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I feel so frustrated whenever I'm sucking in a game or something and realize the people I'm losing or comparing myself to probably have a job and social life on top of being better than me at this. High chance they're also younger than me with other hobbies they're good at as well.

I've had practically limitless free time for almost a decade now and I've never been good at anything. How do these people find the time or the energy? It feels like some people started out with 100+ stat points to build their characters and I just started out with none.


hard work


Yeah seriously it's so unfair. It seems like they find literally everything easy, and they do it so quickly as well.


File: 1650257209331.jpeg (678.88 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, 531cb5e163748e4426c6e17eb….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>How do these people find the time or the energy?

Positive reinforcement from peers. You can only ponder if such friendships and encouragements would have helped you, but know that had any of these normal people decided to withdraw from society just as you did, they'd have been as worse off as you.

It's why so many dorks and oddballs are clinging to Discord rooms of their own these days. Everyone but the most helpless misanthropes get a surge of creative and productive energy from being praised for a job done. Some guys use their following as sort of a muse to keep them going and would fall apart if they were suddenly without an audience, being more attracted to the fame than the art. It's why 4chan exists. You think the main point of that site is to shitpost politicians to death? No, it's so guys of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels can come together and say things about what they're all the most interested in.

Look at the Japanese highschoolers who are playing in orchestras or publishing their own fantasy comic. Laymen would suggest its down to IQ and a culture of discipline, but it's not so scientific. The schools there have sanctioned clubs which give like-minded students time and resources to engage in their shared interests. Such an environment gives students the drive to improve along with their peers. To challenge one-another. To help those who are new. People in elderly communities pick up hobbies such as painting or playing musical instruments to pass the time. Well past their prime and with shrinking brains, they still manage to overcome the challenges of their new interest and perservere through their ailments to create fantastic things. All because they're once again in a place of like-minded individuals with a mutual interest in making the most of the time they have left. Anyone can learn and create at any point in their lives. Some can do it in solitude, but for most, the odd nudge from your fellow is all it takes to keep the ball rolling.

It's not too late wiz. If there's something you're really interested in, be it some form of art or academic study, then jump right in. Find the general hub town for that hobby and engage with the community more than you work on the actual hobby. Developo mutual relationships with guys who are both highly skilled and those who are also starting out. Ask questions when you wish and give answers when you can. As soon as you come to see these internet dudes as your friends, your male instincts will kick in and give you the drive to better yourself to compete and impress.


Discipline, also it happens that you only see the good part of everything, you should see how do they make sausages, some people didn't get where they are just because they felt like it.


You are not wrong in the fact that some people are just better to begin with but over the long term you can be not always but can be better the the thing is I always felt gaming is unfulfilling to begin with maybe you would find joy in something else


I'm sure you're right, I just can't tolerate interacting with people, especially not in a group setting. I don't have the competitive spirit either, seeing other people who are successful doesn't drive me to want to succeed, it just makes me jealous and depressed.
I used to enjoy gaming, but these days I'm not sure why I even play games other than not having anything else to do. I don't like anything that's coming out, there hasn't been a multiplayer game I've been super into in years, and whenever I finish anything I just feel like I've wasted my time.

I've tried getting into other things but can never get past the hurdle of being so bad at something it's frustrating and to the point where it's enjoyable/satisfying.


You continue to play vidya because it's easy i am guilty of this in my past.


File: 1651177351423.jpg (100.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, proxy-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

God, that picture. It's been years and I still haven't fully digested that sucker punch of a game. It's actually my favorite of all time.

>It's why so many dorks and oddballs are clinging to Discord rooms of their own these days

Yeah, no kidding. I've tried so many times to join and socialize in discord servers but it's completely impossible if you got any sense of common decency. It's insane.

When joining a server, either you get middle school all over again and the in-crowd has their backs turned to you and makes damn sure not to let you in. Or, it's a cesspool of people endlessly being as degenerate as possible to shock one another. Either the server bans you for swearing or the server is filled with literal nazis calling for race war.

It's depressing. I've completely given up on reaching out to like-minded people online. The one and only true tie I have left to the online "community" is imageboards, especially wizchan, which I am increasingly starting to believe is one of the only sane places left on the internet and in the world for that matter. God bless every single one of you.

You mentioned in your post how the overwhelming majority of people still require positive reinforcement from peers and that the energy gained from human contact is not to be underrated. Your reasoning is generally correct and the latter advice is undeniably valuable. But it can't be understated how some people simply can't draw from this well of energy, as you mentioned yourself. I will spare you a wall of quotes at points where my personal experiences has differed from your conclusions, but to summarize:

>As soon as you come to see these internet dudes as your friends, your male instincts will kick in and give you the drive to better yourself to compete and impress.

I have never, ever, experienced this. Not offline nor online. Not with friends nor strangers. In fact, the emotions I felt in such environments rather ranged from complete indifference to pure passive bitterness, hatred and truly wishing for the person's life to go horribly wrong.

I have a single (real life) friend these days, and he's also a very close friend. In terms of life mastery he has clearly done laps around me. When remembering this I either feel brooding bitterness or complete hopelessness.

So no, not everyone could or even should walk the path you suggest. Many, but definitely not all.



i think part of it is positive reinforcement like other person said, but end root is

better genetics.


They just practice more than you. They basically never just relax, always busy and wear themselves down over time but at least they accomplish a lot of things.


If this were 1910 or something I would understand you but nowadays?
Most of the world is fat, most of the first world (Which is most likely where you are) are lazy and addicted to youtube & tiktok, most of gen z are anxious sexual deviants who act embarrassing in public.
Nowadays you either can be as bad as a normie or be better than one, I understand being sad that you arent some smart hard-worker but to say this is how normals act is SUPER wrong


the real world is not the internet. "people these days are lazy and entitled!" is boomer tier discourse.

most of the people "addicted to youtube and tiktok" are still reasonably functional.


Optics is such a huge factor. Like thanks for the criticisms not gonna ruin my day though. They have thick skin like that. That's how normals operate. Nobody is actually perfect or even close to it. The average normal are just okay at what they do. They don't agonize when things aren't perfection. They adapt and continue.

You don't hyperfocus on their imperfections as much as your own. Perhaps you do this to people, well that's different problem than the topic at hand. Most other times you don't even notice their imperfections. We tend to fill in unknowns of others with the larger than life.

Also this >>190991 seriously. There's a reason the upper echelons of tech bros keep their children off their own platforms. The 21st century always on digital world completely changed the paradigm. Sure there still individuals who can operate but that's like saying functional drunks are totally fine.

I highly suggest experimenting with going about daily routine while avoiding instant gratifications. You're sitting at your desk in your comfy neet dungeon. A brief pause in the moment. You check your feeds or your socials or whatever the kids call it these days. You do it without even realizing. It's subconscious.

Without the ability to check this or that on your electronic device. No touching it. Instead of a quick tap tap scroll, you're clock watching. If you even have a clock that's not your phone or PC. You'll find 24 hours in a day is a quite a long time.

If you simply can't experiment with this because your daily routine is centered entirely around the digital world. Well there's your problem.


There's huge bias with the Internet. Only the most notable stuff rises to the top. You're constantly confronted by the accomplishments of exceptional people.

As an example, apparently on communities even like this one only a small number of people contribute posts and the rest just consume. So we're consuming all this warped media that's being shaped by super nerds and super humans. The real reality is most people just suck at a lot of things. But failure is no where near as enticing.


What game is it?


Everlasting Summer


Sounds r-selected


god is a merciless being who randomly decides who gets the blessings and who will be doomed to exist and rot
STFU and die


Don't listen to this retard.
I came from /ic/ and everyone hated me for being permabeg (that is someone who doesn't improve in art in spite of the hard work put in and due to lack of talent or low IQ)

I gave up at drawing since I realized that no matter what I will do, I would always draw like Chris Chan, all cringy and devoid of talent.

You shouldn't have hopes as a brainlet crab.


go back to /fit/


he missed the "y" read it again


hard worky?


hardly working but missed the l -_-


Euthymia is basically a super power.


Kill them, what good is talent if they're dead


theyre not stop putting normals on a pedestal. theyre basically just winging it like everyone else or theyre just dumb or just trying to fit in especially succubi.


whenever i try to get good at something i realize there is no reason to, i am in the same situation as you, never had a job, always had free-time, i just don't have the motivation and ambition to compete with others


>It feels like some people started out with 100+ stat points to build their characters and I just started out with none.
holy fuck this is me too



Think this is part of it.

I'd like to be better at the games I play, but why? What value is there actually in that? If you aren't the best in the world(or close to it), there isn't actually any real difference between being top 10%, top 1% or even top .1%. You just have to try harder and play better players. Guess there's status in if you have friends who play the same game, but I don't and even if I did a new game would come out and everyone would move on anyway.

There are creative hobbies I'd like to get better at, but why? Most people who are into those things have been dedicated to them since childhood, nothing I could make would ever measure up. Even if it did, it'd just get lost in the endless sea of billions of other people making their own art on top of the already existing ocean of art created over human history.

There's no point putting effort into anything.


It's impossible to compete in most competitive sports, even brain sports because of innate differences between people since birth.

Think Magnus Carlsen. This fucker got his Grand Master title at age 13 when his contemporaries were still watching cartoons and playing Pokémon.
He beat nuclear physicists 40 years older than him who have written doctoral thesises and books on chess.

That's what it boils down to, GENETICS. Inherent advantages. This guy is one of the highest IQ people to live on the planet, even people who dedicated their lives to chess can't compete with him.

The world is so ridiculously unfair.


>Magus was just genetics
His father was a chess player that trained him from a very young age, and then he was coached at the Norwegian College of Elite Sport by the country's top player, a Grandmaster.
Genetics play a role but upbringing is even more important, or at least is of comparable importance


Yeah, I think the worst thing about genetics is people get it into their head that there is at least some amount of fairness to them. People assume that someone genetically gifted in one aspect must be deficient somewhere else, or vice versa. You see it in media all the time, the dumb jock and the retard savant.

The reality is that good/bad traits cluster together, why wouldn't they? The smart marry the beautiful and have perfect little babies while the rest of the dumb poor ugly losers make do with each other and give birth to even more worthless children. Is Magnus Carlsen some hideous socially retarded nerd? Of course not, he's handsome, rich, healthy, charismatic, everything anyone could want to be.

People flip their shit if the concept of eugenics is ever even hinted at, but I can't see how anything could be more cruel than being born into a world where you are just worse than everyone around you in all aspects of life. What's the point of even being alive when you know there are people out there who are just better versions of yourself? You're just chaff, stuck in a miserable life so that the people in the middle have someone to compare themselves to.


It's mostly positive reinforcement and being trained in good habits as a child. If you weren't encouraged to do things as a child and were mostly left in your bedroom playing video games it's already too late, the damage is done and there won't be any reversal.


Couldn't have said it better myself. I also think the 'dumb jock' stereotype comes from those who were born ugly and can't cope with reality.

Where I live, all the tall chads with handsome faces are also high IQ businessmen, investors or CEOs. There are no "dumb jocks". All the good traits just clustered into the same few people.


I've struggled to learn anything useful for the past 4 years. My brain is constantly on fight or flight mode because of past trauma and future uncertainty.

I try to learn stuff but literally forget it the next day. Is there any learning method that isn't a complete scam because I've tried many.

I don't even want to be good at something i just want not to starve or be in severe poverty because of incompetency…

And I don't think I'm even dumb because I used to be decent but certainly I have some sort of learning disorder now


Deal with your trauma first. Else you'll be forever fighting against that. It's not the learning methods don't work. It's your brain is occupied on fight mode.

It is known psychology of how humans operate. The more happier, secure, contented individuals in life are more creative, score better on tests, perform better at tasks.


Agree %100. When I was in middle school there was a boy in my class, he was most handsome, intelligent and at the same time best football player in our class just superior genetics on everything, while I was inferior on all three and was bullied non stop. Life is just not fair


>The reality is that good/bad traits cluster together, why wouldn't they?

If we look at genes as an investment, wouldn't it sometimes make sense as an evolutionary strategy to min-max on 1 trait and accept deficiencies in other traits rather than trying to be good at everything?


Not just sometimes. It is literally the case most of the time. Being good at everything and sucking at everything are extremely rare. Most people realize what the couple of things are they are good at and focus on them.

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