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File: 1654256584048.png (149.47 KB, 685x495, 137:99, fasting longevity.png) ImgOps iqdb


anyone here do this?

i do it for frugal reasons(to save money by not overeating) and to fix my goo brain



Yeah I don't eat at all on Sundays so it's at least a 24h fast, almost 40h if I wait until lunch the next day.


another 'x is a panacea they don't want you to know about let me dump a dozen pdf and reddit links' thread

why do you people fall for this quackery? not denying the potential benefits but it is not going to cure cancer or turn you into a demi-god.
no wonder some posters here buy energy stones from hippie stores


Only works and it is only needed if you are fat son of a bitch


>it will not cure cancer
it will prevent it instead, fasting is powerful as fuck even if you aren't doing it to lose weight
it's a good way to build willpower and discipline as well


>it will prevent it instead
impossible to know. spare me the sacrosanct scientific studies(tm) dump please

>fasting is powerful as fuck

this is the kind of exagerated statement that i am tired of. again, it most certainly has benefits, but it is not nearly as potent as it is claimed, because when it comes to health, nothing is. as for general well being, it is purely subjective.

>it's a good way to build willpower and discipline as well

sounds very puritanical laid out like that


i develop a pot belly when i gain weight

fat is distributed no where else on my body. it's kind of weird

i have been using intermittent fasting to get rid of it. i started like a week ago. 1/3 of my potbelly has gone away. i think i need to do intermittent fasting for much longer to get rid of it completely

when i get rid of my pot belly i am gonna intermittent fast less because i don't want to get too skinny. i'll do it once or twice every week


i noticed when i consistently overeat for days that i get so full of food it's like my insides are just packed full of shit that i cannot get rid of fast enough. like a perpetual bloat and constipation that feels awful. because of that i cannot really become fat quickly, i have to basically live off milk and bread and water or other simple foods for a few days to feel better. sleeping most of the day and fasting also helps. i dont know how the hell big fat people manage to not kill themselves from the discomfort


you cant spot burn fat though


File: 1654303812273.png (587.16 KB, 839x1050, 839:1050, a583817c43204c46731b061ca4….png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here with brain fog experienced positive effects from fasting?


I did a 48 hour fast and I felt pretty joyful a little while after eating my first meal. It was weird hormonal stuff, hadn't felt that exicited in a long while


Green arrows are for positive effects.


File: 1654323077590.png (224.68 KB, 1078x754, 539:377, 13461_001_fig_001.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is interesting



this guy holds the record for the longest fast. he fasted for a year


Speaking as someone diagnosed with CPTSD and Fibro. Fasting will only negatively reduce the energy you have to the point where you lose sight of the fact you even need to eat and just cave in and have your body essentially eat itself for you because you're too stubborn to pickup a sandwich. Perfectly reasonable it's just that in my opinion I think people should eat so….


noble savage tier nonsense


I frequently fast 24 hours and sometimes even 40 hours. Initially I did it to lose weight, but I've had mental benefits from it as well. 40 hour fasts especially seem to energize me somehow and elevate my mood. Don't really know any of the supposed science behind, and I don't really care honestly. Also, a lot of grifter type characters out there trying to sell fasting as some kind of magic pill, don't really care for them either.


Average IQ has been steadily increasing though.


it's hard to fast for longer than 20 hours because my mother always offers me food(eventually). i can't tell her i am fasting. she will think i am trying to starve myself to death


Yeah this is my too basically, it is called visceral fat, and it is dangerous, in a healthy person fat distributes to other parts of the body, but in our cases it accumulates in between the organs.



because the workforce and industry has been asking for brainpower rather than low skilled psychical work in the past decades leading to a sexual selective pressure of smart people which have decent enough jobs to sustain.


No it hasn't, since 1970 it has been dropping


https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289613000470 this one is a bit flawed since it uses reaction time as a measurement of intelligence


What do you guys think of dry fasting? Seems dangerous, but could there be something to it?


for how long?


if you mean abstaining from water, it doesnt sound like a good idea


How about just 24 hours? I was reading about some study where people were made to dry fast for 5 days.



Water fasts are just fine


gonna do alternate day fasting to be closer to jesus christus
one day eat nothin, next day eat what i want


It sucks the first 24 hrs, especially if you're addicted to caffeine because of the migraine, then when the ketogenesis starts to kick in you feel amazing.



you don't die if it's just for a day but i wouldn't dry fast for days


gonna fast tomorrow
v exciting


didnt fast
gona try tomoro


File: 1655026142067.png (1.52 MB, 2048x1886, 1024:943, nuggets_mcdonalds_day_dark….png) ImgOps iqdb

It takes about 2 and a half to 3 days for your body to reach a point where a majority of your energy burning happens through the process of ketosis.

The feast or fasting method of eating makes some interesting points about the history/biology of humanity. It has many different versions but the most common breakdown I see is 5 days on 2 days off. I personally feel like taking a half week off eating at least once a month clears my head considerably now that our food supply is basically pills/drugs in the shape of food,


Damn, that's quite a long time. Idk if I can do that. I'll start by fasting for 48 hours to build myself up to 5 days.


can someone tell me if what im doing is retarded

- one day eat wtf i want
- next day eat nothing and drink lotta water
- repeat

today is my first fasting day and i feel really good


File: 1655790823131.jpeg (54.54 KB, 1145x688, 1145:688, 2B0996EF-E806-4840-A3DE-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

If you guys want to properly fast make sure you have a least one protein meal (Protein meal powder and other protein powders) and fish oil per day, You'll thank me later.


Low carb is expensive as fuck though. I read an article that said even the lowest cost low carb diet is 5-10x more expensive than the typical high carb high fat diet.

Though that's because we're used to paying nothing for food, since most people eat non-nutritious filler like white pasta, white bread, cheap oils and ready to eat TV meals, chips etc.

Being lean takes not just willpower but quite a bit of money. You can't just "not eat" or you will also lose what little muscle mass you have, adequate protein intake is very important.

The only good cheap source of protein I found was eggs, but I can't tolerate eating them many days in a row.

A proper low carb diet also has lots of fresh veggies, and some berries.
My grocery bill on low carb has so far been $150 for a week, back when I used to eat junk I could manage an entire month on 200 bucks.


>to fix my goo brain
Your method is incomplete, despite your nice intent. Warp wanings are more complex than simply fasting…
>visit endchan, find the natural healthcare pdfs


that website sucks + fuck off with your oprah winfrey advice.


Ok, "moddess"


That's a deviation: protein breaks your fast and takes the hardest efforts from kidney to be processed.

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