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File: 1656397934282.png (3.09 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a64218cb5472ad7.png) ImgOps iqdb


What are some jobs shut-ins can do from their basements? I feel bad for contributing nothing to my family's net worth.

Here's my list so far:
-content moderator
-furry porn artist


File: 1656406020673.gif (471.53 KB, 300x250, 6:5, d7dd05ce8a4413457dea74b8fa….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Sell blood. It's not a "job" per se but you'll get a good chunk of money per month and it's super easy. That goes a long way to quieting peoples complaints about your lifestyle


video editing, graphics design, data entry, writing articles, online tutoring, translating.


>Compensation for blood giving is not the norm in civilized countries, with some of them, like Brazil or Australia, making illegal to receive money for donating blood.
You fucking yanks are living in a fantasy land.


i'm like 1 hour drive from the nearest plasma donation center. i calculated how much an uber would cost me and i'd end up losing money. only good if you have public transportation or it's close to you


I wish this was an option for me. I'm not fat or a drug user but I'm super hardstick. Went to the hospital twice a few years ago and both times it took multiple nurses and like 5+ tries to do the bloodtest/iv. They ended up doing it in my hand and it was bruised/sore for weeks.


-Night watchman
-Game developer
-Eco farmer


re-read the op

>selling blood

is this an purely american thing?


File: 1656674229932.jpg (2.09 MB, 2409x3462, 803:1154, 1629803292506.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't let one bad experience sour it for you. You'd be surprised how many nurses are incompetent. The people at the blood banks stick people dozens of times a day for years on end and get rather proficient at it, not to mention that if you become a regular they become familiar with your veins peculiarities.
When I first started going I was put on the DT-only list (I can't remember what it stands for but it was experienced people only,) and even then they occasionally fucked my shit up. Then they adjusted, wrote tips and tricks about my arms on their forms and sheets for the others, and got better. Almost never have a problem now no matter who does it.


Stocking shelves during night shifts


I just quit a job like that because my coworkers hated me and thought I was a creepy weirdo, and my managers hated me because I was slow and incompetent and a creepy weirdo. I'm hoping the next most recommended occupation for loners–that of night shift security guard– is really as easy going as you imageboard people claim it is, but as the saying goes, fool me twice…


>that of night shift security guard

It's hard to find comfy night shift security guard jobs.

Most security guard jobs have to do with being a receptionist and customer service.

The worst security guard jobs are hotel security, gate attendant, hospitals, rover patrols in dangerous areas, event security, armored truck security, warehouse security, apartment complexes, factory receptionists, etc.


i don't think a shut-in would be able to write properly, writing comes from personal experiences, in particular from human connections, which shut-ins simply don't have a lot of.


1. I disagree
2. He can write about being a shut in then


It would have been more accurate for them to say being profitable requires personal experiences derived from human connections.
There's no shortage of creative wizards who have no audience beyond the niche. There's no job in that. Aside from the little bit of neet bucks what handful of individuals might give.
A couple of dollars few times a year from my own experience.


File: 1656793739542.jpg (105.28 KB, 400x551, 400:551, f3f91bb9b623356fd4c4a3744e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's hard to find comfy night shift security guard jobs.

Indeed, dunno what it's like in other countries but here, due to the increased violence in society, you always work in teams and keep constant radio contact with eachother. The sort of security guard that can be seen in various heist movies, sitting in front of a bunch of tv-screens stuffing their face with snacks and reading porn mags does not exist anymore.


I remember during covid times they used to paid $90 for 600ml of plasma and you can do it twice a week.


Currently work at 911 dispatch. It's basically video games but a job. Sucks when it's busy but really nice when it's slow


The older security guards that have been working in the industry for 10+ years jealously guard the good security jobs, the ones where you sit in the lunch room and watch movies all night. If you're just breaking into the industry, you're likely to be given the public facing garbage that nobody else wants to work.


>-Night watchman
Yes and no, I did that in an hotel and starting at 10pm, it's literally when the hotel is full, and soon you end up working alone with A LOTS of normal fags partying around you, it was very stressing. And anything can happen during those nights, ok it was mostly calm, but still, you get the drunk normals coming back late at night and they can be violent.


Of course it's highly specific to the job. My only friend used to work as night security for an ice rink for a number of years. The way he tells it, it was an absolute dead zone during his hours with maybe 2-5 encounters throughout the entire year. Seems pretty ideal since it's impossible to fully eliminate contact with other human beings.


Can you just video edit? all I find is guys who film too, meaning they have to socialize A LOT, like disgusting weddings filming and shit.


Those security guard jobs that let you watch anime all the time are meme.

If you are security guard expect to be security guard + Receptionist


Nah, factory night shifts are exactly that, you watch TV for 8 hours, eat some sandwiches, then you go home.

The problem is it gets excruciatingly boring after you do it for a few years.


There's a guy who posts here sometimes who works a nighttime security where he just has to walk around some port and take pictures of points of interest. He takes a bunch of photos at once beforehand and then sends them in while sitting in his car watching YouTube.

Most security positions exist just because insurance providers demand someone be on site at all times, so the employer itself doesn't really care and just lets the single necessary human element exist on the property at his own leisure.




zabujard isn't night time i watch him too lol i'm not the guy ur responding too thoughl.


I used to think being a programmer would be a good job for me, but you have to do the "daily stand up" bullshit and always have to communicate with your coworkers. If I could get a job where I just sit in my basement and I provide a finished product, then that'd be nice, but I don't think that's how it is IRL. Note: I've never been employed and receive welfare.


That's only if you work in a team with other people. You could still work on your own, provide some kind of finished product built in your own vision and just sell it to people online with no interaction required. Stuff like games, apps, a website that provides a service. You could also work freelance and get paid to work on someone else's thing but then you'd have to communicate with the client, not to mention act like a salesman when it comes to branding yourself and your services and negotiating your compensation.


Programming gets thrown around as this easy to do job for autistic wizards but I think it's far from truth.
You certainly need well above average intelligence, normalfag work ethic and ok level of communication skills and I doubt most people here have any of these qualities.


I don't have any of the social skills. I'm so pathetic that even freelancing and communicating with a client seems stressful. My default behavior is to hide. I did think about making a game, but the chances of it being successful are slim, it requires marketing, I wouldn't want to interact with fans/others in the industry, etc. I'm a lost cause. Should I just give up and stay on the NEETbuxx? Nothing is appealing to me though. Games don't do it anymore. Anime doesn't do it anymore. I do nothing.


I think it would have worked 15+ years ago, when it was a solid engineering job but not the only place to go for high pay. I graduated in the 2010s and at the corporate level it’s mostly the sort of people that would have gone into finance or law in the past. Really insufferable people with no actual interest in technology and ressentiment towards those that do. I got constructively dismissed after a few years for being autistic. I don’t think that would have happened in the 80s/90s.


i'm a lost cause too. i'm too terribly afraid of people and relationships to want to do anything.


>Should I just give up and stay on the NEETbuxx?

Correct. In the early days there were good "solo" programming jobs. Those days are over, now it is corporate hell. There are some exceptions but they are only for outlier, experienced, extremely highly skilled developers.

You have to be truly in the top ranks to be able to live off your own solo-developed work. People who make $200k+/year write on hackernews about how they try and fail then give up


>You have to be truly in the top ranks to be able to live off your own solo-developed work.

The problem is that most of the things that you can reasonably pull off as a solo-dev have already been done, so you have to find extremely niche markets or build something truly unique in order to be successful. And no matter how talented you are, it's always going to be about luck because if there's some rational, common sense path from A to B, someone has already figured it out and done it. You're basically looking for some subset of ideas that's doable by one person and also lucrative and most of the search space for that has been exhausted, you need really radical jumps to get into fresh territory.

Although, not all ideas have to be the next Wordle or Minecraft. In this youtube vid, guy claims to be making $3000 a month on this very basic website. Essentially just a mailing list that sends you a coding interview question every day and if you pay a little bit of money for a "pro" subscription, you can also get the answers and a short explanation.

I don't think any of us could replicate this since the key to its success was probably the guy's pre-existing youtube following that he could use to promote side-hustles like this. So without some kind of capital (money or fame), it's extremely unlikely to make it on your own.


>I don't think any of us could replicate this since the key to its success was probably the guy's pre-existing youtube following that he could use to promote side-hustles like this.
Yes again that's making use of social capital/skills. Even if you come up with a good idea and implement it there's a cold start problem without a way to advertise yourself. Anyone else can even see your idea and steal it


>I've never been employed and receive welfare.
Enjoy it while it lasts, my state is on my back for months now, trying to make me go to work again/take it away from me.


These freelancing websites require photo, full name and social skills to get the job. Currently I only see game cheat and malware as a viable way to get money codding.


Also, I'm considering hentai related redrawing and translating. These people get offers at Twitter, there are a few them and you can actually get a decent money doing jobs other refused, like shota/loli related.


In short, I think black hat related things are a good place to code wizards because they still need normal freelancing like webcrawlers, tools and so on, but is a niche and they favor privacy.


i am thinking of becoming a train driver


The interactions with other people thing isn't as much of a problem as getting the job itself.
You need to be an extremely dedicated person, solving mostly mundane and nerve-wrecking code related problems. If you can get through this part you could get through socializing since there are a tons of remote programming jobs that don't require much socialization.


> there are a tons of remote programming jobs that don't require much socialization.

Freelancing is the worst, it requires even more social skills than normal jobs. You're constantly needing to 'sell yourself', interact with new clients and maintain your reputation.


>remote programming jobs that don't require much socialization.

Depends on what you mean by "socialization". It's not like a sales job where you have to charm people, but there's definitely a need for lots of communication – what needs to be done, how it will be done, how will the work be split, how is it progressing, what problems are you facing, how and when is it going to be tested, deployed, documented etc. That might be trivial to you, but some people can't handle even that. There's definitely a need for soft skills where you can effectively communicate things, sometimes very complex technical things to a non-technical person like a client or manager that has to make decisions.


skilverware wrapper at some restaurant

you just wrap silverware in linen and napkins in the back

in fact it was my first job until i was laid off



you have to confront people

it's not a job for socially inept people as people say it is


these people with passive income channels are all liars

they make most of their money from youtube and by providing scam services(such as educational services that promise to help you with getting a passive income)


>but there's definitely a need for lots of communication – what needs to be done, how it will be done, how will the work be split, how is it progressing, what problems are you facing, how and when is it going to be tested, deployed, documented etc.

All of that sounds like technical talk, socializing is when you have constant breaks at the job and ur essentially forced to converse with ur coworkers about mundane stuff. Now THAT is actual hell, if you've never experienced.


I'm a security guard and there are tons of sites where you don't have to interact with anyone at all. If you don't mind working at night, you are punctual and can follow basic orders then you will do fine in this industry.

Security companies used to hire anyone with a pulse back when the economy was better so right now they're really desperate for employees. My company is even giving people a bonus if they stay for 3 months.

Here's what my typical shift looks like:

- 11:00pm: arrive at work and talk to the other guard, for about 40 seconds, to check if everything was fine on his shift.

-11:05pm to ~1:30am-2:00am: use my phone to watch YouTube, eat the food I brought from home, etc.

-1:30am-2:00am to 4:00am: I take a nap.

-4:00am to 7:00am: I wait for people to arrive (usually around 5:00am) and say good morning to them, then around 6:00am I go sit alone waiting for my shift to end (while using my phone).

If someone complains about me or they don't like I don't socialize then the company moves me to another site but that never has happened. I've worked sites with less contact with people and they were nice but that's the one I'm working now. I've never heard of anyone being fired, just moved around like priests in the catholic church so this is the closest thing to basic income yet.


how big is your… area? is it a city? i wonder if there is enoigh security jobs in small towns


how do you find a solo post in a security listing? all the security jobs here require you to be part of a crew


File: 1659465964814.jpeg (5.31 KB, 270x186, 45:31, glenngould.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know what to do with my life. Never have. My dad wants me to enroll in college but I know I can't make it through 4 years of that bullshit. The only thing I really want in life is a comfy, secluded place where I can read, play piano, and watch TV all day. I've thought about getting on buxx, but I think that will be pretty hard for me. I've also thought about living in a van or trailer or something and working a wageslave job only on the weekends to pay for food and whatnot. If I did go to college, it would probably be for some learn2code bullshit because I like computers but I can only see myself doing a 2 year degree and my parents are not cool with that. I think I might just end it all honestly


If you just want a two year deal, look at the vocational programs at your community college and try ones that seem the least bad. They’ll all have turbonormies in them, but a lot of trades allow for people to work alone/ do field service if they are reliable.

It’s usually a thing you work up to, so make sure you can tolerate the work by taking the intro class if they offer one. Apprenticeships are also good deals, but they might require more commitment than you want.


You're too young to give up. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is at least become self sufficient, and school will help you do that. Fuck your parents, they don't know shit. College is a good option, you can do a two year degree and if you aren't suffering horribly you can easily transfer into the university of your choice with a 2 year degree. I wouldn't recommend coding cause that's the hot meme degree like business and finance was twenty years ago. You really need to just try things until you find something that at least entices you to learn more about it.


>school will help you do that
how detached from reality can you be?


File: 1659730363965.png (895.19 KB, 649x1073, 649:1073, oh shut up.png) ImgOps iqdb

Did you even go to school?


Yes I got "muh STEM degree" more than 4 years ago and it did nothing for me except burden me with debt

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