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Who's a shut in? For how long have you been a shut in, bros? Tell me some stories.


Been a shut in on and off my entire life. Currently not a shut in but only semi functional. Depends on what you mean by shut in how long do you have to be a recluse to be considered a shut in?


What is exactly a shut in, bro?


>During a diagnostic interview, trained clinicians evaluate for:
> spending most of the day and nearly every day confined to home,
> marked and persistent avoidance of social situations, and social relationships,
> social withdrawal symptoms causing significant functional impairment,
> duration of at least six months, and
> no apparent physical or mental etiology to account for the social withdrawal symptoms.
>Hikikomori has been defined by a Japanese expert group as having the following characteristics:
> Spending most of the time at home
> No interest in going to school or working
> Persistence of withdrawal for more than 6 months
> Exclusion of schizophrenia, intellectual disability, and bipolar disorder
> Exclusion of those who maintain personal relationships (e.g., friendships)

the technical definitions or requirements are lax as fuck


since 2013 when I dropped out of university, there isn't much to tell because I just sit around all day


>im a shutin but only during my days off lolz :)


i go out for groceries, i water my plants and i walk through wooded areas without much traffic. i dont know what truly constitutes a shut-in. literally refuse to go outside? not many, especially not many men, can afford to do that. sorry if that doesn't cultivate your thread in any meaningful direction.


I did not go out single time between august of last year to last may and I’m %100 serious.


Yeah, IDK what qualifies either. I just get my packages from Amazon and I get my groceries delivered so I rarely leave the house, but every once and a while I have to go somewhere. I have to drive my car to get the battery to charge but I just drive it in a circle and come right back home. I keep forgetting though and my battery dies and I need to get a new one. I just buy the cheapest walmart battery and then when it dies I replace it on warranty. Each time I buy a new one the 1 year warranty is extended. I've been doing this for like 6-7 batteries now and they haven't caught on.


File: 1654638545709.jpg (97.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nyarlathotep what.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just disconnect the negative terminal guy


A 12v float trickle charger will run you about $20. Made for vehicles that sit for long periods.


> I just buy the cheapest walmart battery and then when it dies I replace it on warranty. Each time I buy a new one the 1 year warranty is extended. I've been doing this for like 6-7 batteries now and they haven't caught on.


I am now a shut in for 2 years, I was before a NEET already, but I went out sometimes for antidepressants or psychotherapy aka gaslighting.

I still live at my mother's apartment at 24 years.


yeah I was such a hikki during covid, I fr smoked so much weed lmaoo


I've been a hikki for 12 years if you count people who are willing to go outside if they're not alone. I just let my family handle the social interactions.


File: 1656405924232.jpg (847.47 KB, 1143x1300, 1143:1300, 1631462828205.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My house is high traffic because of my family, but one of my mom's dying wishes was that I set up my computer in the living room. This is the only reason I haven't been a hikkineet since 2010 or so, but I recently moved back into my room because it was getting too stressful. I go outside rather frequently for a shut-in though, but almost exclusively when accompanied by someone or only to walk my dog around the neighborhood.


Not at the moment because it was crushing me so I decided to get some shitty retail job, which in itself can be more crushing depending on the person. To me the NEET/Hikki lifestyle is far too romanticised, you see some people saying that whilst they're not working they have all the time to pick up new hobbies like learning a language, painting, picking up an instrument, etc but instead of doing said hobbies they end up procrastinating in bed feeling miserable or playing vidya.


I’ve had much longer shut-in periods before this, but the latest one has been around two years now. Mostly I had a well-paying but otherwise very shitty job, and I quit it and haven’t left the house since. I’m living off of savings/investments in my own place, but will probably run out of money this year. I was originally working on a side business that was doing very well, but then failed. Despite this I haven’t done anything to even start looking for jobs. My only contact with people outside of places like this is exchanging memes via text with someone I met online years ago.
To start looking for work would be both admitting that my side thing failed and mean a lot of pointless work preparing for programming interviews. Something inside me broke and I can’t stand seeing or interacting with people anymore. I get everything delivered and don’t go outside until the person is gone. I haven’t seen a human face in real life since late 2021. I can’t remember the last time I spoke out loud.
Reading over this I completely understand that I am in a totally spoiled and privileged position to do almost nothing for so long, and that if I were a real person I would just move on and get a job. I get how whiny and weak it is. I get it.
I don’t know. ADHD drugs used to get me to do things, but they don’t do anything anymore. I just keep putting my head in the sand hoping things will turn around. I don’t know what I will do once the money runs out. I might actually get an Amazon warehouse job just to not have to do interviews. I am at that level of fear of having to prove myself to anyone.


I only go outside 2-4 times a month since 2017 or so to buy some groceries, as not everything I like is available to order online. But I guess doesn't really count since I work from home.


Since 2008. No bullshit, "i'm a hikki in spirit" faggotry.
I suppose I was never raised as a human but a pet. As long as my parents could keep me as a compliant NPC, all was fine enough for them. I was a good boy and got a degree like all millennials are supposed to. Then what???
I don't know.
I wasn't socialized at all. Nobody ever took me out and showed me how the world works. How to eat at a restaurant or order food and how to pay a cashier. My parents are like shut-ins themselves.

My life has been really a boring story:
First memories of consciousness.
Early phases of curiosities about the world.
Parents sitting at home doing nothing day after day year after year.
Suppressing the boredom. Choking back literal tears of boredom.
Obtain PC and internet.
Finally something stimulating.
Occasional distraction from internet to do bare minimum to pass school.
Obtain diploma (circa 2008).
Go back to PC and internet.
Write this reply.

I went to a commuter school. The tuition was auto paid by my parents. I just showed up, listen to lectures, wrote tests, and went home. Never got to know anybody. Never did the "student life" whatever that means. Four years went by so fast. It was no different than public school.

I'm like a blank template of a human. As if there was a cloning factory that matured humans to adult phase with empty slate mind aside from speech and perception. I don't know much of anything about how the outside world works.


It is over romanticized. Most long term hikkis live like this because something went very wrong, not because it's a fun and rewarding existence.


8 months… it wasn’t always like this.

I grew up in the hood which was in the city, crime rate wasn’t bad but I felt normal going outside because I was surrounded by people who didn’t give a shit. Like homeless dude pissing on a busy intersection type of shit. I could leave the house whenever and it just felt normal seeing shit like people dealing drugs and homeless guys begging.

My parents moved to the suburbs when I got older and I feel weird leaving the house. Surrounded by rich people and their kids I don’t feel like I belong here. Every time I leave the house I see people laughing and enjoying themselves. I only leave the house at 4am and 10pm to get exercise because i hate going outside when people are there. I hate being around kids because I feel like people will look at me like I’m a pedo or creep..


11 Years a shut-in. I have no stories because nothing happens to me


>I suppose I was never raised as a human but a pet. As long as my parents could keep me as a compliant NPC, all was fine enough for them. I was a good boy and got a degree like all millennials are supposed to. Then what???
>I wasn't socialized at all. Nobody ever took me out and showed me how the world works. How to eat at a restaurant or order food and how to pay a cashier. My parents are like shut-ins themselves.
I've noticed a lot of shutins have this kind of background. When explaining hikikomori people are always looking at the societal causes but I think poorly socialized parents who raised their kid as a pet is the biggest problem


This is EXACTLY my life too.

My mother literally never wants to do anything except watch TV. I never did anything as a kid. Everyone in my extended family is fucked up, depressed, anxious. It's like a generational trauma passed down


My life is extremely similar. I live the same life since I graduated from university since 2016 with a useless degree, the thing is I have nothing worthy in me, no skills , no intelligence just nothing.


I've wondered what degree things are lost in translation from Japanese. Putting aside the fact that most all self proclaimed hikkis in places like this are anime culture obsessed kids who don't comprehend the actual concept but perpetuate colloquial romanticized versions of it. It's pretty obvious from what few bits of translated content I've seen. They always have a piece about the parents who appear exactly like mine. Poorly socialized themselves. They say they don't know what's wrong or what to do. Well that's the problem in itself isn't it.

Much is focused on therapy as if it were depression or some mental illness to be cured. Of course there is mental damage as a consequence being this way. That doesn't address the core issue. Hikikomori are not socialized to begin with. The way I see it it is under the same umbrella as the feral child phenomenon.

Which brings up the question. Is it even possible to treat something like this. I think the feral child cases never are able to become normalized by any degree of measure. Those are extreme cases though. To what degree can hikikomori cases be brought into functioning in society.

My read on the couple of videos I've seen about older hikkis in Japan. They get them able to manage a daily life of simple labor job at best. It feels to me like an individual brought out of the jungle into society but that is all they are. An outsider living in a foreign world. A hikkis too far gone to recover from missing critical neurological development phases. Perhaps that my bias projecting on to them.


no I think you're right, if you're not normal by the time you reach early adulthood you most likely will never truly be. at best you can fake it but it'll never be quite organic or natural.
the parents might delude themselves into thinking their child will sort themselves out eventually, because how could anyone grow up to be anything but a normal?


It dawned on me, hikikomori means withdrawal which is a misnomer when the cases of hikikomori are about never growing up. This is not about retreat or pulling out of society when not having partook in the first place.

Makes a lot more sense why it's misconceived by normies. They think it's a sabbatical. Except with mystic allure of east asia. It's a nice cope for the times when they ended up slacking off. Instead of having to admit to couch potato they declare themselves hikki as if to be monk mode.


I've been one since 2016. Honestly, I don't mind it at all. I've had few bouts and tastes of the wagie life and I hated every second. I'm not ambitious, don't have goals or aspirations, have no zeal or the brains to learn anything so I'll just plug myself into escapism till the end. But I've totally accepted that there's nothing left for me in this world so I'd say I'm fairly happy. Fiscal security doesn't really bother me since my parents were both somewhat high earners all their lives and I get money from the guberman for my Asperger's anyway.


Never understood why some feel bad for being neets, or parents who hate their neet children. The parents did not provide the basic human experience, and so it's their responsibility to care for (or terminate) the disabled human they created. The modern nuclear family and go to school for most of day is very unnatural and churns out the mentally ill, I swear it's some kind of sick human experiment by the rich to structure society like this.


That's basically what state schooling was intended to do - weed out those deemed weak or undesirable, and condition them to obey state directives. The military is basically there for the same purpose. Usually signing up for the US Army is nothing more than being used as a lab rat to see how people think. Most of the fighting is done by specialists. They tried actually using that army to fight things in Vietnam and it wasn't particularly successful.


I have crippling social anxiety and agoraphobia. The only time I leave the house is if it's with another family member to walk the dog or go to a Dr appointment and the very rare dinner out for an event like a Birthday.

I haven't gone anywhere alone for 15 years. I don't drive either.

I'm rotting away.


caterpillars are born on a single leaf, crawl around their whole life gorging themselves to the point of obesity, known only as pests or food to everything else, never leaving their plant, then they spin themselves in silk, essentially melt back into a gigantic gooey embryo, shut out from the whole world for potentially months at a time, from which they eventually transform into a beutiful butterfly that emerges and flies away

compared to that we arent too special, we are just apes too smart for our own good. because we dont do what all the other apes are doing, we are conditioned to feel bad. we are rejecting biology living sexless, destroying an unbroken lineage stretching back to the first single celled organism. by doing nothing or just being indifferent to civilization, we become destroyers of our genetic information. we arent special but this act is very special. an individual knowingly not reproducing, not carrying on its genetic information. in a sense we might be unfit for reproduction, and so we are self-selecting ourselves for removal, like cells that self destruct, and so we still fulfiling some greater purpose as a an individual of a big organ


>my genetic information
>greater purpose
Yeah, you still don't get it.


you're part of society, mankind, whether you like it or not. by not reproducing we are just removing ourselves. it's easy to use biology to view reproduction as a greater purpose

unless you're mean something else, i don't see what else there is to understand


File: 1657145490401.jpg (17.02 KB, 500x360, 25:18, nd7xpv3pb423yyfmpam5lcit3m….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been a NEET since late 2018. I dropped out of my Software Engineering course because the workload was insane, and I'm just too lazy a person to keep up with it. I do appreciate being a shut-in, as every day of my life when I was still in education consisted of me waking up with an intense sinking feeling of dread, and then daydreaming until I was back at the house.
I'm probably fucked when my parents die, but a few days of suffering until I myself die isn't that much compared to the life of free sailing beforehand. Might come across as naive, considering being in a situation is much different than speculating about it online, but I'm quite mentally hardy anyway.


>you're part of muh soyciety
No i am not.
Collectivists, conformists, fanatics and other undesirables are not part of mankind this word doesn't apply to you, you have nothing in common with mankind, just like wolf in sheep clothing has nothing to do with real, actual sheep.
Likes of you are part of insect kind and animal kind, but not mankind.


You are not just mindless animal and slave to instincts but worse, you worship this shit as if they are some kind of religious dogma or idols.
You are normalfag to the core, so get lost, faggot and never return.


>in a sense we might be unfit for reproduction
And you are unfit to be human, normgroid.


Always been a NEET, but it has been two years that I merely go outside for groceries. I have not engaged in a conversation with another human being IRL since then. My Whatsapp has only my landlord. I have no friends or family. I am alone.

To tell the truth I have long accepted my NEET life and these two years have been the best of my life because bitcoin price action. But I didn't sell. If crypto doesn't recover I will suicide when out of money. But I have money for two decades if BTC holds current purchase power. I think I will make it. The uncertainty is painful.


i REALLY don't see the cause for uproar. this isn't my religion and i give a single shit about mankind or reproducing, only that under a framework of biology it is easy to arrive at reproduction being the most important thing, since it ultimately is what allows the system to continue on. i also don't see any purpose in not including all humans into 'mankind' or 'society'. you guys can talk about shit without wearing it as your identity and associating with it. i don't presume people answering shit about buddhism here are buddhists, they simply know what the buddhists believe and are telling me it

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