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You like text walls huh?

You taunted " You know, if you knew you were right, you wouldn't be continuing to respond to me. Instead, you feel the need to prop up your position because you know you're wrong. "

And here, I debunked all 9 of your points like it's over for you. Pathethically. Every single fucking one. While there are examples or exceptions to the rule it's like 1% of it; it's just how tjhe world generally works.

You're like Ken Ham. Among the characteristics of bluepillers with whom I have interacted over many years: their denial, misrepresentation and refusal to become informed about well established genetic science and evolution that conflicts with deeply held (yet false) beliefs like jsut world fallacy.

I'm like Bill Nye. Logical and gave you scientific evidence.

Each day, it's the same argument: you use your bluepilled opinions against the very fact that "looks determine every aspect of your life".

This is why I enjoy arguing with you: you have the same shit arguments, each day, every day and I love debunking your bluepilled lies with facts.

And you know what, your two reactions against my two extreme examples (4'11'' and u/onecooldude123 )made it even more idiotic.

You only feel obligated to continue arguing with bluepilled lies so much that it becomes ridiculous because you dont want a teen to kill himself or start a terror attack, and you are an 5'7 outlier yourself, ignoring that for every 1 5'7 guy successing there are far more rotting at home and even more if ethnic, sadly.

All my points still stand though, and this is the sad reality whether you like it or not. (Looks, Money, Status)

You know what, i'm not continuing to argue with this bluepilled moron like that Keenan guy did.

And you downright insulted acari's surgery attempt, which he felt happy and even benefitted him further.

Let me guess, tomorrow you are going to spew another 10 bullshit weak arguments against me right, and then the day after it becomes 100, in a non-ending cycle… I won't react to you because none of your arguments make sense here.

You're going to sound even more ridiculous each argument you make like that wojak in the video.

Any arguments beside "you're fucking insane, seek a shrink?"

Look at this post. You are lucky that you found GFs else you will be posting on r/crabsWithoutHate.

I have many many many many good points that "looks matter", and you didn't listen at all!

Remember this is the same guy that said a 4'11" guy can get laid more than a 6'4" guy if he had enough personality. Which is clearly opposite of the reality.

I'm not going to say more.


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