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Wizardry and the black pill

What is the correlation of being a wizard and being ugly? Does a handsome wizard exist or it's impossible? What's the wizard consensus?
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Male-Female relations are so weird.

I went through my whole teens and college, basically being an autistic wizard in my own world.

i didn't really look into this stuff until I was in my mid 20s. Its just so strange how different the sexes are, and the things that drive them to mate. And its not just about sex, its about all human behavior, since all that drives males is sex.

Its just so weird how males talk about succubi. How they hate them so much, and yet they want their affection, love and kindness so much. Like succubi are these evil demons. And you are some beta soycuck if you say anything nice about these demons. And yet the love of these demons is the most wonderful thing in the world. Not just the physical sex. But the warmth and goodness. As much as they hate succubi, they have to admit that what succubi give is pure goodness. As much as they insult succubi. succubi in intimacy is like this angelic, loving, motherly, caring, empathetic perfect creature. And thats what they want out of >tfw no gf, and why a prostitute wont do. Its weird how the biggest misogynists also idealize feminine qualities the most. succubi are pure empathetic altruism- but towards the wrong targets.


why are you in every thread samefagging instead of writing part 2 of your bbc/mom fantasy? you're not fooling anybody lol


So, in the end are we all just a bunch of ugly autists?


personality and looks are 2 opposite poles. and autism is a personality disorder


As different as Christianity, Feminism and Red Pill PUAs are, they all had a common message that sex is a prize that mean men trick succubi into letting them steal. Other than slut positivity, the Black Pill was the 1st to point out how much succubi enjoy sex, and that sex is a win for the succubi. And I think the modern zoomer way of having sex is more like that than some caveman hunting prey. Its some bored succubus on Tinder swiping through attractive faces like its take out delivery. Its for her pleasure and enjoyment. The men who think they are winning, are nothing but human dildos. They are judged just on their facial quality and nothing else. Who has the best body for female pleasure.


But what about if your ugly AND autistic?


handsome wizards exist i am proof. just because someone looks good doesn't mean theyre a normie. i'm too out there and weird for most people so i've always been single.


thats because its just meaningless edgy locker room dude talk, nobody actually hates succubi and mysognists dont exist, its just a slur feminists use to demonise men who dont pander to succubi


easy to say hate doesnt exist if words of extreme hatred dont have meaning


In the end, better to be handsome than ugly, only lunatics would say otherwise.

Inc*ls are right about some things…


Wizard and handsome right here. 29.
Made some succubi cry at high school.
Still despise them all
>you will regret not being more social
Let them be social with me if so they wish! But no, they do not deserve what they are not willing to give… succubi always want you to fall for their games, never the opposite.

It is your fundamental weakness, which leads you to take cover from normies, what makes manifest the impotence and powerlessness of your position. As much as you fear them they own you.

Dont' you dare to call such minutiae a black pill, what a shame.

Hey,hello! Back to reddit, please. This site be men only.

It's simply a eugenetic tendency which avoids their genes to be passed… going out of control as a preservation method.

>The men who think they are winning, are nothing but human dildos. They are judged just on their facial quality and nothing else. Who has the best body for female pleasure

At last, some gets the point.


piss off schizo


after thee, normo.



Please no more discussing. All chads or rich guys are nothing more than ambulatory dildos.

Besides, zoomer succubi are so easy to deceive that there is almost no challenge at all. Let those millennial aunts search for their "love of life" on Tinder, or become a cat mom.


who are you talking about

no one is fishing for succubi here


You can be handsome and autistic as fuck, or worse, ugly and autistic. Neither is good, being a autistic is bad overall, unfortunately there is no know cure for autismo.


Lookism is true as fuck.


I see there are a lot of ppl here who don't understand the concept of black pill so let me clarify some of it, or at least try.

All the blackpill can really be distilled in two main points


many people mistake this and think that your genetics only determine your physical apperance. Which is true but YOUR PERSONALITY is also determined by your genetics. I often see how some say yeah your appearance is fucked up but you can module your personality the way you want. Which is utter nonsense. Your personality, just like your apperance, is determined by your genes.

The second interesting conclusion we can drive from point 1) could be expressed as - YOUR LOOKS ARE YOUR PERSONALITY. I often see people who think looks and personality are to seperate categories with no correlation between the two. Wrong. Looks and personality are one single concept (just like space and time are spacetime).


These goes against the motions like 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', 'everyone is beautiful in their own way', etc. This is wrong.

We can pretty much objectively quantify what attractive man needs to have in order to be considered attractive - tall, jawline, cantal tilh, eye area, etc. Same can be done for females just using different parameters.

Note that this has nothing to do with crabs, hating succubi, etc. This are two simple postulates derived from observing life.


If you're good looking you can't get away with almost anything because of the halo effect, people will always hold you in high steem and everyone would want to be your friend because having good looking friends gives them a social status boost.
If you're ugly people will always be suspicious about you, everyone will treat you like shit, you will be targeted for bullying and most people would be embarrased of having you as a friend.
This is as true as it gets.


File: 1658078675078.jpg (46.5 KB, 720x669, 240:223, 165807831310423.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


true crime addicted succubi more like


I get alot more smiles, stares, they're friendlier to me in the rare case I need to talk to them…succubi want confidence
wizards who groom themselves before going out to lock eyes with succubi


is that why polcrabs smug mock it and say "trust the science :^}" ? I've watched those compilations of succubi calling for the extermination of short guys on social media, rocked me back a bit but it makes sense from an evolutionary self defense mechanism pov.
I might as well be a different species because I'm so ugly, probably a descendant of a gnome tribe they couldn't hunt and if I carry that shit in my blood then it ends with me ala MAOA crime gene.
guess that is why the ussr had to shut down all of its facilities and programs, what ever it is that they found was too much for mankind
>Once virgin males are weaned into a cage, do not mix them into other cages later. Retired male breeders should never be co-housed


Nuke this thread.


How is this even a question? Of course handsome wizards don't exist. Men become wizards because they're unattractive in the eyes of femorrhoids. I call them femorrhoids because they're a pain in the ass. Anyone who claims looks don't matter is lying to others and themselves. I'm in my mid-20s, never had a single date or a relationship and that for only one reason: I'm unattractive. That's it. Personality can't be blamed because I have femorrhoids as friends, albeit online. They haven't seen my face either. Those who did have stopped talking to me since.


Heterocrabs showing their true colors yet again


>YOUR PERSONALITY is also determined by your genetics
directly contradicted by every failure to find a genetic link in personality disorders.


>Dear White, Straight, Cisgender, Man People

You need to go back.


personality disorders are inherited


Intergenerational trauma is just as real when passed on solely via learning anyway


>Failure to find any genetic link

Lmao, nigga do you live under a rock? Have you ever heard about twins studies or GWAS studies? I just find incredible how delusional people can be.


Handsome wizards probably don't exist unless they have high grade autism or schizo/paranoid tendencies, yes. Average looking wizards, however, absolutely do exist because when someone is in the exact middle of the road other cues are used as the deciding factor of whether norms give one the time of day or are disgusted and alienated by their existence.

It's also entirely possible for one to start off life average-looking, then becoming more unkempt, obese, bald and/or falling into some kind of behavioral Uncanny Valley, thus presenting as "creepy" to society at large.


Obsessing over whether or not succubi are going to judge your looks is extremely unwizardly and foolish


crab mentality, go back to r9k, you don't belong here.


I don't think you know what crab mentality means.


you could be obese all your childhood and youth then become attractive and be a wizard


Off course that not all virgins are fat and ugly. The most important part is always the mind. You can have a nice face and body but if your mind is fucked up then your won't get a girlfriend because what attracts more succubi is a man having confidence and being positive.


>what attracts more succubi is a man having confidence and being positive
thank you for the advice granpa.


> You can have a nice face and body but if your mind is fucked up then your won't get a girlfriend because what attracts more succubi is a man having confidence and being positive

Thats a lie and you’re a moron.

I just remembered this shit thread where plenty of literal retards claimed physical attractiveness is irrelevant and not important. I really cannot comprehend how much morons and retards are in wizchan that believe insane lies. I question my sanity sometimes because of insane shit on this place.


not him but even if your body attracts them, if your mind is fucked up you won't (be able to) take advantage of their attraction


There is, we live in a world where 80/20 is the law of the land. Even an average looking guy is doomed nowadays if he doesn't want to betabuxx a single mom.


The biggest black pill for wizards is that we are our own worst enemy. Often times we deserved the bullying that we received for not fitting in and either not know how or refusing to conform. The unfortunate truth is that bullying can be good in a healthy society because it rejects those which will be a drain or detriment to the community. It happens in nature, the weak animals are culled while the alpha spreads his genes.

Is the fact that we're in our 30s now and losers really the fault of society, or because we were just lazy and refused to make a real effort to improve?

Some of us were fucked from birth with parents that sheltered and coddled us, giving us a disadvantage. But at the end of the day we've all come to the conclusion that we're losers yet we do nothing but wallow in self pity on image boards.

That is the black pill for us.


>I just remembered this shit thread where plenty of literal retards claimed physical attractiveness is irrelevant and not important. I really cannot comprehend how much morons and retards are in wizchan that believe insane lies.

I'm honestly not sure how someone has not come along to say that there's more than one magic factor to being attractive to succubi. Obviously there are broke people, ugly people, and retarded people with girlfriends. They're clearly providing something else that is high value in the relationship, or else it wouldn't exist since that's how they work. It's just easy to ignore the calculations when it doesn't fit with your chosen story (looks/fame/riches/power/confidence/whatever).

As for the OP, it's rare to find someone who is "winning" in one of the major categories in life and can't find success romantically. The few rare cases where this happens are probably from some other red flags or deficiencies in other categories (not having any experience is a pretty big red flag, I'd have to guess).

This has to be one of the saddest threads I've ever read, though.


Its not my fault that my genes are trash.(low intelligence, ugliness, no skill and talent.)


File: 1661917147918.jpg (61.34 KB, 720x720, 1:1, foto_no_exif (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

are YOU going to spend the $1000 for alien-looking plastic surgery, or the 2-3 years of exercise, 8 hours a day to "fix" your not actually hideous face?
5 of the 60 people in my tiny church are chinlets, you watch too much tv
being smarter leads to being stuck in your head, and being stuck in your head means you don't naturally spend that much time wearing facial lotion or keeping your mouth closed when you sleep


You're shamed for not fitting in a society of non-Christian morality, bullying by Zionist standards isn't beneficial to personal development, nor is overly negative feedback actually condusive to improvement.


File: 1662011189898.jpg (86.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start




>We deserved it for refusing to conform
A stick to break your bones is what you do deserve for supporting that idea.


At last some real wiz amongst the wanky failed normies

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