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I get a 3.5GPA incollege will wageslaving be harder?

How can I easily survive the workplace?


Harder, work is no fun overall, deal with stupidity, people differences, workload.


You can't get fired from college


You can flunk


You're still mostly treated as a paying customer in college though because that's what you are when you're a student. The sort of dynamics that goes on are different.


If you're at the tier of flunking college forget about work. College wants you there. They have a vested interest in you as a product a legacy as their alumnus. If you want to be there and put in at least minimal effort then you'll graduate. They make sure of it. They give you what you need to pull it off. They give you the material to study with which to accomplish the assignments and pass the tests. If you still can't pull that off then you go to them for help. You find your fellow students, your TAs, your professors until somebody imbues you with the knowledge and skills. The focus is on you.

Work is upside down from this. The focus is not on you. You're on their clock on their dime, not yours. You better perform. Nobody is holding your hand. Nobody is attentively giving to your needs beyond the basic established company routines. Nobody is giving you the know how or the skills which you don't posses. That's where you come in. If you aren't bringing something to the table. If you need hand holding from others to pull your ass through on top their own work load on top of the collective business operation. It's over. Fired.


So i should just kill myself? Arent there easy jobs?


>So i should just kill myself?
90% of the advice around here is how and why to kill yourself, and people giving each other a pat on the back for finally killing yourself.


If you want a serious answer you do what every other neurotic fuckup normalfaggot does when he's a neurotic fuck up, you work nightshift security or something out the way that you -can't- fuck up. Janitor work, security guard, shelf stacking. That's what you do if you're fucked in the head to the point of being barely functional. There are easy jobs, but they pay minimum wage.


File: 1653446645315.gif (3 MB, 498x451, 498:451, wrong-drumpf.gif) ImgOps iqdb

That really depends. If you struggled w/ say the math requirements in college but your job has no math beyond basic arithmetic, then it's easier. If you found attending lectures/taking notes/saying <4 words per day comfy, wageslaving is far less comfy. Your job needs to be in demand by other people, otherwise you wouldn't be getting paid to do it. So you'll be saying far more than 4 words/day and deal with uncomfy people.
If you fall below like 2.0 GPA, you're a probie. Stay below it for too long, and the college says "thanks for the money, you're out". Doing jack shit in college wastes your money. Doing jack shit at work and making it look the opposite wastes their money!

And what is this shit about nobody giving you skills? Haven't you heard of on the job training? Most CS degrees, for example, spend so much time on math and drilling programming concepts and paradigms into you that you're lucky to take 1 class in senior year preparing you for the real world. Every company dept head knows there are job-specific and company-specific things they need to get you up to speed on before you're useful. It's the eternal "behind on the project" dilemma. Do I save time bringing more people into the team to help get it done, or waste more time just getting them up to speed from scratch? I solved integrals for 1 semester in college and never needed them again. I didn't do any hands-on networking in college but I've done dozens of punchdowns since being shown how - at work.


I suppose being somewhat neurotic was essential to being a wizard.
Are you some sales rep chad larping as a wizard or something lmao.

Also, minimum wage isn't even that bad if u live in a decent country.


Nobody is dragging your ass through 4 years of work that way. At work you're shown what to do and you do it or don't. You can fuck up many many times in school. You said it. Your GPA drops, they give you a dunce cap. They let you retake and retake until you flop over the finish line. Some schools have what like 8+ years limit to complete a degree. Try fucking up continuously for a year at work. Your ass is long gone before that.


Workplace is mostly social. If you can swing a 3.5ish GPA then you're probably not a moron. Just do decent work and learn as you go like with any other job.

t. used to do technical interviews. I'll take a competent autistist any day over some guy with a million keywords on his resume.


There is very little relationship because schoolwork and real life work. Your question shows that you have very wrong assumptions.

Work is infinitely harder for me because of the social requirements. I can do quantum mechanics or design some algorithms fine, but I'm not capable of communication with other people, so I can't work.


Most schools require you to communicate with the teacher, do group projects with other students and present information in front of other people. Sometimes the teachers do an oral exam alongside the written one. Many administrative and bureaucratic bullshit forms to fill out, so of course you have to ask around because the online information is never up-to-date, wait in lines and hang around normalfags. I genuinely loathed my university days. Work is pretty relaxed in comparison, especially when you're good at your job and you just keep your head down.


It depends on your field, but school projects were anathema for me. It's great if a guy managed to coast through school enough to score a degree, but a class project that lasts a few weeks or at best a semester is completely different from a long-standing project in the workplace where you have to be able to support and maintain not just your own work but whatever some butthead did before you.

Universities would do well to lean further in to operating like trade schools where students have to do actual real work instead of just cut and paste shit with colored paper and crayons for gold stars.


Work is miles easier than school. It's not even comparable. In fact the worst parts of work are when I have to attend 2-3 hour seminars which are basically just half of regular school days. With a 3.5, assuming you got a mildly difficult major, you'll be able to coast with no problem through work for 8-9 hours a day, and then come home and relax with no worries. But then again I went into civil engineering which I find fun and rewarding so maybe that makes a difference.


>Most schools require you to communicate with the teacher, do group projects with other students and present information in front of other people. Sometimes the teachers do an oral exam alongside the written one.
None of that applied in my country (for mathematics and computer science) if you were careful what courses you pick. At least, i managed to avoid it. That was even before corona, im sure it is more true now, and there are online degrees now


you both must have normalfaggot-level social skills and zero social anxiety to be able to say that work is relaxing. "fun and rewarding" what the fuck is this shit on wizchan


There is nothing about choosing to not have sex that stops wizards from being successful in academia and their careers. Depcrabs need to stop trying to pull others in their buckets.




Same poster. Normalfaggot to the rescue of a fellow well-adjusted individual who happens to be a virgin so he totally belongs here lol.


It depends on what you're doing. In general, I'd say college (in the US I assume) tends to be watered down and is almost always just regurgitating information. At times the sheer volume of new information may be difficult to absorb, but rarely does it require hard thinking.

For most fields, college is a bubble which is well-insulated from the real world. Even if you studied STEM, most of what you learned in college will probably be outdated or irrelevant to your job, so when you start a new job you'll have to undergo a period of learning how everything actually works which may be overwhelming.

However, once you get past that adjustment period, white collar jobs tend to not be demanding in terms of work. Rarely will you have to learn something new, it'll just be doing the same tasks over and over. And you'll get better at it to the point you can get everything done well before the day is over.

Do bear in mind that when you encounter a new problem, you'll have to think it through yourself rather than rely on someone to spoonfeed you the answer, which few people can do after 16+ years in an education complex which prioritizes rote memorization. But in my experience new problems rarely emerge unless you're doing cutting-edge work.

As >>191226 said, most effort will probably go into dealing with your coworkers. God forbid if you work with a lot of succubi, which I did at my previous job. Then dealing with the drama and incompetence will be a daily struggle. If you work with a bunch nerds things will be much better, but then there can be the problem of a lack of communication.


normie faggot


File: 1654024236994.jpg (99.39 KB, 848x860, 212:215, 1653972738453.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Waging is generally hell. Most places expect you to spend a few years working as a grave yard slave in order to "earn" the ability to not damage your brain material and psychology further than it already is. Also wages cannot keep up with inflation.

Just stay indoors, OP.


Low-effort jobs like security guard or data entry are very easy. The biggest downside is the real sense of stagnation. When you're in college you know that you're working towards something. With an easy part-time job you're going to do the same thing every day until you either die or decide to make a change. I advise that you do take a break from college for a year or two, just so that you know what the alternate choice of lifestyle is like. It may invigorate you to actually pursue a college career with passion, or you may decide that you do enjoy meaningless work well enough to keep doing it forever.


Or you go to college and do meaningless work anyways. :|


The thing about security guard positions is that if something goes wrong you are basically the human meat shield until the cops show up. I knew a guy who was a security guard at our local mall and he got shot when some hooligans broke into the mall trying to steal shit and you can't have any guns or knifes on your. Just mace.


That's only for armed positions. Unarmed jobs are observe-and-report only. Maybe ask trespassers to leave if they aren't obviously violent but nothing more than that. What you'll want to look for is a 3rd shift post that's somewhere with very little people, like a data storage center, parking lot, something like that. I had a one-off job once where I just needed to sit in my car in a parking lot for 8 hours.


Waging is hell, but that doesn't mean you should stay stay indoors when you can work for yourself. You can grow veggies, you can steel veggies that others grow, you can collect recyclable stuff. Whatever location you're from, whatever season you're in, there should always be something one can collect/harvest/make and sell, for me there are mushrooms, either edible, psychedelic or medicinal type, amber on the beach after storms, deer antlers in woods(chinks pay good money for those), plants for various herbal infusions. I might get a wood block and carve a buddha, or make straw hats, there are so many fun options. You won't make enough money to fully support yourself this way, but its more fun than doing nothing.



college is less boring than wage cucking

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