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Wizbros… I don't feel so well…

How much of it is true? Do you agree?


Seems like the same thing everyone says all the time. It's true, but I don't see how it's a revelation. I mean he even uses the term creeps straight up.


I disagree with #1. Being isolated doesn't give me a stronger sense of identity.


What is this from?



This is interesting. Can we please get the whole thing wiz?

> How much of it is true?

Part of it is true. But is lacks a number of things, for example it doesn't consider the willingness to conform.

People may be pushed into isolation because they refuse to conform, live a fake life, always pretending and worrying about what other people think and expect of him. The character in "The Catcher in the Rye" is a classical example of a reaction to this.

He also doesn't consider vocel. For some people life doesn't revolve around sex.

I agree with the introspection part. Most normies don't introspect at all, quoting Oscar Wild: “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

He also doesn't mention the desperation of normies to break that anonymity and stand out, to be someone, to be noticed and rise above the crowd. I've always found this to be paradoxically amusing, because they spend all their lives trying to conform and then they resent their lives because they can't stand out and be "a star" or "successful", to be "somebody". By definition you can't achieve that by doing the same that everybody else is doing.


uninteresting psychological babble


why the creep persona in this extract is so similar to what the archetypal wiz is?
Mostly is true, some wizzies cope with their inner world and introspection, that's where most of their dignity lies in, in being so self-aware in isolation. Some even derive a sense of superiority from it. That's why most here see normalfag mentality as distasteful and lesser, because it's the exact opposite of what they believe to be.
In reality, some normalfags can be just as self aware and introspective as a wizard, because this is personality trait.
Humans are nothing special.


Why'd the author choose the word "creep", tho? As a self-deprecating joke? To "own" it from the normalfags? It definitely seems that he's speaking form personal experience.

There's definitely something to what he's saying. The problem would be making it too theoretical, as he's already doing by making the "creep" concept so general that it barely has any empirical content. Almost everything he's saying is just "the creep this, the creep that". But I'm probably being unfair since that's only a single page taken out of context, which on its down does make me be skeptical and on guard.


He uses the term because that’s exactly what he’s describing. He is putting down in regular terms the feelings that succubi get that makes them go “I don’t know why but that guy just creeps me out”.



Creep is one of the common terms people use to describe us and all non-normies in certain places. Where I live they prefer "freak". I have been called that many times.

He uses "creep" to describe what he thinks triggers the labeling as such by normies.



So this book was published in 1975. And I see it uses the term "involuntary celibate". So probably by far the earliest use of the term, long before the succubus in the 2000s


>The creep is an involutary celibate because he fails to develop the surface traits of adulthood-poise and sophistication; and because he is shy unassertive, and lacks self-confidence in the presence of others
That sounds so tame compared to the things I've read here. I hope this author is right.


Found it in a publication from 1948. Earliest use of the term known.
>Obscene pictures, showing naked succubi, designed to make the involuntary celibate so desirous of succubi that he surrenders out of bad nerves. (Japanese idea, and did not work; the troops naturally kept the pornography but merely despised the Japanese as queer little people for having sent it. This type cannot be illustrated; the Library of Congress has copies in a locked file.)

The 'involuntary' in the original was not some worthless drivel about a personality maladjustment as you can see in the OP.


Can someone provide a pdf of the book please?


But it does not refer to what nowadays are known as crabs
It's a book about war propaganda and the involuntary celibates there are men at the frontlines, which are so for obvious reason


>x… I don't feel so y…
I knew it was only a matter of time until they came here. Big shame.


he's a Marvel fan alright


Mostly! It's like me… but I don't sense why the normo who wrote this calls me a creep. He seems to easily lose his **** wherever something in the matrix is not rule by certain expectations.

He admits our ability to develop ourselves when outcasting social pressures and manias, no matter how much he tries to suffocate this privilege by calling us creeps.

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