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I'm in a search for guide for one's life, a life that is recluse, friendless, overall alone(y), how one go to maximize his well being despite of being a recluse, does anyone knows of such guide?


Step one: work remotely from home.

If step one is unabtanium, then have some source of income (parents, pension)

And you're done, that's it. That how I see it at least.


Do you really need a guide for that? If you can't handle it psychologically then the life is not for you. If you're talking about the day to day practicalities, then just google and learn how to do stuff on your own. Basically, be independent and never rely on anyone in any way because people are trash.

"Walden" is an old classic about solitude, but its more about being in nature and chilling out.


I genuinely don't believe such a guide can exist. All of the guides I have read so far fail in that they assume some level of normancy; the most common being that you simply go out and get a job and that you didn't spend your 20s perpetually unemployed and doing nothing. The reason there won't be a guide is that there are no success stories for people in this situation.


File: 1651891257464.pdf (2.08 MB, How To Be Alone Forever by….pdf)

This is the guide written by one of the anons here on the board.


Nice. I'm not OP, but this looks pretty useful.


This should be stickied, with all the threads I see asking for it.



somehow attain financial indepence, be a recluse in your home until you die. thats all you have to do. harder done than said!


>guy says he is a year short of 50 in 2018
this is written by a redditor


Look, it pretends it's better than a redditor


I like it so far, maybe I should write my own wizard-related book. However, it wouldn't be a guide.


I wish I had found material like this so many years ago.

That part about being invited to eat to a restaurant and being clueless as to the etiquette. Highly relatable. I wasn't able to keep my composure as well as he did though.


For the long term mental well-being side of things I've always believed a creative passion, or anything with a similar infinite unreachable goal, that keeps the consciousness centered and focused on something arbitrary yet fulfilling, is the perfect center pillar of a life in solitude.
Around this pillar you can build independence, health, routine and peace. But its the pursuit that keeps the engine running. Because you will attain those other facets for the end-goal of serving the pursuit. It provides a fuel for all improvement decisions. A ceaseless compulsive motivation.

But there is no way to acquire such a thing if you didn't already think of something while reading that. You can only try out some activities, lean into what you're good at and what you care about, and maybe you can discover it. Like an old ruin in the soul. It's imperative to stay away from addiction as best as you can, as nothing undermines passion faster than the addictive cycle. This goes for more than substance abuse. And if you are depressed, it can be very hard to get over the initial hill of starting (shocker).

As such, this is more of a suggestion to those who are past the initial practical hurdles of financial security and some perspective ones like self-acceptance. If you ever find yourself toying with the potential of committing to something. Commit. Just try not to sabotage your established situation obviously.


Quite a bit. On my part I'm so autistic I don't even realise that I'm not following all the arbitrary social conventions and 'rules' until they are basically pointed out to me at a later date, and not by the people I was with either. (Normies never seem to fill you in either, when you aren't following their conventions, although maybe it's just because people are more reserved in my country. They just notice you don't know the subtle layers of social interaction, act like they like you and are interested in you, then suddenly after avoid you.)

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