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I live next to my 3 female cousins and it's driving me crazy. We inherited a property that my grandma split among her grandchildren before dying. They live next door and I live with my mentally ill mother in our side of the property. They're all single moms in their late 30's and early 40s. These are the most trashy loudmouth succubi you could ever meet. Every fucking night they reunite to laugh and make fun of me at the top of their lungs. They do it every time they know I'm at hearing distance. I have confronted them about it, but they just deny everything and play dumb. They even get their drug dealing boyfriends in the house and talk shit about me to them about how I never leave the house and how I'm an ugly virgin neet, how I never had a gf and will never have one and how I'm gonna end killing myself. I don't blame the dudes since the ones making fun of me are my cousins, they just entertain them, I even heard one of them saying how he feels sorry for me, but these bitches have no empathy in the slightest, it's like they want me dead. We live next door and I haven't spoke to them in years. One of them even punched me in the face a few years ago during a discussion, she was wearing a big, pointy ring that almost got me in the eye, but my glasses saved me. I called the cops and to my surprise they knew her and immediately sided with me, imagine how problematic these cunts are that even the cops know what pieces of shit they are and decided to side with me, they tried to help me, but they didn't arrest her or anything they told me to take her to court and I did and all I got was a restraining order against ME for a year or so. That only empowered them even more to insult and mock me. I never bother these cunts in any way, but they have an extreme hatred for me. I've tried to ignore them , but they're getting louder and the walls are pretty thin. This is a ghettoish area and most of the people here are friends with them, so of course they have been talking shit about me with the whole neigbourhood. Everytime I leave the house I have to see these shiteaters with a huge grin on their face. I wanna leave this place, but I currently don't have the money to rent a place. I'm planning to get a job and save for a few months, the only issue here is my mother, she doesn't want me to leave and if I take her with me, these cunts will always have a way to fuck with me, because my mom is a backstabing bitch, but she's getting old and I'd feel bad for leaving her alone. I'm on my last straw with these people and I really don't know what to do.


You know what you have to do, don't you?



>their drug dealing boyfriends

This is your solution right here. You need to get them for possession with intent to distribute. Record them if they talk about it or try to nail them with the police if you know that they have / are doing drugs at a given time. Just make an anonymous call if you know that they have the fucking drugs.


Such shitbrained people indeed. Reminder that these types are usually the most insecure ones, evident by their bizarre behavior of picking out the nearest vulnerable target in an effort to elevate themselves in some confined social circle or another. It's a limited approach. Think about it: who are they impressing and what is their motive?

>I even heard one of them saying how he feels sorry for me

So they're failing even there, lol. That's really an excess of toxicity thrown your way and I'd suggest to never accept pity. The "holier than thou" attitude is aids.

>my mom is a backstabing bitch, but she's getting old and I'd feel bad for leaving her alone

Could you elaborate? Maybe the key to leaving your hell behind is in that. Best of luck friend.


you owe nothing to your whore mother, you should despise her or be apathetic towards her existence for bringing you into a world of pain, leave her behind and save yourself


Become self-reliant, get the fuck away from them and don't look back. I'm having to do this with my own family and struggling to cut ties completely I keep looking back when I should be running away


If there’s any way to force sell the property with your share of it, do that. If there’s any way to convince them to sell, do that. Otherwise you have to just move out. There’s no dealing with people like this. Just put on headphones and ignore them. It’s like getting upset with a lion for trying to eat you. They’re just wired wrong and aren’t really conscious beings.


Don’t do this. Trying to out crazy crazy will only make it worse. They aren’t very smart and have little to no impulse control. You just ignore them and get away like from a rabid animal.


Leave and never speak to them again, there is (legally) no other way to deal with scum who make an enemy out of you for no reason. It's even worse with shitty family.


>she's getting old and I'd feel bad for leaving her alone
there is your problem.


do something illegal them afterwards live the rest of your life as a hermit


I'm glad I live in a country where prison is basically a hotel

You can fuck someone up extremely bad and serve like 3 years as a first timer and there is no rape


Do you have gun?

If yes? Shoot either of them or yourself


Are you american? Then the solution is obvious. It happens all the time. One could hardly expect otherwise and it's completely justified in cases such as these.

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