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Disregard Females, Acquire Magic
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I'm uncomfortable with adopting the label of "wizard" because I don't want to be a part of a culture created by someone else. I don't want to be the product of someone else's imagination. I dislike people that idly accept the label of "wizard" because these people are generally unthinking in most other aspects of their lives. These are people who would passively accept any ideology that floats within their cognizance. The same people who zealously believe in the religion enforced upon them in their upbringing. I hate the way you all act. I hate the memes. I hate the way you reflect eachother's oratory. You are so dull. You are so empty and without character. If I were to build a culture, it would show you all as strong and intelligent! It wouldn't celebrate weakness and poor choices. What do you all think of my viewpoint? Am I a heretic?


Don’t care


snowflake thread



Besides been a virgin, can you code, hack, sys admin or similar? If the answer is yes, then congratulations you are an actual wizard! (or a warlock)
You are part of a very small minority that know a special language of words of power that can alter reality and give you, potentially, immense power. You can create entire - virtual - words of your own, destroy lives, amass fortunes (just look at ransomware for example) or any other myriad wonders.

If not, disregard females, acquire magic mr heretic.


Labels are just ways to identify things by their characteristics, sometimes they are right sometimes they are not, whether they are right is up to you


You'll be labeled and categorized regardless if you're comfortable about it or not. But it's up to you to not care about it.


Then make your own "culture"


I agree.


If you don’t want to be a wizard then just have sex you magnificent retard


Uh I don't go around outside thinking "I am a wizard" or striving to behave in a way that the members of an obscure imageboard would demand.


My point is, you don’t choose to be a wizard. You don’t adopt it as a label, it’s given to you once you remain a virgin for 30 years.


Nobody forces you to do anything. You can go away if you don't like this place. None of us cares whether you post here or not.


This is no different from when normies whine about how racist 4chan. The problem is you can only view anonymous posts as a singular entity rather than the reality, as individual people. All you have to do is ignore the posts you don't like. Otherwise you don't belong here.


I like the ideal of Wizard, and would be happy to conform and follow it. But I feel like most members of Wizchan don't live up to that ideal, idk if its the ideal wizard ideal, or just my personal vision of it. But I don't think these are flaws in Wizard per se, but in coming out of chan culture. I love the wiz, hate the chan


You sound like a faggot


before i came to wizchan, i would have thought being a volcel, neet, anti-natalist, gnostic, hermit were the defining features of myself. but seeing so many of the type on wizchan, and yet being so different from them, and disagreeing on such crucial issues. makes me realize those are important aspects of me, but not the defining


Isn't that was Fredrick Brennan did? I mean how would that even work with his crippled penis of his


What am I exactly unthinking about, you renegade? If you were to create a culture… you don't even have a point to expose why your whatever is better than some easy labels to define simple concepts.

Go have your rages elsewhere!

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