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After hanging out around here for probably too long, and continuing to watch anime, etc., there are a number of pieces of cultural media, fora, and movements that appear to be coalescing together into the same idea that I wanted to point out. In particular, I've been looking at:

- This forum
- "Herbivore men" in Japan
- "Aroace" in certain Western circles
- The fo xi or Tang ping or "Lying Flat" movement in China
- The "Sampo Generation" in South Korea
- Freeters
- Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
- Isekai genre -> Iyashikei genre

I'm going to start with the latter items first, because there's an interesting aspect of the Isekai genre that I don't think is noted upon, and is easier for me to note when I point out the Kobayashi franchise. Kobayashi _could_ exercise extreme amounts of power, and accumulate a lot more than she has. E.g., at any point she could've asked Tohru for a shitton of gold or to start conquering shit for her. However, she recognizes the problems in doing so, and she doesn't want to. And this also seems to be a theme in a lot of the isekai genre. E.g., that "I maxed out my level" show. She _could_ conquer the world if she wanted to, but if anything she wants the exact opposite of that. A lot of the time, Isekai characters tend to be OP Mary Sues that don't end up being Mary Sues because they refuse to use the full extent of their abilities. They're characters that want to be left alone, and just want to be able to enjoy life, ffs. In this way, a lot of the Isekai genre appear to be Iyashikei in disguise. YKK is a classic Iyashikei anime where although the mc might not be all-powerful, she shares a lot of the same goals and aspirations, and she definitely has the ability to be a lot wealthier; but her desires are much less than this. All she wants is an idyllic life.

A lot of the generational movements I've listed above have the same themes. Yeah, you _could_ work a lot more, climb corporate ladders, conquer, etc.. But why would you do that when you realize that what you want is so much less than what those lifestyles offer? Marriage and kids? For what? Should one be a STEM meme degree holder earning $100k/y in a city with $90k costs and a debt of hundreds of thousands, or a wagie getting $20k/y in Bumfuck, Iowa with $10k costs and no debt (please understand I'm exaggerating the memes a bit for humor's sake)? They all point out the trappings of life with no benefit. It appears to be pointing out a contradiction in goals versus actions of the previous generations.

I know one conclusion is the 'antiwork' movement. However, this seems different than the antiwork culture, because it's more generally pointing out erroneous goals. I can see a lot of "Buddhist" themes as well, but I don't think that's it either. Buddhism is about throwing away Earthly desires, this seems to be more pointing out "Why would you even desire those things in the first place?" Put together, it seems to me like this confluence of cultural artifacts seem to be coalescing around an idea of anti-ambitionism. About how being "ambitious" as it's currently culturally defined, doesn't really seem to give one anything one would really want, anyways.
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The US pulled out of Vietnam and suddenly hundreds of thousands of young men who survived the slaughter were looking for a place to live. The US government partially subsidized their housing costs, so realtors decided to just charge double the normal price. The trend has yet to end.


The end of the gold standard (another poster already noted this:
>>190213 ). A lot of these charts came from wtfhappenedin1971.com


How do I profit from Abdul working long hours for shit wages? I don't, his exploiters profit from it. The Trumps, the Musks, the Gates, the such who hold most of the world's wealth in their safes. What I owe is absolutely laughable when compared to their wealth.


>How do I profit from Abdul working long hours for shit wages?
you benefit from low labor costs as it reduces the market price of commodities, increasing your purchasing power. strange how the guy who's been vociferously defending this system is suddenly pretending to be unaware how it operates


Like I said, the average westerner benefits insignificantly from 3rd worlders. The ones who take money from them are those who have companies there and force them to work for shit. I'm not one of the global elite and I don't care about purchasing things that much as I live a frugal life.


I've been reading a lot of your posts in this thread, and it's interesting, because I'm actually ideologically on your side, and you're laying down facts and logic. You have marshaled logos to your side to an extremely competent degree, BUT at the cost of pathos and ethos against your side to such an extent that the other side in this debate is winning me over. It's like looking at a war where country A wins every engagement, but country B is clearly winning the war.


So you just don't like my style basically?

As for ideologies, I consider myself anti-romantic, pro-progress, pro-technology, pro-futurism.


Style, charisma, yes.


I'm glad this thread was made. I was just seeing elsewhere an argument by some devoted NEETs and wagecucks.
I think ot's fucking simple. Actually the movements in China and Korea pretty much sum this up: the job market is so competitive, overworking yourself into disease is so emphasized (in murrica they call it "the grindset", some sales pitch for suckers of big corporate cock), and all of that for what? Pretty much just to live. It's not even about ambition anymore. The wheel is going ever faster and just to keep up with basic expenses requires enslaving yourself.
So I guess these movements are just people that don't think one ought to work themselves to death just to live. I don[t think that's natural, or necessary.


> Freeters

What does this term mean again?


I think it's a type of ship


The truth is that the old social contracts are dead and the expectations that we will fulfill our "roles" in society without that role existing, is partially why hikkomoris and neets are so popular now.

On the flip side, these movements are about social control. It's ideally about making you a good slave who goes to work and then goes home and consumes, alone, in his box, in a large city, where his taxes pay for people who hate and will never embrace him.


File: 1651786604389.png (293.27 KB, 462x465, 154:155, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think it's a type of chip


>a "free" worker that worked less hours, earned pay hourly instead of a monthly paycheck like regular full time workers, and received none of the benefits of a regular full time worker
>Freeters may also be described as underemployed.


Why can't somebody feel unhappy with their life?


>life is wonderful thing
Only if you are mindless animal slaved to its self preservation instinct or some kind of rabid, fundamentalistic fanatic.


Not him. I think being unhappy with life is all right and natural BUT to roleplay as some pessimist faggot who can only whine and whine without appreciating anything good in life is just stupid. What I mean is that of course there are times when people are unhappy, you can't be always happy. However, if you adopt this feeling as an attitude to things and life in general then you are just a fag.

Oh so now only animals are allowed to care about self-preservation? Hahahaha. You sure set the bar high, man. Putting aside the whole humans are animals too thing, what is your problem with the self-preservation instinct? I take it you rose above us ordinary mortals, O mighty Buddha. So can I go where you live and take all your stuff? After all you don't care about this life clearly. And surely you won't mind if someone tortures you to death either, after all you don't care about self-preservation…Faggot.



Yeah I agree with that. I don't think there are a lot of people here who actually hate life, I think most people are just misanthropic which is far more understandable.


there is no great resignation. people are just choosing to exchange jobs at a greater rate


File: 1655480398309.png (41.63 KB, 386x469, 386:469, 20220617_10h38m45s_grim.png) ImgOps iqdb

Found this chart on the NEET wikipedia article. Don't know how much it's changed since then. Japan is at the bottom.


I’m from T*rkey and neet so yes its accurate and I hate this shithole


File: 1656278443174.png (135.58 KB, 500x477, 500:477, 1618548687252.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't wanna be the "you'll see when you grow up" 30yo boomer, but please take it as a genuine warning - I'm not sure how inevitable the passive media burnout is.
I've watched close to a thousand full anime series/movies, dozens of 3d shows, regular movies in the high hundreds. I'm pretty sure everyone has a point at which the limits of human creativity become painfully obvious and you cannot help but see how formulaic 90+% of stuff that you consume is.
For me, the enjoyment received from most media was steadily very high ever since I was young till about 28yo, in the span of less than a year suddenly dropped off a cliff. It feels like I'm a junkie who went from using pure cocaine to having to sniff on average 9 lines of wheat flour till I get to the powder that works. The spark of curiosity and adventure that was present before hardly ever appears anymore.
I don't know how to avoid this, but if I had to guess, I would suggest not putting all your eggs into one basket. Find a creative / physical / skillful hobby that you enjoy before it's too late. Woodcarving, lifting, running, FPV drones, anything that's not just passive entertainment. If you have any friends that you care about try to do at least the bare minimum to keep in touch. Once the process of rotting from the inside starts, it'll be too late.


Good post. Ten years ago on wizchan we never had the older wizzies to serve as a harbinger. I think even a lot of normalfaggots fall into the NEET trap because they're just projecting their experience playing Final Fantasy, watching anime and enjoying every new video game release for their entire life. And it works well from 18-24, you're genuinely still happy being a bit of a manchild, but slowly it sinks in and the magic starts fading away. How one would feel at eighteen watching the Teletubbies, that's how it feels being 28 and trying to play Grand Theft Auto and watching the newest shonen anime release.

I can enjoy reading into the production of the stuff I used to like. Like watching videos and reading about how Gran Trismo was made in the nineties. But I can no longer play any of that stuff for more than an hour or two. It's like trying to watch a movie for the fifth time in a month, that's what it feels like, you just feel impatient and just wait for it to end. And you get frustrated, and sometimes even feel sad, because the times you used to have playing Halo as a teenager socially are never coming back.

It might not necessarily happen to every wizzie. But someone at thirty still genuinely consooming teenage entertainment is literally as rare as a teenager still watching Blues Clues and Teletubbies every morning before school. It's both rare and a sign of stunted mental development.


name of anime on op?


Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou


Mid 30s anon here. I think there is a cycle. For sure by late 20s/early 30s it feels like you're fooling yourself, but lately I have been finding the interest come back. It is not as strong as it used to be, but still worthwhile enough to pursue and peacefully pass the time. I don't know, maybe the dip is .ore permanent with others. Any 40+ anon that can tell us?


I remember having these exact conversations over a decade ago with some 30 year old neet steam friend. He told me all of these things and I didn't believe it. I was a dumb 17 year old and responded the same way that other anon did.

Over the past few years it's slowly been becoming true and I think about those conversations a lot. I just can't find the fun in things anymore. I'll start up a game and 20 minutes later I'm wondering what the point is. Sometimes I'll get into moods and play 3-4 games over a couple weeks, or I'll play something so novel or good that I'll actually finish it but both of those are rare occurrences that are becoming more and more infrequent.

There are things I want to do, I see the value in creative hobbies. I just feel like too much of a mental midget to do anything. I'm bored all of the time and don't see any end to it.


>I think even a lot of normalfaggots fall into the NEET trap
rule 4. go away.


yeah this fucking sucks. i am interested in a ton of things. but putting forth the effort to do the things is becoming harder and harder


I'm too lazy to re-read my previous posts here so maybe I will end up repeating myself. What you talk about, I already went through that phase. I had it from 15 until 20 roughly. That was when I never managed to finish consuming anything I started because everything seemed cliché and I couldn't relate to how normal oriented entertainment was in general. I spent my free time sleeping (even when I wasn't tired), masturbating, browsing stupid image boards, listening to music, fantasizing about suicide/death or being angry/frustrated. Then around when I was 21 or 22 I changed and from then on it has been a constant ride to more and more fun for me. I lowered my colossal and retarded standards and realized that I belong to a rare type of men and so it would stupid of me to expect that media and stuff would be made to please me and my fringe taste exactly. Take it or leave it. I chose to take it, even if "it" isn't to my liking all the time. I also developed an ascetic spirit. What I mean by this is that I watch or read anything to the end even if I hate it. Anything is better than staring at the wall or thinking about suicide all the time so I don't complain anymore how bad every kind of entertainment is like most people do. I know I am privileged to live in this era where every sort of media is available to me instantly and for free on the internet. Most people who lived before us in history didn't have anything to occupy themselves with except for having friends or having a family. Well, maybe reading books or going to the theater but even that was a privilege of some sort.

I never cared about those epic meme hobbies you people list like doing sports or whatever creative hobbies you mentioned. I always liked getting absorbed into other people's worlds and fantasies. It is kind of like getting to know people in an honest way. If you want to know someone then read his books or watch his movies/anime/etc and you will know what that person's inner world is really like. I'm 25 now and like I said, I don't even know what to watch or read lots of times, I have so many things I am interested in.

>How one would feel at eighteen watching the Teletubbies, that's how it feels being 28 and trying to play Grand Theft Auto and watching the newest shonen anime release.
Stupid comparison but I think you know it too deep down. Many adults, including normals, enjoy what you would consider "teenager" entertainment. Instead of caring about what you "should" enjoy just enjoy what you like, DUH? If you like Teletubbies then whatever, watch that. Or if you don't want entertainment that is made for young people there are plenty of things out there for you. You just have to search for it and put in some effort. No offense but you sound extremely lazy to me. You are the type of person who wants to watch the same 5 movies and wants to enjoy the same genre all the time, right? And then you act surprised when you don't enjoy it anymore and dismiss all entertainment with a wave of your hand. Try out new things once in a while, step out of your comfort zone and experiment with other genres.


So you didn't even fall into the pit yourself not even close to old enough to comprehend. Yet here you are preaching to the 30+ posters. You got so close to hitting the mark btw except you wrote them off as "lazy". What a dog shit vanilla ass canned take. Why even post here.



Imagine wanting to fit in this much, trying to please "wiz elders" so desperately. lol Wizkid, don't try too hard.

>So you didn't even fall into the pit yourself

I won't repeat myself. If 5 years of anhedonia and burnout are nothing to you then that's your problem.
>not even close to old enough to comprehend
Indeed, I don't understand "true suffering" these 30+ true, certified wizzos go through. Which btw sounds like pointless whining to me.

Being miserable and bitter isn't a virtue, no matter what you read on /dep/. Grow up, dude.


What's your problem? Like no, actually, what's so bad about an older wizzie warning you that -potentially- a shut in lifestyle defined by media entertainment will no longer be satisfying as you age?

>Try out new things once in a while, step out of your comfort zone and experiment with other genres.

Have you been around older people and seen the media they consoom? 90% just want something to unwind to after work to slow them down to sleep, or they're in nostalgia mode one weekend and are watching Blade Runner or Lawrence of Arabia for the 100th time. They are like that because the magical feeling doesn't come back for them, they are the ones going to the new Terminator and Rocky films and shit -only- because it reminds them of being a teenager in the 80s watching the first Terminator and Rocky. My dad has probably watched more movies than most people, it was his way of unwinding after work each night. But on the days he didn't come home from work tired, he never bothered. He always told me "I might have one movie I enjoy every two weeks or so, and once a year I'll have a good one that I really enjoy watching". And on the weekends when he wants to watch something seriously, he'll put on Bullit, Dirty Harry or some motorcycle film from the 70s.

That's the human experience. For most people, no amount of genre hopping can sate the feeling. 90% of entertainment is marketed to people under 25 for that reason, and the sweet spot for media consooming is your teenage years. It's why Marvel and Shonen shit get the biggest budgets and enjoy the largest market share. Boomers outnumber Zoomers, so why aren't there comparable blockbuster films marketed towards Boomers outside of nostalgia bait?


Isn’t this new top gun movie made for boomers? I think hollywood makes a lot of nostalgia movies for boomers also


>What's your problem? Like no, actually, what's so bad about an older wizzie warning you that -potentially- a shut in lifestyle defined by media entertainment will no longer be satisfying as you age?

The problem is that it is just pure envy and malice that makes these "kind" elder wizzies write their "warnings" to me. They envy me because I can still enjoy my hobbies, things they can't anymore (which is entirely their fault, I might add). I really dislike this patronizing tone. Age doesn't make you smarter or wiser in the majority of cases, it only makes you dumber or more bitter. They try to project their misery onto me and to convince me to be afraid of the future because they don't like how their lives turned out. Truly, who needs enemies when you have such "good" comrades as these wizards who want to drag everyone down into their filth and misery? Misery loves company.

You are extremely wrong about many things. One thing is that 90% of entertainment is made for people under 25. What the hell again, you think after 25 people don't enjoy movies and such? Just because you and others here don't enjoy it anymore. Nice projection. There are many people who do enjoy it, guess again. The problem is with you.
You are aware that middle aged people like these things too, right? Just to make sure.
Another thing you are wrong about is the nostalgia and re-watching stuff. That is the best way to burn yourself out, I guessed right, you really are the type who watches the same 10 or so movies for all his life and acts surprised when he doesn't derive any joy from consuming media anymore. As I said, step out of your comfort zone, would you? You won't regret it. You are shutting out vast amount of entertainment because you are too narrow minded. Nobody watches the same movie 100 times, unless they are autists or spergs of some kind. Move on and discover new things.


The only thing more annoying than someone constantly psychoanalyzing people, is someone failing miserably at it. I said my piece much earlier in the thread and see no point in elaborating. You get it or you don't, and you don't. Maybe you'll feel it one day, maybe you won't. It's something worth putting out there because it's inevitable for most and good to be aware of. I think the "you'll understand when you're older" undertones of these warnings can be a bit patronizing, but that really is all there is to say. If you were immortal, and had consumed every existing piece of media, do you think new media would still interest you? If so, you're special, congratulations. If not then you understand there is some point where you've seen enough, even your suggestion of seeking out new genres acknowledges this concept. The people discussing this aren't unadventurous, watching the same things over and over, it's the opposite. They've seen so much that anything "new" feels that way.


>negative feelings bad
No, the problem is people like you.
Just why do you have such need to invade spaces where you don't belong and preach your positivist shit there?
Absolutely disgusting.


Sure, you aren't being arrogant at all or cocky when you think at 30 something in life you've seen EVERYTHING. Hahaha. Give me a break. Even a 1000 years wouldn't be enough to explore all of human entertainment and culture yet you have the pretentious attitude to dismiss the whole world and all entertainment as boring. Please. You haven't even dared to explore new genres, you got bored of the same movies and anime you've been always watching since you were 10 and think that is all to human entertainment. God…

Boy, I've been with wizchan and wizardchan way longer than you most likely.
You don't have to be a bitter miserable person if you are a wizard. Are you 18 and just recently found this place? I sincerely would like to know. The problem isn't with negative feelings either exactly, the problem is with being negative all the time and adopting this mindset generally.

Negative feelings when they are natural serve a purpose. When you constantly dwell in the mud then it becomes a pretentious teenager attitude, however. This site became a caricature of itself over the years, sadly. Now it is a value and virtue to be depressed and to be anhedonic on this site and the more miserable you are the more respect you get from your fellow wizzas. God damn LOL Retarded hivemind.


I'm not sure how you could call anyone arrogant while insisting you know something about someone they've already told you isn't true. I don't replay games(barring ones made to be played repeatedly) and I certainly don't rewatch anything. Genuinely braindead, I can see how you don't get bored.


I don't get bored because I had a drastic change of mind, I'd advise you to copy me too. You probably sit down before every media with the same "ohh let's get this over with pufff" mentality. Don't be shocked if you don't enjoy anything like that. Just sayin.


It amazes me that you decided to start with watching anime, which is not only a passive action, but isekai anime are full of ambitious main characters. It looks like a list of things you are interested and went straight to the one that requires 0 effort to do anything. This is no lack of ambition, btw.


There was another good one but whatever


>but whatever
What was the point of adding that? To say that you don't care, despite just before suggesting that you do care by mentioning there was another good VN?


You're not talking about snoot game are you?

Because he thinks discussion of it is wasted here and he's probably right.


>discussion of it is wasted here and he's probably right.
Then why bring it up at all? He should keep his >your opinions a shit, not gonna elaborate style posts on /v/.


I mean it's not really relevant to the thread is it?


File: 1657276015294.jpg (71.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, kwzddy6n668y.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Eh I've been with you for a few points but now you're shitting on people who like to rewatch stuff for whatever reason, fuck you and the guy who tries to convince others about how shit everything will become, I am over thirty and still consume like 10 years ago, if anything visiting this site is probably the reason you people are so miserable


the only reason I'd want money is:
>house (paying property tax too)
But this is why I'm focusing to get rich in this life. I don't want to die poor because I couldn't afford some pills or something. Or because I couldn't afford good medical treatment. As for the rest? I don't give a fuck. I just read books and so on. I like having a computer though, yeah.

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