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I'm seriously sick of the internet. The people and the media. I'm worn out seeing all this blatant sadism, idiocy and sheepishness going down every day, all day. However I have nothing that is keeping me away from it. If I don't keep my mind occupied, I will go suicidal over my miserable life instead. How do you disconnect as a shutin with nothing going for you? Literally and mentally. Are there any decent replacements?


No, there isn't an alternative, nothing that can give a shutin as much bang for your buck as an internet connection.

Just stop browsing /pol/ and reading the news. Those things are designed to demoralize you.


Stop using social media. Yes, that includes imageboards.


This requires replacing it with something else though


There's a lot of low effort stuff you can do. Video games, movies, anime, TV series, watching crap on yt, books, comics, manga… take your pick.


reading books is pretty cool. if you dont enjoy reading, you probably haven't found the genre that truly interests you. playing videogames, watching anime, movies, tv shows, fapping, gardening, learning random things

avoiding politics and the news is important like first poster said. it's all intended to make you angry because that gets the most clicks/views. block comment sections of the websites you visit, ie youtube. use adblock to hide elements of the page containing whatever you find annoying. you can totally transform the internet to look like whatever you want, and failing that, just block the website. i don't see what's hard about this stuff



The normies crowded the internet, just avoid them there like you do in real life and find cool little niches to spend your time.

This is a little niche for example, no normies here, they have never even heard of this site. Plenty of old awesome anime, books, video games and hobbies with their own little communities hidden in some 7000 people subreddit. There is also a million free courses for you to learn all sort of cool stuff all day, just go to a place like Udemy, find a course that you like and search for it on Torrent to get it or goolge "GetFreeCourses" and you'll find a page that agregates them for you, all free.


File: 1653361780491.jpg (197.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 972d4afd0c15a1469981cdac7a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The internet to me is basically just a little hangout zone, where I visit various cliques that spun off from a few of the older communities I used to frequent regularly. It's wild to me how we took this place for granted in its heyday. It's amazing, how the people that made the net a creative, full of laughs, free environment are all so depressed now that we (the web 1.0-early 2.0 generation) can't continue to make each other laugh. There's not enough magic. You can pin the blame on corporations and normalfags all day long, but the point is, everyone that made the internet communities of yesteryear go round, still use the internet. Every. Single. Day. Yet there's seemingly no place for us, outside of small cliques, like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of my post.


Because normals are too easy to herd, the shootings this week show how easy it is to redirect their dialogue and break their train of thought, they deserve to be sheeple to the slaughter really.

When the internet was free from these people, no one cared what we were doing and they didn't invade our channels and chats to tell us about how we are part of a society.

Depression for autist\genius\intj is really just oppression and he knows it. I recognize that normies want me to say I am depressed so they can feel some victory of their happy-happy-sunshine clique, like they finally faked it until the made it, it being making me feel depressed like I made them feel when I desired freedom and spoke of our mutual oppression.

They think if they can force others to individualize the oppression from society as personal depression then that is a victory of society and their faceless obedience to the mass psychosis is justified because "see there were no oppressed heroes, only depressed nerds".


>Just stop browsing /pol/ and reading the news. Those things are designed to demoralize you.

Really any place that gains any amount of steady following and starts to really lighten the lives of men, they will take it and make it a degenerate cesspit of sex and satan worship, that's how they remain the "Media".


Good post


Getting to be born a human is balls but also dissapointing in it's own way


File: 1654318921416.png (608.34 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, unknown-7.png) ImgOps iqdb

if you're terminally online like me switch your browsing habits and get ublock origin, did you use Twitter(?) switch to the fediverse, did you use youtube(?) switch to yewtu.be or freetube (playlists will be added soon.
If you browse 4chan which I do since I've been out of habit since 2005 add the 4chanX extension and filter out the nonsense.
also, get a hobby or two.


beloved gamespy servers going offline left a trail of fragmented game communities and bulldozed a piece of internet history :'(
no more
install wizards
the choice to install/uninstall a patch
the steps above are crucial to ward off normans.
pirate/private servers and obscure mmos might well be the last safe hideout from normalfags since they all hang out on steam twitch and discord


>pirate/private servers and obscure mmos might well be the last safe hideout from normalfags since they all hang out on steam twitch and discord

…and so do the people running pirate/private servers


It's like the neighborhood friend circle when I was 12. The magic is gone. There will never be friends like that again in the environment and the spirit of the time that we lived in. Some of us might sort of still know of each others existence now some decades later but it will never be the same again. Too jaded by the years of life.

The early web itself was like an adolescence phase of some sort of virtual organism comprised of the interconnected humanity. We're right now in the angsty young adult years. There's nothing anybody can do or say to the dumbass in this phase. Nothing to do but let him stew in his own seething until his brain fully forms. Hopefully into a tolerable human being. Maybe the internet will pass through this. Maybe not. Not everybody comes through adolescence.


Dope advice.

Neocities, wiby, and curlie aren't too bad to check out, either.


This is probably the most realistic way to break those habits, surely some of that must be even less effort and slightly more addictive.
Trying to learn something or do some


thing productive or creative usually only makes one fall back

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