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Are you afraid of someone injecting you something without you noticing? Do you think Is possibile?


My childhood friend did this to me.

He also poisoned three other "friends" of him.




I don't live in a drug cartel to have this fear.

You can't say that and not tell us the full story !


He's a fucking psychopath. He got some sort of drink poisoned with AIDS blood and semen and feeded his friends it without them noticing it. He also killed one of our friends by drowning him and chopping him up into pieces just to claim he was in a Satanic cult. He is fucking bizarre.


I am pretty sure I would notice.

Do you have some sort of condition that would prevent you from feeling someone stab you with a needle?


What a jerk!


Are you joking? Murdering your friend is quite a bit more than "bizarre"


Damn, that sucks.


There have been serial killers who were nurses or doctors. They would inject their patients with lethal amounts of medicine and say they died. I'm not really afraid of that happening though because I think it's quite rare. More common is people using drugs to kill junkies. It's a perfect excuse because known junkies are never investigated if found dead from drug overdose. Drug dealers do it to each other or just people they don't like. Junkies do it to each other.


I live with my parents, and I cannot even begin to count the amount of instances that my family called 911 on me, and I was escorted to a hospital and mental ward, and forcibly injected with whatever it is that they used, against my will… It culminated at one point, in me having a seizure

This all happens because I like to use drugs, in particular, meth. I haven't used meth in over 2 years because of this, but…

Mostly, I would say that the most damaging and intoxicating drug that exists, is ignorance. There is a quote I heard somewhere from a Buddhist monk/practitioner, "You are intoxicated on the drink of ignorance"

This hospitalization scenario has occured, in all honesty, about 7 times

Mostly, it is the fact that, my parents project all their fears, insecurities, and terror onto me, when they see me on drugs.

When I am high on meth, I like to stay in my room, alone, being introverted. I like to draw, write, clean, masturbate, fantasize, explore my feelings, and dress up as a succubus

I am not considering at all, the perspectivr of an outside observer, because all I am concentrated on, is knowing that I am okay, I feel good, and I want to just be free and feel myself and enjoy the experience

To an outside observer, I am not at all concerned about my social presentation, or social mask. I am in my "natural state" so to say…

For the many occurences in which I have had 911 called on me, all of it did not have to happen. My parents could have left me alone. $28,000 wasted sending me to rehab for a month, what a waste. Much more expensive to be ignorant, than to have a listening ear, open heart, and compassion.

I write like this, I communicate succintly, when I am high on meth. In a strange backward-perception mindfuck, everyone around me who is sober views me as "The Devil" rather than the other way around… Everyone else around me, who is sober, is always out to judge me, criticize me, demean me, and project their ignorance onto me. To them, I am a zombie, an addict, a devil

I view it the other way around. The Devil is the "Prince Of Darkness" and in this case, darkness being ignorance of Love and Light

If these people, including my parents, would have just treated me with respect, integrity, and compassion, rather than projecting some sort of monster-esque image onto me…

Being high on meth is/are/were some of the most illuminating, inspiring, educational experiences of my life. While alone with myself in my own company, traumas, phobias, anger, would all melt away and be healed, replaced by enjoyment, acceptance, engagement, and the loving light of life

It pains me. All that has happened to me, I cannot take away. I can only live with the fact that, we experience judgement.

Life is so expensive, I work 11 hour days at minimum wage, I study, I dream, I have aspirations.

What is it to others, if I use meth, alone? Others eat junk food, smoke cigarettes, watch TV for hours, drink alcohol

…I miss those times. I did not have any space in my mind to worry about placating others, because for once, I truly felt free and open.

It says alot to me, that someone will look at someone on drugs, and not hold them to the same standards. You could have just asked me if everything was okay, instead of assuming that everything was terrible, taking control of the situation, putting me in places that I did not want to be in, all because of ignorance…

Sometimes, I equate myself to being psychically raped. I still live with my parents. We are on good terms. My Mom cannot come to grips with the fact of her being responsible for participating in most of the instances of calling 911 on me.

When it comes to asking me why I would do meth, why do I like doing it, my bonafide answer is unacceptable to her. It is like she is expecting me always to crumple into a ball of trauma and say something like, "Because I am an addict and I need your help and you are always right"

No… I try to explain to her, because she asked, how enjoyable and enlightening the meth experience is. This on some psychological level, is unacceptable to her. Thusly, we face the Jungian Shadow… That which is rejected and deemed to be unacceptable by the conscious mind, or ego-identity

I pray to God for healing, and for a time and space of ease and freedom in my life, where I can use some meth, engage in my hobbies, and not worry about all of the social judgements and such…


Take your schizo meds, bro, there are good for you.


I've always been skeptical of food poisoning, especially after the fact that my step mother went criminally insane and actually poisoned my food (didn't kill me thankfully, but had to go to the ER).


My mother has Munchausen by proxy and so I don't trust anyone


i dont even like human contact man, theres no way id get into that situation unless i was asleep. being stabbed snd injected with something is such a bizarre fear


your post doesnt deserve to take up my entire screen


I read your entire post and can say that as long as you live at your parents house they are entirely justified in preferring you to not do meth at their house. Smoking harsh chemicals inside a house leaches the smell onto the walls and will decrease the property value. They are probably also worried about your health.

I feel you're leaving something out here. You say you were fine but how is it they could tell you were on meth to call the cops on you? You must have been acting strange tbh?


drug addicts are unpredictable, shitty people, there is no reason why you would be put in a mental ward and injected with drugs if you were mentally sound


I was forced to get the jab so i could still wagecuck (lucky me) so i don't think i'd give a shit at this point.

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