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Tension without discharge is only purely unpleasurable when the prospect of satisfaction of the psychological aim is hopeless. To have to go on wanting what one cannot get is painful. Resort is then had to ad hoc tension-relieving devices, which, far from bringing pure pleasure in their train, are usually experienced as disappointingly unsatisfying, because mere decrease of excitation is not what is wanted and in itself gives nothing that can produce a sense of deep satisfaction. On the other hand, the mounting of the tension of desire is itself pleasurable when satisfaction is possible and expected… If tension qua tension were unpleasant in itself and the aim were simply its reduction, then any method of relieving excitation would be as good as any other, i.e. autoeroticism would be as satisfactory as object-love and much more easily come by. In reality the reverse is the case.

Guntrip, Harry Y.. Personality Structure and Human Interaction (Maresfield Library) (p. 134). Taylor and Francis.


I am too dumb to comprehend this, so I will just ask this instead:

Is it true that older virgin men become the most sex obsessed people and the biggest womanizers? I am 25 now and I can't imagine it being true for me. But I heard people arguing that you can't repressed natural urges and these will explode one day…How will sexual thirst manifest in elder wizards' lives?


File: 1655461856043.jpg (39.03 KB, 640x785, 128:157, FToeWlUXwAE8Uo8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>How will sexual thirst manifest in elder wizards' lives?
By creating your own tulpa to suck and fuck all day every day


Tulpas are a wizzie life hack.


Except that everybody with porn addiction has erectile dysfunction in real sex because they are not as stimulating as porn. No fap community is full of people complaining that they couldn't get it up in sex like they do for porn. In this case, porn replaces real sex and real sex becomes the "tension-relieving devices" that prevents one from obtaining the pleasure of masturbating to porn.


How does tulpa sex even work? Is it just fantasizing?


For me, it's just fantasy. With enough practice, you get really good at creating vivid sensations in your mind. Playing around with that is fun on its own since you can explore various experiences that you might be unable to in the real world, but you can also build a consistent setting and characters that you can get emotionally attached to. The trick is to have a timeline, a reality where time moves forward and where you just build a connection like with a real person with shared memories.

A lot of people want a tulpa to be sentient because then it's "more real" in a way, but even though you're the one in the driving seat, making all the characters talk, you can suspend disbelief and enter into a flow state where you just enjoy the experience as it comes up. This also makes it safer since you can stop it at any time and move it in any direction you want, while another consciousness on top of your own is somewhat hellish when you really think about it. At that point, why not just talk to another person if you want spontaneity and having to worry about their needs.


That sounds fascinating. I have a few questions.

How do you do your fantasy sessions, as in, do you lie in bed and close your eyes or something like that?

Do you keep a journal to track all the events and developments that happen in the fantasy world?

Does this bleed into your regular "real life", or is it kept completely separate from it in the fantasy world? Do any of these fantasy characters accompany you as you're going through your everyday life like people do with tulpas?


I prefer lying down as it's the most comfortable for me. Closed eyes because eliminating external stimuli helps you focus on your own internally generated "stimuli". The absolute perfect spot to do this would be in an isolation tank since most people will start hallucinating as the mind can't help but fill the gap with something.

I don't keep a journal or write anything down. There is no reason for you to keep detailed track of anything as you can change things to your liking. Anything you forget probably isn't important enough to remember. The benefit of an internal world is that it's negotiable on a second by second basis. Don't like your tulpas hair color? She's a blonde now. A little gender bender action? Have at it. I think I've gone through hundreds of "iterations" as I experiment and explore various scenarios and experiences. You eventually settle down on something stable, but when you get bored, you can easily change it because it's ultimately your playground and you are the master of the whole thing.

Writing things down would probably be useful if you were using this as a way to create a compelling story and communicate it others. But my playground is just for myself.

My mind tends to wander off back to the playground quite often. It's ultimately an escape from reality, so any time reality seems unbearable, whether due to boredom or stress, you can instantly transport yourself in the loving arms of a warm character. I tend to use every opportunity I can to spend time there, like waiting for something to download, I can just switch it to another channel and then come back.

One thing I don't do is mix reality with the playground, like talking to a character while I'm focusing on a real world task. Probably because it requires a split concentration and its not that fun. I just tend to keep it separate, switching channels rather than watching two things at the same time, if you know what I mean.

What tends to bleed into reality though is the way I act inside of playground. Anything you do for a prolonged amount of time is bound to become habitual. I've been having lovey dovey conversations with my tulpa as you can imagine, which I quite enjoy and it has had an effect on my external self. Since I've experienced feelings of real genuine love, ironically in a dream world, I would now find it much more easier to tell real life people that I love them because I'm so used to just expressing those kinds of feelings to my tulpa.


That looks nonsense to me, I’m khh virgin and I watch a lot of pron but if there was a vagina my dick would be really hard. I really don’t believe that porn causes erectile dysfunction I personally don’t have it and don’t think that porn is anywere close to stimulation that real sex.


I don't know. Every single no fap media I've seen preface with an anecdote about erectile dysfunction so I just assumed it goes hand in hand. They all have this story about how they couldn't get it up with their girlfriends or somebody they brought home. It'll probably be different when you actually try to do the deed.


You don't actually know that.

So a couple of months ago I had to go on /a/ to check for someone else that their ad banner was working, and I ended up getting into a discussion in a thread about a guy being furious that he was still a virgin at 28 (he posted an anime gif that expressed his rage, so I guess that counts as anime for them lol). There were many replies of others who had had sex once or twice by hiring an escort and they'd talk with some disappointment about their incapacity to get hard for long or even at all in that inherently uncomfortable situation. There was a guy who said he'd hired an escort twice and he was still a virgin because the first time he simply couldn't get hard when they were already naked and called it off, and the second one he simply decided not to bother even off his clothes because the situation of being with another person was inherently uncomfortable.


In other words the OP text is saying nothing substitutes for the real thing.

Now your post is asking about the reductive, black and white, one extreme or the other way of thinking. Despite how internet discourse operates, the world doesn't revolve around superlatives. Most people are not in the extremes. That is by definition the average person is average. The common unfulfilled man will live a sad miserable life and then go quietly into the night.


> You don't actually know that.
Like you know? I wouldn’t take words of some anime autists words as true because they masturbate to most weird things like lolis. I watch 3d succubi pron and I really don’t have erectile dysfunction in any way and if there was a real vagina my dick would be really hard for long time but of course its depend on health and physiology of a men a lot so every man is different and before you ask I’m not even young or anything I’m legit 29 so no energy of youth


oh ok, still a very weird thing to be announcing to that extent here



What is said there is different from the dude I replied to so I still disagree. Research says men who watch porn don’t get erection while watching it not the while trying to have sex with real vagina thats the difference. Porn could never be stimulating as real sex so it can’t cause ed , its like watching someone eating food and eating yourself those are different and cannot substite each other


>Porn could never be stimulating as real sex so it can’t cause ed , its like watching someone eating food and eating yourself those are different and cannot substite each other
Are you sure? I read it numerous times that normals recommend young people/in-cels not to masturbate so much because they did and when finally they had sex they didn't enjoy it as much as they did masturbation. Something to do with your grip being tighter than a pussy, supposedly. Plus I heard most wymen suck at sex, they just lie down like a log and want to get it over with. It's not so fun as porn at all, even among normals one can hear it often.


r/nofap from Reddit would like a word with you


It's more stimulating than actual sex because you can keep flooding your brain and opioids. Like junk food vs "real" food


Still disagree that porn causes ed and the lie that its more stimulating than real sex. If it was true most men wouldn’t spend thousands on whores just to have sex , most men masturbates because its just cheaper, easier and less bothersome than trying to have sex with succubi. True problem for erectile dysfunction, I think is too much ejeculation and those normals masturbates before sex because they don’t wanna cum early so it causes ed


None of us will ever know the truth.


It's an ego thing for most normie men. They just want to feel like they've fucked just once in their lifetimes.
Even if it's 100x worse than jerking off and she smells like trash.

Primal human instincts are a very strong driving force. Even if those hookers cost 5000 dollars there would be plenty of desperate ugly men who would pay it just to experience it once in their lifetime.


>. If it was true most men wouldn’t spend thousands on whores just to have sex ,
What logic is this? Most men don't do that.In fact this logic supports porn because that is gotten easily for free and yet tons of people spend money on that. All those patreons and onlyfans make hundreds of thousands of dollars. You would make better money selling pictures of yourself being a whore than you would being an actual whore.


Looking at pixels is not the same thing as experiencing the thing in person. That's why some desperate uggos do pay through the nose for it.


That is not be cared about, for tantric masturbation should be the way for every wizard, mastering battle against inner succubi to overcome the outer ones in their own silly games against all men.

Sexual power decreases but you can still become a pervert. Master Roshi is not a meme.

Read The Tao of Sex, manly virtue is like an oil lamp: the more you spill the weaker it becomes.
Slaves, like cattle.


I think I will pass on that. Rather try the monk/ascetic roleplay many advocate for here and see how it goes.

An, thanks for interpreting it for me.

I don't think it is unreasonable to talk about non-average/extreme cases on this site, after all we aren't exactly the average guy.

I think >>192230 is right. Most men spend money on prostitutes because they want to brag how they had sex with a beautiful wyman and to reassure themselves that they aren't "virgin losers". They are desperate to fit in, I heard some 19 years old guy who told how he opened a battle of champagne after he "finally" lost his virginity. lol Pathetic. Being a virgin and being socially seen as "weak/loser" by their fellow males and succubi cause extreme suffering for most males.

Now I am doing nofap and trying to be celibate completely. Feels pretty chill. It's like I feel in control, while when I masturbated I felt like a slave.

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