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So, fellow wizbros, what your plans for the long term? I know, maybe you plan to off yourself, but for now you didn't, so, what your plans for the long term? 5, 10, 15, 20 years into the future?


It seems strange to me to think that the average wizard would have a plan. You don't need a plan to exist, you just have to continue to not die.


What is that so odd for wizard to have some plans for the future?


When my parents are gone, life circumstances will force me to act.
In terms of tangible steps. I must get my drivers license. Too chicken shit to do it still. Every year the cost of driving school goes up. Used be about $200 many decades ago. It's now about $1500 or some such. Those clowns raise the price every year. For what for some sad middle aged indian or eastern european man to lecture teenagers for the required amount of hours and then drive around in a car with them for 1 hour sessions. Then it's off to the test good luck kiddo. Oh what your failed. Well it's some more hundreds of dollars for more lessons.


I was basically forced to drive and even after learning it’s still horrible


I was forced and I like it.


stockholm syndrome


Many of us are NEETs who live in such a stable habitat that planning is a foreign and unnecessary concept.


I find that my life is so unstable and directionless that attempting to make plans beyond a couple of months is fruitless.


yeah there is no plan lol


My plan? Crashing this plane with no survivors!


I know that "Van life" shit is obnoxious but i'm looking into it. I'm too old now to focus on a career or forming solid relationships with others and i'm never going to be able to afford a house. I can't really think of another option.


Permaculture, man. Delve into this and tell me if it is not wizardly

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