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I'm thinking of creating a personal site with wizard elements. This is something similar to what I intend to do:
I really liked the articles, but it's gone inactive for some time and I don't find things like these often.

I'm planning on offering support and reassurance to people with articles, videos and community, maybe some interactive content as well. For things like isolation, meaninglessness, unfulfillment, dealing with suffering and society's BS, etc.

I really believe everyone should receive help, no matter their circumstances and feel better, enjoy their lives. Do you think there's some demand for this kind of thing? What do you think, would you be interested?


>I really believe everyone should receive help, no matter their circumstances and feel better, enjoy their lives
Agreed. We should help all wageslave wizards to become NEETS.


Eventually people realize that they are beyond the help of others, so if you made such a thing you'd just be preaching to teenagers or early 20s at most. And to add on that point, your audience will be extremely small, because how many young guys exist that are looking for help with "isolation" or "unfulfillment" and are not crabs? There will always be an audience for preachers, but "wizard" preachers, just sounds like a failure, if you tell normal guys to not have sex or care about females they will tell you that you're gay


theres no real way to "become a neet". it entirely depends on parents able and willing to support you. and even if they are it might become unsustainable after they die.

there isnt enough welfare in the USA to sustain it, maybe in the Swedish utopia idk.

Yeah you can become independently wealthy and live off investments, but they generally aren't referred to as neets. maybe early retirement. and if you have to actively manage your investments, then self-employed investor.

so its really just luck. being born with parents able and willing to let you neet


you need a bit of mental fortitude to become a neet as well, you need to face hardship and pain until you are awarded your pay


That guy is a big fag


What happened to Neetpride anyway? I remember seeing him in videos and he looked like a Chad to me. Maybe he gave up neetdom and finally got a job. Maybe he was larping the whole time.


I think that guy from that NEETpride video was not NEETpride himself but his buddy. They both appeared in another video. NEETpride actually says he currently is a "semi-NEET" because he gets money from donating plasma like 3 times a week I think. These days he is somehow active on NEET moe and such.


That's all correct (though plasma is 2 times a week) and I am NEETpride.

OP, contact me through this https://neetpride.wordpress.com/contact/

I am trying to start a collaborative online magazine for NEETs kinda like lainzine https://lainzine.org/ Pic is from a rough draft. I want other people to give me feedback, suggestions, create graphics, & write articles, but the main thing I'm looking for right now is a NEET (who likes being a NEET) to interview for a NEET Spotlight.


I want to be a homeless NEET and reading your blog is uplifting because I always felt too weak to survive as a hoboNEET


You couldn't really value such life unless you had already suffered it. I never, ever saw a hobo which actually looked even minimally satisfied with his misery.

Why wouldn't you wish a palace for thyself?


I'm just sick of living with my parents.


Volume 1 of NEETpride Magazine is out. Contribute to the next one OP! https://neetpride.wordpress.com/2022/04/29/neetpride-magazine-volume-1/


where you been for past 2 years?


how new must you be to post a pepe lol

what site are you from?


your a giant fag and you look like some schizo normie arab fuck off


File: 1651419542830.jpg (168.9 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, NEETzine Vol 11024_2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's why I recommend doing "homeless training" while you still have a home. Sell your plasma, acquire a tent and backpack, then try suburban camping for a single night. Worst case scenario you pack up and go home. Just make sure you are doing it in an empty place where you won't get arrested, like undeveloped land with no security patrols. If you're in an urban area it's still possible to find ditches and medians to camp in, but that's hard mode. Rural areas are easy mode. When begging for money don't get into anyone's car though because they will probably assume you're a gay gigolo.
You'd be surprised how adaptable most people are. It sucks at first but, unless you sustain some sort of serious injury or illness, after a couple weeks you'd probably be back to baseline. It's called the hedonic treadmill. I never, ever saw a wageslave which actually looked even minimally satisfied with his misery.
Nowhere in particular. I just took a break from the NEETpride project until inspiration struck. Didn't think it'd take 2 years though…
Oh so that's why my pics keep getting deleted. I've mainly been using minds.com, neet.moe, & scored.co for the past year. Wizchan has way too many rules for my taste.
Aw, you express affection through insults like a little brother! I love you too bro!


How much do you make from donating plasma?


I tried donating plasma.

I almost passed out and I felt incredibly weak a few days after.


Depends on the place. If you live in America, CSL plasma gives like $80+ per donation. Biolife gives at least $50 or something similar, depends on if they're running a promotion.


$80 is a good deal. I'd donate a lot if that were the case but there's no clinics around me


Why hasn’t this sex haver been banned yet

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