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Wizzies, what mental techniques do you find effective at stopping the negative thoughts that creep into your head?

Please let's keep this thread to techniques that people PERSONALLY find effective at mitigating the pain. If you want to cynically state that it's hopeless over and over, please take it to the /dep/ thread on depression.


I just think about how life is brief and meaningless and there's probably nothing on the other side, and that quiets down the negative thoughts.


As someone with frequent and quite regular mood swings, I tend to remind myself that in few hours I won't care about the thing that's bothering me right now, and that helps.


Have you tried medication?


Good thread, thanks wiz.

This is helpful.


You just have to distract yourself and avoid triggers as much as possible.


Negative thoughts and feelings are necessary parts of life too. I let them roam around freely inside me when they come. The best way to get rid of them in my experience is to let your inner beast howl all it wants, it will get tired sooner or later. You can't be negative for too long because it is physically impossible to endure for long periods of time.

Give in to your anger, sadness, rage, envy when they awaken. They are like burning pieces of wood, increase the heat on them and they will evaporate quickly. Then you can go back to enjoying whatever you did previously. Don't repress your feelings or negative thoughts, that isn't healthy in the long run and you will simply blow up one day emotionally.


Yes but I like having a functional penis. And since I came off them the first time, they stopped working so it's learning to cope.

Basically whenever I try to get into something, critical thoughts pop up saying I'm not doing it good enough
>You should know this by now
>Fuck man, that's the third thing you've forgotten today

I can't stop these thoughts in the tracks and it's really getting atop of me.


coffee and vitamin d seem to work for me


Yeah, but that works unless it's pathological. If something bad happens, it's normal you react to it with sadness or anger, no use bottling it up. But if you have the same negative thoughts day after day, then it's something this strategy won't help with.


If you experience heavy negative feelings for days then you will change something, trust me. Either the way you think or you will do something different or try to occupy yourself.

People who are depressed for years go on this long because they don't let their emotions out fully. There is no catharsis and they can never get back to enjoying life.


File: 1652184397112.jpg (236.29 KB, 794x1000, 397:500, 1644664394686.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Negative intrusive thoughts and feelings are caused by parasitic spiritual entities that have access to your memories and aim to turn you into a host that produces a low frequency output for them to feed on. Just milking your bad thoughts like you're cattle, every waking moment. The common wisdom that every thought that comes into your head is inseparably yourself, is being challenged by people who have not been helped by the big pharma jew.
Separating your real thoughts from the intrusive ones is difficult but not impossible. You have to start intercepting your thoughts and analyzing them before you reflexively act on them, and disassociating from the ones that do not help you function.
There's this guy Jerry Marzinsky I recommend looking into, who got shunned from clinical psychology for investigating the validity of patients' intrusive voices as external phenomena as opposed to individual hallucinations. On his yt channel Engineering Mental Sanity he interviews people who have dealt with intrusive thoughts and voices, and who have been testing the means to combat them besides what big pharma likes to do, pump you full of lobotomizing chemicals.


Exercising. Simple


i drink beer


distract yourself by browsing the internet.






playing video games with wizards


You're the kind of person meds are actually justified for


Thank you for recommending Jerry Marzinsky I have been watching his videos and learning a lot. The system is built on one lie after another


brain detox
beware of such poison
>not good enough
That's why you would try again and again, practice makes masters
>you should remember that
False. It's the voice in your head who should, it is there to do so not to load its work on you. It forgot and it is also bothering you.


I have struggeled a lot with ocd and intrusive thoughts that made me suicidal. The best way is to take ssri's, for me personally they helped significant, because i had alrready covered myself why those thoughts were irrational. Also I played a shit ton of hard video games like dark souls to keep my mind occupied

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