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If you could go back in time to your early 20s what advice would you give yourself?


I already wasted all yesterday fantasizing about reliving my life because of a thread I saw here talking about it. I don't need any more of that.


There is a way to overcome that, by becoming so black pilled you realize your choices didn't make a difference. but that brings on a depression of its own.


That's called deluding yourself. I've never been a fan


How is it delusion? Some guys just have terrible genes, so no matter how hard they try they were going to fail. And redos are just rearranging chairs on the titanic. For those guys believing in redos is the delusion.


"It's not going to get better. Save up for a gun."


>you had a choice
>you never had a choice
oh boy it's the nebulous free will X determinism tug of war coming up again.


Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it takes to take control of your life, ASAP.


Good way to give yourself an anxiety disorder and OCD.


Like what sort of stuff?




Don't go on 4chan


Go to 4chan and read the fucking /fit/ sticky. Except teenaged me needed that advice and /fit/ probably didn't exist until a good 10+ years after that.


idk what it says, but just go the gym brah has been around since the 1980s


1. Dont NEET, no matter how tempting
2. Do a year, or 2, in coast guard or air force, for life time free medical.
3. Learn investing, invest, and dont touch a penny of it. Like your life depends on it, cause one day, it will
4. find a job you can tolerate doin for rest of your life.
5. you re an utter failure socially, accept it, move on, you ll never be one of Them. dont spend 1 second tryin to be


Kill yourself now that you have some dignity left




Make moving out of this shit country and society a priority. There is not point in playing life on hard mode when you can live in places were is easy mode.

The problem it's not about how you look AT ALL. I had to find that the hard way by wasting a shit ton of effort exercising and improving my looks just to make it worst because now the assholes stopped just ignoring me and actively perceived me like serious competition. Being ignored by the normies it's a blessing that you don't know you have until you lose it.


dont worry


I had moments of clarity and would realise this but the motivation would always fade and i always figured "eh, i still have time". It's crazy how you can know you're going to get old and somehow simultaneously delude yourself into never thinking it's going to happen to you until it dose.


Get out of parents house asap no matter the discomfort



Don't look porn/don't use the internet


Excessively* hobbies etc, give up on trying be norman.


ponder your feelings


Buy at much bitcoin as possible


I have a lot of things that I would do different, and from before early 20's too. I have to avoid doing hypotheticals like this for my sanity


These, except the buy heroin from the seller you did see and overdose


Just a firm handshake, they say that communicates everything.


i gave a womyn interviewer an overly hard handshake, and she complained twice that i hurt her hand, and i was like "aw shucks dont know my own strength". didnt get the job



one to add. do your best to not cut your family off.

when you re a young edgy dickead, you may think watever, i dont need these people. it sucks winding up te weird old guy w no family, and family you know of , still left, doesnt want to see you cause of your edgy days


To not start taking drugs/medication.


Ladies are suppose to take a man's hand with their fingers over his hand waiting for her at a right angle.


I shook the hand of a middle aged HR lady when interviewing for a job and her hand made a loud crack, it was embarrassing.

I did get the job but I was fired a few days later because the guy I was working for didn't like me.
Well no one there liked me but they adored the normalfag I was hired on with.


Yeah, good one. I almost lost consciousness when I was 17 doing suspension hanging. As a 30 year old permaNEET who still lives with his mum a part of me wishes I had died when I still did have "some dignity".


join the air force

ideally active but if you really can't then go guard/reserve


-Invest in crypto (Duh)
-Go into a boarding house or rent someone's spare room, save your money
-Don't bother getting a car, too expensive
-Don't work construction or supermarket work, just work cleaning or do tech shit
-Don't feel pressured by the family to get your own expensive apartment or


I don't think I would do anything different. Even during the miserable years of my late 20s. Have to go through stuff like that to build character.


"invest in the crypto you stupid fuck"

That's honestly it. There wasn't much I was going to do differently otherwise, but actually having money now would be great.


He is right though, for vast majority of us we truly never had a choice.


Stop caring so much about school. It doesn't matter. Have more fun and develop other hobbies.


To take better care of my health so I can show up for myself, because no else will. I abused too much drugs, alcohol, weed, and smoked cigarettes day and night throughout my twenties, and none of it helped. That’s my only regret.


Same for me. I put an unbelievable amount of focus on school. I did well but it all meant literally nothing. So insane to me how society pushed the meme of school mattering. Only now people are realising it's bullshit. If only I were a few years later


I don't have anything to tell myself because there's nothing I could've done differently given the external circumstances and state of my brain in those moments.


im the opposite, didn't care about school didn't do any work and still turned out here in the same place as you. so i guess it didn't matter either waY.


It's strange, I went to school with a guy that got the highest score in NCEA in the country, he was presented gold medals for his effort and everything. I think I've posted about him before on wizchan. He ended up stacking timber for a career at a timber yard, he's been there for ten years at this point.

He even said he only studied because he was depressed, no other reason really.


when I do these thought experiments, I find myself sneaking in zoomer culture, and I have to remind myself how different things were in the 2000s and what didn't exist yet for us millenials


File: 1655979143745.jpeg (18.87 KB, 474x528, 79:88, 194CCC23-BC3B-479C-B07B-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

satan and jesus have warned the christian roasties have escaped containment from hades. They said to run and are currently hiding in quantum bunkers.


Study harder, go to the gym, and start taking antipsychotic ASAP.



Stop eating mucus producing food.
Start the detox practices.
Leave the gym inmediately and do gym at home.
Use coconut oil and clove essential oil against rotten teeth.
Do not do things just because "someone has to".
Remember your childhood more often.
Do not let mom involve you in her matters.
Collect knowledge.
Real good things come only at good times.

Great one.

All good, 1 and 5 the best ones.


I pretty much did this except for 2 and 3 and i'm still miserable


nothing lol not like my life is any different

the get a job - go to the gym - invest in crypto trifecta is pathetic


>Study harder, go to the gym
Studying hard was literally the worst decision of my life.
I also used to work out and had muscles, years ago, but it was just a waste of time. Exercise helps iun many ways but not gym; for your health just walk and do some push-ups

yes you would just have more debt


Applying the scientific studies and folk psychology won't help you
Your spiritual quest will lead nowhere
The internet only gets worse, there is no meaningful solution. Searching for language and words is a waste of time.
There is no meaningful solution in philosophy
The idealistic values you were raised on will only make you unhappy
You won't be able to commit suicide as soon as you think, your parents survive their illnesses
You won't find anyone to help you
There is no rock bottom - you can only starve out the addictions before they can get worse
Decades of works don't stop your mind getting worse.

There is no solution, there is no synthesis, there is no satisfying outcome. Your birth was a mistake and you have no place here, there is only waiting for death and to disappear. Use your youth to train to wait for death before your mind gets too rotten.


failed normie thread




To not bother with college because you end up doing way better in the trade that you're in. Also to stop with illusions of grandeur and that if actually plan to be successful at your current trajectory that you had better get off image boards and start working.


>There is no solution, there is no synthesis, there is no satisfying outcome. Your birth was a mistake and you have no place here, there is only waiting for death and to disappear. Use your youth to train to wait for death before your mind gets too rotten.

I couldn't agree more. I would also tell my 20 year old self at the time the same thing. I wasted so much time thinking I could find some genius loophole to succeed when this has been the reality all along.


File: 1656226548170.jpg (2.39 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 1640766692848.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Use your youth to train to wait for death
Probably the most fruitful advice in the thread. Unlocking the ability to shrug off all of life's woes and minutiae as you patiently wait for the end is possibly the most freeing thing you can ever do for yourself


Anything against mindroam? My head doesn't stop sometimes…


This thread proves vast majority here are just failed normals. They would just tell their younger themselves to be try harder to be a normal . Men like me who are genuine schizoid, inferior genetic mutant and no matter how hard they try still will be incapable to be a normal people are just tiny minority. I’m genetically inferior and even If I talked to my younger self nothing would’ve changed.


File: 1656394562145.jpg (43.99 KB, 600x603, 200:201, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would tell myself that tech jobs pay well and reddit janny is a real job that can pay 100k a year.

I'm 30 years old now and kicking myself for having no experience jannying anything.Getting paid to sit in my basement deleting shitposts sounds like a dream.

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