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What are the most wizardly movies? I think pic related is one of them, looking for more


Can you tell more of why the movie that you've seen is related to wizardry?


NTA but it’s hard to say why without giving away the plot. The main guy is very wizardly, and it intensifies as the movie goes on. It’s pretty good.


i was literally going to post that movie because i haven't seen that poster before and didn't know it was the OP haha.

it's a movie about a traumatized school janitor who copes with tulpamancy.
i don't consider it a spoiler because it's revealed it's tulpamancy basically page 1 in the book. it's just like Fight Club. the "twist" is only in the film adaptation and it's not obscured at all in the source material. i think it's kind of jewish to hide important plot points from the viewer.


The movie is a dying dream about a lonely but intelligent school janitor imagining how his life could have gone


Pretty good film. Shame Charlie Kaufman had to do it with Netflix though.


Is the French movie "Whatever" wizardly or more crabcore? I'd classify it as a /dep/ movie at the very least. I found that bit with the protag being so far gone that he forgot where he parked his car and not giving a shit pretty relatable.


philosophically the protagonist is a crab but it's still a good and relatable movie about a loser

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