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File: 1655654224105.jpg (60.7 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, kabuNoIsakiNightCafe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I wanted to spend some time here to point out an elephant in the room: there is an EXTREME disparity between people here calling themselves low IQ or very dumb, and the quality of the posts in explaining how dumb they are. Like, I get the whole "muh Dunning-Kruger" thing, but what I've seen here over the years is a whole different level that I don't feel is sufficiently explain by Dunning-Kruger. There are a lot of posts that routinely get made where the OP details how utterly incapable they are, but their grammar is impeccable; or how they have mental fog, but it's detailed over a 3 paragraph long post making; or how they have a short attention span, but they're making callbacks to posts they or others have made from days ago. It's just, the extremes I see here between people's perceived and actual abilities is far, FAR greater than I've seen ANYWHERE else.

listn wen someoen fish has think issue tehy post tish dog GOD (<-This is how someone with an actual mental issue would post)
When someone has a mental issue, they do not post like this. Especially for more than one sentence, nor by making continual callbacks to previously mentioned issues or histories. Furthermore, notice the lack of irrelevant "schizophrenic babble".

One obvious answer is an extreme lack of self-esteem, no doubt caused by personal circumstances and environment. If that is the case, though, it surprises me just how much of a lack of motivational fountains of esteem there are in this world.

Tl;dr, I think a lot of you here are p. smart. Especially those of you posting multi-paragraph theses on an imageboard of all things.


The issue with judging someone's intelligence by their communication through a text medium is it isn't real time not even in instant chat scenarios. You can take your time and think about what will be written or go back and edit before it's posted.

In real life when you have to speak unless you've spent your formative years socializing your brain isn't wired to do it effortlessly and it takes a lot more energy to properly enunciate all the words or use the right conjugation for verbs, speak at the right cadence and loudness while maintaining a proper poise. Most of us have missed out on that so we're only good behind a keyboard.

People here may be above average intelligence but their verbal interaction with people will leave them feeling like they're imbeciles.


It's the equivalent of pretty teen sluts saying how ugly they are.


Exactly. By middle/high school I started getting comments about how different I was over text from in person. Over text I can be funny, insightful, clever sometimes. In real-time conversations people usually write me off as some sort of simpleton or autist within a minute or two.


They're normal iq people with cognitive issues. You can have a high base intelligence and have your performance be reduced by brain fog, lack of attention, intrusive thoughts, irrelevant hyperfocus, weird reasoning system or fixations, etc. You can also have differing intelligence level from day to day. Maybe they wrote their posts in rare moments of lucidity. Anyway won't apply to me since any long writing I do invariable devolve to "schizo babble". Can't be bothered to keep track of all these words.


Why do you measure intelligence by imageboard paragraphs? I don’t know the others but I’m legitimately low intelligence I can’t do any math beyond 7th grade and I can’t even comprehend basic geometry. When I was in school my teachers even said don’t bother and my geometry teacher allowed me to leave class because I was a brainlet.My geometry grade was just 20 (max is 100 in my country). All you here just want people to fool themselves with white lies that they’re not low iq


Well, they can still put effort into writing a post properly talking about their issues with being well-below average in many cognitive metrics. Writing properly is more a matter of putting in some effort into proofreading your post and spellchecking the words you're not sure about. When I type and send a quick comment, it usually has typos and grammar mistakes that make me sound like a retard and that I would've immediately noticed if I'd only taken a couple of seconds to reread it. Most dumb grammar mistakes that make people look like retards are more because of words sounding similar or the same, and mixing them up as you send a quick message (their vs they're, your vs you're, etc.).

Also, if you look around there are some clearly unhinged people who write very long of walls of texts with proper grammar, and even some nice turns of phrases, about, to pick one example, how America is a communist country that has been taken over by the devil.

><-This is how someone with an actual mental issue would post

You could've quoted the chuunibyou guy here lol. Anyway, people with all sorts of mental issues can write properly, and some normal people just write like crazy people, like some boomers (idk why it's always boomers) who insert random ellipses in the middle of sentences for no reason and make a use of punctuation that makes no sense and makes them sound like retards when in person you wouldn't think anything odd about them.

Anyway, why does this need to be its own thread? Why do I notice so many new threads this last week that could've been replies in other threads?


I'm with you, OP. most people here I would argue are probably considered average, with a few outliers on either side of the curve.
We're just depressed, that's all. Also, when you're in an echo chamber of people calling themselves stupid it's pretty easy to start thinking the same of yourself.
I really wish this website would try to push away from being such a negative place. I understand we all have our problems and I'm not trying to diminish that, but for gods sake can we just uplift each other instead of bringing ourselves down?


>I really wish this website would try to push away from being such a negative place. I understand we all have our problems and I'm not trying to diminish that, but for gods sake can we just uplift each other instead of bringing ourselves down?
I agree. And I regret that I've also gotten too caught up in dumb pointless arguments and said unnecessarily harsh things to other wizzies here. I'm sorry, wizbros.


Ok but what makes you think average means good, If anything it means you're dumb in normalfag terms.

You know how succubi rate men as either ugly or attractive, no middle ground, I think the same principle applies to intelligence. When you're average you get easily clumped into the dumb category and depending on where you live you'll still experience poverty, no upwards mobility etc and all the problems dumb people also face.

Maybe If you're average but extremely hard working ultra social ubermensch you'll go somewhere but let's be real most people are not like that, let alone wizards.



I've noticed through the years that some people can be very different in text than when speaking. Someone can speak very fluently with obvious intelligence yet when writing they can't spell correctly or use proper grammar at all.


File: 1655725484004.jpg (580.72 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Cloth_embroidered_by_a_sch….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The way you see most people talk around here, you'd come off thinking that they're like picrel. And I understand that "text is different from speech" ( >>192146 >>192121 >>192124 >>192125 ), but surely you're not actually mentally gone like picrel.
I don't know. On the flip side, I can understand the need for commiseration. The "improvebruh"/"ARE YOU A CRAB?!" folks can be just as irritating as the "YOU'RE NOT A REAL WIZARD UNLESS YOU'RE LIVING UNDER A BRIDGE" types.
I'm surprised that this option didn't occur to me. This is quite possible.


As others have mentioned, intelligence is context and time dependent, especially when it comes to mental illness. People also use "low IQ" and "retarded" as a catch all to describe dysfunction relative to average people as well as failing to get the expected outcomes from actions meant to improve things.

>One obvious answer is an extreme lack of self-esteem, no doubt caused by personal circumstances and environment

People can write multiple paragraphs when they're feeling OK, but struggle to hold down jobs, grepeatedly fuck up physical and mental tasks at work, struggle to talk coherent because of social anxiety, struggle with looking after themselves. And, furthermore, they can continue to fail at these things despite trying their best at solving them - following the supposed solutions, methods, techniques, strategies, training - and not getting any better or improving. This kind of loop and experience is why people call themselves retarded - they are struggling with basic things, the solutions aren't working, so there must be some intrinsic to their being which isn't responding/working/etc which the catchall concept of being a retard fits in to.

Extremely poor emotional regulation that fucks everything up, people call themselves retarded. Poor self control, they call themselves retarded. Inability to maintain basic schedule and habits, they call themselves retarded. The discussion of human volition itself is so vague, and online it's muddy or outright hostile. Having language to describe these experiences is hard, and the benefit of using retarded to have some grounding may be better than the negative of having negative self value.

While undoubtedly a lot of people are just winding themselves in narratives which basic therapy could help with, but, most of them will grow out of it by their mid 20s and leave. Like in any community there's loads of kids who will just move on without effort. For the people who are accurately describing their experiences you can try self esteem or focusing on positives in life, see if they're exaggerating intense but rare negative emotional events in memory, and so on. But you're stuck with a group of people who have tried that, and it failed, and they can write about that experience when their minds are working - but they're still there struggling with basic shit.


I might have average intelligence, but I undoubtedly am not street smart. Perhaps this is what posters who lament how stupid they are mean, more or less…


I don’t understand what do you try to say with that pic but I’m really low iq. I can’t literally do high school math and geometry no matter how hard I try. I reall don’t comprehend why wizards can’t accept some of us here are really low iq and instead they insist on white lies that they’re not low iq


Average intelligence means nothing in this day and age, sadly. Average and stupid people will have to work a dead end shitty job that destroys their mental and physical health, compared to those rich IT and programmer guys who work from the comfort of their homes.

Only the few lucky ones who have family connections or crazy social skills might move up the ladder and have a decent life.



> You can read and write you are not dumb
These posts are so patronizing.


Been saying this for ages. The average wizard is more intelligent than the average normal and the wiz intellectual is more intelligent than the normal counterpart. People here are retarded in the sense that they don't see their own worth and merit. Or rather refuse to believe in themselves and take everything dumb normals say for granted. "Ohh you ugly and you ain't slaying pussy in your teenage yearz? You retarded bro? *incoherent monkey noises*"

That and the wizards who think they are idiots don't realize that intelligence doesn't mean an easy life. Being smart is more than just about knowing how to make a living and how to fit in with a retarded society. It is about questioning life itself and what others take for granted. It is about daring to ask "why" in the face of all the horrors of this world. It is about questioning things that are holy cows and dogmas in the eyes of the rabble.


File: 1655757459797.png (32.72 KB, 622x311, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

If IQ is defined by IQ tests, I'm not ashamed to admit I have a 0 IQ.

I look at a bunch of triangles and squares, and I don't see any pattern at all in it. Just mumble jumble to me. If I get above a 0 its because I guessed right. Using my actual IQ, I don't see why the triangle should point left or whatever bullshit.

>pic related, this is just gibberish to me

If this be IQ I'm 0 IQ


For those of us mathphobes, who freeze up at anything that smells of STEM, we need a IQ test that is only verbal analogies, if it can be 1 part of the test, it can be all of the test.

But the words shouldn't be too hard or esoteric, as this is a pattern-recognition test, not a vocabulary or general knowledge test. I don't need verbal analogies using medical or scientific terms.


Your basis is on the normie being a mindless automaton who has innate capacity to operate effortlessly in society. What is the rationale to dumb down others. Shifting goal posts isn't an argument.

The average person normie or not has to find ways to operate in this world. It takes differing aspects of intelligence to do so. Doing so successfully does not mean that individual is blindly stupid to "the horrors of this world". The unthinking individual if anything is the one who cannot operate. Worse yet he then conflates his inability with refusal. The latter being an attempt to wrest some shred of control over their lives where they otherwise have been able to attain none.

Perhaps there are those who do indeed posses the innate abilities without thinking very much about the metagame in which we a live. Still this is better than being incapable and self aware of ones own shortcoming. Awareness means fuck all when measured against ability.


Then go on and measure your existence based on normalshit standards like how many sexual partners you had, how much money you earn, how many exotic places you visit for holidays, etc. I'm tired of arguing with people like you. You already decided in your mind that normals=perfect and you or people like you=loser.

There is no arguing with wizards or rather failed normals like you. Continue to idealize normalshits, despite the fact that most of them don't even know which planet they live on.

Because you know, the values of the herd are above all and ugh, shit. If you aren't considered successful by society then you can't be successful at all…Yeah right.


In case others are wondering…

Add one to the bottom right and bottom left, then add one to the bottom right and top (you rotate which ones are getting added to), then add one to the top and bottom left (rotating which ones get added to again). Therefore, the next one should be B.

90% of these "spot the pattern" """puzzles""" can be solved by subtracting the successive terms to see a constant.


I don't know man I'm really legit retarded. I can't learn most things or sit still to learn something. I can't even get a license because I fail every time. I'm legit fuckin stupid.


I can chat pretty well online but I’m really like I have a really hard time talking in real life, sometimes I cant even pronounce words with my mouth that sound fine in my head, it’s mostly just because I haven’t communicated with anyone irl in almost a decade


The average wizard posting here is one or two standard deviations above a typical mouthbreather out there who manages to work a regular job.

I have moderated huge FB groups (nothing too social, just a district group for about 4000 people who live here) and you would not believe how brain-damaged much of the population is.
I can barely comprehend how some of them manage to stay alive in day-to-day life, let alone have careers in manual labor spanning 30+ years.

It's beyond pleasant to be able to read coherent discussions here.

I'm also 99% convinced the people who start shouting Dunning-Kruger or saying how stupid wizards are, are non-wizards who lurk here just to mock wizards, and get butthurt when someone mentions most 'normies' are in fact close to mental retardation.

To clarify, I'm not saying *all* neurotypicals are like that. There are some very accomplished smart ones who are capable of producing rational text and thoughts too.

But if I had to take a random sample of 100 Walmart customers in Tennessee or 100 wizards here… I wouldn't have to think twice who I'd bet money on to produce actual coherent thoughts and text.

Just because someone is non-neurotypical and can't work in social jobs does not mean there is inherently something wrong with that persons brain or intelligence.

American society is just obsessed with equating how much money you earn with your worth as a human being which is the mistake these non-wizard trolls keep making over and over on this board.


Not just American society… I live in SEA and my parents are exactly like that. Though for some weird reason I was born sentient unlike them (maybe just lucky in genetic recombination lottery), and managed to get into university on a scholarship (they are basically farmers who can barely read or write). I scored maximum on the aptitude test and reading comprehension.

You would not believe the amount of ostracism I've faced for not acting neurotypical or working typical jobs here (I can't stand loud, drunk normies and listening to their stupid weekend stories of how they got into a fight or crashed their car)

I will never get a job here with my uni degree because I didn't network during my studies, and unless you know someone who can hire you, you will never get hired.

I created a website that allows people to exchange skins and post them for sale for various games, and I take a small cut out of the total proceeds. I make about 5000x more than my parents over the course of a year. I never told them until I moved out, which is when they still treated me like garbage.

Houses and land are cheap here (unlike in the west where they cost a fortune) since it's an Asian country, so I have my own dwelling now.
My parents caught wind of it and are suddenly acting apologetic and nice towards me. I have cut all contact and do not wish to be contacted by them again.

I am still extremely lonely, but at least I can live isolated from the world without stress. The worst years were between 8-16 when I was repeatedly shouted at, mocked by and laughed at by these 80iq neurotypicals who I had to endure day after day. They would especially mock me when I was reading books in my spare time.
I wasn't far from just grabbing a knife and going on a rampage.


Good job on you. I mean that sincerely.

Not everyone like us are able to overcome our origins though. My parents are uneducated SEA immigrants. Can barely read or write. Figuring out basic things is a monumental task that takes the whole family input.

The best I could do in life was a a joke of college where I managed a solid 3.0 GPA. It's actually a 2.0 but the retarded school grades on a different scale in a lame attempt to look better. That was what my best effort could manage. I tried and failed to network too. It's really hard being a low social IQ brown guy in the west where the culture emasculates you.

After college, it dawned on me I wasted my parents hard earned lifetime of wage slaving money on a degree that didn't teach me worth shit to do work in the real world. Never go to a shit college just for the degree. Of course kids today know where us millennials faltered.

They hand held me through the degree. Collected tuition for four years. Fed us lies about some 99% employment rates. Then at graduation said, "Good luck, kid. You're on your own.. Oh BTW wouldn't you like to donate back to the school?" Motherfuckers I'm deep in the negative with fuck all to show for. Everybody every where told me I'm not qualified to do fuck all for them. School? What school? Nobody gives a fuck about whatever outdated irrelevant things they taught me in school. Of course can't donate anything to you.

I tried the self-made coder thing. For so many years I tried. I could just barely build simple projects all on my own, forget about a whole working production system that makes a profit. And you made enough to live independently. Holy shit, guy.

For me, I think it was exposure to different walks of life in college is when I started to become "sentient". In other words think more critically/analytically. As opposed to operating on basic instincts dictated by traditional values. Not doing things just because some where somebody instilled some cultural/societal norm on the order of things who themselves picked it up from somebody before them. Probably one of the few if not only thing worth a damn I took from the whole degree.

There's actually so many of us like me here. The unsuccessful children Asian immigrants. Westerners only see the intelligent ones who do become doctors and engineers. The rest of us live miserable lives wage slaving away a life of misery and failed dreams. We are almost literally invisible to society here. They only see and place value on the wealthy ones as the model minority.


>I'm also 99% convinced the people who start shouting Dunning-Kruger or saying how stupid wizards are, are non-wizards who lurk here just to mock wizards, and get butthurt when someone mentions most 'normies' are in fact close to mental retardation.

There is something to what you say but you underestimate the number of /dep/ wizzos who believe themselves to be genetic trash and think they don't have any talents whatsoever. These wizards don't even like the thought of wizards being intelligent, creative or superior to normals in some way or form. They have inferiority complex and they try to project it onto all of us.

>American society is just obsessed with equating how much money you earn with your worth as a human being which is the mistake these non-wizard trolls keep making over and over on this board.

Not just merican society. I would like to say it is a capitalist thing but honestly, people were always like this. They valued practical skills that got you high positions in society and got you wealth relatively effortlessly. It's just how the normals think. They think only what is useful is good. They can't comprehend there are more important things than just living life on easy mode among basic, primitive pleasures.


Damn, I'm pretty sure that is either C or E.


You are an inspiration.


File: 1655882832893.png (40.77 KB, 832x563, 832:563, 1655757459797.png) ImgOps iqdb




Forgot explanation, the pattern seems to go

like 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 6 etc

It seems like they're all missing being on a repeat for the fifth triangle, so they all increment by one from the 4th to 5th. Idk though, the correlation is there, but it's weak because there's only 4 shapes to base it off.



File: 1655906547598.png (109.07 KB, 1408x391, 1408:391, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Multiple answers that both point to B
The second one is a "duh" kind of things, but IQ tests rely on people assuming trying certain things; that's why you can train for them.
For the record - I'm a fat loser who can barely function
Didn't see the answer spoilered here >>192200, but here's a visual representation


File: 1655908937212.png (109.07 KB, 1408x391, 1408:391, 1655906547598.png) ImgOps iqdb

Holy shit, I got it wrong, damn, I thought that was either C or E.


I've read some where before, the design some tests is the same. It involves making your brain do a multi-step process. In this case you have to notice the addition of 1. And notice the pattern for the correct set of numbers to add to in each step. You confirm your theory by checking if your solution fits the given sequence. Then you check if your solution results in only one of the possible answers.

A variation of the test could be different set of numbers for each step. Or adding 2 instead of 1 to the right set.

Some school systems basically teach you these sorts of exercises implicitly. So it can seem like people intuitively figured out the process when in fact they've been imprinted with the basic type of problem. Those who didn't pick up these lessons from some where can think themselves dummies.

Where people don't have fuck all of a school system then of course their IQ scores for that population will show them all as retarded.


I answered correctly but I completely missed the logic. I just went "Yeah, this looks like a repeating pattern". Felt like a genius too but I guess I am just a midwit.


i figured it out. not trying to brag but it's not difficult. you might just have difficulty with pattern inference. it is weird how much of iq tests rely on patterns. i understand that doing so allows the tests to be somewhat universal, but you are only testing a specific part of the brain. this leads to autistic puzzle solvers who are fucking retarded at everything else in lfie being ranked as some of the most intelligent motherfuckers


Maybe its smarter to see it intuitively, I think thats how IQ tests are supposed to work, its not like a math SAT


The second logic is more sound, the first one is wrong.


verbal analogies also test the same pattern-recognition trait, without needing spatial ability


It really surprises me how people say it's a "great general way to test IQ" when:
>90% of these "spot the pattern" """puzzles""" can be solved by subtracting the successive terms to see a constant.
The people who make these puzzles claim that they're independent of culture/can't be trained but…I can't understand that.



They are very simple: they just measure the number of variables and their relation that you brain can handle (inductive logic).

You have tree different exercises of the same type to ensure that you are not just guessing the answer.

Every 3 exercises they add one more variable/step until your brain can handle it anymore, like the benchmark of a computer.

The more you resolve in a set time, the more powerful you brain is, like testing the microprocessor in a computer with a benchmark test.

That is why you can't teach it or practice for them, the same way you can't make you computer go faster by running the benchmark over and over again.

The more variables and their realtions your brain can handle, the more complex and precise the model of reality that it can build. That is why dump people see everything in black and white terms and like "silver bullet" solutions of the type "if we just do this (follow sharia law, remove the state, let the market handle it, abolish the police, follow the bible, etc), everything will be solved". Their mind can only handle a very simple model of reality with only a couple of variables.


i have a friend who has a decent iq higher than average. But he has one problem. He has satan up his cornholio. There is a term of sense intelligentness seekfullness. Npcdrome where npc’s can’t think for themselves. so antiquated stuff like math and so fourth is unquantifiable. Anyone with bracrabls wouldn’t be here. unless they were sent by spooks. spooks have no souls and they retire in hades where they get raped by pitchforks.


If verbal analogies are one segment of the IQ test, why can't they just be the whole IQ test so we don't have to deal with math?


There's a role type of IQ test called non-verbal IQ test just to avoid using verbal or math, just pure resoning.


I would want one that is ONLY verbal



There is this, that is accepted by MENSA as an IQ test.

But it uses a lot of technical and esoteric terms, that assumes a general knowledge, which isn't what IQ tests are supposed to be.



What is an example of an IQ test puzzle with a lot of steps?


File: 1656038935813.png (539 KB, 1230x969, 410:323, main-qimg-8e0041408715f467….png) ImgOps iqdb

There are as many types of intelligence as ways to be stupid. GPT-3 can compose up to two pages of coherent text, but it can't easily transfer its skills to another domains.

All benchmarks suck. Problems in IQ-test are too small, short, and formalized, and have low level of complexity. But even the simplest human life is an example of The Big Personal Problem. One can easily be intelligent in the moment, but if your problem is big and long enough there are chances to prove yourself be extremely stupid somewhere of the way to its solution.


>I don't think you're that dumb.
Listen: when you have trouble comprehending basic verbal instructions, fail out of community college, fail out of bottom-feeder slave jobs, and generally fail to operate as well as the so-called "idiots" of society do–and some of the less articulate ones can be pretty sharp on the uptake when a situation calls for something besides navel-gazing and a penchant for grammatical correctness–then the fact that you can put one or more sentences together stops being a reassurance.


High IQ is usually just people being good at doing IQ tests. I have yet to see any person that did IQ test, had a high number and create/did great things in his life. We, however, have only two examples of people:
-John did his IQ test and now is a member of Mensa. We never heard about John ever again.
-Ralph was a great scientist and after he was dead, it was assumed his IQ was really high, but Ralph never did an IQ test.
It amazes me that whenever someone did something great and die, people all say he had high IQ, yet they never say "John never did anything great despite having high IQ"[just look at Mensa for example of this case]. High IQ is mostly an excuse for those that will never amount to anything("I have high IQ but I'm too lazy to do anything", "I can't do shit because I have low IQ") or for those that want to feel good(see Mensa).


reliable indicators of intelligence:
-SAT/ACT scores
-can you get very good grades if you try? if yes, then you are probably 115+
-do you fail HS level stuff even if you tryhard? if yes, then you are probably <80.


Remember that normal humans lie about EVERYTHING. It is their most basic task. We appear smart because we're dumb enough to approach knowledge as if people were honest, or at least trying to be honest. Normals are deceptive and enjoy the game too much. That can score well on IQ tests sometimes, but it never lasts and we all get weeded out sooner or later.

I really am dumb, but I spent effort learning to write and developed a method for condensing ideas into things people can actually work with. I've had to simplify things to de-bullshit the shit people say, and that goes a long way if you can get their meaning. It falls apart if you are under pressure, and you will always be placed under pressure. That's why I stutter and the stutter is pronounced when I'm around the human race in their typical mode of behavior. How could I stand up for myself after a lifetime of humiliation? I've always lost and will continue to lose, and that is the final proof of intelligence that matters. Anyone can string together a sentence, read a book, or pretend they know something about an academic subject. But the Academy was never about actually learning, but about training people who would be political leaders. That's why at the higher levels of university very little learning actually happens, and very little discovery or new ideas happens. Most of grad school is about learning how to comport yourself as a proper member of the upper class or upper-middle class, and so emphasis is placed on how to speak in their preferred method, how to lie better than other people, and how to play the political game within academia. So many people learn the hard way what it really is and are horrified they blew that much money on a scam that fails the vast majority of people attempting it. It's like Scientology. But, people do it because that is the rule of the game.

Anyway, the truth is that the vast majority of people are sold short, and the vast majority of people are extremely de-motivated to show any sign of intelligence or ambition. There are certainly different levels of ability, different talents and different thought processes at work, but it is clear that the world is as unlivable as it is because there are many people who want it that way. Humans do not want cooperation or kindness unless they absolutely have to abide it, or they can't stop it. Even the most basic love turns out to be a lie when you see enough of these humans. Only out of necessity did we manage to form cities, and they have always been maintained by considerable violence and deception. Modernity increased the social pressure and fear of violence and social rejection, and demands a ridiculous code of conduct that is designed to weed out the population. If we were interested in any sort of cooperative society that would be viable for anything but waging eternal total wars, we would not do basically anything we've done for the past century. There are a million basic things that could be done right away, even at a small scale, that would mitigate the intercine conflict. The larger things, though, are not possible because there are enough people with an interest in keeping the rest of us in competition, and there has always been even before modernity certain people who are considered unsightly. It must always be remembered that the overriding goal of every human society has been its war against the retarded and weak, and the lowest are hated more than any other enemy a society might face. It is a hatred greater than hatred towards slaves. That is the way we set for ourselves. It just so happens that "retarded" is now being applied to the majority of the world's population by those who believe themselves in a position to impose a highly predatory world. We are seeing the end of any pretense that it was ever going to be any other way, and I could see this coming since the 1990s, and it was not something that always existed. The ideology advanced then, and up to today, is something new and difficult to fathom in its entirety. We know why it's happening - the coming elites have announced what they intend to do with the world and brag that we can't stop them - but we have difficulty understanding the extent of this and why it was ingrained into society so thoroughly that it cannot possibly be removed. The millennial generation is the first to be thoroughly indoctrinated in this new thinking, and I knew in some dim sense that this really was the end. No past society could be like this without falling apart.


A place full of people known for having high IQ and have not done anything beyond that. The imageboard equivalent of "I have high IQ but am too lazy".


u are a lazy ass nigga click the link nigga


File: 1656784663340.png (142.02 KB, 1168x822, 584:411, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is trash test, im dumb as shit i cant even drive a car or figure out how to do taxes. this is puzzle game logic garbage, very stupid test. i am completely incompetent and live as an invalid neet


Intelligence is just a tool. You won't be successful unless you actually apply it to the right areas. It's more important in life to actually be ambitious and "show up" than it is to be a logic powerhouse. You probably have a retard mentality because it's emotionally compelling to you, no one expects you to do anything and you're off the hook playing video games all day. It actually takes a lot of brains to pull of a scam like that.


>It actually takes a lot of brains to pull of a scam like that.
No it doesn't. It's called enablers.

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