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I'm moving there to think of what to do next. Maybe buy a van or something without my parent's decision.

At least both me and my grandma come from something upper middle class (but her house is bigger) so I'm moving there, my crabdom is mainly because i'm 5'5'' and ugly.


you should invest in rope


I know lol
i'm 22 now


delete thread and try again


The van meme sucks. It's expensive to repair and you can't actually live anywhere in it without being run off by the locals for being a homeless person (which you are if you live in a van). No one wants homeless people who live in their vehicles anywhere. Even parks and forests will only let you stay for a time before telling you to move on. You need to pay a bunch of money to get a space at a RV park and at that point you're basically paying the same price as a shitty apartment only you're in a trailer park somewhere with no jobs instead of a city. You can live in a van in a city and just move around from random parking space to parking space but you will have to deal with loud normies. I had a van with a toilet and shower but if you get one without those you will constantly be picking your parking spaces based on available morning pooping lanes which limits your choices quite a bit.


I'm moving out soon, I still want to for my own enjoyment (my parents are doctors and support my lifestyle)


I know but my family is supporting me at the moment
If they don't then I'll rope


That was a real answer. I would add that purchasing the le farm and moving there is the conclusive obvious answer, it doesn't need to be anything more than 3 acres to be a farm by peasant standards. With 3 acres one could have space to park a van\trailer, build a pen for some ducks\geese\chickens\etc., and build an outhouse, then get a couple of solar panels and drill a water well and voila the farm life is being lived, only ongoing expense need be the property tax which if remote or very rural could be as low as like $20-$120 per year.


Of course it seems OP is more concerned with "upper middle class" lifestyle, i.e. having maids an lawncare workers\gardeners to do provide him some status in the Empire.

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