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Why is whenever the subject of automation comes up, it inadvertently turns into a bunch of nerds jacking themselves off about how blue collar workers will be rendered obsolete. They always think they're somehow immune for some strange reason because their work is "hard". That work isn't so much hard, it's that the human brain is shit at doing it and gets tired of doing it after 4-5 hours. The upper class needs to buckle up, because it's coming for you.

Automation is best achieved in a clean, sterile, environment without moving parts. Like an office. With physical robotics you have to do physical repairs due to wear and tear. The more diverse the movements you have to perform, the more expensive and often the repairs would be. An Asimov tier robot to replace a construction wagie would cost a tremendous amount of money to implement and maintain, an updated software package with machine learning capabilities would by comparison need little maintenance, and can be copied from system to system with ease. And that's not even getting into the fact that most blue collar companies don't have the capital overheads to even do basic automation, while for white collar it can be centralized into FAGMAN shit.

People have overdosed on science fiction, copium and cerebral narcissism. Just look at Dall-e 2 with the artcels, we were told that human creativity was the last domain on the chopping block by AI and the part that makes us unique. The same is coming in a good ten to fifteen years for all the low lying cognitive work.

Take coding, say an AI can churn out code for basic programs. Well then low lying codecels become proofreaders, and while we're dismissive of pajeet codemonkeys now, a pajeet codemonkey could certainly act as a proofreader for chump change. Suddenly a $150,000 year software developers salary becomes a $30,000 a year proofreader salary.

Society is going to have to deal with the utter devastation of the yuppie laptop class. It will a painful psychological adjustment to the fact that even if you're smart in this world, that leaves you on the level of a curtain cleaner.


File: 1655761824351.jpg (74.71 KB, 422x600, 211:300, ghost-in-the-shell-poster-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Never really seen that sort of conversation but I'm sure a lot of office jobs will be scripted away eventually as well, the trend's been going all throughout history. There's a large canal near where I live, it was hand dug in the early 1900's, hordes of people lined up moving bucket after bucket with rocks and soil, it took almost a decade to complete, nowadays the same job would employ one guy and a large excavator for a month probably.


>most blue collar companies don't have the capital overheads to even do basic automation
This is where the oligopoly comes in. Sci-fi predicted it too. The tech bro companies are working towards total complete integration into a handful of companies that own and control everything. Small companies will be merely middle men who rent, operate, or service the bots.

>their work is "hard".
Oh yeah there's so much hubris and so little self awareness. Coding is a 21st century blue collar job. They all want to act like they're the ones who invented AI algorithms themselves. In reality they're all script kiddies who import tensorflow and then feed it data.



There's hints of it with the Yangbros talking about how we have to coddle and look after the burnt out rust belt wagies who no longer have their coal jobs. It's all "muh truk drivers" and the like. Even with truck drivers there aren't that many of them, and it's too high risk to be rolled out until it's absolutely certain, the insurance liabilities would be a nightmare.

But like, even outside the yangbros. On certain parts of the internet you do see those types of cerebral narcissists who like to gloat.


People talk about legacy code, but nobody talks about legacy buildings. Much of the supermarket automation they all gush about is completely undoable with the current layout and set up of the buildings. You could automate construction maybe, if you changed all the city layouts and built generic commiebloc type shit. Asbestos hasn't been used since the 80s, yet asbestos removal is still a full fledged trade.

You could probably have fully fledged amazon robotic supermarkets in new suburbs in California, where there's the population density to justify the initial capital investment. But bumfuck small town Spain or a small tpwm in Australia would find it hard to justify all that capital investment when minimum wagies are still right there. Having to tear apart and rebuild every workspace to make it more suited for robitics, it'd be a slow process. I think maybe eventually the oligarchs would make moves to expand everywhere, but that's coming later.

There's been some areas of blue collar that haven't innovated in almost fifty years. For scaffolding I think the last advancement was sissorlifts, way back in the 70s.


>if you changed all the city layouts and built generic commiebloc type shit
That was the Google "smart" city they attempted to do in Toronto. Basically they force fed the typical tech bro visions of future utopia bullshit. Underneath the thin veneer it was an attempt to instate total control of a section of the city. If they got their way it would have been some sort of autonomous FAGMAN zone where the people in there are living under Google everything.

Probably if they succeed at something like this. They could eventually starve out smaller cities. Same way they kill off small business competition in every area they touch. Either absorb through buy out or simply kill off competition through sheer scale.


Time and time again, people become isolated in their ivory towers and lose connection with the outside world. Positive feedback loops mean that they are all huffing the same farts, over and over again. It is one of the most common occurrences before something catastrophic. Arrogance and hubris is the result of building community bubbles and hiding away from the day-to-day. This happens with politicians, with businessmen, with cliques, etc. Eventually the odd-group-out becomes so divorced from the everyday, that the everyman kills them in droves. That is, if there is not some regulating body to maintain self-reflection. People always need to gaze at themselves.

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