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File: 1649153488641.jpg (6.3 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 1648549153486.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Post the good side of being a recluse mage, let's look a the bright said of things?

First thing that comes to my mind is the peace that living a recluse life has, no people to bother us with their trouble.


I get to post on wizardchan.


>Gets to enjoy this exclusive experience
>Sages the thread at the top


I don’t have to worry about seeing some bully or person that doesn’t like me at work/school


I don’t have to worry about all the petty social media drama


What the fuck is a "social media drama"


Take a guess. Or keep pretending to be a monk who has never encountered technology or modern society.


Check /meta/.


Recluse lifestyle is mostly only available to rich first world wizzies, so I want to take a moment to appreciate the things that that entails.

I have never known hunger. I have lived in a climate controlled environment all my life so I don't even have to suffer through trying to sleep through a hot night. I have indoor plumbing so I can shit and get a drink without ever having to leave my comfortable climate controlled house. I have a hot water heater so I can take long hot showers to get clean whenever I want. I have a computer and can use it to watch all sorts of entertaining content whenever I want or to chat with people like I'm doing right now. The computer fulfills my social needs without any of the messy uncomfortable side of social interactions that you get from actual relationships with non-anonymous people. I have a refrigerator and freezer which keeps all sorts of a myriad of different foods available at the local supermarket fresh and ready for me to eat whenever I want. I can look up any knowledge I may want from the internet like how to make different delicious foods or how to do hobbies. I can go anywhere I want with just a few dollars worth of gas in my car. Truly living in the modern day first world is paradise. If you can't appreciate that it's because you take all your comforts for granted.


>If you can't appreciate that it's because you take all your comforts for granted.
It is true, many people on this site are spoiled westerners living in luxury who are bored simply. I give thanks to the God who doesn't exist day after day for being so lucky that I was born into an all right country, a country that isn't a first world country but still has peace, relatively okay security and material comfyness.


i hear about it from my sister all the time. normgroids getting into huge ego fights over stupid shit that happens on social media. its retarded.


Completely stress free. Every day I can do what I want and I don't have to be another office drone and put up with a lot of garbage people.


Even though being NEET for many years will eventually bite me in the behind, I got to experience more free time than most people probably ever did or do, drifting by doing no labour or toil, pretty cool if you think about it.


Underrated post. Most of the creature comforts you mentioned weren't around 100 years ago and won't be around/affordable in another 20. If anyone reading this is taking HVAC, affordable gas, electricity, being able to buy whatever food you want (except venison) just by driving to the local supermarket, etc. for granted, you're going to be in for a rude awakening very soon. I've been following the deep economic problem that's been bubbling under our feet for years now. I know most people won't know what to do when basic items like bread, milk, and gas skyrocket; when heating your home for the whole Winter and driving to work everyday will be next to impossible due to the $500/gallon gas. Whatever your parents currently spend on groceries per month, you might as well add $1000 to it now, because planting season is weeks away. And with it comes the absurdly expensive fertilizer and fuel needed to grow and deliver crops. Get ready for extreme shortages, rationing, food riots, and emaciated corpses in the streets. If you don't already have seeds and livestock of your own, it's too late. Our era of modern comfort and "peace" is about to come to a crashing halt. You have been warned.


Yeah, the future does not bode well at all.


The end of the world has been predict for ages and never comes, cope and seeth more, happingfag.


It's up to you whether you heed my prognostication, statusquofag. Keep telling yourself everything will be ok. The buzzards won't care 1 bit what you believed.


Its good for specialization, if you want to devote all your time to one X, freed from all other distractions and obligations you can do it. Jack of all trades, master of none. we take the principle of specialization to its limit, and spend every waking hour on just one thing. Not for profit, but for passion.


STFU just give it two more weeks, and you’ll see I’m right.


Yes, having peace of mind from not having to deal with normalfags is great, but it eventually gets boring. The truth is that humans are social animals and we need to socialize to maintain a good mental health. Even the most hardcore wizard will eventually feel lonely and bored of the internet, video games, porn and mindless entertainment. If you don't feel like what I'm saying is true, just wait a few years, loneliness starts to creep in the older you get.


Are you an older NEET?


bump for more insights


I'm 33


Do you feel lonely?


I'm 34 and this is true. It's a curse that one's internal wiring is such that a conscious hatred of socialising is still contradicted by this unconscious nagging. Some days everything is ok, but it creeps up on you without much warning. I at least have my parents and a bi-monthly phone call with my brother, otherwise I don't know what I'd do. I like the idea of socialising with people via the internet, but know not of such groups etc. doubt it would serve as much more than mental chewing gum anyway.


well its now been over 2 weeks. Wheres the collapse Mr Wizard? Where are the mass riots and rapes?



being bored is a good thing it's far better than having something to do which is unfavourable.

If I find myself bored I consider myself fortunate and I know that in time it will reside and I will find for myself something at least mildly interesting


File: 1651419780815.jpg (164.68 KB, 444x610, 222:305, nottoday.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Waking up every day whenever I feel like it.


>just give it two more months


File: 1651428354256.jpg (73.74 KB, 534x467, 534:467, lutheranism.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Meanwhile, Lutherans
"What if I lived for pain and suffering?"


hedonism is deceptive. excessive pleasure-seeking often leads people to addictions and depending on the addiction there's a high probability that it will make your life worse than it already is. i have fun being a casual pessimist/misanthrope. i'm addicted to chamomile tea and coffee.


the unfortunate thing about life is that toiling is what builds civilizations and makes our species stronger. if you look at the roman empire, the best emperors were always hard-working and conscientious as the worst ones were hedonistic and egomaniacal. sorry to disturb the echochamber i'll go back to staring at the wall.


Would you say you're…addicted…to being a pessimist?


Everyone is a hedonist on some level. Everyone lives for pleasure but what causes people pleasure differs from person to person.

Bearing pain and facing suffering can be fun in its own way. It makes you feel special and tough and so causes you pleasure.

>hard-working and conscientious
>hedonistic and egomaniacal
These aren't mutually exclusive. Alexander the Great could have fun drinking alcohol like an animal and fooling around with wymen but also he could be ascetic and persistent when he was fighting and leading his army.

And actually, "hedonistic and egomaniacal" persons were responsible for most great, famous and infamous things while "hard-working and conscientious" rulers were pretty boring and only continued some empty tradition, without contributing anything new or creative.
Plus consider this: good rulers make civilizations soft and weak because they treat their subjects fairly and with mercy, while tyrants make people stronger by getting rid of weak individuals in the group and thinning the herd.

Most pessimists are addicted to their ideology it seems to me.


this whole hedonism induces creativity argument can be incredibly deceptive and just wrong. da vinci didn't get hammered when he made his masterpieces. his works were a product of immense talent paired with skill and diligent study.


DaVinci was a hedonist too, like all artists are. He enjoyed creating and making art so he was a hedonist. Nobody does things they don't like ultimately.

Hedonism doesn't induce creativity, it usually goes hand-in-hand with creativity imo. If you aren't passionate about anything and don't enjoy anything then you will be an incredibly boring and gray personality.


i don't want to play semantic games with you. i'm arguing against all of the drug addicts that think blazing 420 ganja makes them artistic gods.


Extremely high IQ. The inconvenient truth is that people who work hard and live frugally genuinely do feel pleasure from doing so. Otherwise they wouldn't do it. That may be hard to understand if you're not one of those masochists.

However, if you are one of the many imageboard junkies who gets depressed without a boss bossing you around all day, you are likely one of those guys who needs to find a job and a succubus to submit to.


If I had a job instead of NEETbux, I would make a point of remaining a recluse and refusing to participate any more than I have to in this abomination of a society. I know that I only get the money because the powers that be want to liquidate the productive workers, under the guise of "charity" because we don't live in a society that actually wants productive labor or anything good. Pretty soon that will be over for everyone. I'm just living what's left of this existence, as far from society as possible. I want to encourage everyone to depart society, and most of all to make sure your final moments are spent alone. We all need to wash our hands clean of this nightmare, while we still can. I am happy that it appears I will be able to do that. Let the monsters have "society" and the future of this world. Humanity had their chance and they chose this instead of anything fit for human habitation, and will keep on choosing it because no one will tell the monsters they can't do it. I tried what little I could to try and make this world better, but it's simply not possible to work against what the decent are up against. It's not that it's intellectually impossible, because we know very easily what the problem is, but there are too many who have chosen time and again to do things the evil way, and for that reason humanity is irredeemable. There won't be a single thing worth keeping 50 years from now. Better for the decent among us to accept that there is a better way to live than this, but it won't be in "society", and certainly not the society that exists solely as the domain of private entities. So I just want to spread the gospel of giving up on society as far as I can while it's still possible, and settle in for the nightmare that is coming. The good news is that the way out is far cheaper than anyone ever knew, and once you do know the way out, you can do little things to keep the monsters fighting each other and make their lives miserable. Better they suffer than allow them another minute of glorification.


>Plus consider this: good rulers make civilizations soft and weak because they treat their subjects fairly and with mercy, while tyrants make people stronger by getting rid of weak individuals in the group and thinning the herd.

I'm an expat living in China and I can tell you from first hand experience that this is blatantly untrue.


We agree then? I never said snorting coke and slaying pussy all day will make you into an artist. Just that artists and great men tend to be hedonists and passionate persons. That doesn't mean all hedonists and passionate persons are artists or great men.

Most people would consider me some kind of ascetic but I consider myself a hedonist because I enjoy living this way. Even if I had millions I wouldn't waste them on wo-men and cars and luxury trips to Hawaii and such. Because I'm not interested in that.

Asceticism is only asceticism if it hurts you, the one who is practicing it. Like if you don't do what you enjoy for some reason.

Society's always been shit, in the past even more so than nowadays.

Under tyrants and harsh conditions people either get stronger or they die off or get sent to prison or get exiled.


go read about michaelangelo and how much he "enjoyed" painting the sistine chapel, fuckhead.


not all virgins are recluses


I'm a third worlder and the same applies to my life.


>Under tyrants and harsh conditions people either get stronger or they die off or get sent to prison or get exiled.

Is that so? Then share your first hand experience with me. I have lived in China for 5 years. It is a brutal, autocratic police state. Dissent against the communist party on any level in any capacity can destroy your life here. I this is not hyperbole.

The state actively conditions the population to be obedient. For example, the students are forced to take classes on Marxism and communism and if they criticize it openly in class they are sent to counseling. I am not joking, I am not exaggerating. This is one example of many I could share. The people here are conditioned to be obedient and complaint. Even those who are free thinkers go along with it because this is the only way to survive and protect your family here. Tyrants and tyrannical organizations want to keep the people beneath them under control. You don't do this by making the population more independent and strong, you do it by weakening them to enable you to dominate them.


that poster is relying on some odd preconception for his evidence in this argument. the state of north korea actively contradicts his idea that autocratic, violent, and degenerate leaders make strong people.


Maybe he hated one particular work but he definetely didn't hate creating works of art. Otherwise he wouldn't have been an artist. People occupy themselves with what they like. What a plot twist.

You proved me right but then actually went and added the whole "tyrants make people weak!" line of thought at the end. Tyrants create bad living conditions and make life very harsh and hard to endure. This in turn makes people tougher and more ready to adapt to bad living conditions.

If you think the average libshit westerner is tougher than your average chinese then you are deluded and should take off those rosetinted glasses of yours.

North Koreans are extremely tough and strong, what is your point? First, they have mandatory military service. Then they need to live life under heavy pressure and watch their every move and what they say. This alone makes sure people don't go limpdick.

Having 5 kind of snacks avalailable in your local supermarket and living otherwise comfy like the average westerner does doesn't make westerners strong or tough. In fact, liberal democracies spoil people and let them go weak.


>First, they have mandatory military service.
Conscription only tells you that your army is broken as fuck and can't afford professional hiring. And in fact, being in the military is cucked as hell by itself unless you are an official or something.


I guess my posting was a waste of time. You can see in >>190617 he is one of those belligerent posters who is unwilling to revise any of his beliefs regardless of what anyone says or does. It's amazing he has the audacity to tell me he understands the difference between westerners and Chinese people better than me when I have been in China for 5 years and am right now.

There is a certain point at which unreasonable behavior becomes impossible, and discussion is a waste of time. I wish intransigence wasn't such a commonplace flaw.


Military service makes the population tougher. It's not about professional hiring, it is about making sure your people are strong and can endure shit situations if necessary.

But we agree to some extent? But you refuse to see that harsh environments create strong people, clearly because you are emotionally biased on this topic.


delusions fills in the gaps of ignorance. people hold onto the delusion because it's too much work to think or empathize. i have the same experience with my parents and how they deny my fristhand experiences and feelings. i honestly just think they're stupid mindless people who should have their mouths sewn shut.


Did you ever think that maybe you are the stupid one? I dunno, just some food for thought…


sometimes, but the self-hatred would just unjustly give you control over me. you don't supply any genuine evidence, so you are just doing the same thing conspiracy theorists do. you really like exciting and retarded ideas because it fills in the gaps and feeds your biases.


>Everyone lives for pleasure
Not everyone


Do you have evidence that supports your side? No? Thought so.

I simply state the obvious truth that tyrants generate strong people because 1) It is for the tyrant's benefit to have a country of strong and capable people. 2) Tyrants rule with iron fist and tend to be cruel so social darwinism is more actualized and put to practice under their rule.

If you have a "kind" rulership like in Sweden for example then ofc the people of the country will be faggots or cucks mostly.

What you define as pleasure? Only basic things like eating, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, masturbation, etc? Because pleasure simply means things that you enjoy. Nobody does anything they hate or that gives them suffering only.

I bet replying to me gave you some small pleasure too.


Why would anyone give a crap about stepping on this communist rake again? Don't stick out; you wont get hammered down. It's not hard


i can provide you several citations of tyrants throughout history who destroyed themselves and their people if you want to have a proper argument. i can tell your bias is really strong and you have a covert admiration of tyrannical personality types. i imagine it's pretty terrible to share a dorm with you, fuckface.


This is some kind of reductionism, any way it's not a new thing under the sun, there are plenty of people who quantified this type of thing before. Saying that everything is hedonism is needlessly destructive and damaging to the different subtleties which are the foundation of philosophical interpretations of being in the world, only one of which is hedonism.


Yes and there are plenty of non-tyrant type rulers and soft governments which led themselves and their country to ruin, what is your point?

Nazi Germany and the Germany of today, compare them. People in Nazi Germany were much tougher, had more endurance than most germans have nowadays.

>i can tell your bias is really strong and you have a covert admiration of tyrannical personality types. i imagine it's pretty terrible to share a dorm with you, fuckface.

Oh no, not really. I find certain tyrants to be interesting like Caligula and other eccentric types like that but I know I am a weak person who can live the best life under a weak and humanist government. I'm just trying to be objective, playing the devil's advocate a little. I would never support some ultra-authoritarian leadership, I don't work against myself so to speak. I am a NEET hermit who wouldn't be tolerated under any harsh rulership.

But I think it is true. Anti-hedonism is just stupid idealism at the end of the day, thinking that people work towards other ends than making themselves feel good.
The hero who goes to war to die for his country is a hedonist too, just in a different way from me for example. My pleasure is posting on wizchan and listening to music, his pleasure is doing heroic things and such.


good post. im glad that someone can appreciate this.


File: 1652501858843.png (1.71 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, homeless man.png) ImgOps iqdb


>independent thought

>don't have to worry about toxic relationships
>less stress/life is more simplified by being a recluse
>can be yourself when you are alone/more freedom
>don't have to put up with the annoying lifestyles of others
>save more money/ when you have friends you have to go out with them and spend money


the second great depression?


🦀 wizards that wish for relationships 🦀
ah yes the good ole tfw I spent my life wasting it on (insert neet activity here) instead of being notman


I am glad that you never struggled, no really. there are quite a few depressing threads saying wizzies have no fridge or savings, an injured animal always tries to make it back to its nest (the safest place that it knows) yet I see posts on here wishing for a revolution or total collapse :/ (where other wizzies live)

the murder hole where I was born was snuffed by a civil war then gang warfare, not even gonna bore you with the sob story but some guys on here need to cherish the few privileges that they have.

now that I think of it, local government would pull bs on purpose, daily power outage just to remind them who runs the show, cops would get sniped and there are several car b*mbs assassinations to this day and some group detonated a couple hundred pounder one once. news would live broadcast all of the savage acts above, uncensored.

one specific broadcast was messed up, a guy riding his motorcycle was hit by a truck so as he lays there the journalist walked up to him and proceeds to interview the poor fella. cameraman didn't care and recorded it too :( ambulances are denied passage by the gangs or risk being shot at, will try to find those if I can




no, liberty city…

( ._.)
I'm sorry wizzie, I deserve to get cyberbullied for typing low effort crap


i dont remember any of this happening in gta 4


pedo lives in the woods for 3 years in a bunker he created himself to avoid jail/prison time


File: 1652683422226.jpg (308.27 KB, 719x405, 719:405, 11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im glad to found another fellow congolombian here.

Atleast this shithole fits very well to your description.

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