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What was the saddest stuff that you've passed through because you're a wizard?



Letting anyone tell me I deserved that



It's part of the lyrics of the album. In retrospective it was not that much of a good album.


I like it. I don't even care about the subject matter that much. It's just simple alt rock with a solemn feel.


You'll probably like In the Attic of the Universe then. I liked that one.

About the main subject, I don't think being a wizard has made me suffer from anything in particular. I think the worst I've witnessed have been knowing about friends taking their own lives, as well as others dying due to complications or disease.
I assume the ones that disappeared, with a credible suicide intent as well as weapon are already dead.


When I was in military (conscription is mandatory in my country) a guy told me to kill myself very seriously when I told him I’m virgin at age 26.I only told him when he said to me military experience is good for telling stories to your children in the future and I told him I will never ever will have children and thats how I told him


Album made me cry, bro, it's an alright album, bleak and sad.


People can be cruel.


It is sad how normalfags build their whole character and self around shitty memes like being an alpha male and what not. That guy sounds like a fucking loser.


What country? There's nothing more embarassing than guys defending their MANDATORY military conscription with trogolyte tier copes like "hehe it's a good experience u go camping with da boys X)" rather than fight to have it abolished or equalised to both genders they take it up the ass and then posture as alpha dudes when really he's a loser with no self-respect and should kill himself instead.


>a guy told me to kill myself very seriously when I told him I’m virgin at age 26

That guy is pathetic if he got that mad over someone being a virgin. Typical subhuman lowlife trash.




I like it desu, it enables me to make fun of them


Yes, it can be funny too. But the sheer fact that these subhumans are the majority and these people rule our society and have an equal say in how things should go is just upsetting.

All they care about is appearances and conforming to mainstream stereotypes. They lack any original thoughts and feelings. They really deserve to be slaves and to suffer.


You can take advantage of this, learn how to rip them off ;D


>because you're a wizard

why would being a wizard be the cause of anything sad? being a stoic volcel free from emotions and earthly desires is a path of freedom away from sadness


>a stoic volcel free from emotions and earthly desires is a path of freedom away from sadness
And straight into apathy or depression and anhedonia.

You don't have to be a stoic and you don't have to get rid of all your emotions and passions in order to be a volcel. In fact the path you suggest is extremely harmful.


Depressed I was while chasing normies until I decided to openly fight the psychosocial torrents of energy that were driving me so mad.

A couple of succubi cried about these manners and many other guys angered, showing only how sick their configuration is


A more life affirming path would be pissing your pants in public while the warm urine slides down your leg unto the ground to affirm how sort of unironically detached you are from the social dogma.
I'm trying that out soon, will post results.


I went through a lot of 5150 sections, they used to dope me silly with haloperidol and try to put me on mental health court for substance abuse, I had to have neurosurgery and remain in rehab for seven or eight months for phencyclidine abuse, I did nothing but cry, sleep and get treatment, got tortured for it a couple times on the relapse, managed to score suspended sentences though for the hassle. Once in a while I dream of doing benzos and going full addict again but I gotta stay strong for me.


> I had to have neurosurgery
damn. sorry anon. been 5150'd too


this is next tier "just lift bro" meme.
amazing how much people claim to be devote to the Islamic faith then turn around and rape when they can.
5150 sectioned by family or substance abuse? My family tried that but got really concerned when they heard the hospital would just dump me on the street after 72 hours. Amazing what the state can't do when you say you don't want to kill people or yourself.

More in line with OP, a traumatic event I couldn't get by through if I were a normie, maybe putting down my dog. I refused to have my parents do it, I wanted to be their with him when he went.


My whole life is a sad story. Back when I had friends one of them told me that if someone made a movie of my life, it would be sadder than The Passion of the Christ.


Hey, as long as you don't get beaten into a pulp and then crucified right after, it cannot be any sadder than that movie.


Watching people who I knew in school that were virgin loners like me blossom into functional adults with families while I still have the interpersonal skills of a teenager despite being 30. Realizing that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to now except middle age and health complications. Also the fact that if I even wanted to try and live like a functional adult I would have to cram a decade of experience and skills into maybe a couple of years in order to fully catch up. Another big one is honestly seeing how creeped out people are of you in public once you reach a certain age and don't do things that people your age stereotypically do. For example going to a store late at night to shop or just going out alone in general to do something. It's like they just have this instinct that tells them that you are in your 30s now and the only people who are loners by that point are mentally ill/potential killers. After a certain point people stop having any pity/sympathy on you and you go from being the socially awkward loner who is mostly harmless to the fucking freak that might come in to the store with a gun and kill every one. All because you have shit social skills and are alone.


File: 1661814985830.jpg (146.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Media usually to portrays that. Just stop watching movies or shows and you wont have that dogma, along with a ton of other predictive programming, drilled into your subconscious.


It's all about how you carry yourself. I've seen plenty of single men eating at a cafe alone with a book. You don't even have to be well dressed or groomed: if you exude confidence no one will give you a second thought, but if you slink around like you're the scum of the earth then that's how people will see you.


How would you ever find out that such a homosexual exists? They would be invisible and would never have reason to talk about their sexuality. The stereotypes about homos come about because nobody knows the quiet homos are gay - only the loud obnoxious ones are visible


do you ever get bored of handing out normalfag platitudes?


How would you ever find out that such a heterosexual exists? They would be invisible and would never have reason to talk about their sexuality. The stereotypes about heteros come about because nobody knows the quiet heteros are straight - only the loud obnoxious ones are visible


Normals have a view that having kids lets them be immortal and they use that to avoid thinking about their own death until confronted.


not him, but genuinely no. unlike sniffing your own farts, it will neverbe yucky smelling and unejoyable.


Used to work at a picking warehouse where I would replenish the shelves from the other side.
Was wearing similar sweater to q succubi boyfriend.
She saw me through the shelves and for q second her face lit up , only to change when she saw it wasn't her bf.
Realised no succubus will ever look ate like that.

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