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How has single motherhood affected you? Was anyone here raised by a single mother? I was and it made me a beta half of a man. Probably the biggest reason I became a wizard.


Not single mother but divorced lesbians, so I guess that's like double single mother.


I consider it the greatest privilege to have grown up being the only child of a single mother who'd spend most of the day working, with no normalfag father and siblings to brainwash me into a being a yet another normalcattle drone. Just solitude itself from the normalcattle is one of the greatest luxuries.


oh yeah clearly black men have the least sex


I was raised by a single mother because the man she married became violent. She tried getting remarried but I was a brat about it and nobody wants to deal with some other man's mentally ill kid.

At some point she gave up on trying to find a husband.


There are more black non-sex havers as a percentage of the population than white non-sex havers. Blacks have a huge in-cel demographic.


sort of, my dad was away for a lot of wars. he was distant and harsh. the longest he was gone in a single stretch was like 3 yrs


I think there are a lot of things boys pick up from male father figures that females are incapable of providing. There is also the financial hit one takes from not having both incomes, sure the government steps in for mothers but it's usually just ebt and medicaid unless they've hunted down the father to pay child support.

My mother had a lot of issues beyond normal single mother stuff and I feel like it did have a big part to play in how weird I ended up as an adult.
I have never personally known a man raised by a single mother that didn't have mental peculiarities. Even full on attractive hypernormal guys with vast sexual experience and huge social circles have a hiccup here and there that makes it apparent that something went wrong during their upbringing.


>mentally ill
Nothing screams to me "redditor" and "normgroid" as this shit.


That's your problem then.


I had a dad, and another father figure I learned how to think for myself as well.

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