bought bitcoin when it was cheap. I don't relate to much on wizchan at all anymore, I got the virginity and NEET part but not the crab, poor, depression parts that seep into all threads


happy for u wizzie. hope you keep your financial independence.



by being homeless

you use the money for food


>Money doesn't buy happiness


I am a 30 year old NEET. I don't have any disabilities or extenuating circumstances, so I only get the basic amount of NEETbux in my country (around $400 a month), but fortunately I live with my parents, so I'm not responsible for rent or bills.

My main fear is that once my mother dies, I'll get kicked out and become homeless. Other than that, I don't really worry about much else. I spend all my days F5ing imageboards and watching YouTube videos. It's what I've done for the past decade and probably what I'll do for the next one.


I'm 40 in the near future. I am not a stereotypical autist neckbeard etc, just pathologically self-conscious with a chronic inability to take action. I haven't ever been able to get control over my life and it has passed me by. I have no job or money but am currently living alone in a rented place off savings. I can't claim neetbux due to these modest savings. Cost of living is going through the roof here. In all likelihood, I'll end up living with my mother again in my 40s. There is no way I can or will wageslave. I don't have the courage to try anything else and its far too late in the day now for serious change of any kind. Each day the precariousness of my financial situation bears down on me but I just bury my head in the sand now and hope some kind of miracle occurs.

You can ama if you want


>You can ama if you want
What did you used to work as before you became a NEET (or did your savings come from somewhere other than work)? Do you bounce between working and NEETing, then back to working again when your savings finally run out?



I've worked probably a total of 18 months since I left school. Haven't had an official job since 2007 and that lasted about 2 months. Survived on neetbux and lived with mother till late 30s. I saved a very modest sum after a brief online passive thing a few years ago which has now completely finished. I actually got a job recently but then turned it down. I'm past caring


I just turned 33 today.
My gaming PC died in 2011 so I basically quit video games except for some light SNES emulators that can run on a potato. I haven't watched any new anime or anything either. I basically spent the past 11 years using imageboards and youtube. Writting this down just made me realize how crazy it is. I think it's possible that I've been depressed for the past 11 years and I'm just now understanding it.
My parents say I have to find a job soon so I'll just enjoy my last few weeks/months of freedom. Honestly I don't really think about the future anymore, it used to make me too anxious so I stopped, instead I live completely in the present. If some day I have to start wageslaving and be bullied by coworkers I'll worry when the time comes. For now I'll just enjoy the comfy life and pretend it's my last day on earth. Thinking like that makes me worry less about the future.


35 year old NEEToid here. the only reason i havent blown my brains out yet is basically a cliche answer.
>How is your life?
not great but could be worse
>What are some main concerns that you have?
my lack of concern / motivation is a concern itself. i have no life energy in me, i just exist.


i don't receive neetbux because i have no diagnosed disability except a learning disability


37yo living with mother and on neetbux. But it looks the state has decided I was able to work. So I'm having several shit to do at the job center, complete joke though. Concern? well like everyone else death of mother, obviously. Kind of strange to tell yourself your own life is dependant of the very life of your really aging mother…


why did they decide youre able to work? how long were you on bux?


Because I'm white I guess, and I don't have any specific mental problems officially.


File: 1649657630763.jpg (1.32 MB, 3962x2828, 283:202, 20220101_223159.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are there any 30+ NEETs left who aren't living with their parents, how are you doing it and whats yout life like?
There is a 'workseekers'-allowance here in Europe, which works for a time but they will push you to take the shittiest jobs available, so avoiding those is a fulltime-work in itself. Anyone here from Europe and able to get permanent workers disability or something? Do i have to collapse at work and let them put me into a mental war for a chance?


Northern Europe, live with mother. Life sucks but it's whatever.

I tried getting on disability because of being an inept autist, took a decade going between several quacks and trying fake jobs and social stuff they wanted me to do before I finally lucked out with one who just decided I'm too retarded. They also wanted me to apply for real jobs and seek workseeker's allowance as an income, but I'd rather be without or just wageslave burger flipping than get that allowance for a short while and being forced to do some shittier job miles away. Never had a real job being a retard, and have no real knowledge or higher education for most stuff. There aren't many jobs here anyway and everything goes to niggers and succubi.

Through those years I went back and forth between periods of no income, just food stamps, the lowest social welfare available and the baseline neetbux that you had to do some "activity" in exchange for (I never did). What I have now is supposed to be a permanent worker's disability until I reach retirement age, after that I will get nothing at all.
Welfare here is very easy and generous if you're an immigrant or a succubus, very hard if you're white and male but certainly not impossible. Depends on your country, the people you get to see and if they deem you inept enough.


>im 33
>dad dead
>elderly mom works as a teacher
>i neet
>think of this all of the time



Whenever I get the allowance, work agencies are contacting and low-key threatening me to take the shit job they offer, mostly I can talk my way out of it but sometimes they hire me (for jobs apparently nobody wants to have), then I embarrass myself for a few weeks until they find out that I do almost nothing all day and have absolutely no skills and then they let me go again, it sucks


succubi always live the life on easy mode seriously.They always have get everything easy including welfare


Sometimes I get angry about this, but I can't really say I'm jealous. Maybe this is just sour grapes but being a succubus seems like a pretty miserable and probably terrifying experience.

They have it easier for sure, this is really fucking gay but I used to daydream a lot about how if I were a succubus how easy it would be to find a husband who would let me neet indefinitely. I don't think the reality of that situation would actually be all that nice though. I also can't imagine what it must be like to be a succubus in every single social situation. That sounds like hell.

I really just want to be alone and play my games. It sucks I'll probably have to start wagecucking eventually but working part time at Wendy's or whatever so my mom doesn't throw me out and eventually inheriting the house is probably far better than whatever nightmare I'd have gotten myself into if I had been a succubus.


File: 1649851390287.png (233.74 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1640070116813.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't even know how to get a job. I looked at the website for my local supermarket and was put off even before I managed to find a specific job. It said something like "Are you someone who enjoys talking to other people" and I thought, shit, I guess this field just isn't for me. It's like this every time I look for a job. I'll do the job if I get paid, that's it. I'm not willing to jump through hoops to do something that I don't even want to do.

Problem is that for every person like me there are thousands of other people who are willing to do all these things, so it doesn't really matter what I want. Anything that I desire will just be lost in the sea of careerists that pour into every job opening. They're willing to play the game, and I'm not.


File: 1649854538117.jpg (70.27 KB, 640x640, 1:1, From Zapffe’s The Last Mes….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Most jobs are for normalfags or about selling products/experiences to normalfags so of course, HRfags (demiurge's minions in the wageslave world) value social stuff and meme careerism a lot. Many of them explicitly hate and filter "weird people" as many of the HR people are succubi with psychology degrees (so turbonormals). I think honestly we were not made for this oversocialized and darwinistic world. I'm 32 and I'm luckily NEEting with my family for the moment. I would be homeless if not. In case of emergency, I hope full euthanasia will be totally legal in the coming decades.


Just lie, worst that may happen is you getting fired after receiving some payment.


I don't want to lie. The normals can either accept me as I am or fuck off. I'm willing to die for my beliefs.


I really don’t understand why you think being a succubus will be terrific other than menstruation everything else is easy for them, in current century succubi have much more privileges than men for sure


Can you like, create your own job?


I tried to start a business distilling lead into gold but it didn't go so well.


A true wizard. I don’t think you’re sour grapes at all, in fact I think you’re the opposite. It’s like anti-crab mentality. Being a succ would suck. You’d be like a supporting character all the time. Sure, they can have s*x whenever they want, but we know best of all that there are far more important things.


Did they catch you making gold and stopped you to prevent inflation?
Also, did you try at different avenues?


File: 1649864127791.png (3.02 MB, 2502x3096, 139:172, a1bdb392ddcfe7a5229dc1fc2f….png) ImgOps iqdb

I think being an autistic asexual succ with upper-class parents who's mildly ugly (enough to be invisible, but not so much as to attract the ire of others) would be my ideal life. That's assuming that such parents wouldn't want to marry me off for whatever reason and would let me isolate into your own little world. I also wouldn't be treated as worthless trash for being a NEET, since that's historically being a pretty typical role for succs.

The idea of a succ spending all her time locked in her room watching anime, reading manga, playing visual novels, etc., doesn't inspire as much disdain as when it's a guy.

Outside of that, I think being a succ sucks more for the most part if you're not a normalfag. And having to marry some normalfag who would likely want children sounds a thousand times more horrible than working.


No, it was because I flunked out of alchemy 101. I haven't tried any different avenues but I'm thinking of consulting the I Ching in order to determine my destiny in this area.


Have you posted about this on here before? Wanting to be an “upper class asexual succubus”. Strange fantasy, wizzie. In your imagined scenario, what benefits would being a succubus add over being a man? Besides, you’d still get men trying to have s*x with you. Not to mention other succ issues, like periods and hormonal problems. I think you’re envisioning bring some anime succ like Shiro or whatever her name is from NGNL.


The autist has 100% mentioned it before with the same exact scenario


File: 1649873799388.jpg (616.05 KB, 1000x793, 1000:793, 9d9da85f5d98d3bc283e39430c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, that was some other guy, but I agree with him. It's not exactly something I fantasize about (my fantasies are 2D). I just think that hypothetically speaking, it would be the most ideal 3D life.

Periods would seriously suck, but you can get rid of them by eating little. Many succs who are very skinny don't tend to get periods. Idk what other hormonal problems they have.

The thing for me is not so much that being a succ would add more benefits, as just take away a lot of the worst societal expectations and perceptions that come with being a male shut-in NEET + the BS I'm always given in the rare chance I interact with normalfags. I've been treated as a failed worthless trash of a human, and I know I shouldn't care about it in the least because I've already resigned myself to life-long NEETdom (not looking to be a very long life, though). And yet I've still internalized a lot of it and feel a horrible inner shame for who I am, as well as a strong pressure to "do something" (as in get a job or go back to college) or else I'm a loser and a failure. Fuck, even when I was in college I was lectured that I should also work at the same time. My family's been giving me shit for barely visiting them these last few years, and yet when I visit them they treat me like shit for being a NEET. And yeah, fine, I admit that I really am completely useless no whatever what way you look at it, but I've already given up on that faggotry and shouldn't have to deal with it in my head.

I just don't see that succs tend to be perceived and treated that same way, or at least not close to that extent. I've seen that some people around here don't even consider NEET succs to "really" be NEETs. When I imagine a succ who shuts herself all day in her room reading manga, watching anime, playing visual novels, I just think "that's a really cool person", whereas when I look at myself I see garbage. (I guess she'd still be as much "garbage" as me, but the normalfaggotry I've internalized has a double standard.)

And before I get accused of being a failed tranny, I don't actually WANT to be a succ, or reincarnate as a succ. In fact, the very idea of reincarnation is terrifying, which is why I take >>189482 with some seriousness. This really is just pointless hypothesizing, like wondering what if I got isekai'd into $generic_JRPG.


I wasn’t even considering menstruation, but that’s definitely another big knock against it. Just imagine being a succubus I guess. Imagine what social situations look like as a succubus. It’s hard to put into words, but succubi are treated differently and I would never want to be treated that way. I’ve always felt like as an outsider but still there have been places I could go to not feel that way, I don’t think that would be possible if I were a succubus. I don’t think men and succubi can really be friends and there aren’t very many succubi who share my interests so it would probably be even lonelier than now.

Imagine the scenario I described as well, if you were the same as a succubus as you are now it’s a lifestyle you almost certainly would have fallen into. Every time I’ve seen a female “neet” they’re almost housewives(who don’t actually do anything). It’s easy to be envious of that until you actually think about it. Being completely dependent on some dude who has no obligation to you, having to interact with them every day in a romantic manner, them wanting to have sex with you, not being able to voice your disagreement out of fear of losing your meal ticket or you know because they’re a man and could break every bone in your body sitting down with one arm behind their back. It sounds worse than prison, even if the conditions are better. And that’s assuming the dude isn’t abusive, realistically there’s some amount of selection bias in the men who would go after dependent succubi so you’d probably end up in some kind of personal wizard hell.
I don’t think being a succubus would actually provide much advantage in that scenario. Your parents would likely still be just as upset about you being a failure of a daughter as they are about you being a failure of a son. Possibly for different reasons, but probably more so. I can’t speak universally but growing up with 2 sisters my mother was definitely harsher on them than she was with me, and when I fucked up she always made excuses for me and rationalized it. From what I’ve seen this seems to be pretty common.


>cognitive and memory problems

I had a shit ton of these. probably would have been diagnosed schizo if I hadn't gotten better
i started the paleo diet and took some vitamins like niacin, zinc, magnesium, and my memory improved immediately. took 2 years or so to get it all back


you could try working in construction. for me, physically hard jobs are somehow easier


social isolation won't cause dementia;
you can get a treadmill and supplement vitamin D artificially


This is some proper fucking insane feminist tier demented take that somehow being a housewife is "hell" and worse than prison when it's just societally approved dossing -abloo abloo they have to deal with a man (a NEET has to deal with his parents) and put out occasionally (which they don't as most marriages are apparently sexless) and yeah succubi are treated differently - they're treated better, it's scientifically proven that men have an outgroup bias towards succubi and succubi have an ingroup bias which you can see pretty much everywhere, your widespread hateful rhetoric that all men are potential abusers and wifebeaters (might as well throw rapists in there too) wouldn't be so widespread if this weren't true. There is pretty much no downside to being a succubus vs a man, even if they hate men so much they can't stand being around one, they can get a job, or sell bathwater, at least they have the option to opt out, men don't, only by cheating the system or being homeless.


>societally approved dossing -abloo abloo
What does this mean?


I think you're looking for things to be mad about. I never said succubi don't have it easier, if you read my first post I actually said the opposite. I just don't think the benefits that would come from being a succubus would be beneficial to someone with my preferences. It's possible yours are different, but really your post just reads like someone who is a little bit too worked up over gender ideology stuff and only capable of viewing the world through that lens.
>somehow being a housewife is "hell" and worse than prison when it's just societally approved dossing, they have to deal with a man (a NEET has to deal with his parents), put out occasionally
Not entirely sure what you meant by that first part, but for someone with my personality it absolutely would be hell. I don't know what your familial situation is like, but I don't talk to my mother most days and when I do it's rarely more than pleasantries. I don't think that's at all comparable to what being in a marriage would be like. You wouldn't just be expected to put out for this guy(something you're presumably okay with?), you'd have to interact with him constantly on a daily basis. Listen to his ramblings, laugh at his jokes, do things/go places with him, and other romantic shit. Even if this were someone I liked I couldn't imagine doing this every day, it seems exhausting. At least if you're wagecucking at Wendy's you get to come home at the end of your shift.
>succubi are treated differently - they're treated better
They're treated better, if by better you mean nicer. People are also generally nicer to dogs, but I would not want to be treated like a dog. I have no concept of what female-female interactions are like, but I have witnessed male-female interaction and it's different from male-male interaction in a way that I would not like. Even the male-male dynamic becomes undesirable with the prescience of a succubus. Not ever being able to talk to other guys the way I can now would be depressing, even if it meant they were nicer to(trying to fuck) me.
>your widespread hateful rhetoric that all men are potential abusers
I'm not sure what I said that was hateful. The point I was making with the abuse comment is that someone who is socially maladjusted and incapable of taking care of themselves is extremely vulnerable to abusers, and that people who are vulnerable to abusers tend to attract them at a much higher rate than someone who is not. Presently it's not something I am all too concerned about because I just don't have anything of value to offer a potential abuser. Were I a succubus though it's probably a different story because there is some inherent value in that. It wouldn't be unlikely for a female version of myself to end up trapped in an abusive relationship.
>There is pretty much no downside to being a succubus vs a man,
There are pros and cons to everything and someone with extreme or unconventional preferences might prefer something other than what is universally considered preferable. Someone who really fucking loves the outdoors might prefer being homeless to being a corporate executive. Doesn't mean being homeless is better than being an executive, and I'm not saying that being a man is any better than being a succubus, all I'm saying is that I'm really glad I'm not one.


You’re right %100 succubi have easier on everything


if being a housewife is so great, then why do most succubi when given the choice between it and a career not choose it?


Because feminism brainwashed femoids into thinking that succubus can only be happy if they behave like men.

The truth is that succubi had it easy, marrying was basically a ticket to live life in easy mode, and they rejected it.


> then why do most succubi when given the choice between it and a career not choose it?
I know I’m being annoying here, but you got proofs for that? I’d bet the majority of succubi still spend the time their kids are 0-13 as stay at home moms.


Yes, vidya and shitposting.
Why do you ask? I live with my boomer parents. My life is complete shit. Always has been. I am fucked as soon as my boomer parents die. They are renters, and I will be homeless. Basically, I can keep playing vidya and shitpostin' until the boomers die, and then I gotta jump off a bridge. I'm weak, dumb, and suffer from social phobia so I can't even stand being around people. I rarely speak verbally. I probably utter less than 100 words a year.


i Was a Neet, for 8+ years. had to return to work FT. it is NOT fun. in my 40s, want to rope every day.

my advice to someone in teens, version of myself. bad at everything.

1. dont Neet, unless you are from a wealthy family you will fuck yourself, and be lookin at homelessness everyday.

2. if i could do it over, would of done a year or 2 in coast guard or air force at 18-20, mainly for lifetime medical. if you can stomac 20 years in military you are set for life, late 30s.

3. find a job you dont despise. im old now. i despise my job, my co workers, everyday. and im completely stuck. its this or be outside.

4. im probably crazier than most but im like joker crazy, on surface i seem fairly sane so i get zero bux

5. at this point edgy version of me will say, just rope. id rather not, and you prob wont wen reach my age, its easier to say then do


Seconded as a true hikki. I'm close to 40. Never had a real job. Nothing ever. Zip. Zilch. I've been in my room literally every day since leaving college at 21. Barring the handful of times my parents taken me out over the years. By now they are too old to go out themselves anymore.
NEETs are financially illiterate so it doesn't sink in how badly you fuck yourself becoming like this.
My parents have been planning right now to sell the house in the next 1-2 years to put at least some long term money away for me before it's too late. They're trimming away as much living expenses and taxes as possible to pass on more money to me rather than living a comfy life for themselves.
Real estate is fucked so we'll still spend most of the money to find a very small living space. Some where basically where I will watch my parents wither and die in their last years in a claustrophobic shithole. I hate myself so much for putting myself in this situation. For putting them in this situation. Instead of living in a house they like they are giving it all up.
When they are dead I will not be living off their pension anymore. I have nothing. I have no social security. I have no pension myself. I have no savings. No external income other than what my parents worked so hard for. I will have to find some way some pittance of a job to put food on the table and keep the lights on.
I'm not crazy enough for neetbux either. Whatever money my parents leave for me will surely disqualify me from social assistance.
I'm not psycho enough to spite my parents, to think they owe me any of this. I'm a fucking parasite. I hate myself ever waking moment. More than I ever did when I agonized over insignificant kid problems when I was 20 or 30 even.


Why can't they just let you sell the house after they die?


Well I said why. Property taxes are very high here. It's burning money just to exist on a bigger property. If they didn't have to worry about money for me then they could just live out the rest of their lives here without concern of using up their savings. My father wants to take the cash and put it into investment accounts. He wants to save more from paying less to live here rather than some where less costly. A house isn't just free real estate forever once you own it.
I also suspect a big reason is he wants to cash out at a good time. Only good thing to come out of this is hopefully some rich fucker pays too much for this place before it's too late and the prices start to deflate or worse (for us) if it suddenly pops then I'm completely fucked.
We're in Canada and the government is finally starting do something about real estate market. Once the millennials and zoomers become the main electorate to pander to, then the politicians will make it a primary issue to tackle. This should be happening sooner rather than later inspite somehow normie social media hivemind seeming to think boomers are some evil incarnate that will terrorize humanity forever. They are in their final natural years of life statistically much of them will be dead in a decade from now purely due to old age.
If you're some young kid like 30 years old normie with a career and you have your property you're happy with then it doesn't matter what happens to real estate prices. You have a yearly income all your living expenses are covered by work. You pay the bills, pay off the mortgage. Retire then live off your pension, social security, and savings until you die. Like my parents should have. Unless you squeezed out a piece of shit cockroach like me then you have to worry about money until you die.


>you have to worry about money until you die.
Actually on second thought it's worse than that. They're trying to stretch their hard earned money into two lifetimes worth.


That's a natural consequence of choosing to have a child


Nothing natural about caretaking for a middle age man child


It is natural. If you were diagnosed with autism or something then everyone would expect it. There's no difference whether its a result of genetic illness or their parenting failed to teach you to be independent.
Further, even the average person can't afford to make a decent living a buy a home these days, at least in places with high housing prices. The quality of life of all people depends heavily on the parents even in middle age. Wealth is always generational.


Please don't insult my intelligence. I'm not some kid with which to spin that doctrine.
This is an old fart thread, remember.
Besides, Millennial home ownership in Canada is at the same rate as prior generations. This is in the census data. Most of my neighbourhood are millennial families. Just because a bunch of whiny kids who didn't make it keep harping on social media doesn't mean the richer half of the population doesn't exist. They exist. I see them every time I look out the window.


Third World NEET and Hikikomori. I bought the bitcoin after sold my parents house. I have now enough to live in third world. I won.

I am Hikikomori and live alone, no human interaction. I am very grateful for this luck, could have been very bad. When I go out to buy food I see people in subhuman jobs and my heart becomes warm. I wouldn't even have the luck of subhuman job.

Now I only have to exist. I hope history of my life is over. Now is only being a NEET inside my room. Very grateful. I hope to have the strength to kill myself when very old or sick. I want to live until 85. I am happy for the first time since early childhood.



almost my exact situation. i was forced back to work, now im tryin to work enough to qualify for medicaid/medicare , it requires a bare minimum of years to receive, social security for me would be pennies, so im not gonna think about it.

when my parents go im aimin for a trailer home. so taxes are so bad, and not answerin to landlord all day.

i might be able to talk my sister, childless, into bein room mates. so we could split bills

i drove almost all my family away in my teens 20s bein Mr Edgy shit head, even if you hate your family dont cut em off

this is my Best case. a tiny bit of family left, a sad place to live. and workin til i die.

if i could do over.

1. a couple years in mulitary for life time free medical

2. job trainin for a real job i know i could do. dont let your fantasy world dictate your career. dont try doin arts, writin, etc… a normal 9 to 5 job

3. invest and save money. DONT use it for any reason.

bein my age wit no little to no family or money is scary.

dont be a neet


You’re really lucky in bitcoim seriously I was gonma buy when it was 8k but didn’t for some reason


congrats on your good fortune.


40+ NEET here. Life is okay - better when I can lose myself in a good video game or book. Money in the future is my main concern.


Congrats man, I wish I had that luck


>People offering congratulations instead of being envious and bitter.
I really like this place sometimes.


Here's some free financial advice, get financial advice from imageboards.


My life is good. But since you asked worries, telling why it is so is off topic; it can be simply boiled down to luck, luck of parents age, parents mentality, parents jobs and so forth enabled me to NEET.
My worries are
>Civil War in my 3rd world
>Health concerns due to living 20s as an obese man
>Father doing some stupid thing like flash divorcing, getting some succubi pregnant; thus hurting my inheritance


32 year old neet here. My life is okay. I get along fine with my parents and other family members but I am getting worried over my future. My parents wont be around forever. Currently I am looking for work so I might be able to take care of myself one day. My life is in general very boring and I cant shake the nagging feeling that I wasted my youth infront of a computer screen. Which I did.



> I cant shake the nagging feeling that I wasted my youth infront of a computer screen. Which I did.

how is that a waste if you like doing it? if you don't like doing it then why the fuck are you doing it? do something else

i am 35 and i spent half of teens and my whole 20s and half of my 30s on the computer and internet and don't regret it because i enjoy it


I find myself increasingly worried with my finances. I debate if I should go back to work or just kill myself when the money runs dry.


Same. I have just enough to survive if everything goes well, but could also be completely fucked very quickly if something goes wrong.


36 year old wizard NEET. Financially I'm okay because I have a combination of money invested while I was in the military (no mustang for me) and army disability bux. I have a house and live alone.

Being friendlier with my parents and making life easier for my grandmother are my big priorities now, along with trying to make my house nice. I've kind of withdrawn from the world at large since I can't do physical labor due to bad arthritis and other health problems, otherwise I'd work at an amazon warehouse.


Please stretch it out as you can. I don't know, maybe it's horrible advice. I just know work is overall bad. Homelessness is extremely bad, too, but this doesn't rationalize the alternative.


my lifes basically over as well in the next few years ill be working some slave job with poeople i hate just like you i'm 28 right now.


who cares stop regretting anything life is pointless anyway. just live how you want now and in the future


32 year old wizard NEET. I'm doing okay since I have autismbux and inherited my parents home. I live with my brother and cousin and sell blood, so financially I'm doing just dandy but my brother is such a retard nigger it generates way more stress than I want in my life.


File: 1654319115519.png (439.35 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 7e075a4aa98bc4082d3d297ebb….png) ImgOps iqdb

yes, only concern is what I'll do when my parents die.
i have disability bux but im not sure how long I'll live past that.


how is being a streamer going?

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