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Older wizards(+30), can you give some wisdom for newer wizards? I'm 28 years old now, what happen when you turn 30? How is life? Work? Things in general? Share with us, wizbros!


nothing's changed


Once I got my arcane powers I summoned a succubus to fuck, but she rejected me


idk, I don't know you


File: 1655209267990.pdf (2.08 MB, howtogrowold.pdf)

35 yo wizard here. What I've noticed:
>Libido is so low that I'm actually surprised if it's erect.
>I went through a long period (maybe a decade) where I couldn't get back into vidya/anime and I felt burnt out about it, but it's oddly come back. Although the feeling is a lot less intense.
>"Emotional haze." Most of the emotions I feel for certain things are the same, but significantly dampened.
>Every day feels heavily routine and like a chore.
>Morning exercises were probably the best decision I've made. It's not a lot, but I try to focus them on managing/reducing future certain kinds of joint/back pain.
>Instead of viewing certain things as 'painfully lonely' I find I view more and more things as 'blissful solitude.'
>I feel like I could stare at a wall for 8 hours and be alright with that.
I could go on, but I feel embed rel is a document another wizanon wrote that you'd probably find more insightful.


28 vs 30 is no different at all lol


Your health will fall apart and you'll realise all the other things you complained about pales in comparison


So… it's over?


What sort of morning exercises do you do?


we need a wiz mansion with generational contract
obviously it wont happen, especially if i dont elaborate why and how
no energy


Chair squats for knees/hips, and…I don't know what it's called, you lay on the floor and bring your legs together up in the air–it's helped with a hernia I got some time back.

Then there's just push-ups because…they're simple and get the heart rate up.


>you lay on the floor and bring your legs together up in the air
pulse ups?
lying leg raises?


Your health only falls apart if you completely neglect it.

I know genetics plays a role, but my health went to complete shit when I gave up on life and became a hardcore alcoholic. Decided to start working out more, limited my alcohol intake, and better monitored my nutrition at 35 and nearly all my health problems went away.


It's pretty close to lying leg raises, only you spread your legs out like a V and then bring them around while rotating to touch in the center, and you don't go straight up at 90 degrees like a lying leg raise (more like 30 or a really shallow angle) because the point is that holding your legs at an angle at the peak strains your core if you make sure that your hips are still pushing against the floor during the peak.


This is so easy to dismiss when you're young, also. I saw posts just like this a decade ago and whilst I took them seriously in their content, it was difficult to internalise any worries when my 20yo body functioned perfectly despite abuse and neglect. It's unfortunately easy to assume that your body only begins to degrade when you're truly old, as in elderly, and of course you can also default on "well I'll kms by then anyway" (this refrain has been running through my mind for 2 decades now, as an excuse to avoid doing just about everything). Even if you turn out to be lucky genetically, which is never a sure gamble, it's important to take the health warning seriously. Especially for shut-ins.


>"well I'll kms by then anyway" (this refrain has been running through my mind for 2 decades now, as an excuse to avoid doing just about everything).

damn thats me, thats me


Barely any aging.


I'm 32 and I'm stronger and faster than the average gym going 20 year old. I exercise regularly and I pay attention to what I eat. I have however finally started showing signs of aging on my face which kind of sucks because I'm reminded that I am slowly dying every time I look in the mirror.
At 30+ you're pretty much set in whatever position life has left you in which can be depressing. Hope is dead, this is what your life will always be like. Normals don't give you any leeway anymore (if they ever did) because 30s are considered well into adulthood so you're expected to have your shit sorted. It's a weird sensation being one of the youngest people in an online community and now having to be one of the oldest.

I won't lie, there is pretty much nothing good about it outside of perhaps making more money if you spent your 20s building a career. As a soon-to-be wizard you've probably gained a lot of knowledge but most of that is just going to make life harder.


In your 30s you will begin to fall apart unless you actively maintain your body


Yeah its weird how quick the years pass, 5 years ago, 2017 was just a blink.

Thinking how much those years meant in the 0-20 ages. Going 3 grades was a mountain.

I guess its true for normies too, time speeds up, but even more so as neets


>Thinking how much those years meant in the 0-20 ages. Going 3 grades was a mountain.
I feel so cheated by school and their shit, making you think a year was somehow significant and that just for existing another 365 days you somehow went somewhere.


28 is pretty much the last year of "youth", one is old now, no more just "waiting for life to get better" no more growth biologically, just decay and clinging to life, but people generally don't realize that until like 33 and generally don't admit they realize it until like 40.


I felt this at 23-24, shit pretty much starts to settle around your mid 20's. I don't think we were meant to live past 40.


not 30 but I'm 26 and I feel like my life finally begun, maybe it's different for everyone, everything before this was retarded


Eh, I think 28-33 is still young. Physically, people are still within top shape from late 20s to early 30s. A good example would be MMA fighters, athletes, etc, they don't actually slow down until their mid 30s.
Could be a cope because I'm in that age range now, but I genuinely don't feel like much changes. I think your late 20s to early 30s is a period of no more growth, but not much decay either.
34-35 is when your youth really fades away, and that's the age where people tend to develop obvious wrinkling and older features.


a wizard who had sex after 30…is he still a wizard?


No, why is that even a question?


but he reached the wizard status already


Then he lost it.


Yeah no. If you have sex, you're not a wizard.




One loses the title of virgin after they had sex. Doesn't matter if their first time was 18 or 38. I'd sa


Only if he says "no normo" after sex


No he's a stepfather


A wizard is an adult virgin over 30. If you lose your virginity after 30, it just means you're a late bloomers.


This is probably me projecting my own misery but this honestly feels even more pathetic to me than never doing it at all.


The ridiculousness of wanting to be accepted by a group of snowflakes who need their own site apart due to "muh normies laughing at me"(user was warned for this post)


You are in apprentice stage. Are you actually learning something for a future that will surely show you a slow humilliating descent into aging?

You better do.

>Detox diets, nei kung, strength training, normie foods which must be avoided, etc, etc.

The meme is not a joke. Wizdom has stages.


I gradually picked up work and hobbies and passions over the years. Everything would be ok if not for the lack of the human side of things. If you don't get intimacy, you just gradually turn into a zombie like >>191880.


First time someone's called me a zombie…


Normal "people" are dumber than people her give them credit for


> If you don't get intimacy, you just gradually turn into a zombie like
So you have intimacy?


Yeah. Remember last weekend? You came over for wizsex


You know you can't even be a betabuxx cuck


It's eerie how well your post echoes my thoughts and life. I'm only 32 though.
I'm a few pages into the linked pdf, and so far it seems legit. It's a strange feeling when the author deliberately states the book is for people closer to 50 and after, but you're still in the age bracket of the immediate danger zone right next to that "worst case."


That was written from the POV of guy who is plain alone forever but otherwise everything has been fine for him. He's financially stable and of sound body and mind. Reading between the lines he basically admitted to regretting that he simply didn't try hard enough on the romantic aspect.

He really drives home the point about prepping but admits has never actually endured the hardships he so fears. I mean this isn't a reply about being bitter. Most of his advice is good.

It's just that the years won't be so kind to a lot wizards as to him. He preps for scenarios as if he lives in a dump whereby everything is coming to get him any minute now. He says statistically most of us will never be a statistic ourselves. If you live in a shithole it's not a matter of if but when you will be a statistic if you haven't already been. Either by malice of others or shitty environmental living conditions.

Mental and physical ailments are not uncommon among wizards. This is a bit of an elephant in the room which I think a lot of us don't mention. Perhaps because it's all we've ever known. He says he'd just as soon check out than live with any health issue. LOL okay.

In short, he's privileged. Apart from his alone forever situation of course. There lacks the advice written from individuals who have faced the dire straits that await many of you young wizards down the way.

All in all his messages are sound if you're pretty much like him. Your life is otherwise fine apart from being untouched then it's not the end of the world that your teenage angst filled raging self has so convinced yourself of.

But he basically in a backhanded ways implies if you're not otherwise all together as he is then gg thanks it's over.


I turned 30 this year and I can say
>I'm definitely a lot more comfortable with "me".
I mean this like I have had a lot of time to spend with myself, so I'm pretty comfortable with my quirks and habits. Still a lot I wanna change but by now I have a good idea what's wrong


He would lose his mana therefore cannot be a wizard again.


I'm 33, nothing much changes, except I'm trying to eat healthy now and excercise from time to time, not because of lookism, but because you need to start taking care of your health in your 30s or diseases will start to show up by your 40s and as wizards, we don't have anyone who'll take care of us by that age.


I feel the same way about his writing.
A lot of people assume that the default for "us" or just other people in general is: good health, reasonably stable background and a bare minimum career.

There is no default.

I'm only 27 so I don't wish to give advice to OP as I have naught to share. Still I never really worked a real job in my life, failed every opportunity given to me by fate, family or circumstance, was a mental wreck and an outcast since young, fucked my health up through neglect and genetics.
Here I am standing at the starting line of life at 27. I have to find a job or it's over. I got a couple thousand $ worth of debt (not American just converted) and no skills, no peoples skills, no health to do physical jobs, no ability to really talk to people.

It feels like every time I try and get a job or apply myself somewhere, ask for help or whatever it's nothing more than an invitation to humiliation.
I can't really complain though, it was obviously going to happen eventually, saw this coming a when I was in first grade at like 6, it's just shocking to realize I'm already there.
Inherited arthritis, a weak heart and auto immune problems, fucked my spine in two places (lumbar, cervical) through lifestyle probably, even though both grandfathers and my father had the same issues with a total active normie life. Got some form of poly-neuropathy going on.
Got tinnitus and many other shit that makes living completely miserable. Got diagnosed for Schizoid and "autistic behavioral patterns" whatever that means.

Yet despite all this:
>He says he'd just as soon check out than live with any health issue. LOL okay.
I can't do it. I spent way more time in my own head during this shockingly short yet agonizingly long time I had on earth than I'd like to admit, but I can't just kill myself.
You know I also used to say this. "When it gets bad enough." It never gets bad enough.
The next level of misery always becomes the new baseline, we are shockingly resilient like that. I feel like most of it comes down to the schizoid aspect as I'm not an emotional person at all. Don't care for connections much aside from a very abstract sense. The thought of pursuing succubi, sex, relationships an own family doesn't even enter my mind aside from a vague notion of "I'm supposed to want this".

Whats the take away?
It could be a lot worse, it will be a lot worse, it is a lot worse for some of you already. I've read so many stories from other "wizards/apprentices" here that sometimes I was ashamed of my own pain and problems by comparison. One professor once said something that really stuck with me for the past 6-7 years.
"Suffering is relative."
That it is. We all got our own personal flavor of hell here. I don't belittle people who moan about their desire for intimacy anymore, because I know they are hurting too. I don't think I can give advice without recognizing that the anon I'm talking to might be homeless with 2 legs missing. Not much can be said that applies universally and an attempt at spewing some words of aid might be nothing, but scorching pain to some, thrown at them by one at a relative level of privilege.


File: 1659075261125.jpg (177.12 KB, 500x376, 125:94, homer stupid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the key to creating art is tension and conflict. also the surface subject and in depth themes. what the story is about, but also what its really about, for instance a story about going to a basketball game, but its actually about war trauma and ptsd


R9kers are already belittled by their attitude.
>And you totally like another one Who by ignores that your issues are actually physical rather than mental, still not caring for detox and fasting to unwarp they head


Do other wizards still yank it or did the "drive" gone?


I believe at this point you have to sort your worldview out if you're


going to try to make it*


The drive is an indicator of health, like an oil lamp which gets spilled once and again, destroying your health.

FAP must be tantric or better left for good. You might have an radier aging


Yeah but i don't really enjoy it anymore. Just helps me sleep.

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